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Wicked Weather


As storms swirl around us in the lower states, I thought I'd take a quick break from my series to write this quick little tale. They're college age and about to weather a wicked storm. Enjoy!

Britney stared out at the playground of the elementary school she attended a decade ago. It was deserted now, when children should be in school; a series of tornado warnings had the schools closing early as families hunkered down in their bathrooms and closets to be shielded from the harsh weather.

Not Britney. She found the weather terrible and thrilling, and had no problem watching the approaching clouds from this view. From this vantage point, the ground sloped a little past the fence of the playground and she could see overtop the homes scattered around – straight into the oncoming storm.

She swung back and forth lazily as the clouds approached, figuring that when it got worse she could duck around the building and stand at the employees entrance until the things blew over. She didn't exactly have anywhere else to go.

The town's siren began to sound as the weather eased up. The calm before the storm. She inhaled deeply.

"What the hell are you doing?"

Britney turned to see a man park a large red pickup pull over on the side of the road and get out. He must have yelled from the window and when she didn't move, he had decided to come over. Staring at the truck, she saw the fireman's emblem on the door and cursed under her breath.

Fate would have to put someone official in her path.

"Hey!" The deep voice called out when she turned back to watch the storm.

"Are you deaf? You have to find cover."

Britney waited until the man was just beside her before she turned to look up at him.

His face quirked in an odd way then his eyes widened. "Britney Owens?"

Well hell. Josh Quinn.

They stared at each other for a moment before Josh finally spoke. "I thought... Britney... I thought you were dead. I went to your funeral. I saw them... I saw them put a casket in the ground."

Britney nodded. "Yeah. I saw that too."

Josh had trouble speaking after that.

Britney laughed bitterly. "You would have to be the one who spotted me, wouldn't you Josh. Couldn't be a stranger. Had to be you." She looked up at the clouds. "You better get to shelter."

Josh was pale. "Are you... are you a ghost or something?" He started to reach for her slowly.

Britney beat him to it and grasped his hand yanking him toward her. His shocked face was inches from hers, so she inhaled and grinned, laughing again as she gave a gentle shove and let him stagger back a few steps.

"So you're not dead. Then what...?"

"None of your business, Josh. Now, go. I want to watch the show."

Josh turned to see the clouds starting to move ominously closer. He cursed under his breath and looked at the truck then back to her.

"Look, I have a feeling I'll be called out once this is over, but you should come with me. My house is a block or two away and we can hide in the basement until it passes."

"So you don't live your parents?"

"Damnit, Britney, ask all the questions you want, just move your ass while you do it."

Britney looked up at him and studied his face for a moment. He had dark hair that he'd let grow out since high school. She always hated the buzz cuts boys her age wore; hair was so much sexier when there was enough to grab hold of. He had a chiseled face now that some of his boyish baby fat was gone, and if he had a fireman's truck in this small town he probably had lots of time to play at the gym while waiting for someone's cat to get stuck on the roof.

She stood, walking past him without a word. He jogged after her and was in the truck and opening the passenger door when the first blast of wind hit them. Britney climbed into the truck with the speed of someone who wasn't in that big of a hurry. Josh peeled out and drove toward his new home.

Britney stared out the window and asked, "You live in town?"

"Second street. Bought the old Davis place. Fixed it up. Don't suppose you hear the town gossip from wherever you're hiding."

"I'm not hiding," Britney said flatly. "And no. I don't hear gossip."

"Well that's refreshing," Josh said, ducking when hail started to rain down on the truck. It was small hail, but it was enough to make him curse and check his paint job. "Me and McKinley were supposed to get married two years ago. Caught her in bed with Luke Reed. Town was abuzz for a year since Luke's dad is a preacher over in Bethel. I didn't take it too well." He glanced at her. "I'm better now."

Britney nodded and looked out the window. She knew he was probably expecting the traditional response of "I'm sorry," but false responses didn't come to Britney too easy.

He continued, "What about you? You join the CIA or something? Have to fake your death? I figure if you were found, the whole town would have heard."

Britney watched the clouds roll over them as they turned onto Second.

