tagLetters & TranscriptsWicked Game Ch. 21

Wicked Game Ch. 21




Dr. Nathan W. Noone, Ph.D.

Shane Woodrow Kingsley, age 22, quarterback.

Mr. Shane Kingsley came to us presenting classic symptoms of being depressed. He was twelve years old when he came to our office. He was a young man, quiet and taciturn in the hands of his mother. Mrs. Joanne Kingsley, age 49, presents classic obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms. The object of her obsession is her son, Shane. The father, Mr. Hugh Kingsley, died 4 years ago due to complications attributed to pneumonia.

Mrs. Kingsley called the office on June 21, three weeks ago, because she was concerned that her son, Shane, was becoming a homosexual. When questioned about the provenance of this declaration, the information concerning Mr. Hugh Kingsley came to light.

Mr. Hugh Kingsley had been married to Joanne Kingsley for 18 years when he requested a divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. It seems that at the age of 51, he decided that he was gay, thus triggering the mother’s disorder. As the only child, young Shane bore the brunt of his mother’s ‘acting-out’, witnessing the mood changes associated with her illness and his talent in the game of football provided him with a way to escape the confines of her dictations.

Unfortunately, for him, Mr. Shane Kingsley discovered, at the age of twelve, that he had homosexual tendencies and accepted the therapy in the hope that what he learned would aid him in his journey towards becoming a homosexual man. During his sessions, he stressed that his mother was not to know of his gender declaration.

In the end, he decided that being a homosexual man was not something that he could deal with, especially being in the high-profile position of a quarterback at a prestigious university. Last contact with participant was over a year ago, when Mr. Shane Kingsley expressed that he would rather expire than contemplate a life without his potential life partner, Mr. Jaime Scott.


It’s obvious that Mr. Shane Kingsley needs to be exposed to the various arts of sex and sensual response to obtain a wider vision of reality. Through this exposure, he will be able to better understand the role and the emotional responsibilities equated with being a lover. He has been stymied by the over-zealous attentions of his mother and therefore, he doesn’t have the tools to maintain a healthy relationship.

I think that he is a viable candidate for my proposed contest.

Kelly Jo Marcus, age 28; Kevin Andrew Marcus, age 25, business owners.

Miss Kelly Jo Marcus came to us presenting classic symptoms of Bipolar I Disorder. Miss Marcus’ behavior ranges from extreme happiness to extreme sadness, the hallmark of a manic/depressive personality.

Miss Marcus is a twin to Mr. Kevin Marcus and both were orphaned several years ago when their parents died in a plane crash. Kelly Jo was named executor of the estate and has managed the properties ever since.

Both of the Marcus’ have remained close as twins and as siblings but neither have acted on the obvious sexual feelings that they possess for each other. Kevin has taken on the role of father protector, providing physical and emotional strength for his older sister. Kelly Jo provides the maternal instinct and the business savvy of her father and supplies this to her brother in order to keep them educated and equal.

When Mr. Marcus requested therapy for his sister, Miss Marcus declined, stating that it wasn’t necessary. However, Mr. Marcus came back several days later, expressing an incestual love for his sister and explaining how important it was for him to express this to her.

Nothing was ever resolved as Mr. and Miss Marcus started a convention business that had become extremely successful. Due to the prosperity of said business, it is doubtful that either Mr. Marcus or Miss Marcus will request therapy again and thus their emotions will remain repressed.


Miss Marcus is in touch with her sexual side and has stated that she regularly seeks out sexual partners. Mr. Marcus, on the other hand, shies away from the sexual plane, preferring to spend time alone or with his sister. She does not inform him of her activities for fear of losing his admiration. Both siblings are missing out on the complexity of love and neither knows how to find it.

I think that they are viable candidates for my proposed contest.

James Hawethorne Weathers, age 52, television anchorman.

Mr. Weathers was sent to one of our sister clinics exhibiting symptoms related to a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Being a locally well-known television personality fed this disorder until his boss, Mr. Kirkland, referred him to us for diagnosis and treatment.

Mr. Weathers’ disorder has its roots in his childhood and upbringing. His father was an executive for a large investment firm and was rarely home so the task of raising James fell to his mother, Mrs. Cindy Weathers. Unfortunately, Mrs. Weathers was an alcoholic and was unable to care for James so his constant companion became Miss Myrlie Bowers, housekeeper to the Weathers’ family. Miss Bowers soon became his lover, completing his sexual education as well. Her constant praise of his abilities increased his prowess and he began to believe that he was superior to everyone, even his parents.

