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Wife Fantasy Fulfilled


Like many other men I have long had the fantasy of watching my wife getting sexually fulfilled by another man -- or woman. Like many wives she has for a long time rejected the idea.

However, over the past few months she became more receptive to discussing my desires, even if not living them out. I explained to her that I still loved her dearly, but it was also for that reason that I wanted her to enjoy her sexuality to the full. I wanted her to be able to submit to her sexual desires and not to have to repress them. Gradually Sue also seemed to be getting some erotic stimulation from the fantasy of having sex with another man, with my consent. Whenever we discussed my fantasy she would get quite horny and we would end up having a really good fuck.

Sue was not normally one for sex in the mornings, but on my birthday I was woken by her caressing my cock. I smiled across at her hoping she was planning an early morning surprise fuck as a birthday treat, since she knew I was always horny when I woke up. Happily it was what she had in mind.

Sue pealed back the sheet to reveal my rampant cock, but also that she was already totally naked. She had obviously stripped off her negligee while I was fast asleep.

"I want to give you a good time birthday boy!" Sue smiled at me, before moving down to take my cock in her mouth. She seldom gave me a blowjob so this was a real birthday treat. I was flat on my back and watched the erotic sight of my wife's mouth moving up and down my cock while her hands fondled my balls.

"Oh yes honey that feels great!" I encouraged her as I stroked her hair.

She knew me well enough to know when my arousal levels were getting high, so when she did take me in her mouth she would stop well before there was any chance that I would cum in her mouth. This morning she continued beyond that point. My body started convulsing lightly from the erotic pleasure. I dared not ask if she was going to swallow my cum for the first time. I just let her continue to see what happened.

Just as I was getting hopeful, Sue let my cock pop out of her mouth. "Enjoy that my loverboy?" she asked and smiled as I sighed partly from pleasure and partly from the frustration at being left so hugely turned on.

Sue gave me a mischievous smile. With that she swung her leg over me and straddled me. She took my cock in hand and lined it up with her pussy, running the tip across her labia. I was surprised to feel how wet she was already. Sue normally takes a while to get thoroughly excited and wet enough for penetration.

With a deep, erotic sigh she lowered herself onto my cock and sat all the way down. She sat still briefly while she adapted to this intrusion in her cunt and then started to ride me. She kept the pace slow but ensured maximum penetration of my cock with each downward movement.

At that pace I would get loads of pleasure but would not cum too quickly. Sue smiled down at me as she used my cock for our joint pleasure. "I know you want more erotic things in our sex life Bill. I am going to try to spice it up a bit for you. This morning is just a start." Sue cupped her tits and squeezed her nipples to emphasize the point. I had never seen her touch and stimulate herself like that before. My cock gave a little jerk of excitement at seeing my wife become more open. Sue smiled as she noticed my reaction.

She gave each nipple a little tug and rolled it between her fingers. "Do you like to watch me doing this?" she grinned, feeling my cock twitch again. She was keeping me highly aroused and excited, but had stopped riding me.

"I don't want you to cum yet honey. I want to make this special for you. But first I need you to lick my pussy!" With that she rolled off me and lay back with her legs splayed.

I loved giving her oral sex and found it hugely erotically stimulating. However, I could not remember her ever asking so directly for it before. She certainly was being more open and daring, and I was enjoying it. I hoped that this new attitude would last beyond my birthday.

I happily slid between Sue's splayed legs and lowered my mouth to her pussy. I slowly ran my tongue around her clit before easing it down her slit to her slippery opening. Running my tongue up and down her slit, with special attention to her clit each time I got close to it, got her groaning quite quickly. Sue seemed very hot and turned on this morning -- which was a turn on for me as well.

Wanting to give my wife added pleasure and stimulus I slipped two fingers up her sopping wet cunt and fingered her as I gently worked her G-spot. Soon Sue was shuddering and letting out little erotic yelps of pure sexual pleasure. Quite often she makes me stop at this point in her arousal and wants me to fuck her. This time she jut placed her hands gently behind my head holding my mouth tight against her pussy. She clearly wanted my tongue and fingers to bring her to an orgasm.

I was more than happy to do this, and eased my other hand up to her breast to stroke her nipples. I was surprised to find her hand there, but she quickly withdrew it and let me stimulate all her erogenous zones. In no time Sue's body started convulsing. She let out a shriek as her orgasm rolled through her.

"OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS -- YESSSSSSSSSS -- YESSSSSSSS!!" she exclaimed as she experienced one of the strongest orgasms I had seen her have in quite a while.

