tagLoving WivesWife and Husband's Big Fantasy

Wife and Husband's Big Fantasy


At 28 years old, Stacy has been happily married to Jim for 8 years. They had not started a family yet, and have enjoyed living as a young married couple with a nice, but small apartment in the city. Both Stacy and Jim were raised on small farms on the west coast, but were really getting used to life in the big city. Stacy worked for a small real estate company downtown, and paid all the bills as Jim completed medical school. Stacy was of Korean decent, stood about 5'5" tall, and weighed about 105 pounds. Unlike some Asian girls, Stacy had nice curves to her body, and was the envy of many of her Asian friends who tended to be pretty flat. Jim was your average white guy, but did manage to keep in good shape despite long hours at school. He always thought he was so lucky to have an Asian wife with big tits and a perfect ass. He wondered some times how many other white guys would love to take his wife to bed instead of their plain Jane white wives.

Stacy and Jim enjoyed a pretty normal sex life the first 8 years of their marriage, and they were both virgins when they married. Besides enjoying a few pornos together, the two of them were pretty conservative in their sexual behavior. A couple of years ago, Jim purchased a standard plastic dildo for Stacy after she had brought it up one night. Stacy had taken to it much more than Jim ever could have imagined. Every time she used it, especially if she requested it, Jim became more aroused than normal. Although Jim knew she was lying, Stacy always said she used it just to get him more excited, and she could do without it. However, there was no hiding the fact that she came much more quickly and vigorously with the dildo than she did with normal sex between the two of them. Jim had also noticed that it looked like she had even used it several times when he was away late at school. This only got him more excited, but he never said anything to Stacy, because he knew it would only embarrass her.

One night as they were having sex in their bed, Stacy was warming herself up with her now, year old dildo, she asked Jim if he knew if they made dildos that had a more realistic feel to them. Jim was no expert, but he had seen a few dongs while browsing through the internet. He told her they do, and that he would show them to her the next time he had a chance. She said it was no big deal, and that she was just wondering, and she did not want Jim to spend any more money on sex toys for her. Little did Jim know, but Stacy had done some searching of her own, and knew all about the various dildos and dongs out there.

A couple of days later, Jim pulled up a website that sold all kinds of sex toys. When Jim called Stacy over to take a look, she did not hesitate. Stacy said that she probably would like a vibrating dong over a regular one because it would be just like her vibrator, but feel a little softer when using it. What she did not tell Jim, was that she really planned on using the new toy to fill her pussy up with as much synthetic dick as possible. She was dying to tell him to buy the big 10 incher with real balls, but in actuality, she said she did not care. Although Jim had not told her up to this point, he had always fantasized about Stacy being with another man who had a bigger cock than him. He had no idea what to get, but being that he was just about 6 inches; he figured the 10 inch model would satisfy his fantasy. He had no idea that he would also be fulfilling someone else's desires at the same time. When he had a chance to pick a 10 inch vibrating dong from the online catalog, he clicked on it, and innocently told Stacy that he had no idea what to get, so he was just picking one at random.

Stacy almost creamed herself right there as she saw which one Jim selected. She immediately pulled down his pants and began giving him a blowjob right in front of the computer. Yes, she was very turned on, but she also did not want Jim to see that she had already soaked through her panties just watching him place the 10 inch vibrating dong in their computer's order basket. This was one night the old, hard, plastic vibrator was not needed. She came hard and fast as Jim fucked her right on the living room floor. They continued with great sex all night long.

The next week was excruciating for Stacy. It was hard not to think about her new toy arriving at her apartment, ripping it open, and putting that big thing to work as soon as possible. The 10 inch toy was also weighing heavy on the mind of Jim. He was really afraid that she would see the size of it, be turned off, and revert back to her old conservative ways. He also worried that she would think he was a sick pig, and just really be turned off all together. In the meantime, Stacy initiated sex every night that week. She wanted Jim to fuck her in every position they could think of. Jim felt like a teenager again, as he had to worry about not cumming too fast. He could hardly stand it as Stacy had him pound her with her legs spread as wide as possible for maximum penetration over and over again.

