tagLoving WivesWife Acts As Stranger At Strip Club

Wife Acts As Stranger At Strip Club


Judy and I decided to stop off at the topless bar called Clancy's. On the way we decided to play a game. I would go in first and sit in a booth. She would go in a sit at the bar where I could observe her. I went in and took up my position. The place was pretty crowded. She walked in and I noticed that several heads turned towards her. I noticed that while she was still in the car that she had taken off her bra because her blouse was net and provided a good view of bare breasts. Not really exposed, but, enough to certainly entice. She was going to make this an interesting night. She sat at a bar stool close by so I could see as well as hear her. It wasn't long before there was a man at her side buying her a drink.

They laughed and joked and watched the dancers on the bar stage in front of them. The man was giving Judy dollar bills to put in the girls garters for him. After a while he was stuffing the bills down her blouse. She didn't pull them out to give the girls and when he asked her why she told him it would be better if he retrieved the bills and gave them to the girls himself. It was obvious that he was waiting for the invitation because he immediately started fishing down her blouse. It was also obvious that he wasn't just fishing for dollar bills. The guys with this man started yelling to him to go deeper. Judy said "let me make it easier" and started to unbutton her blouse. The attention of several men shifted from the dancer to Judy who was nearly naked from the waist up. They laughed and giggled throughout the evening as he continued to be fresh with her. His hands were up her skirt and down her blouse.

At one point a naked man ran between the two of them to steak across the runway stage. I could see them whispering to each other and they got up and walked towards the back of the bar. A few minutes later the two of them came running down the hall totally naked. They, too, jumped up the runway and ran down the stage. They stopped half way down and started to dance together for the audience. The men were loving it. The two ran off the stage to a roaring applause. They walked arm and arm up to the bar and got a drink. Both still naked. Several people were around them, hands were all over Judy. She walked to the back and got her skirt and shirt and carried them to the front. It looked like she was going to remain naked and it looked like she was really enjoying the attention. The men enjoyed the fact that she was naked, too.

I thought that I was going to come in my pants watching her. She looked around like she was looking for a place to sit. She mentioned to her friend that there were seats at the booth that I was at, so they walked over to where I was sitting. She boldly asked if they could sit at our table. She sat across from me in the middle. A stranger on one side and her friend who was now wearing his slacks and a shirt. She looked so at ease there; naked between the two men. She struck up a conversation with me and the man beside her. There were naked and nearly naked dancers sitting with men; she looked just like another dancer.

She asked if we enjoyed their performance. I could tell that she wanted to continue with the charade. The other man beside her said he thought that it was great but wished that he could have participated.

We watched the dancers for awhile. Judy was toying with the men on both sides of her. They were giggling and laughing and I heard one of them say to her "fuck you" in response to a wise crack she made. She responded "don't tempt me" and giggled. The man next to me who was across from her reached over and was caressing her breasts. She played with the men for awhile then she got up from the table and asked me to leave with her. She had her clothes in her hand and walked out to the parking lot totally naked to the cheers of everyone in the bar. We made love as soon as we got to the car. I couldn't even wait until we got home.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/03/17

Beginning of The END!

So next time,will she blow/fuck a few?!
Her husband is heading down the road to cuckdom!
Soon-to -be HOTwife with a dopey cuck for a husband!

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