tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWife Converts Husband Ch. 04

Wife Converts Husband Ch. 04


Seeing as how Shelley is the money maker in our household, it is my job to keep the house clean, so every morning I get up and make her breakfast while she gets ready for work and since my feminisation, my wife has made me dress up as a sexy French maid while I do the housework.

Shelley bought me the maid's outfit from Frederick's lingerie and it comprises of a skimpy black dress with a little white apron. Under neath that I am wearing a black lace corset with 'D' cup fake breasts (which look very realistic), the suspender straps are hooked up to a pair of sheer black stockings with a seam down the back and lace tops, on my feet are a pair of clear exotic dancer type platform stilettos and I am wearing a lacy black g-string to hold my cock in place. My hair has grown down to my shoulders and I have dyed it a sexy flame red colour.

My wife came down and had the oatmeal and orange juice breakfast that I had made for her, she then kissed me quickly before running out the door screaming that she was running late. I looked at the wall clock which was showing that it was 8:45 am and thought it odd as she doesn't normally leave till 9:00 am but I guess she must have had an early appointment this morning and thought nothing more of it and cleaned up the breakfast dishes.

At approximately 9:00 am the doorbell rang, I opened the door and there were two men dressed in king gee's saying they were here to fix the TV. I let them in and the first guy introduced himself as Henry, as I shook his hand I looked him over and picked him as being in his late twenties and looked strong and very handsome much like a male stripper with smooth tanned skin and black long hair in a ponytail, he had very broad shoulders which tapered down to a 'V' at his waist, he introduced his mate as Fred who looked to be in his early twenties with short brown hair but like Henry looked like he could easily work as a stripper with a muscular body also with smooth tanned skin. I shook Fred's hand and introduced myself as Toni and I then apologised for my appearance as I had forgotten they were coming this morning. They both said no apologies were needed as they thought I looked very sexy.

I lead them to the lounge room and showed them the giant entertainment system and explained that the DVD was not coming through on the screen but we could get sound, and left them to do their job while I continued doing the housework, after about half an hour I could hear the entertainment system going and realised that they were playing the DVD that we had left in the player and it was a fetish porno of men dressed as women and getting fucked by women with dildo's and also by well hung stud's with a few gangbang scenes in it as well. I freaked with embarrassment and rushed to turn it off, only to find the two men sitting on the couch completely naked with huge hard cocks jutting up from their groins as they stroked them while they watched the porno.

I walked past them, trying not to look them in the face, as I was so embarrassed. I walked up to the DVD player and bent over with my back to the guys and nervously looked for the stop button, but before I could find the button I felt a pair of hands rubbing over my ass, then pulling the hem of my dress up over my buttocks and I had two hands kneading and rubbing my asscheeks. I froze and wasn't sure what to do, I turned my head around while still bent over to see which one it was and as I did this my lips ran smack into Fred's cock. It was leaking precum and my tongue instinctively licked it up and that was it, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it for all I was worth, but due to it being about 8" long and very thick I could only get half of it in my mouth.

As I was sucking on Fred's cock, Henry pulled my g-string off and licked my asshole, sticking his tongue in as far as he could while holding my ass cheeks apart, making it nice and slippery wet. Fred then pulled his cock out of my mouth and laid down on the floor with his large cock pointing to the ceiling, Henry stood me up and took off my dress so I was left only in my sexy black lingerie, he then told me to squat down on Fred's cock, which I did with my back to Fred, Henry then stood in front of me offering his 7" cock to my horny mouth. I sucked it into my mouth and since it was not as big or as thick as Fred's I was able to deep throat him.

I was in total bliss with a huge cock fucking my ass and another juicy cock fucking my mouth, both cocks going in all the way to the balls. My own cock was rock hard and leaking precum from the fantastic fucking I was getting, I was so turned on I didn't notice anyone else was in the room till I felt someone else's mouth on my cock sucking it hard into their warm mouth, I looked down and saw my wife naked on her hands and knees between our legs sucking my cock with a third guy, who I didn't know, fucking her from behind.

My wife removed her mouth from cock and told the guys to fuck me real hard, to treat me like the slut I am. Fred really started to drive his large cock into my ass but as he had to thrust up this soon became tiring and requested a change of positions so I stood up and he got up off the floor. I was ordered into the doggy position and Fred slid his cock back into my tight asshole and resumed driving it home with long hard thrusts while Henry got into position and fed his beautiful cock to my hungry mouth.

Shelley started yelling obscenities, like "Fuck that slut real good" and "Suck his cock dry, cocksucker" and all the while she is getting her pussy fucked hard by the third guy who I still didn't know the name of. Fred was really pounding away now and then I felt him tense up a bit before he yelled "I'm Cumming!" I used my ass muscles to milk his cock of all of its juice. Eventually his cock went soft inside of me and he then withdrew and moved around to the front of me. Henry still had his cock in my mouth which I was furiously sucking, I wanted his cum in my mouth and I wasn't going to stop till I got my reward.

With a little more work I finally got my just deserts as Henry grunted and groaned as his cock erupted into my mouth, he came so much, I was forced to swallow quickly and even then a little bit escaped the confines of my mouth and dribbled down my face.

My wife was obviously turned on by the scene in front of her and the cock ramming in and out of her, she cried out as she had a tremendous orgasm with the third guy exploding inside of her at the same time.

We all collapsed on the floor puffing and panting from the rigorous sex romp. Seeing as I was the only one that hadn't cum yet and still sporting a massive boner Shelley decided to sit on my cock so that my cock was at the entrance of her tight little backdoor and with a little push it popped right in and she slowly slid up and down my shaft. The two repairmen stood up and offered their limp cocks to her to suck on while the third guy offered me his cock. My wife and I sucked and licked their cocks clean and after a few minutes of fucking Shelley in the ass I came and came hard, Shelley eased up of my cock and told me to clean her asshole clean.

We all sat down and Shelley introduced the third guy to me as Jeff and she then explained that she had set the whole thing up and it was all recorded on a camcorder.

She explained that she was setting up a web page featuring me as the star attraction. Shelley then explained that this was just the start and that she was going to turn me into a hot porn star.

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by Anonymous

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by lingerie6504/22/18

A true slut is born.

On this one just so sexy especially with the repairman oh how I wish I was Toni getting fucked by all those sexy men large and thick vained dicks. Having each of those beautifu dicksl in and out of mymore...

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by cdCindy108/13/17

please tell more

Please tell us more of the adventures of a hot CD and his wife. I too am a married CD but my wife doesn't yet know - I'm still in the closet. I would love for my wife to find out and join in with me tomore...

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