As the marathon fuck sessions continued, Jim knew something was up with his beautiful wife. This was just too much. His wife had gone from conservative love-making to just plain nasty fucking overnight. She did not always have an orgasm when the two of them had sex, and when she did, it was usually after a lot of effort by both Stacy and Jim. Not this week. Stacy came fast, she came hard, and she came multiple times every time Jim fucked her (it could really not be called love-making anymore). He had a real strong suspicion that their new toy had really turned a new leaf with Stacy, and they had not even got it yet.

When the 10 inch cock came in the mail that Friday, Jim opened it up when Stacy got home from work. He was not as nervous about it after he had witnessed her transformation this week in bed. However, Stacy was a little nervous as Jim unveiled their new item. She was terrified that he would know she was overcome with sexual feelings about the contents of the box. She had no idea that Jim had picked up on her sudden insatiable desires. She just figured he was happy to get a little bit of extra sex that week, and that would be the end of it. She still thought she was doing this for selfish reasons, and there was a little bit of guilt on her mind that she wanted that big cock in her right at that moment.

Jim took the toy out of the box, but in an effort to increase Stacy's excitement, he suggested that they eat the dinner he had cooked for them before trying Stacy's new gift. Jim picked up on a little disappointment in Stacy's attitude when he began serving dinner. Normally, a dinner waiting for her at home would earn Jim some big points, but not tonight. Stacy finished her dinner as politely as she could, but Jim had put the box right in her line of sight, and she could not get it out of her mind. As they were finishing their dinner, Jim had noticed that Stacy must be a little cold, because she seemed to be sitting on her hands during dinner. As Jim asked her if he could turn up the thermostat for her, Stacy was overcome with embarrassment. She realized she had been rubbing her clit through her pants during dinner, and had not even realized it. As Jim got up from the table, he noticed that Stacy's neat pants were a little disheveled, and that she would not get up right away. He then realized what had been happening, and figured it was time to let Stacy have her fun.

As Stacy and Jim climbed into bed, they were both overcome with feelings of anticipation as they examined their new item. As Jim showed it to her, it was exactly what he had in mind. If she was willing to use this big thing, his fantasy of another man's big cock near his wife would be somewhat fulfilled. Stacy was blown away. She touched its exterior, and asked Jim what she was supposed to do with it (of course she knew what she wanted, but she still wanted Jim to think that she did not really need it). He suggested that she stroke it first to get a feel for it. It was so big, her fingers did not wrap all the way around it like they did on Jim's fully erect cock. Her pussy was completely soaked by now, and she just wanted to bury that cock deep into her pussy. She had to play it cool though. She told Jim she just wanted to turn the vibrator motor on and rub it against her clit like her old one. Jim was a little disappointed, and began to think that maybe he was wrong about how she felt about having a big dick inside of her. He played along, as seeing Stacy get super turned on by having the dong vibrate against her clit was very exciting.

Stacy was in heaven. However, she wanted to fuck herself with the huge vibrator right now, but was afraid that Jim's feelings would be hurt because she wanted such a big dick buried between her legs. Out of the blue, Jim decided to go for it. He was licking her sopping wet pussy as Stacy continued to push the vibrating cock against her swollen clit. He began to tell Stacy he was imagining watching another man's 10 inch cock push up her against her pussy. Stacy immediately quivered as the most intense orgasm in her life pulsated through her body with Jim's words. There was no hiding that one. Stacy screamed out "I WANT HIS BIG FUCKING COCK INSIDE OF ME RIGHT NOW!" Jim blew his load right there! Nothing was even touching his dick. Is that even possible? Waite a minute, did she say she wants "his" cock in her? Maybe he was not the only one in their marriage with a fantasy about multiple partners.

Jim immediately threw back the covers, and watched his wife insert 10 inches of cock into her tight pussy like a knife cutting through butter. She once again convulsed with an intense orgasm and screamed out in delight. Although Jim had cum a few seconds earlier, he began to get erect again as he watched. Stacy's pussy lips were stretched to the limit. He wondered how this was not hurting her, but he didn't care either. She reached down and turned off the vibrate function and pounded the cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. She had her third mind blowing orgasm in about a minute as she felt the balls begin to slap her ass cheeks. She could not believe it was all the way in her, stretching every muscle fiber along the walls of her pussy.

