tagLoving WivesWife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 03

Wife Becomes A Prostitute Ch. 03


Wife Becomes a Prostitute Chapter 3 Julie hired as the company whore.

I was very excited about Mr. Weller putting me on the company’s payroll with a big salary. I didn’t know how Greg was going to like it when I moved into the apartment in Mr. Weller’s large mansion. However, Mr. Weller did approve for me to see Greg whenever it didn’t interfere with his plans.

It was now about mid morning and I was to be here at the conference center all day. I put on my bikini swimsuit and went out to sit at the pool. During the break in the seminars, several men and women walked by me. I noticed most of the men took a good look at me as they walked by. Lunch time had come and gone without any word from Mr. Weller. I went up to my room to relax.

Late in the day the phone rang. The voice informed me that Mr. Weller wanted me to come to the dining room about 6:30 for cocktails and dinner. I had plenty of time to dress. I showered, applied cologne between my breasts and other appropriate places, brushed my hair and finished with the cosmetics.

I walked in the dinning room to find Mr. Weller already sitting at a table with two other men. There was an empty chair for me. The men all stood up as Mr. Weller introduced me to Mr. Bradley and Mr. Sanders. I estimated Mr. Bradley was in his forties while Mr. Sanders was much older.

Mr. Bradley held my chair as I sat down. During the process of adjusting my chair, I leaned forward which gave the men a better view of my breasts. My cocktail dress had a very low neck line. Mr. Bradley was very courteous and I was wondering if he was the man Mr. Weller wanted me to entertain tonight, or could it be the much older man, or maybe it would be both of them. I was hoping I could be with a younger man for a change. I noticed both wore wedding rings.

The conversation was about business, but there were comments about what may be the entertainment for the evening.

After dinner was finished, Mr. Weller looked at me and said, “Mr. Bradley is from out of town. Would you like to show him around and entertain him for the evening?”

I looked at Mr. Bradley, “Of course, I would be happy to show him the sights of our big city. Where and what would you like to see?”

“I’m sure there are some good night spots around. You just tell the taxi driver where to take us.”

We went to a couple places where we could have a drink and dance. I was thoroughly enjoying the evening with him since I liked to dance. After we had three or four drinks, he became a little romantic in the semi-darkened room. First, I let him kiss me, then a little later when we kissed, he fondled my breasts.

I knew my entertaining job was to include a romp in the motel. I wanted to get something started before the evening became too late. During one of our kisses, I ran my hand up his leg to feel his hard cock through his trousers. I then said, “Would you like to go back to the motel?”

His immediate response was, “Please, let’s do.”

Once in the motel room, he took me in his arms for a very long sexy kiss which warmed me up considerably. I knew then I was going to enjoy the rest of the evening with him.

We undressed and spent the next couple of hours trying a variety of positions. He was very experienced at making me feel very sexy. I had two wonderful orgasms while I let him have sex in any position he wanted to satisfy his fantasies. He told me his wife did not like to experiment with different positions.

Since we both were staying in the motel until Sunday morning, I suggested he could spend the rest of the night with me. He readily agreed. Mr. Weller had asked me to entertain him, so I assumed it was rather important to go all the way to make him happy.

The next morning as I had anticipated, he wanted sex again. This time he moved on top of me to fill my pussy with cum one more time to finish off the night’s entertainment. We dressed and went down for breakfast. There were only a few business people around since many of them had gone home Saturday evening.

Mr. Bradley opened his wallet and gave me several bills. Then he kissed me goodby and said, “I’ve got to catch my plane. I really enjoyed your company and want to come back again sometime.”

“I enjoyed myself, too. It would be nice to see you again.”

I checked out of the motel and went home. Now I needed to pack my personal things and move into Mr. Weller’s home.

I drove my car into Mr. Weller’s driveway at the back of the house. I saw the side door just where Mr. Weller said it would be. I entered and went up the stairs to the first door I saw. I went in to see a very pleasant and neat living room and kitchen combined. Then I explored the two bedrooms. Very nice apartment, I thought.

I chose the bedroom with the TV for my own. I noticed a black box attached to the TV and wondered what it was for. When I experimented with it, I found out that I could switch channels to view the other bedroom and the living room. Evidently, Mr. Weller’s family had cameras installed in both rooms so that they could watch their children from their bedroom. When I looked around for the cameras, they were difficult to find as they were well concealed.