As Sue recovered she smiled across at me. "Right lover boy, it's your turn now! I want to give you a big orgasm today as well." Sue got me to lie on my back again. She quickly straddled me for the second time that morning and eased my rampant cock into her pussy again. It was just what I needed as I was seriously aroused and wanted to be brought to my orgasm as well.

As she started riding me slowly again, Sue cupped one of her tits and played with the nipple, while she slipped her other hand down to her pussy and slowly circled her clit. "Does it look erotic if I touch myself? Do you like me to do that?" she smiled at me knowing the answer. I just grinned in reply, loving this new, sexually open Sue.

"Do you still think about seeing other men touching me and stimulating me like I am doing now?" Sue was teasing me with my fantasy. She knew it got me really hot, and I was reasonably sure that the fantasy gave her some thrill as well.

I groaned. "You know I would get a huge kick out seeing another man touch you and excite you."

Sue carried on riding my rock hard cock as she teased me more. "What do you want this other man to do to me?"

Sue had never asked me quite so explicitly before, but it did not seem out of place as we were both hugely aroused anyway. "I want him to undress you, so that you are totally naked for him --so that he can admire your sexy body and desire you. Then I want him to caress you, fondle you, suck your nipples, and finger and lick your pussy. I want him to get you really hot and horny."

"And what happens then?" Sue asked, riding my cock a bit more vigorously now.

I groaned. Talking about the fantasy while having my cock buried in Sue's pussy was pushing me close to my orgasm. I told Sue a bit more than I had ever revealed to her before. "I hope that you will be so aroused that you will submit to your sexual needs and desires and let this man fuck you. I want to see you free of any inhibitions and just enjoying pure lust and hot sex!!"

Sue stopped fucking me, leaving me right on the edge. She looked me straight in the eye and asked in a serious tone. "Would you truly like to see that happen? Would it be really hot for you to watch another man screw me and satisfy me?"

It seemed that I had possibly said a bit too much to Sue in the heat of the erotic situation. I could not withdraw what I had said so I meekly replied, "Yes honey -- it would be very exciting."

With that Sue gave me a big smile and started fucking me furiously. "What if I made it happen for your birthday?" She giggled nervously.

"What do mean?" I asked stunned that she would actually consider living out my fantasy.

"I mean I have set it up for tonight. I am going to get naked with another man and have him fuck me. ..... and you are going to be there to watch! ..... Is that exciting??" she grinned at me.

My cock exploded with excitement. "OHHHHHHHHH MY GOD! AHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHH." I let rip as the most amazing orgasm rippled through. "Sue -- I can't believe it. You are actually going to do this for me!!" I groaned as the last drops of semen squirted out of my cock and lined my wife's pussy.

My orgasm had been so powerful that I had not noticed that Sue was in fact on the edge of another orgasm as well from stimulating herself. I watched as the sensations, and no doubt the erotic prospects, pushed her over the edge. She jerked, let out a deep erotic groan and collapsed on top of me.

We were both perspiring from our sexual exertions. As I got my breath back, my mind started absorbing what Sue had said. I questioned her. "Did you really mean that? Have you really arranged something for tonight with another guy?"

When she nodded in reply, I nervously asked who he was and what exactly had been arranged. Despite some persistent questioning from me, Sue just kept telling me it was all under control and that the arrangements were to be a surprise for me. At least she confirmed that it was not with anybody that I knew.

I felt quite nervous but totally aroused, and my cock was soon hard again. I was amazed, and stunned but very excited that my wife was going to help me live out my erotic fantasy, as my birthday present. Despite this having been my fantasy for a long time I was, however, experiencing some reservations. Perhaps it was just that it was happening so suddenly and with no input from me.

The day dragged as I wished for the evening arrangement to become clearer. Eventually dusk arrived and Sue started instructing me one step at a time. I had to shower first and get dressed while she went for a leisurely bath.

I got my first surprise when Sue emerged from the bathroom. She had shaved her pussy completely. She had never done this before -- and I had to admit it looked incredibly sexy. Seeing my shock she chuckled. She said since I wanted another man to see her naked she wanted to make sure that that she was truly completely exposed to him. "Besides," she added with a giggle, "he will probably prefer licking me out if I'm bare down there."

Her comments made me hard. I watched her get dressed. It did not take long since she was not planning on wearing much. She first pulled on the tiniest of G-strings, which she had bought specially for the occasion. Over this she pulled on a sensational, black strappy dress. It was very low cut and showed off the curves of her breasts. The slinky material did nothing to hide her erect nipples. As I helped her pull up the zipper at the back she teasingly asked if I was looking forward to watching another man pull it down again. My cock gave a little jerk as I imagined the scene. I was already getting very turned on, knowing how easily some other man was going to get to her body.