"Do your parents know you're alive?"

Figuring if she didn't say anything the word would get out that she was alive, Britney answered truthfully. "They do. They staged the funeral at my request." Not that they had put up much of an argument.

They pulled into a house that used to be white but was now dark gray with red shutters. The little yard was neat, had a few plants growing in the front, but not many flowers. No woman's touch.

Josh cut the engine and they jumped out of the truck and ran for the back porch which looked newly built. The pale wood was abundant, the empty deck a perfect size for a grill and a table or two, and was currently collecting hail that was starting to rain down the size of gumballs. A few hit them as Josh unlocked the door and led Britney inside.

They both laughed shakily as they made it to safety and Josh lead the way to his basement. It was bigger than Britney expected, and unfinished except for a sofa, recliner, and massive TV attached to a number of video game systems. There was even a kitchenette in one corner.

Josh walked over to the fridge. "Soda? Water? Beer?"

"Aren't you on duty?"

"Yeah but one doesn't do much to me."

"Then why drink it?"

Josh got a look on his face that told Britney he really wanted to say "Why not?" but he thought better of it. He nodded and grabbed a water, tossing another one to her. She caught it easily.

After a moment of silence, he turned on the television and changed the channel to a station giving the weather report. The meteorologist was telling everyone that there was hail.

Yeah. Got that message already.

Britney studied the wave of storms coming their direction, the first right on top of them followed by two more. Maybe it would have been stupid to watch the storm from a playground but after the fight she had had with her parents, she didn't really care.

She glanced at Josh. Britney wondered why he didn't go to college. He probably had a number of scholarships from football and his grades were good enough for him to be in the BETA club, yet here he was, fireman of their small hometown.

Britney stared forward and pondered if she could go through with this. She had a number of targets, and she wanted to get it over with as fast as possible, but she really didn't know if she wanted the experience to be with Josh. Josh was a nice enough guy and she was pretty sure he was the type would wouldn't mind spontaneity, but it would have been easier to have met up with Michael Farrell or Chris Waters. Even Jamie Mapother would have been better than Josh.



"I need you to keep my non-death a secret."

"Figured. Gonna tell me why?"



"I will tell you I don't get much time off. I never do actually. But I had to come home for... well it doesn't matter now." Britney looked at the swirls of possible tornado action dancing in place over where they were. "I picked a stellar time to come home."

Josh sighed and laeaned back against the sofa. "Gotta say, it's weird seeing you again. Your hair's... blonder."

Britney grinned. "I've changed. A lot."

"So are you a spy?"

"Yes. I'm a spy."

"See," Josh said, "you say that like you're being sarcastic but you could be telling the truth.

"And you'll never know which." Britney grinned. She plucked at her damp shirt. "So, I don't suppose you have any extra shirts? This ones..."

"Yeah. I'm sorry." Josh got up and went to a closet. "Or... no... I took everything up for the renovation. It's all upstairs."

They listened to the weather and both silently decided they should stay in the basement.

Josh looked back at her and removed his own shirt, tossing it aside. "Look. Not to sound like a tool, but you can take it off and I'll hang it up for you. I promise not to stare.

Britney laughed as if she thought about it. "Promise? 'Cause if I agree to this I don't want you to think I'm easy."

Josh turned and sat back down, looking at the television. "Promise."

Britney eyed him and lifted her shirt. He was naked from the waist up and was showing off some pretty impressive abs. She had a white tank underneath that was little damp, but not bad. When she sat back down he glanced sideways at the flash of white and turned to see the tank. She winked.

Josh laughed. "Oh, see and there you had me all nervous about how I was going to keep my eyes off a half naked girl. Alone. In my house."

Britney smiled. "You were always the gentleman."

Josh snorted. Fat lot of good that did me. You'd think that's what a girl wants."

"Most girls do." Britney saw the resigned look on Josh's face. She said flatly, "Some girls are bitches who deserve their reputation."

Josh nodded. "Sad thing is, in a small town like this, there's not many decent ones left. Married, kids... Some of the good ones moved away." He glanced her way.

