tagIncest/TabooWhy Not?

Why Not?


Why not? Ask yourself that question at the end of this story.

My first wife had two younger sisters. Sarah was 15 months younger than her big sister and Sally was 3 years younger. So when I got married to Jenny, Sally was a very innocent-looking 18-year-old.

Sally had concentrated on her studies and had not been with or for that matter been out with any boys. She just didn't seem interested in them, but she had always treated me with affection and had even tried to catch sight of me naked on several occasions whilst I courted and slept with her big sister. Sometimes she even seemed to try too hard to catch me with tackle out, so to speak.

One morning, when their mother was away for the weekend with friends, Jenny had gone to the bathroom. The bedroom door was open and I lay in the tangled crumpled sheets with only my legs covered. My mind was replaying the night's activities of lovemaking with Jenny, and I stroked my cock in fond memory of the pleasure we had given each other. Lying there on the bed slowly wanking my erection with my eyes half closed, I became aware that I was not alone. Through the crack between the half-open door and the doorframe I could see Sally peeking at me, seeing me playing with myself.

"Like what you see, Sally?" I said softly, so as not to scare her away.

"You can watch if you want. Come and get a closer look. Looking only, OK?"

The spying eye vanished from the gap and Sally's head appeared around the door. She smiled and walked into the room, not taking her eyes off my prick.

At that moment we heard the click of the bolt on the bathroom door and Sally disappeared like lightening, fleeing back to her room. Jenny walked in with a towel wrapped around her and smiled, seeing me lying naked and ready for her. As Jenny made love to me I imagined what it would have been like with Sally, so very young and so fresh.

The thought was arousing from several aspects. Sally was young, but I knew her well, even loved as a sister, and most importantly and therefore adding to feelings of guilt, she was completely off-limits, untouchable. But she did seem to be fascinated, almost obsessed in fact, with seeing me naked. Well, if not naked entirely, at least seeing what my cock looked like. Anyone who thinks young people don't have impure thoughts should look back to their own years during puberty.

The years passed, and Sally would always get me to stroke her neck and shoulders when we watched TV as a family. It was all very innocent but I knew that touching Sally was not innocent in her imagination.

After Jenny and I got married and moved out to the country, Sally would come and stay with us for long weekends, and she always seemed to flirt with me whenever Jenny was out or in another room. I found these games very arousing; the glimpses of cleavage, thigh, knicker-clad bottom or crotch added to the temptation. Sally would always call me for some reason or other when she was climbing the stairs, and at these times the flesh would be flashed. If Jenny was out I would stand transfixed at the foot of the stairs whilst Sally gave her little show. I never dared make a move from fear of what would happen if I were caught or if Sally decided she didn't like my approach. For Sally never did say a word or invite me to get closer.

One weekend when Sally was down to stay I was making love to Jenny in our bed, she was being quite noisy as I pounded her hairy hole. -One thing about Jenny was she could never keep quiet- . But as she drew breath at one point and so was silent as I held myself ready to drive my hard cock back into the hilt. I heard a whispered request from across the landing, although very quiet.

"Again, again do it to her again." Sally was enjoying the sounds of our passion and I could imagine her lying on the bed in the next room less than 10 feet away, her night dress pushed up around her waist as her hands rubbed her quim. That for me is such a delightful vision as a woman pleasures herself to orgasm whilst her mind plays a perfect fantasy.

One thing Jenny never approved of or for that matter watch were blue movies, and one weekend, when Sally came to stay, I had borrowed a copy of 'Debby Does Dallas'. Jenny protested.

She said, "You can watch it, but I won't!"

Sally asked her sister, "Can I watch it?"

and Jenny replied very angrily, "I don't care what you do Sally, you're over 18 so can do what you like!"

With that, Jenny stormed out of the lounge and stomped upstairs to bed. I was a little shocked and looked at Sally, who sat on the sofa wearing only a long cotton nightshirt.

"Do you really want to see a blue movie, Sally? They are not really suitable for young virgins. Even if they are old enough by law."

"Oh go on, Adam, let me see it, if I don't like it I'll go to bed."

"Ok, it's up to you. As your sister said, you're over 18." And with that I put the tape in the video and sat back in my armchair to watch. The first scene of an orgy in the shower room got me all hot, and from the way Sally fidgeted on the sofa I could tell she felt the same.

"Does Jenny do that to you?" Sally asked as one the girls in the movie sucked on a boy's cock.

" Not as often as I would like," I admitted, feeling even more uncomfortable, but I could'nt resist stroking my cock under my bathrobe.

"Oh, it looks so nice...soft and warm and hard... it must be very sexy to do that to a man's willy," Sally observed, looking at me and dropping her gaze to my groin. I looked over at her only to see that her right hand was pushed between her legs.

I thought to myself, "Why not?" and released my rampant cock from under the confines of the bathrobe and held it upright, stroking slowly up and down the veined shaft.

"Watch the movie, Sally," I instructed, and she forced her eyes away from me and back to the TV. She copied my move by pulling her nighty up and slipping her hand underneath and onto her pussy. She pushed her legs wide apart and began to frig herself, and even though I couldn't see too well I knew she must have at least two fingers inside her.

The camera changed its angle to show one of the boys licking a girl's pussy.

"Wow, I bet that feels good. Do you do that? To Jenny?"

"Not as often as I would like. Do you really think you'd like to have that done to you.....?"

I was by now so aroused and horny I was getting to the point of 'what the heck in for a penny in for a pound', she would either run or stay and I was quite sure Sally wanted to stay.