Jim went down on her again, and he began licking her pussy around the rubber cock as Stacy just kept pumping herself full of the new fuck toy. Then, an incredible thing happened. Despite the noise the balls were making as they kept slapping her beautiful ass, Jim heard Stacy moan quietly, "Oh Craig, fuck me......Jim lick my clit.....Craig don't stop fucking me.....I want to cum on both of you." Jim just about choked as he heard it. He also noticed Stacy stopped fucking herself for a split second, but then started up again with even more intensity. At the same time, Stacy panicked for a moment; she stopped drilling herself for what seemed like an eternity, but it was just for a quick second. She waited for Jim to begin yelling at her in jealousy, but nothing happened. She figured he must not have heared a thing. She could not believe she had said that out-loud.

Stacy's mind was so blown right now; she was not sure what had just happened. She was a little scared that Jim might know she had been thinking of two men while using the dildo. Right now, she just did not care that much as her mind traveled back to her incredible fantasy. In her mind, she was being ravaged by two men. One man with a perfect cock, and the other with a tongue that could go on for days. She did have to remind herself on several occasions that there was only one man in bed with her that night. The other was just plastic and rubber, but fuck, did it feel good. By the time they finished that night, Stacy could not help but think how much better a real second man would feel. Somehow, Jim knew she was thinking the same thing. Stacy did not know that her words made Jim feel not jealous, but passion for his young wife.

Over the next several weeks, the couple continued having great sex. They used their new toy often, but not every time they had sex. Neither one of them talked about what their fantasies were, but both Jim and Stacy were definitely thinking about it. Only if one had said something, they would have been able to share their fantasies together.

Stacy was very grateful that Jim did not hear her call Craig's name (so she thought) that first night with the toy. Besides, Stacy knew that Jim would never meet Craig anyway. He was the ex-boyfriend of her co-worker Amy. Stacy had met him at her office a couple of times when he would drop by to say hello to Amy during their lunch hour or after work. Stacy thought Craig was gorgeous. He was a little taller than Jim, well built, and obviously spent a lot of time at the gym. The two of them had actually met at the gym, which is not a surprise since that is where Amy seemed to spend most of her free time. Stacy always had admired Amy's work-ethic. Amy was obsessed with keeping her body in perfect shape. Amy had told Stacy that as long as she had spent all that money on her perfectly sized tits, she needed to keep the rest of her body toned and tight at all times. There were just some things money could not buy.

What Stacy had remembered the most about Craig were his huge hands. When they shook hands, they completely enveloped hers. When Jim had brought that vibrating cock into their bed, she could imagine that Craig was packing something that close in size between his legs. Stacy knew she would have to leave it up to her imagination, because right after Craig and Amy broke up, Amy had taken another job across town and the girls had not talked to each other in a while. Stacy and Amy had never had much of chance to talk about what Craig was like in bed. She had a strong suspicion that Amy was just in the relationship for the sex, as she never mentioned any long term commitment with him. Amy had only mentioned spending the night with him a few times, but had never mentioned anything special about the sex between the two of them. Stacy was just going to have to let her imagination do the talking for now.

A few months later, Jim had mentioned to Stacy that he had run into Amy downtown, and that he had told her they should get together sometime. When Jim had made the suggestion, he really was just being nice, and never expected that Amy would follow through. Amy had checked her schedule right then and there and had arranged a time for them all to meet up. She was forward enough to suggest that Jim and Stacy host Amy and her boyfriend for a dinner in their apartment. Amy said that Stacy had told her about the great view of the city they had, and she really wanted to see it. What Jim did not tell Stacy was that he was completely blown away by Amy. He had met her before in Stacy's office, but never really had talked with her much. The day they ran into each other, Amy was wearing a very revealing sundress, and had explained to Jim that she had just returned from an extended vacation on the beach. She had short brown hair, was about the same 5'11" height as Jim in her high heels. She had the most amazing tits, and a perfect ass, and was sporting a nice tan she picked up on her vacation. How could Jim say no to such a beautiful girl?