He was thrown out of the house when his father arrived home early one day and found him having sex with his mother and Miss Bowers. He was not removed from the house because of that, but because he also pegged his father. He moved in with Miss Bowers and continued to have a sexual relationship with her until he left for college.

At every place Mr. Weathers has gone, he has conquered females in the immediate population, opting for whorish women instead of upstanding and virtuous ones. While he has learned not to carry on sexual relationships at his workplace, his appetite for sex and dominance has continued.


With the therapy Mr. Weathers has since received, he has been able to look within himself for the answers to his behavioral triggers. He still seeks out female companionship but has stated that the girl always leaves and he wakes up alone. He has made great strides in his therapy and the final step would be to find a companion who could meet his sexual needs as well as his emotional needs.

I think that he is a viable candidate for my proposed contest.

Ashley Ellen Martin, age 31, homemaker.

Mrs. Martin came to us through a hospital referral, suffering from Acute Stress Disorder related to her husband, Mr. Matthew Martin’s Antisocial Personality Disorder. Mr. Martin is a very controlling individual and likes everything just so, including his beautiful wife. In trying to keep up with his demands, Mrs. Martin suffered an emotional breakdown and spent several months in our facility.

Mrs. Martin’s long-term involvement with Mr. Martin has produced her problems. While in high school, she moved out of her parent’s home and took up with Mr. Martin so she has never formed any sense of identity except that which Mr. Martin molded her into. This has caused her to become a very shy, timid person who is extremely biddable. His daily requests to have the house spotless and to submit to his baser desires have reduced her to a quivering mass.

Mr. Martin has tried to interrupt her stay at this facility several times, stating that it was his right to take his wife home and has been extremely upset to hear that she was receiving therapy. When offered the opportunity to participate in her therapy and recovery, Mr. Martin declined, stating that no therapy was necessary and that his wife did not need therapy, either. Because Mrs. Martin signed herself in, it was her decision to make and she decided to stay and to receive therapy.

During therapy, Mrs. Martin had a breakthrough and was able to reclaim her personality previous to Mr. Martin’s involvement and subsequently spent several days in tears, unable to grasp the fact that her personality had disappeared so easily under his reign. She has become a different woman but has repeatedly stated that she will not leave her husband because he loves her.


Mrs. Martin is a beautiful woman who has never known another man’s touch. She has no idea of the other sexual outlets there are available to healthy individuals. She has never been with another woman, has never experienced anal sex with a kind partner nor has she experienced true lovemaking. She has never been put first.

I think that she is a viable candidate for my proposed contest.

Beverly Arletta Johansson, age 37, business owner.

Miss Johansson came to us through a referral from a weight loss camp that she attended some years before and was accompanied by her overbearing mother, Arletta. When told that she could not attend the therapy sessions, Mrs. Johansson became irate, cursed at the receptionist and promptly told her daughter that she would have to find her own way home. Of course, we provided transportation for Miss Johansson.

It was obvious from Mrs. Johansson’s behavior that this would prove to be the core of Miss Johansson’s weight issues. While waiting, it was observed by the receptionist that Miss Johansson’s mother was extremely condescending towards her daughter and rarely allowed her to speak. And when she did speak, Mrs. Johansson ignored her.

As therapy progressed, Mrs. Johansson’s behavior became so intrusive that it was requested that she not accompany Beverly to any more appointments. She replied that that was fine because there would be no further appointments. That was the last time that Miss Johansson received therapy from our facility.


Miss Johansson is a handsome woman, even though her weight partially obscures that fact and her boutique and her friendship with her partner, Sarah, have seemed to flourish. The only way that Miss Johansson will be able to experience life is for her to leave the confines of the prison that her mother has built for her. She has never had sex nor even had a boyfriend due to Mrs. Johansson’s interference.

I think that she is a viable candidate for my proposed contest.


Dr. Nathan Wordsworth Noone made a final check of the transcript and satisfied with its contents, placed it in the file folder marked Wicked Game – Inaugural. As he closed the folder’s flap, he smiled to himself. Winning the lottery had been a godsend and had given him the opportunity to help others. This contest had gone well.

Now it was time to plan for next year’s competition.

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Comments that are ignorant and unwelcome should be automatically removed.

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Could've done without the incest part

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