I sat up and got onto my knees and moved across the room toward Sally. My robe opened to reveal my naked body and an erection that any man would be proud of. As I sat back on my heels it stuck straight up in the air the head all shiny and purple. I leaned forward and moved up to Sally's head and kissed her gently on the lips, smiling at her and saying, "I would love to eat you... if you want." As I said this, I pushed her nighty up over her tummy and let my hand slip back down and brush her pubic hair with my fingers. The hair was wet with dew from where she had been fingering herself only minutes before, and I knew then I needn't wait for her permission to continue.

I shuffled myself in between her wide-open thighs and bent forward to start the seduction of her pussy with my mouth and tongue.

Sally could only moan and whimper.

"Oh, I have imagined you touching me for so long I thought it would never happen! I have pushed my hairbrush into me imagining it was your Willy nearly every night since the day I first saw it, when Jenny nearly caught me."

I could hardly believe my ears! Sally had been fantasizing about me doing this for over 3 years, and I hadn't had an inkling. I pushed my tongue deep into her inner depths, savouring her wetness as it seeped from inside her body. A picture of her hairbrush came to me, it had a wide flat handle about six inches long and I knew I was going to have her right there, with my wife, her sister, only a few feet above our heads upstairs.

Sally was switching her gaze from the TV back to me. My hands by this time had pushed her nighty up to her neck so I could squeeze and fondle her beautiful firm tits. I held each nipple between finger and thumb and rolled them back and forth.

"Put it in, oh please put your Willy in me," Sally begged in an almost desperate tone.

I then knew I was there, and pushed myself up so that the head of my cock, shiny with pre-cum, brushed her outer lips. Sally lifted her legs and wrapped them around my back and waist, her heels pushing into my buttocks. She then pulled her legs in and forced my cock into her willing flesh. I thrust my hips forward and was in to my balls. Sally looked at me, and I watched her face as a plethora of emotion and new sensation swept through her body.

"Oooh it's so big, you fill me up." She sighed in total submission and joy at the incredible new feelings in her awakening body.

My own body trembled with a mixture of fear and pleasure. Sally had taken me with complete, wanton lust, whereas her sister had been nervous and shy. My cock felt so delightful and tickly tingly, wrapped deep in my sister-in-law's cunt. It was pure bliss and it got better as I began to thrust in and out of her soaking wet, creaming quim.

Kissing her deeply, our tongues entwined, I began to thrust slowly and deeply back and forth, enjoying every sweet moment. My entire body was trembling with anticipation, and I just didn't want to come too quickly. I concentrated all my thoughts on kissing her, and then I started to kiss and fondle her lovely breasts again. In doing this I was able to withdraw my cock from her wonderful tight pussy so that just the head moved in and out between the outer lips.

Even though she was a virgin, she had broken her hymen with the hairbrush, and the invasion of my cock had only been pleasure to her.

"I want to suck it." Sally said this so eagerly that I got up from between her legs and sat next to her on the sofa. She bent over and grasped my cock, covered in the cream of her juices. Sally's fingers encircled the shaft, and she wanked it up and down as she'd seen on the video.

Bending her head down to my cock, she put her tongue out and quickly flicked over the glands. She then tasted her juices on my cock and the precum seeping from the eye. The taste was obviously acceptable as she opened her lips and slid my cock into her mouth.

Sally sucked a little too hard and made me flinch slightly. "Not quite so hard, be soft and gentle," I instructed her and she complied; she began to pump her head up and down my shaft. The sensation was out this world. This time I began to moan with pleasure. "Careful, or you'll make me cum," I said, fighting the urge to let go and release my pent up seed. Sally didn't seem to hear my warning and just kept sucking and licking and wanking my cock.

I couldn't hold back any longer and just relaxed as I felt my whole crotch contract and start to pump my seed out through the length of my raging cock.

"I'm ccccc......" was all I could say as my orgasm swept over me and my semen pumped into my sister-in-law's virgin mouth. She stopped sucking with the first shot of cum, tasted it and started to swallow, taking every drop I could give. As my pleasure subsided I lifted Sally off me and leaned forward to kiss her. I tasted my own cum for the first time, and it wasn't too bad at all!

My erection didn't soften as usual and I pushed her gently round so she lay along the length of the sofa. I climbed between her legs again and this time fucked her with all the control a man can wish for. Very soon she was begging for more and more, until her orgasms overcame her again and again.

My strength and stamina were coming to an end after what seemed to be an age yet hardly a second. Our bodies were drenched in sweat. I lifted my body up tautly, and commenced a rigid thrusting down vertically into her willing quim, long and deep pile driving thrusts as she started to come again. I let my sperm flood into her and dropped onto her heaving chest and belly, kissing her face and neck in lust and loving pleasure, receiving and giving joy.

We were wrapped in each other's arms as Sally wound her legs around my waist and held my now-softening cock inside of her. I could feel the muscles of her vagina pulsing around my cock as if she didn't want to let me go.

The video had stopped and the screen was blank. I had just fucked my 19-year-old sister-in-law, breaking all taboos: and why not?

Sally was completely satisfied and so was I. She went off to the bathroom and I cleaned up the sofa and turned over the cushions. When Sally returned she was fresh and virginal looking again. I went and cleaned myself, and when I returned to the lounge Sally had gone up to bed.

I turned off the light and climbed the stairs and got into bed next to my sleeping wife. Jenny turned to me and said, " You can have me if you want. I expect you're all randy after watching the film." Do you know what? I was, and climbed aboard and gave her the best fuck in a long time.

The next morning Sally came to me whilst Jenny was in the bathroom, kissed me and said, "Thank you, my darling."

We never got another chance to be alone together again, and it's now over 25 years since we last saw each other. I often wonder: Does she remember that night with the same fondness that I do???

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