tagFetishWife & Daughter Cuckold & Humiliate

Wife & Daughter Cuckold & Humiliate


I have dreamed of my wife making me a cuckold for years. The thought of her spreading her legs for another man, me being forced to lick his cum from her pussy, and all of the humiliation was fodder for me to masterbate for a long time. The one time I discussed this with my wife, she was furious with me. She thought I had lost my mind. Nothing was said for a long time until last night. And then my world changed forever.

Ray called from work at about 2pm. I picked up the phone expecting to make plans for the night and weekend. Our 19 year old daughter was due home from her freshman year of college this weekend and I figured we would be busy.

After saying hello, Ray was eager to talk. "Remember your fantasy from a few years ago", Ray asked?

"Sure I do...I dream and think about it all the time!"

"Well, are you sure it is something you want," she asked?

"Of course, but where is this coming from so out of the blue?"

"It does not matter," she said. "Here are the rules. Once this starts there is no turning back. You do everything and anything I say, when I say it. And I do mean anything. I say who, what, when, where and how. And if we start this and you change your mind, it will be the end of us as a couple. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand, but what if..."

Ray stopped me in my tracks, "you have no say over anything. If you are going to be my cucky, then it starts now. Yes or no?"

"Yes, that is what I want," I said.

"Good, then go home after work, make sure you make dinner for four people, and that does not include you. When I get home, I expect you to be on your best behavior. Make sure your eat before we get there, understand?"

"I do, but who are you bringing home?"

"If I wanted you to know, I would tell you, just do as I say."

"Ok baby, consider it done. I will be waiting."

Before she hung the phone up she said, "You will not be fucking me again anytime in the near future, nor will you be masterbating, so get that through you head now. You belong to me and all of the guests at tonights dinner from now until I say so. Now go do your job and get ready. We will be there at 6pm. Except for 1 of our guests who will be a little late. See you then!"

As soon as I put the reciever down, I realized why I was so uncomfortable. My cock was about to rip my jeans. As soon as I arrived home at about 5, I made sure the house was ready and started a light dinner. I had the table all set and ate a quick sandwich, and then waited. At about 5 after 6, I heard Rays car pull into the garage. I was nervous and unsure what to do.

When Ray walked through the door, I was shocked. 2 rather well built black men were in tow. They looked about the same size at about 6'2" or so. Ray walked up and introduced me to Jake and Tim. I went to shake their hands.

"Don't even think of trying to shake my hand you little bitch. You are here to watch us take care of what you cannot take care of yourself. And as far as your hot little wife goes, if I see you touch her again, you will pay dearly," Tim said.

I dropped my hand and turned to walk away when Daren spoke up, "where do you think your going cucky?"

"I was going to go and put dinner on the table."

"Fuck dinner, we are past that. Go take off all of your clothes and sit on the couch. We will be right in."

I turned and left the room, thinking to myself about what I had gotten myself into. I removed my clothes and took a seat on the sofa. I sat their for about 15 min and listened to their chit chat. I heard them laughing, but nothing specific. Then I heard the door open and close. In walked my 19 year old daughter. She looked at me and laughed. There was no shock, just her laughing at me.

"I thought mom was kidding, yet here you sit. You gave it all up and boy will you pay for that," Sara said.

I was dumbfounded and did not know how to respond. She looked at my hard cock and then turned and walked out of the room. I was in shock.

About 5 minutes later, all 4 of them came back in the room, and they were all naked. I watched as Ray and Sara dropped to their knees in front of me and began sucking the 10" cocks in their faces. I should tell you a little about my wife and daughter.

Ray is 38, she is about 5'4" tall, about 135lbs and 36c tits. She has the most incredible ass and brunette shoulder length hair.

Sara, was about 5'6", 120lbs, 36D tits, and long brown hair. I had never noticed how hot my daughter was until just this moment as I watched her work this large black cock like a pro.

Ray let the cock pop out and explained, "these two studs are friends of mine from work. They will be here whenever they want from now on. The may stop by at any time and fuck me, or Sara.".

As she continued sucking, Tim looked over at me and laughed. I sat there and watched as these two sluts, my wife and my daughter, had their throats fucked by these two men and there was nothing I could do about it.

Tim pulled Sara up and pulled her over to the sofa with him. He sat next to me and then guided Sara to stradle his cock. I watched as she rubbed the tip of his cock along her pussy and then slowly slid down onto his massive pole. She moaned in pleasure as his cock stretched her tight little pussy out. I began to

Wonder how many different cocks had been in my little girl. I suppose she wasn't a little girl any more. She was a slut, and I was watching the transformation.

As Sara began to slowly ride her new toy, Ray was having her throat fucked. Daren held her hair on the back of her head tightly and plunged his cock deep into her throat. Ray was enjoying this as she moaned and even choked over his length. Daren moaned loudly as he held his cock deep into he throat and shot his load. He was almost screaming from the pleasure. Rays eyes watered from the preasure. When he pulled out, a gob of cum followed and coated her chin. She scooped it up with her finger putting it back in her mouth and licked her finger clean.

Sara was now riding him, bouncing up and down on his cock, as fast as she could. She was screaming outloud as I watched his large black cock plunge in and out of her white pussy. After a few minutes, Tim screamed out loud and then grunted as he deposited his load deep into Sara's cunt.

"Daddy, lie on the ground on your back."