I unpacked and organized my personal things. I was wondering when I would hear from Mr. Weller. I didn’t know if I should invite Greg here because Mr. Weller might knock on my door at any time.

After I had prepared and eaten dinner, I decided to take a shower, and sit up in bed to read. I was beginning to get bored when I heard a knock at my door.

“Come on in, the door is not locked.”

Mr. Weller called out, “It’s me, I was wondering if you got moved in.”

I came in the living room to sit and talk with him. He was wearing a robe and house shoes while I had quickly wrapped my robe around my thin short nighty.

After asking if I was comfortable and liked my new living area, he said, “I would like for you to get involved in some of my business propositions. You have some educational background in business and I think you could be helpful dealing with our business associates.”

“Yes, I would like that instead of sitting around here being bored.”

He continued, “Tomorrow at the office I will introduce you to Gladys who is involved in contract negotiations. She can teach you how to handle contracts.”

“I would like that.”

“Now that you have agreed to do more company work, I won’t require you to entertain just anybody that comes along. However, I’ll need to find another beautiful and clever girl for that. Do you know someone?”

I thought for a minute, then responded, “Yes, I know someone that may want the job. Her name is Joan and she was my roommate at college. Recently, she broke up with her live in boyfriend and needs a job. I can call her tomorrow.”

“Good, that’s settled. If she works out good, I’ll put her on the payroll with a good salary. She could live here with you.”

He then smiled at me to say, “I didn’t come down here just to tell you all of the above. If you feel like it, I want to spend some time with you in the other room.”

I knew what he meant by that. “Alright, Mr. Weller, that would be fine with me.”

I walked through the bedroom door with Mr. Weller following close behind. When I stopped walking, Mr. Weller started slipping my robe off my shoulders. Once it had fallen to the floor, I turned around to face him with a kiss. The kiss was a long sexy kiss with tongues dancing. Mr. Weller is seventy years old, but his kisses can warm me up. He dropped his robe leaving him completely naked. When he helped me lift my nighty up over my head, our naked bodies blended together.

His cock was now semi-hard and I knew I needed to help it grow.

“Mr. Weller, lie down on the bed and let me make you very hard.”

I took his cock in my mouth, swirled my tongue around the head, then deep throated him. He lightly moaned and said, “That’s really wonderful. Keep it up.”

My body was in a position where he could feel my breasts while I was going down on him. I remembered he fucked my tits once, maybe he would like to do it again.

Now that he had a good erection, I rolled over on my back while he turned to face my breasts. I took both my hands to cup my breasts so that my nipples were pointing at his mouth. He immediately nuzzled my breasts and took my nipples in his mouth, one at a time. At the same time he was feeling my pussy, then entered a finger. His lips on my nipples were very sexy causing my breathing to become irregular. He was a very good lover.

Mr. Weller then rolled over between my legs while I spread them and pulled them up to give him plenty of access. I aimed his hard one at my hole, then said, “Go ahead, push a little”.

With a grunt, he pushed all the way in until I could feel his hair against my pelvic. He started to slowly make back and forth movements while I pushed up to him.

After he enjoyed having his cock in my for awhile, he pulled out to say, “I want to fuck your tits.”

He moved up on my body to allow me to push my breasts tight around his cock. It didn’t take long before he started spurting cum on my neck and chin. One shot was up on my forehead. He was groaning and moaning in sexual delight with his body straining and jerking.

When he regained his composure, he said, “Now I want to give you an orgasm.”

“I’m OK, you don’t have to do it.”

“But, I want to do it. I’m going to eat you and give you an orgasm.”

After saying that, he moved down in bed between my legs.

His tongue was going up and down my slit, stopping long enough to suck my clit each time it passed over. He pushed my legs up higher and spread them wider so that he could easily lick my ass. His tongue repeatedly was licking my ass and pussy. He was very experienced and it didn’t take long before I began to hunch up to his face. My orgasm came on strong as he continued to eat me.

He lifted his head up to look at me to say, “I like doing that. You are so sexy, I could do that every night. Now that you are living in my house, we’ll have more opportunities to do this.”

