tagNon-EroticWhy Men Are Superior To Women

Why Men Are Superior To Women


My name is Alexandra Stone. I'm a strong woman. A lot of women say they're strong but truth is, the bitches are lying to themselves. I'm a strong woman who looks the part. Standing six feet tall, with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I'm a bodybuilder who can bench-press twice her body weight. Yeah, lots of people envy me. My fellow women call me a Reincarnation of Eve, the First Woman. I can do things that other people, both men and women, can only dream of. For starters, I will violate one of the ten thousand truly sacred commandments of womankind and tell you shamelessly what my exact weight is. I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. A good portion of it is muscle, too. There, I said it. I feel much better about myself.

Today, I'm spending time with one of the strongest men I know. He wishes to test my strength as a woman. I'm willing to bet that I can overcome any test he sets before me. The man in question is Samuel, also known as Brother Sam, a tall, good-looking, forthrightly bisexual black male college student from the Boston Area. He's a world-famous erotica writer whose provocative stories shock many and dazzle a few. He's well-known for being the Legendary Bully of Big Beautiful Women. I sought him out and challenged him. I told him that I can defeat him at anything. I'm not just doing this for myself, I'm doing it for all womankind.

Samuel invited me to his college dormitory, and we began working out. I was lifting 90-pound weights, working on my upper body. Samuel lifted 20-pound weights and just watched me work out. The big and tall black man had a good body, I must admit. We just worked out and talked. Truth be told, he wasn't at all like I thought he would be. Samuel has a reputation for being an arrogant man who usually gets his way. He says whatever he wants to say and does whatever he wants to do. He doesn't care what anyone thinks. He fears no one. He's a walking, talking, living and breathing avatar of controversy. Worse, he's controversy personified. He's a wild man. At one of Massachusetts top conservative colleges, he flaunts his blackness, his masculinity and his bisexuality. Samuel fears no one. He sees himself as a god among men. Well, that's what people said about him.

I've been sent by the United Man-Haters Of North America to take down the world's strongest man. I've trained for this mission or one very much like it for years. The United Man-Haters of North America is a publically funded, government-sponsored company with branches in all fifty states and indeed outside the United States of America itself. We have branches in Europe, Asian, South America, Africa and even Antarctica. The only person on the planet who has ever posed a threat to our continued power is Brother Sam. Why? Simply because he's a male genius who doesn't accept our politically correct lies as dogmatic truth. He challenges our power. He dares to rebel against the established social worker. Many men and a few women have rallied behind him. He's talking about ushering in a new world. Through what he calls Remasculinization. He wants to empower men once again. We can't have that. We believe that having vaginas entitles us to being the mistresses of the universe. So, this man must be dealt with and pronto. Watch what happens.

How do I take down Brother Sam? He's a powerful man with lots of allies. The gay and bisexual groups of Boston support him. The African-Americans support him as well. He has the support of Male Voters, a demographic no politician has bothered with since the nineteen sixties. Yes, he wields considerable power. On top of that, the man is a bloody genius. He's one of those rare men who truly doesn't need a woman in his life. At school, he doesn't bother speaking to female students. He doesn't flirt with female faculty members. He just does his work and then moves on. He's a totally cool guy who's usually in control. Unlike ninety nine percent of men and one hundred percent of women on the planet, he's smart. He's actually a smart guy. Which is why he would prove a challenge for the most devoted member of the Man-Hating Sisterhood to take down. I was up to the challenge. I would return to the Man-Hating Sisterhood a victorious woman, or not at all!

All those wicked thoughts raced through my twisted, feminine mind as Samuel and I worked out in his apartment. I was very eager to take him down, though I forced myself to bide my time. This man was no fool. Legions of wicked people, from Psychopaths and Sociopaths to Man-Haters and Politically Correct, Limp-Dicked Wimpy Men and Dumb Women With A Sense of Entitlement Based On Vagina Ownership had tried to take him down. Yet he was still standing. Yes, in order to take him down, I would need to resort to a Female Specialty. What's that? Treachery, of course. We are infamous for our treachery and we delight in confusing men and making them suffer every chance we get. We can't help it, you know. It's part of our genetic makeup. Encoded in our DNA. That's what men don't understand.

