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Wife at Costume Party


My wife, Amy and I had gotten an invitation for a masquerade party at my best friends house. We talked it over and decided it would be a great time and set out trying to decide what costumes we would wear. I decided to go as a Gladiator and my wife opted for a Cleopatra costume. We wanted to be sure that we would wear a complete headpiece with each costume. We wanted to see if people could guess who we were. I had another motive for the headgear but did not let on to Amy. You see, I have always wanted to see Amy with another guy. We had discussed it a few times in a joking manner and she would always play along but in the end she said that she wasn't sure.

The week leading up to the party, I confided in my friend Bill that I wanted to see Amy with another guy. He said that he would love to be part of that since he had always been attracted to Amy. On the other hand, Amy on more than one occasion mentioned what a good looking guy Bill was. Bill and I are alike in many ways. We are the same height, same hair and almost the same type of body so I hoped we could pull it off.

During the week, I also talked to Amy about the party. I told her that I wanted to have a really good time and that we should try some daring things. I suggested that we not wear any underclothes and she hesitantly agreed. I also suggested that while we were at the party we would not speak to each other. I told her that way it would be harder for people to guess who we were. She liked that idea as well.

On the way to the party, we agreed we would go in separately as if we didn't know one another. We also agreed that we would meet on the dance floor a couple of times and dance rather erotically. On the drive, I reached over and lifted her skirt a little and found that she had indeed not worn any panties. She in turn did the same to me. I decided to take the opportunity to stroke her pussy while we were driving. By the time we got there, she very wet. I pulled up by the driveway and let her out. I would wait about 5 minutes and go in.

Bill, dressed as a werewolf greeted Amy at the door. Everyone had had to tell Bill what they were coming as, but only he would know. When I entered, he said that Amy looked very hot and wanted to make sure it was still on. I responded with a definite yes. I walked around the house and every now and then would get a look from Amy. She was definitely enjoying the attention she was getting from the other men. As the night progressed, I was getting very excited as I watched several men talking and openly flirting with Amy. When one of our favorite songs came on, I walked over and invited her to dance. I didn't speak a word and she in turn didn't say anything.

When we got to the floor, I pulled her in very close and she started move very sexily. During the dance, I would run my hands all over her body and she was really getting into it. She at times, would straddle my leg and start grinding to the music. Amy must have really been having a good time because some of her wetness from her pussy was on my leg. After the music ended, we broke apart and went our separate ways.

That is when my plan went into action. Bill and I went to the back room and quickly swapped suits. Before we walked out, I told Bill to have fun.

I went back out waiting anxiously for the fun to begin. I watched throughout the night as Amy danced with several different men and I became very excited. As the night went on, some of the guests started to leave but the party was just getting started. One couple went to the dance floor and really heated the place up with their dancing. I looked at Amy as she just watched the entire dance take place. Everyone was yelling as the couple finished their dance. Amy started looking around and I saw her set her eyes on Bill, who was now dressed as the gladiator. She went directly to him and led him by the hand to the dance floor. She quickly made everyone forget about the previous couple by the way she was moving.

She was running her hands up and down Bill's body even grabbing his ass on more than one occasion. She then turned around where her back was against his front. She bent at the waist and shoved her ass back against his crotch. The crowd was going wild and Amy was loving every minute of it. The bottom of the gladiator outfit was baggy and fell to just above the knees on Bill. Towards the end of the dance, Amy shocked everyone by falling to her knees in front of Bill and ducked her head under his "skirt". After a minute, she emerged with a wicked grin on her face and Bill was smiling as well. The song ended and Amy walked from the floor to all the boos of the other men.

As the party started dwindling, Amy surprised me by walking over to me and started talking me up. She asked if I had liked her dance and when all I did was shake my head she started laughing. She then leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Bill, my hubby wants to watch me with another guy and maybe after everyone leaves, we could make that happen. When I shook my head again, she giggled and turned to walk away. I couldn't believe it, she was hitting on me thinking I was Bill. Around 3 am, everyone had left leaving myself, Amy, and Bill. I could not wait to see what happened next.

Bill and Amy sat on the couch and I in a chair. Without a word, Bill, moved his hand down to Amy's crotch and started rubbing her pussy. Amy in turn, looking directly at me, moved her hand to Bill's crotch and started playing with his dick. Amy got off the couch, removed her mask and knelt on the floor in front of Bill. She then asked me to move over to the couch beside Bill. When I sat down, she leaned forward and started licking Bill's dick. All the time looking right at me. She then asked, "Bill, do you like what you see", and I just shook my head. She then told me to take my pants off and my silly mask and she would be with me shortly. She then started sucking Bill's dick deep in her mouth while watching me remove my pants.

With Bill's dick deep in her throat, I removed my mask. When she glanced over and saw me, a look of total shock came over her face and she sat there staring with Bill's dick in her mouth. At this moment, Bill removed his headgear and Amy could not believe it.

She looked so gorgeous sitting there with Bill's dick in her mouth and I just told her to finish what she had started. She stayed still until I told her that I was very happy with the way things that I had planned had turned out.

Amy then realized what had happened and she got that wicked smile on her face again. She looked up at Bill and engulfed his dick with her mouth. I got off the couch and moved behind her and removed her skirt. I then stated licking her very wet pussy and she came almost instantly. She stopped sucking Bill's dick long enough to say that she needed a cock in her pussy. I was more than happy to help. I moved up behind her and as I placed my cock at her pussy, she slammed her ass back and sucked my dick in her pussy all the way to the balls. I started fucking her hard and fast, all the while, she was giving Bill the blowjob of a lifetime. I knew I wouldn't last long after watching her all night. When I was ready to blow, I told her and she really started working on Bill. She wanted us to cum at the same time. As I unloaded my cum, I watched as she removed her mouth from Bill's dick just as his first load of cum erupted. Amy aimed his cock at her mouth and caught the whole load in her mouth.

While we were catching our breath, I explained to Amy how I had set it all up. She gently hit me on the shoulder and looked deep into my eyes and said thanks. Bill and I took turns till late the next day fucking Amy in all sorts of positions. Bill now comes over to our house quite often and Amy always greets him with a blowjob.

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