That made me think about what was in store for me during the coming nights. He may be old, but he is still handsome for his age, and he is a very nice old gent. Guess I don’t really mind as long as the pay is good and he treats me nice.

The next day I went to his office building. Mr. Weller introduced me to Gladys. She was gray headed and about sixty years old. I could visualize she was a beauty when she was young. That made me wonder where I will be when I am sixty.

“Gladys, teach this young lady all about contracts. I expect her to learn about negotiating contracts with our business associates.”

Before Mr. Weller left, he said, “I’ll be out of town for a couple of days.”

Both myself and Gladys said, “Have a good trip.”

I was tired when I returned to the apartment that evening, but I had learned a lot. I now had a chance to call Greg and invite him over to see where I lived.

Greg was glad to hear from me and that we could be together for the evening. We went out to eat, then came back to my apartment. I showed him the camera system for the TV where we could see in the other bedroom and the living area from my bedroom.

I told Greg, “Let’s experiment with the camera system and use the VCR to tape our activities.”

“Good, let’s see how it works”.

I turned on the VCR to record, then we went into the other bedroom where there was a hidden camera. We undressed and got on the bed.

While we were sharing several sexy kisses, Greg said, “It’s been several days since we’ve been together. I may fuck you all night.”

I was happy to be with him. I felt that I was falling in love again, but marriage was out of the question for awhile.

We kissed each other’s bodies, then rolled into a six nine position. We took our time to thoroughly enjoy kissing and sucking each other for a long time before we had our first orgasms. We fixed another drink and talked for awhile. I told him about my new job of actually working for the company instead of being the company whore ready to sleep with anybody.

I remembered I needed to call Joan about Mr. Weller’s offer for her. I dialed her number.

“Hello, Joan, do you now have a job?”

“No, but I’m looking.”

“Would you like to make a lot of money, and I mean a lot?”

“I sure would. Who do I have to kill?”

“All you have to do is look pretty and drop your panties now and then. I know you were never shy about letting your boyfriends take them off.”

“What’s the deal? I’m not going to be a street walker.”

“No, you will meet some real nice guys with lots of money.”

I explained the proposition and she agreed to move in with me. It would be a few days before she could be here.

After I hung up the phone, Greg and I went to bed again to enjoy more sexual bliss. Later, we went into my bedroom to look at the VCR tape of us romping on the bed. The pictures showed me sucking Greg off and all the other things we did in that bedroom. The camera system was superb.

I told Greg he had to leave because Mr. Weller said he could not stay all night.

The next day I was back at work with Gladys. Later in the day, Mr Weller phoned me.

Mr. Weller said, “You remember Clark, my grandson. He spent some time with you and said he really liked you. He will call you sometime today for a date. Oh, by the way, he has his college room mate with him. I don’t remember what his name is, but the two guys want to take you out.”

“Yes, Mr. Weller, I’ll entertain them.”

I knew then I would have two guys in bed with me tonight, maybe one at a time, or maybe both at once. Wait and see how it turns out.

The call came from Clark as I expected. He and John would pick me up at six for dinner at the country club where his grandfather had credit and ran a tab for the company.

I called Greg to say, “Sorry about tonight, but I have to entertain Mr. Weller’s grandson and his buddy. I’ll see you some other time.”

He responded, “Don’t count me out, let me come over while you dress, then I can leave before they pick you up.”

When Greg knocked at the door, I let him in. I was just wearing my panties and bra at the time and was ready to apply makeup. We talked while I was getting ready.

Greg was in thought, then said, “Why don’t you let me stay in your bedroom while you entertain the two boys in the other bedroom. I can watch you over the camera system.”

“Are you sure you want to watch? You won’t get jealous?”

“I would very much like to watch. Also, I can tape you.”

“Be sure you lock my bedroom door just in case they try to explore the rooms. And don’t make any noise.”

The boys picked me up as scheduled and we went to the country club. We ate and both boys danced with me.

One time when Clark danced with me, he said, “I really enjoyed being in bed with you the other afternoon. You are so sexy and you taught me a few things. What about tonight?”

“I assumed we would go back to my apartment, but what about John?”

“I told John how sexy you are and he wanted to meet you. Of course, he was hoping to have sex with you too.”