After working out for a couple of hours, I was beat. However, Samuel kept on going. Watching him go, I was starting to feel two things. Number One : Was this quiet, smiling, unassuming gentleman really the maximum-level threat the Sisterhood really thought he was? Number Two : Why did I feel more than a slight attraction to him? He was, after all, the enemy! As Samuel bent over to pick up something, I checked out his sexy ass and two things happened, my heart skipped a beat and my pussy had an involuntary twitch. Hot damn! The man was seriously sexy! Samuel just smiled, and resumed working out. As for me, I just watched him, amazed.

When Samuel got done working out, he told me to get ready for a boxing match. He told me that if I won, he'd forever declare the race of women to be superior to the race of men. However, if he won, I would have to do whatever he said. I was stunned. Oh, well. He asked for it. I'm a practitioner of many martial arts. Karate. Judo. Greco-Roman Wrestling. Jujitsu. To name but a few. I took on Samuel in his dormitory. We boxed. I went after him with everything I've got. Samuel kept dodging my blows. I roared in rage and went after him. He kept dodging and dodging. I laughed. He must be scared of me. Yes, he was scared of a woman. I leapt toward him, fists ready. That's when he lashed out like a lightning bolt. His fist connected with my jaw, and he knocked me on my ass.

The moment I fell, Samuel was on me. He held me down, and I could do nothing. I grunted, and tried to get at him. He blocked me. With a baleful look in his eyes, he told me that he had won. He had defeated me. He stood there, laughing. He told me that since I was the best that womankind could send after him, they must be a race of losers. I screamed. I wanted revenge, for everyone living on the planet who happens to have tits and a pussy. He laughed, and told me that he was a Reincarnation of Adam, the First Man. He stood over me, and actually put his foot on my chest. He completely dominated me. He spat on me, and ordered me to surrender. I refused. He pressed his foot harder on me. I gasped, and finally surrendered. Yes, I admit it. Men are stronger than women. And they're also smarter. Women's ability to manipulate men doesn't hold water. Women's ability to misuse the system and turn it against men doesn't do jack to spike our naturally lower IQ points. It didn't matter if we rendered colleges unfriendly to men and reduced the number of male college students. It didn't matter if we make millions of false accusations against innocent men every year. It didn't matter if we whined against the system even though it treated us favorably. We were inferior to men and would always be! How I hated him for making me admit this essential truth!!!

Samuel laughed, and then he told me to get my skanky ass out of his dormitory. I packed up my things and left. Before I left, I thought of another way to ensnare him. We women have used sex to ensnare men for untold millennia. Maybe our one and only trick would work on him. I removed my clothes, and stood naked before Samuel. I offered him my body. My big breasts, wide hips and tight ass. My warm mouth and tight pussy. All of it was his. And while he fucked me, I'd kill him. Samuel just laughed, and asked me how stupid I thought he must be. He told me that we women only had one trick and he wouldn't fall for it. He was a superior man. Then, he grabbed me and tossed me, naked, out of the dorm and into the street.

I landed on my fat ass, humiliated and angry. A thousand scenarios for revenge filled my mind. My mind is designed for revenge. It's my super power as a woman. I could make a false accusation of sexual assault against Samuel. It would be my word against his. I could fake tears in front of a jury and get him locked up. I could walk to a dumb chivalrous cop and tell him that Samuel was stalking me. Or I could ambush him while he slept like Lorena did John and slice and dice him. So many revenge scenarios, so little time. In the end, I ended up doing none of them. When I went back to the Man-Hating Sisterhood, they were not happy with me. So, they tossed me out into the street. Women everywhere saw me as the woman who lost the Battle of the Sexes for them. I wish I could tell them the truth. We women always say that all men are the same. A new breed of man already exists and we never noticed. Men like Samuel. The fearless ones. I wonder what kind of a world they will create.

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