Wife Dating Game


When they finally entered the house Ro was carrying her shoes. She came over to me and gave me a kiss.

I asked, "How is the date going?"

She said, "The date is going great."

Ro said Jeff wanted to hot tub it for a while. She asked if I could grab a bottle of wine and some glasses, and meet them in the hot tub.

Ro said, "I am going to grab my robe and also grab one of yours for Jeff. Then I will show him the spare bedroom where we will get changed and meet you in the hot tub."

She said, "Jeff decided he would like to stay the night if it was alright with me. I told him I am sure it would be ok."

She asked, "Is that ok with you?"

I told her you know it is.

Off Ro went to the bedroom. I asked Jeff what kind of wine he likes. He said any kind would be fine. I headed down to the bar to grab a bottle. I then headed back upstairs to our bedroom to get ready for the hot tub. Ro was still collecting a few things. I told her I have been horny all night thinking about what she and Jeff had been doing. Ro reached for the hard on that was quite visible through my pants. She told me she would tell me everything later on. She asked if I was still alright with her sleeping with Jeff. I told her it was fine as long as she satisfied me at some point during the night as I needed it badly. She gave me a deep kiss and told me how much see loved me. She said she planned on visiting me during the night and guaranteed me a good time. Then she left the bedroom carrying the two robes.

I got in the hot tub and poured three glasses of wine. About 10 minutes later Ro and Jeff came out onto the deck. They removed their robes and stepped their naked bodies into the hot tub. I handed them their wine and we chatted and laughed for quite awhile. Jeff was a very easy guy to talk with. The conversations never lagged. Ro sat between us and both Jeff and I had been giving her a lot of attention with our hands. We soon were moving our hands up closer and closer to her pussy. We then sensed that Ro was starting to really enjoy this. We then used our other hand to start playing with her now hard nipples.

Ro finally said, "I need someone to fuck me."

Ro turned to me and took hold of my hard on. She said, "Honey I love you, but right now I'm going to fuck my date."

I gave Ro a kiss then left the two of them alone in the hot tub. After I was back into the house I looked out the window and had seen that my wife was now straddling Jeff and they were kissing as if they could not get enough of each other. This only made my hard on twitch more. Soon Jeff lifted Ro out of the hot tub. I heard them come in the house and head toward the spare bedroom.

There was no way I was going to get any sleep thinking about what my wife and Jeff are doing in our spare bedroom. My hard on was not going to disappear until Ro comes to give me some relief. Finally around 2:30 I heard the door to the spare bedroom open. Next thing I knew Ro was climbing in bed next to me.

Ro. Whispered in my ear, "Jeff feels as big as he looks."

I told Ro needed her now. She reached down and grabbed my stiff cock and started jerking me off. She said, "You really do enjoy watching me make out with other guys, and you get turned on knowing another guys is fucking me."

I told her, "Yes I do, because you are my beautiful wife and seeing you so turned on gets me so turned on."

She then said, "I am so glad you enjoy it, because tonight was wonderful."

She then got on top on me and straddled me. My hard cock easily slid into her wet pussy. She started riding me up and down. I knew I was not going to last long. Then just as I was about to cum Ro whispered into my ear," You will be the second load of cum to explode into my pussy tonight." That was all I could take I started shooting my cum like never before. After we finally came back to our senses, I told Ro how much I loved her. She said she loved me too. She thanked me for letting her have the wildest night of her life.

She then said, "Jeff has to leave by 7 o'clock and I told him I would see him out. Is it ok if I spend the last couple of hours with him?"

I responded, "I would be disappointed if you didn't."

Ro chuckled and rolled out of bed then leaned over and gave me a kiss. Then she said, "I might even get a third load shot into my pussy."

I told her the thought is making me hard again. I will need relief again when you get back. She said after Jeff leaves she will need some drastic sleep. She then left me with my hard on.

Around 7:15 I heard Ro and Jeff out in the kitchen. I got out of bed to join them. I thanked Jeff for making our fantasy come true. He said it was his pleasure and I am sure it was. We shook hands. Then he went over to Ro and pulled her in his arm and gave her another hot kiss on the lips then said goodbye. Ro came over and put her hands around my neck and leaned up to give me a kiss. She then leaned back and said," I can feel your stiffy, but I have no energy left. Can you please carry me to bed?" I lifted her up and carried her to bed. We slept for most of the day. We had no guilt or shame for what took place. We even discussed the possibility of playing the game again.

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by shareher4fun09/10/17

Pretty good! Why not elaborate on what they did in the spare bedroom?

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