tagLoving WivesWife Can't Say No

Wife Can't Say No


This is a story of a wife who couldn't say no and the conversation that followed.


I was on a conference call around 10:30 AM and you called my cell phone and I didn't answer. You left a message for me and then you called me on my work phone. When I didn't answer my work phone you kept calling me on my cell phone until I answered. I put my work phone on hold and picked up my cell phone after about 5 minutes of calls from you. When I answered I asked (below is our conversation)

Jake – Babe, I'm on a conference call, what's up?

Ally – I need to talk to you about something!!

Jake – Can it wait? I'm on a call. Is everything ok?

Ally – UMM, I'm fine, but something happened and we need to talk.

Jake – Can I call you back in 30 minutes?

Ally – NO – THIS CAN'T WAIT! Your work can wait, THIS CAN NOT! Call me back from your cell phone in your car – so we can talk …

Jake – OK – I'll call you in five minutes. Should I come home?

Ally – not yet, just call me and hurry up!

About 3 minutes later I'm in my car and I call you from my cell phone. You answer and say:

Ally: HELLO?

Ally – OK BABE – what's up?

Ally – SO – something happened today and we need to discuss it!

Jake – OK – talk!

Ally – Don't get mad and just let me talk ok? Something happened today and I don't know what to say.

Jake – what, tell me, I've got to get back into the office pretty quickly.

Ally – OK - I just put Tasha down and got into the shower. I was washing my hair when the door bell rang. I got out of the shower and threw back on my pink grey and white night gown and semi dried my hair. I came out of our bed room and check on Tasha in the swing (she was fine) and grabbed Doggy and walked to the door. It was Ty (from Joseph Builders) coming by to give me a new card to let us know that he took another job working for our home warranty company that covers JB and needed to stop by check on the new attic entry in our room for a final completion write up before he flies up to the head quarters in New Jersey for the next 6 months. So – I let him in and put Doggy in his crate and moved him to the Garage. After I came back in the house Ty was carrying a ladder into the house to check on the attic hole. He came in an asked if he could go on back to our closet. Sure, let me pick up some clothes real quick and then you can come back. I went into the bath room to toss underwear in the hamper when Ty peeked back and asked "ready – I have to get moving?" Yeah, sure come on back. I hid my underwear in the bathroom and asked him to come back. When he was climbing the ladder, I was about to go into the room and quickly put on some underwear and a bra when I heard the ladder fall over. Ty yelled and asked me to hold the ladder up so he could get in the attic. When I walked back the ladder was over on the ironing board so I stood the ladder up and stood there until he got in the attic. I was going to walk away and get my bra and underwear on when he said, ok, everything looks good up here. Can you hold the ladder while I climb down?

Jake – Um, OK?!?! So no one is hurt or died or anything?!?!?

Ally – No! But don't interrupt me babe. OK?!

Jake – go ahead, sorry. What's up?

Ally – This is where I don't know what to say. It was cold holding the ladder since the attic hole was open and I could tell my nipples were showing. Ty looked down to step on the ladder and looked at my chest for a second until he saw me notice. He looked away and acted like he was writing something in his journal. "It's really cold up here" he said, "Did it get cold down there?" I said yeah a bit why? "No reason" he said, smiling.

Jake – yeah, that's weird, but what do you need me to do? That's no reason to get pissed really.

Ally – That's not really what I needed to tell you.

Jake – OK then what?

Ally – well babe… he climbed down and asked me to sign the form and he could get going. So I did, but when he did, he kind of grabbed my hand when he handed me the form.

Jake – WHAT?

Ally – I know it was a bit weird but I thought nothing about it.

Jake – So – do you want me to come over there and ask him what's going on?

Ally – No, he's gone and probably not coming back any time soon.

Jake – why – what do you mean?

Ally – So this is what I needed to talk to you about.

Jake – What?

Ally – So when I signed the paper, Ty grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him and kissed me.

Jake – What the fuck?

Ally – I know – I pushed him away and told him to leave.

Jake – GOOD – and?

Ally – he did, he got his ladder and walked into the bed room. I was following him out when his phone rang. He looked at me and said sorry about that under his breath and answered his phone. He put the person on hold and said… "I'm really sorry, I don't know what happened." OK – no problem just forget it happened. Ty said thanks and answered his phone. It only took a couple of seconds before he put the ladder down and wrote down something on a sheet of paper. After he disconnected he told me that that was head quarters and he's flying up to New Jersey tonight for training and would be gone for the next 6 months.

