tagAnalWide Open: An Examination

Wide Open: An Examination


I was waiting for the doctor to come in, looking at my legs on the table. My stomach was churning, as I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I had been having stomach problems lately and finally broke down to get it checked out. I had to get a new doctor because I switched HMOs and the old one wasn't on my new plan.

The new doctor, Dr. Giovanni, was a nice enough man, in his 40's, and handsome enough to be a bit distracting to me since I'd gotten used to going to women doctors over the years and the idea of a man looking at me was a little disconcerting. The nurse had me fill out all the forms then brought me into a small examination room and told me to undress and put the gown on and wait on the examination table. I started flipping through a magazine, trying to keep my mind off what was to come. I noticed that even my butt was sweating, my nerves were so on edge.

When Dr. Giovanni finally did come in he was very pleasant and did all the usual check-up things, looked in my ears & throat, checked my lungs and heart. Then he had me lay down and pressed around my stomach, asking me to tell him when it hurt. I yelped a couple of times and he noted that as he pressed. I was getting more and more nervous.

That's when he told me to turn over and bring my knees up under my chest.


I couldn't believe that was the position he wanted me in, I asked him to repeat it to make sure. "But, why? My other doctor never examined me like that!"

"Well, if you want me to be your doctor now, you have to trust my expertise. I need to give you a rectal exam to pinpoint where this problem is coming from and that is the best position."

A rectal exam??? Oh no. I thought he would just poke my stomach around, order some blood tests and prescribe me some antacid or something.


He turned to me, slightly annoyed. "Stomach pain is serious stuff - do you want me treat this or don't you? A rectal exam is the only way to find out what is going on in there. I can't find anything by looking in your mouth, can I?"

I was mortified. But, he was right.

"Okay. I see."

I turned over and pulled my knees up under me as he told me and laid my head on the leather exam table. It felt awful, so entirely exposed, even under the hospital gown I was wearing. So when he lifted up the gown, I felt the cool air on my anus and my vagina, I was so spread open in the position. I couldn't believe it. So embarrassing.

I heard all this clicking, and opening and snapping going on and then, suddenly, I felt his gooey cool finger touch my anus. I squeezed it shut, out of pure reflex. "Relax," he told me, "you have to relax." He began just lightly circling the sphincter with the lubrication so that I could barely feel him, it was so gentle that I relaxed it a little bit, allowing it to open a little. He put his finger just inside the opening of my rosebud, and very slowly slid his thick finger into my anus, so slowly I hardly knew it was going in until I could feel it way deep inside me. Unnnh. It felt great – which scared me. I had to be on guard. I didn't want him to know that I might be enjoying it. Especially after I made such a fuss. I tightened up again.

"I really need you to relax before I can examine you any further," he said firmly, "You really need to open up for me."

Open up. Okay, I concentrated on relaxing just those sphincter muscles and finally felt them begin to open. I thought I heard him sigh or breathe heavy or something, because then he began to move his finger slowly around inside my rectum, massaging the walls, wiggling it and, quite frankly, it was starting to excite me. I was embarrassed about that, because I knew he could see my pussy lips getting creamy and all. Would he know that I liked to masturbate by stimulating my clit and my asshole at the same time? Could he tell by the way my body was reacting? I was even more embarrassed entertaining the possibility that he thought I was getting off on this, if that was possible.

I started to wonder if this was all totally professional. His finger was rhythmically moving around in there, and soon he added a second and then a third finger and it felt so good that I kept relaxing my asshole until it was very loose. And the looser my asshole got, the more he moved around in there. I could feel my pussy welling up with juice. Looking back on it now, I think the fact that I was getting wet was, maybe, turning him on. I couldn't tell. Why else would he spend so much leisure time in my ass?

"I need to take a look in there, so be prepared to open up a little more."

A "look"? "More"? I didn't think that was possible. I felt him remove his fingers and my anus closed up. Then something cold touched the very center of me and slowly pushed in. I liked the cool feel of the metal as it laid in my anal walls.

"You're going to feel yourself opening up now, so just keep relaxing, you're doing great. Really great."

Suddenly I felt my anus opening all on it's own. What a weird feeling. This thing in my ass was spreading it open in all different directions ... about an inch in diameter, I would guess. (I later found out it was an three-pronged anal spreader when I finally got a look at it on the tray.) It took a lot of concentration to keep relaxed back there, and I was involuntarily trying to squeeze my anus shut. Yow. Don't do that. Ouch. It was started to hurt and I started to whimper a bit. The doctor patted me on my head and said, "You just have to keep relaxing and don't fight it. You have to go with it - actually push your anus open, as if you were pushing out a bowel."

"But, what if ..."

"Don't worry, just do it. I promise it will feel better." He said kindly.

I believed him and did what he said and bore down. I felt like I was turning my asshole inside out and just as I did I felt his hand slip in underneath me and slide between my labia lips and begin softly sliding back and forth in the slippery wetness there. Oh my GOD. I almost came right there but caught myself. The combination of feeling myself touched there and my anus ever widening was becoming intoxicating. It was so wide open now, that I could feel the cool air circulating inside my rectum, and that was a wild feeling.

"Okay, I'm going to open you up a little more now. Stay with me here," he said in a voice, almost soft.

At that I could feel my anus getting even wider, another inch maybe, stretching obscenely open. It felt like you could park a car into it, it felt that wide. God, this was wild. I could feel my pussy getting so wet that juice was dripping from it ... and I could hear Dr. G clearing his throat and breathing heavier still.

"That's good. So good. Now ..." he wheeled his chair even closer to the table, picking up a slim flashlight of some kind. "Let me see you open up even more for me if you can."

As long as he kept sliding his fingers back and forth between my lips, I would do anything he said. All I could think of now was my 2 inch wide-open anus and him looking into it. I felt so absolutely exposed and out of any control that I didn't care about anything any more except the sensations I was feeling.

Dr. G was really breathing heavily now, as he hunkered down into my ass. I could feel the heat of the flashlight inside my hole as it swirled around ... then his slid some sort of long instrument into the gaping hole in the middle of the spreader. It was slim so didn't touch the sides of my anal wall until it was deep inside me, tapping those tender tissues that never get touched.

It felt sublime, I could feel Dr. G's breath on the rim of my ass, and the instrument was massaging those inside parts of me so that could help but begin to slightly tilt my ass up and down and around, trying to take it in every way I could. All sense of propriety was gone, all sense of modesty – with my asshole gaping like that there really is no use for any of it anymore. It felt extremely freeing, in a way.

"Excellent. Good. Oh, you are being soooo good." Dr G said in a voice as low and raspy as a lover's. He threw the instrument aside and jammed his own fingers into the gaping hole as the fingers of his other hand found my nub of a clit and began to vibrate quickly back and forth on it. Suddenly everything exploded and I started squealing and my body starting bucking and my pussy started squirting and Dr. G. just kept saying "Oh. Oh. Oh," as his hands stayed inside me and rode me like a bronco.

When it was over, he slipped the spreader out, cleaned me up with some towels, patted my hair and handed me a prescription for antacids.

The End

(None of this was true. But wouldn't it have been cool if it was?)

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