“You naughty boys wanting to take turns with me.”

He blushed, then said, “We both want you and maybe we’ll have sex with you at the same time.”

“I’ve never done that before, but I’m willing to try.”

Clark excitedly said, “Let’s don’t waste time here, let’s go.”

We arrived back at my apartment. The two guys took off their jackets and sat on the couch with me in the middle. My short dress had ridden up on my legs giving them a good view.

Clark said, “John, didn’t I tell you she was very sexy looking. You’ll soon see her very shapely breasts. When I was with her the other day, she liked me to suck on her nipples.”

“Yes, she sure has a sexy body. I would like to see her naked. You did tell me she would have sex with us, didn’t you?”

I knew they wanted to get the party started. I decided to take action. I jumped up, pulled up the hem of my skirt and ran.

I said, “You are going to have to catch me if you want sex.”

Both guys took the challenge and jumped up to run after me. Of course, there was no place for me to go and they quickly caught me. We three tumbled to the carpet and I landed on my back.

John pinned my arms above my head and planted his lips on mine. I responded to his kiss. My dress was already up to my crotch. I could feel Clark pulling my panty hose down over my hips. If I wasn’t a willing subject, I would think they were trying to rape me.

He pulled them down below my knees, then laughed and said, “She can’t run anymore with the panty hose holding her legs together.”

John chimed in, “Take them off and spread her legs. I want to see her pussy.”

Clark pulled them off of one leg, spread my legs to say, “Look, isn’t this a pretty shaved pussy.”

I interjected, “Let me up, boys, I’ll cooperate.”

Both guys stood up, then pulled me to my feet. Again, I sat on the couch between them. They removed my bra to let my breasts swing free.

Clark felt my breasts, “See, didn’t I tell you she had beautiful large breasts that don’t sag.”

John felt them, “Wow, they are really nice. How did we get so lucky tonight?”

I sternly said, “OK, guys, I’m not the only one to be naked. Shed those clothes.”

They quickly stood up to undress. Soon, I saw two very hard cocks wanting attention. They were still standing when I took hold of John’s erection, tugged on it with a hint he should let me take it in my mouth. His balls were swinging back and forth as he started fucking my mouth.

I pulled back to look up at him, “Are you sure you want to cum right away?”

He paused to think, “No, I want to fuck you.”

Clark responded, “Wait a minute, I don’t want sloppy seconds, I’ll toss a coin to see who goes first.”

“OK, Clark, guess that is fair. Let me get a coin out of my clothes here on the floor.”

This was the first time anyone flipped a coin to see who would get me first. Very interesting, I thought.

John won on the coin flip.

“OK, I won. Let’s go in the bedroom.”

Once in the bedroom, I laid on my back and spread.

While I was waiting for him to climb on me, I just remembered that Greg was in my bedroom watching me with these two guys. I assumed he was taping all the action.

John smiled and said, “You are so sexy waiting for me in this position. I like your shaved pussy.”

He moved between my legs, kissed my breasts, then moved on up to give me a very sexy open mouth kiss. His kiss was beginning to get me in the mood. Maybe I’ll have an orgasm.

I took hold of John’s throbbing cock to aim at my hole. I was a little dry, but he worked it in with a little back and forth movement. He was fairly big and it felt good to me.

It didn’t take him long before he was practically yelling and groaning as his cock jerked with each spurt of cum he shot in my pussy. He relaxed and his body became rather heavy on me. I let him rest a minute, then started pushing him to one side. He rolled off while still groaning. I grabbed some tissues to plug my hole until I could get to the bathroom.

Clark was watching me as I sat on the commode. I could see his hand holding his very stiff cock while waiting his turn. I came back into the bedroom to lie on the bed again.

Clark said, “Please get up on your knees, I want to poke it in doggie style.”

It was up to me to please him. I got up on my knees and let my butt face him. It felt as if some of the John’s cum was beginning ooze out, but that didn’t bother Clark. He quickly moved behind me to ram his cock fully in me. He was going back and forth even faster as he exploded. I could feel his cock jerking as he dumped more cum in me.

While he was still buried in me, I was thinking about Greg in the other room watching. I expect he was really turned on. Maybe he was jacking off.

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