Stacy seemed OK with the idea that Amy and her friend were coming over, but was not overly excited. Jim started to feel kind of bad, because he figured that Stacy would really like to have a chance to catch up with her old friend. Maybe they were not as close to each other as he realized. Jim figured they would make the most of it, as they very rarely had a chance to entertain much. In fact Jim had to basically force Stacy to call Amy the night before the dinner party to confirm the evening. Jim and Stacy had just finished the dishes and were talking about the day's events when she finally made the call to Amy's place. Jim could tell that Amy was not home by the conversation she was having, but Jim figured she must of reached the boyfriend, because she was able to confirm the time with the person on the phone (although she sure sounded nervous).

At the same time.....After Jim had reminded Stacy for the fifth time to call Amy and make sure they were coming, she finally obliged and called Amy. The male voice on the other end sounded familiar, but it was hard to put her finger on it. He proceeded to tell her that he and Amy had talked it over several times, and they were definitely coming. Amy was a little disappointed; she had hoped that maybe they had forgotten, oh well. Amy finished the call by saying, "Oh, I did not catch your name".

The male voice said, "Sorry Stacy, I thought you knew Amy and I had gotten back together, this is Craig, do you remember me?" Stacy felt weak in the knees and wet between her legs, immediately. They talked for just a few minutes before hanging up.

As soon as Stacy hung up the phone (she had not said one word to Jim yet), Jim started asking a lot of questions while he was finishing up the dishes. When Jim took the time to notice, he saw Stacy bent over the kitchen counter with her panties pulled down, and vigorously rubbing her pussy from behind. She told Jim that she needed his tongue inside of her right then. Jim got down on his knees and began to eat her pussy. Stacy had reached orgasm in a very short time, and wanted more from Jim. Jim then started fucking her from behind, and Stacy kept telling him how great his big cock felt inside of her. Although this really got Jim excited, it was not something he normally heard from Stacy, but he was surely not going to question it. Jim had no idea what got into Stacy that night, but he knew he was certainly going to help with the dishes more often.

The next day, Jim called Stacy at work and the receptionist said she had left for the day. Jim thought that was weird, because Stacy never skipped out on work early. Jim called her up on her cell, and learned she had taken a day at the spa. She told him she was "getting the works". Jim thought that was great, but she had never done that one time since they had met. Jim got home before Stacy that night, and thought he would take a few minutes to balance their checkbook using the bank's online system. He discovered that there was a charge earlier that day from the spa, from a department store, from a lingerie store, and from a waxing/tanning parlor. Jim figured she must be getting herself all dolled up for their company that night. Again, that caught him a little off guard due to the fact that as of yesterday, she seemed to be a little put out by the whole idea of having Amy and her boyfriend over.

When Stacy arrived at their apartment a couple of hours later, she looked absolutely amazing. Her hair and make-up were perfect, and she had bought a brand new dress that showed more cleavage than she had worn in a long time. Her great tits and ass just popped from her dress. She even gave Jim a sneak peak at her new panties and bra, and she looked absolutely stunning. Jim had no idea that all this was not really for him, but it was for Craig. She was the only one who knew it, but Stacy was absolutely smitten with this guy she barely knew. She wanted to make the best impression on him she possibly could. She also knew that she would never be able to do anything about it, but it was fun thinking about Craig being attracted to her, sexually. The only question was, would he even notice her?

Amy and Craig arrived to dinner on time, and Amy began introducing the guests to each other. When Amy introduced Stacy to Craig, she had a difficult time keeping her composure. He was just as gorgeous as she had remembered, but she felt like she was being cool enough so that nobody else would know her little secret.

It took Jim just a couple of minutes to figure that something was up. He had never seen Stacy act like this. She was fumbling around, and acting like a little school girl. He thought to himself, "This can't be the same Craig can it?" He had not forgotten that first night with the large dildo they had purchased several weeks ago. Stacy did not know he had heard it, but she had definitely indicated that she was thinking that rubber cock belonged to someone named Craig.

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