Jake – So, he's gone and I shouldn't be pissed.

Ally – well, something else happened when he started to grab his ladder. He looked at me and said "sorry Alison!" The next thing I knew he kissed me again and I kind of kissed him back.


Ally – I KNOW!!! I don't know what happened; I guess I just fantasized sometimes and now that it was happening I didn't know what to do because it was happening so fast!

Jake – I don't know what to say.

Ally – wait…. (and then you went silent)

Jake – BABE – WHAT?

Ally – UMMM

Jake – WHAT!

Ally – Babe, I'm sorry… I…. (silence)


Ally – OK – don't say anything, OK?

Jake – OK

Ally – I kissed him back for about a minute and his hands were all over me and I let him feel on my chest and down my back. I didn't stop him because I guess I like the attention and it's been over 10 years since I've kissed any else but you. I could feel his penis getting hard and I liked it but I stepped back away from him to stop things when he put his hand around my back and tried to grab my ass under my dress. The next thing I knew I fell over something in the floor and onto the bed where he fell with me, but he didn't stop kissing me. He was kind of in between my legs and I started pushing him off me and he held my hands up with his left hand and pushed my left leg out a bit with other hand. I guess I didn't realize that he had undone his pants and his penis was out, so when my leg was pushed out he moved over a bit and I felt his penis move onto my leg. I wasn't that worried because I figured that my panties were on so he couldn't do anything really and we could just play around like high school kids you know?

Jake – I'm kind of at a loss here babe. I don't know what to say.

Ally – Just let me talk please. I remembered that I didn't have time to put on my panties so I started to scream – TY STOP, I can't do anything else because I AM MARRIED! It didn't seam to matter because I felt the head of his penis touch my vagina and he was trying to push himself inside of me and I could feel myself opening for him enter me. It felt so wrong but I was so in the moment that I almost pushed into him and let him do it. I tried to stop him by moving away but it was no use, because I was just in the shower and was wet from the water and I was really turned on too. So when I moved away the head of his penis moved inside me and I couldn't do much because it hurt and felt really good all at the same time. At this point I just relaxed and let it happen. I opened my legs and could feel him moving inside me slowly and I could feel every inch. Once he was inside of me, he let my hands go and grabbed my face with his hands and kissed me again. I was dizzy with the pain, the confusion and pleasure. It felt really good but felt like it was too big for me because he couldn't get all the way in! Maybe it was because we haven't done anything in a month. I found myself grabbing his ass and pulling him into me until he was all the way in, but I had to pull my legs up and relax. I had my legs up in the air like when I'm with you and I could feel his balls hitting my ass and could hear the sound of him entering me every time he would pull out and thrust back into me. I was about to cum when….

Jake – Are you serious!?

Ally – SHHH – don't talk! I'm very serious! I need you to know that this was not anything that I wanted to do but it happened. He was going slowly at first but then he started really fucking me and really hard too! It felt like high school kids, he was going really fast and I felt like I shouldn't be doing this especially without protection so I managed to push him off after a few minutes and I told him to leave, but it was kind of too late.

Jake – What do you mean, too late?

Ally - I looked at his penis and it looked like he already came. He pulled up his pants and left real quickly and before I knew it he was gone so I couldn't ask him.

Jake – WHAT! Where did he….

Ally – BABE –Inside me I think, because there was nothing on the bed or on me. I looked everywhere after he left and I felt really wet so he must have. Could you come home and help me check?

*** (No one talked for about a minute)

Ally – I know you're hard right now, as much as you used to talk about this, so I need you to come home now please! I am really freaking horny. I didn't get to cum baby. This was not my fault babe .. just come home and enjoy me…

Jake – I don't know what to say. Why did you let him in?

Ally – nothing to say, I had sex on accident and you're coming home right?

I drove home and you were sitting in the bed with you hand on your pussy and your eyes looking at me and told me, with a sad look on your face, come and make sure that Ty didn't cum inside me please? As I walked into the room you grabbed my hand and put my fingers inside your pussy and began to kiss me while you unzipped my pants and pulled my penis out of my pants. Getting hard, you pulled me down and put my penis inside your wet pussy and began to move up and down and I could feel more wetness inside you then ever before…. More to come!

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