Britney thought now would be a good time to bring up why she was here. "Josh... how long has it been since you had a girl?"

"A while."

"I have an idea."

Josh didn't say anything, but he did get a hopeful glint in his eye that all males do when a girl is about to suggest something that could possibly be naughty.

"Like I said, I don't get much time off. Dating is pretty hard lately. Sometimes I just like to feel the weight of a person, you know? Be close... share a connection. And here we are stuck in a room by ourselves..."

She didn't have to say anything else. Josh was on his feet, offering her a hand. "You sure?" he asked. Well he caught on awfully fast. Britney nodded and let Josh pull her up.

He kissed her, gently at first, as if testing waters he had already swam in. Back in the eighth grade they had gotten as far as making out before they had broken it off for some silly teenage reason and neither had much to do with the other in high school.

Josh had always been a good kisser, though. He plunged his tongue into Britney's mouth and massaged her own before letting her return the gesture. Her arms went up to his shoulders, gripping his muscular neck before her fingers dug into his hair.

Large hands went around to her back and Britney was pulled closer to Josh as the kissed got even more heated. He massaged her back for an appropriate amount of time before a hand crept south to grip her jean-clad ass. Britney moaned a little as Josh's large hand cupped her cheek, the gesture grounding his hard-on against the juncture between her legs. He felt good. Damn good. And she was planning to have a good time tonight.

Several good times.

Britney backed up, gasping for air, and stared at Josh hungrily. He stared right back. She lifted her tanked over her head and tossed it to the side. This break gave her time to look at Josh's chest full on, her gaze making her want to taste his sun-kissed skin.

When she went back to him, she bent over a little and sucked one of Josh's nipples into her mouth. He growled a little and she grinned. She felt like growling herself. That would come later.

Britney left the nipple she had been sucking and went for the other. Meanwhile, Josh had a great view of her back and decided that it was time to unhook her bra since it was in view; she chuckled with his nipple between her teeth as she felt the fabric slacken. Josh gasped through his teeth when he felt hers, and took a step backwards to see his handy-work.

Proud of her not-too-huge chest, she knew her breasts were a nice handful for most men and her nipples were a kissable pink color. Deciding to show off a little, she let the bra fall on its own, holding her hand out as the other tossed the material aside. Josh lifted his own and she took it, placing his palm on her breast. He rubbed his thumb across the hardening nub at the center and bent to let his tongue feel the other. Britney had him right where she wanted him. She'd always loved having her nipples sucked.

Moaning a little at the feel of lips sucking at her, Britney leaned back a little and cupped the back of Josh's head, pressing him closer. He used this as an excuse to move over her, lowering her down to the couch.

Britney kept her arms around Josh so they never broke contact. She also opened her legs so his body would nestle into hers, his jean-covered cock pressing against her most sensitive areas. It didn't quite reach there though, since Josh's torso was long and he was still lapping at her tit.

Josh switched, grasping the nipple he had just sucked with his fingers and pulling a little, just enough to sting. Britney yelped and wiggled beneath him, making him chuckle then nip at her playfully as she had done to him.

When he looked up at her, it was that moment of silence where two people who have never gone down this path offer a second to say if they want to keep going. Oh, God, did she want to keep going. Her response to him was to lift her hips into his chest, rubbing her jeans against his skin. He smiled like she was offering him a birthday present.

Wind howling above them, they were both oblivious to the weather as Josh started to unbutton her jeans and tug on the zipper. Britney had worn matching panties, so Josh was staring at a grayish purple thong with a hint of lace; not that he had taken time to admire the bra that went with it.

She lifted her hips again so Josh could pull her jeans down. He didn't touch her underwear, which she thought was odd until he buried his nose in them and inhaled. She'd never had a man want to sniff her so badly. It made her tingle all over, both from being startled and a bit excited.

Britney spread her legs a little more, her hand going back to Josh's head to tangle her fingers in his hair. He finally hooked his own fingers around her waistband and pulled. Down and away her panties went, replaced quickly by Josh's tongue which covered her entire sex before lapping up to circle her clit.