I stood and did as I was instructed. They all watched as I moved into position. Sara moved off of Tims cock and then moved over my face, squatting with her pussy pressed to my mouth. I was in shock but excited as I opened up my mouth and took in their juices. I began to explore her dirty pussy with my tounge as she moaned in pleasure. I looked up and noticed that Daren had walked over and placed his slightly limp cock in Sara's mouth. She was sucking him off as I cleaned out her pussy. Tim had taken my seat on the sofa and was having his cock cleaned by Ray. Ray let his cock slip out of her mouth and said, "Sara, your pussy tastes so good. I cannot wait to clean it the next time. Your father does not deserve such delight. Next time he only cleans the cock that was in your pussy."

I could not believe what Ray had just said. Was she really going to make me suck one of these cocks. I began to worry in my mind, but continued to enjoy the taste of my daughters pussy.

Sara began to shake over me and was bucking on my mouth as she began to cum all over my face. It turned out she is a squirter like her mother. Before I new it I was choking on her cum as it flooded my mouth. I loved every minute of it. Mixed with Tims cum, it had a distinct taste. It was a taste I could wait for again.

Sara moved off of me and walked over behind her mother leaving me looking up at Daren and his big cock.

"Get off of the floor you fricken pussy. Stroke my cock until your wife is ready to take it in the ass."

I looked at him with great fear, and he noticed it imediately. "What the fuck are you waiting for?".

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was harder t an I would ever have imagined. I slowly stroked it up and down. "That's it, I knew you had it in you ya little bitch. Hey Ray, did you ever think you would see this?". Daren was playing his part to well.

Ray let Tims cock slip out of her mouth, "good job honey. Your such a good boy, now wrap your lips around your first cock and see what its like. You need to keep it nice and hard for my ass so the boys here can fuck me together."

I couldn't believe it. I remained speechless. I looked up at Daren who smiled down on me. I slowly brought the tim of his cock to my lips and slowly let it slip into my mouth.

Sara was behind her mother sliding her finger in and out of her moms ass getting it ready. I was watching all of this and had a cock in my mouth. What was I thinking. I scared myself even more and began to get into it.

"You are really good at sucking cock. Are you sure you haven't done this before.". I was scared, but wasn't going to back down now.

Ray was still sucking Tims cock as Sara now has two fingers buried in her mothers ass. Tim told her to get on his cock and Ray wasted no time. Daren pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved behind Ray, and without delay slowly began pushing his cock into Rays ass. As I sat there watching, my wife was being double penetrated by these big cocks and was screaming from the assault.

Sara walked over to me and looked at me with pitty. "Tim, can I let my father fuck me? I will make him eat his own cum out of my pussy when he is done."

"Go ahead. The little bitch won't last 2 minutes anyway. But when its time for him to cum, he puts the tip in your ass. I want to watch him clean his own cum out of your ass."

"Well daddy, I guess your going to get lucky after all. Get over here and fuck me", Sara said. As I walked across the room to the chair she was positioning herself in Ray was getting fucked like never before. She had 20" of cock in her ass and cunt, and they were not being slow about it. As they pumped away she shook at the assault and screamed from a pleasure bordering on pain.

I approached my little slut of a daughter. She was seated in the chair, legs spread wide, and smiling as I walked up. "Stick you average cock in my pussy daddy. I have been waiting for a long time. As soon as that little cock of your is all coated with my cum, you can stick it in my ass!"

I positioned myself with my cock at her pussy and slid right in. She was already stretched out. Tim was right. As I was fucking my own daughter I realized I was not going to last long. After about 15 or 20 thrust, I pulled out, pushed her knees back to her chest, and started to push into her ass. My cock was coated with her cum and it slid in slowly. She moaned out loud as I sunk into her ass. It took about 3 or 4 thrusts in her very tight ass before my cock exploded deep into her. She let out a large moan and began to shudder. I pulled out and sttod over her.

Daren looked over from under my wife, "get on your knees and lick up ever drop as it comes out. Make sure you get it all. Eat that cute ass up cucky.".

Did as I was told and licked my daughters asshole sucking up every drop. I inserted a finger into her ass. As I pulled it out it was coated in my cum. I put it in my mouth and sucked it off. After a few minutes, Sara pushed me away and stood walking out of the room.

At about the same time, Ray was screaming as Tim and Daren deposited their loads deep into her. Ray had an incredible orgasm and began to shake.

"Get back on the floor now," Ray yelled to me. I quickly moved into position as she jumped off of her cocks and positioned her cunt over my face. She began to rub her clit as cum from Tim and Daren dripped out all over my mouth. I pushed my lips to her pussy and probed until she began to scream with another orgasm. Soon she was squirting all over my face. I took it all in making sure my job was done.

When she was finished, she moved back to the sofa and collapsed. Tim and Daren moved over to me. "Clean our cocks off cucky," Tim said. They stood over me as I knelt in front of them. I slowly took each cock into my mouth and sucked it clean. It was humiliating, but at the same time, my cock was again hard as a rock.

As I finished, Ray and Sara were sitting side by side on the sofa watching me. Ray was rubbing her daughters pussy as Sara rubbed her mothers clit. It was hot.

Tim and Daren dressed and got ready to leave. They laughed at me, called me some names, and then departed.

Ray was the first to speak. "How did you enjoy sucking your first cock?"

"It was weird. I thought it would be sick. But I actually enjoed it."

"You did a great job daddy. Now get over here and eat our pussies. If you do a good job, we will let you watch us as we fuck each other with my strap on. Maybe we will even fuck your wimp ass with it before the night is done."

I smiled inside. I wasn't sure how this would go, but so far, it was all good.

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Good Bones

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