Britney practically screamed with release. Not an orgasm, that was on it's way, but a celebration at having a man between her thighs - where a man hadn't been in quite some time. She put her other hand on the arm of the sofa and moaned as Josh's tongue explored her.

She was wet. More than she thought possible since they had moved so quickly, and Josh was lapping at her like he just discovered his favorite candy. She blushed a little; she had heard of men who thoroughly enjoyed eating a girl's pussy, she'd never come across one until now.

Josh plunged his tongue deep inside her and Britney bucked, starting to feel a wave of pleasure rushing toward her; she was ready to let it wash over her whenever her body decided it was time. Josh was doing wonderful things with his tongue, even some moves that simply startled her.

When he inserted a finger and curled it as his lips clamped down on her clit, Britney was sucked under a wave of pleasure so quickly that she barely had time to brace herself before her body flung her to the surface ride the orgasm. She pressed Josh's face against her pussy reflexively, holding him to her as he stroked her through a sea of ecstasy. She screamed a moan as she came, her legs clamping around his head as she bucked beneath his wonderful mouth.

Josh attacked her relentlessly. When she was coming down to float on the surface of reality, he inserted another finger and doubled his attack on her with his tongue. He tugged at her insides with this digits as if he was dialing her own personal number and it wasn't long before she was breathing heavy with anticipation once more.

"Oh, God.. Josh... what are you... how do you know... oh, God, don't stop! Please! Please... I'm going to.... your fingers are... oh, fuck.... I'm going to... Unh!" An endless stream of fragmented statements and thoughts left her mouth as Josh shoved her over the edge once more.

Hadn't she proposed they do this just moments before? He brought her pleasure faster than she thought possible without a little foreplay, and it made Britney sad to think she could have had this experience when she still lived here. But she had been a different person then, and he probably didn't have these skills yet.

"Oh, God." She said, coming down after her second orgasm.

Josh kissed his was up Britney's stomach, pausing momentarily to flirt with her navel before continuing up to latch on to one of her breasts. She lay here, well pleasured and beaming from an orgasm as Josh let her body experience the aftershocks.

The wind blew above them, hard enough to make them both pause. They stared at the ceiling as they listened but when Britney looked back down at Josh his eyes were full of hunger that no storm would deter. He sat up, easily pulling her with him, and fell back against the sofa.

"Should I get-"

"No," Britney answered quickly, wrapping her hand around his hard length and shivering with anticipation. "We don't need it." She accentuated her statement but positioning him at her entrance and immediately impaling herself on his cock.

"Brit, what do you... agghhhh...." Josh made a very pleasurable noise of relief usually reserved for the male orgasm but he didn't come.

Thank God.

He leaned back and let Britney settle over him before threading his fingers roughly into her hair and pulling her in for a kiss. She tasted herself on him and the flavor of sex made her rock her hips instinctively, grinding her pussy down hard onto Josh's rock hard manhood.

Josh let his hands fall down to her breasts before they went even further south to cup her ass, his fingers digging into her flesh to pull her against him with each rocking movement. They stayed in that position, Josh's cock sheathed deep inside Britney as she wrestled her tongue with his. She never thought she would even lightly kiss him during such a random act, but Josh was such a damn good kisser and she wanted more.

Britney broke free with a gasp for air and rose on her knees, pulling him from her. Just as the tip of his manhood was about to leave her, she dropped, letting gravity slam her back down his length.

Josh groaned. "Yeah," he said, gripping her hips and helping her move, "Just like that." He bit his lip.

Britney couldn't help herself; she wanted to bite his lips too. So she did.

Something about her biting him threw Josh into a frenzy because the next thing she knew she was being hoisted into the air and slammed back into the couch as Josh shifted to position himself over her. She giggled with exhilaration before he recaptured her mouth and plunged his cock deep into her, shoving to the hilt.

Britney gasped at the feeling. Josh was a good size, not too long but a little thicker than she was used to. The friction his cock produced as he caressed her inner walls was intoxicating. She wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails into his back, raking them up his flesh and making him growl into her mouth. She inhaled at the possessive noise and felt her body tingle with nerves of fear and excitement. She liked it when a partner went caveman on her.

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