Sue had arranged a hotel room for us and a taxi to get there. She said she did not want to be seen in our car and she did not want our evening to happen at our home. She added with a mischievous chuckle that she wanted to enjoy uninhibited sex with this man, and she was not sure that she could do this in our home. I was excited at her mention of uninhibited sex, but was also actually quite relieved that she had not planned our big night out to happen at our home.

On arrival at the hotel we went straight to the restaurant. Sue said she had already checked in to the hotel earlier in the day as she had wanted to "prepare things." I noticed that we were seated at a table for three. It was not long before Sue's choice of man arrived to join us.

Matt greeted both of us with a warm open smile. He had barely sat down when he spoke to me very directly and sincerely. "I would just like to be sure that you still want tonight to go ahead. I would not want to be party to anything that you are unsure about."

I thanked Matt for his concern and direct approach -- and assured him that I was looking forward to the evening. Matt's simple show of concern made me feel decidedly more relaxed. I did find myself wondering where Sue had found this man -- and also wondered briefly if she might have had sex with him previously.

That thought was soon dispelled as conversation flowed. It was clear that although she had only met with him once before to see if he seemed okay -- and to discuss arrangements. Otherwise he was basically a stranger which somehow brought added illicit excitement to the whole evening. Later I established that Matt was a friend of Sue's gym trainer.

Matt was good company and by the time we had finished our meal and quite a few glasses of wine, I stopped thinking of him purely as Sue's sex machine. He seemed like a normal, pleasant, clean shaven guy. During the meal Matt had moved his chair closer to Sue and clearly had his hand on her thigh. I could not make out any more than that but could see from his movement that he was stroking her leg. I felt a strange thrill as I imagined his hand under my wife's dress caressing her inner thigh.

Eventually the time came to head for the room. Sue got me to sign for the meal, as she and Matt slowly made their way to the elevator. I caught up with them to find them kissing open mouthed and Matt fondling Sue's butt. A mixture of jealousy and thrill rippled through me.

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind us, Matt put his arm around Sue and kissed her again. As she responded enthusiastically Matt's one hand drifted up to her breast. He cupped it and gently massaged it -- right in front of my eyes. Sue let out a little moan of appreciation. My cock stiffened notably.

We had a long ride up to the 18th floor. I watched in awe and delight as Matt skillfully massaged Sue's braless tits through the slinky dress material. He had got her nipples hard and erect. She looked very sexy indeed.

I had the room key and opened the door for my wife and Matt. Sue had certainly arranged a very nice, large room for us. There was a king sized four poster bed and a small lounging area. I immediately thought that the couch was well situated for me to watch my wife getting screwed.

I was still checking out the room as I became aware of Matt and Sue in another embrace. Matt was openly fondling Sue's tits and erect nipples through her dress-- and she was letting out appreciative little moans. Matt turned to me. "So you really want to see me excite your wife? And you want her to get naked with me and have sex with me?"

All the while he was gently kneading her tits. Sue and Matt looked at me for confirmation that I was still okay with this. I grinned and nodded as my cock strained against my trousers.

Matt smiled back at me and then raised his hand to the strap of Sue's dress. He slowly slid it off her shoulder until her tit popped out. Cupping her naked tit with one hand and rolling the nipple between his fingers he asked me if the sight of my wife being exposed to and touched by another man excited me.

"Oh shit -- that looks very erotic." I replied, trying to rearrange my hard cock. Matt gave me a wry smile as he leaned down and took Sue's nipple in his mouth. He made sure I could see him running his tongue around her totally erect nipple as he stimulated and aroused her.

Allowing herself just a short while to enjoy the sexual pleasuring from this man, Sue gave an erotic sigh and then gently pushed Matt away. "God that feels exciting Matt. But first we must get my husband sorted out."

Leaving her dress strap off her shoulder and her beautiful tit and aroused nipple totally exposed, she stepped towards me. "Honey, I want this to be a night to remember. I want you to get hugely turned on while you watch Matt and me. But since I am living out your fantasy for you I want to control what happens. Okay?"

I was not going to spoil proceedings by challenging Sue so I agreed. Having got my agreement she continued. "You may watch but not get involved. Also I don't want you to cum until I am ready for you to do so. So you may not touch yourself while you watch. I know it will increase the erotic excitement if you have to wait for your sexual release. Are you alright with this?"

Although a little anxious that I would not be able to masturbate as I watched my wife being fucked, I was excited and agreed as I was not going to jeopardize seeing my fantasy being lived out.

"Well let's get you undressed first then to get you more comfortable." Sue chuckled as she reached to undo my trousers. As she unzipped me I ripped off my shirt and kicked off my shoes. Sue tugged my trousers and boxers off simultaneously releasing my raging cock. As I stepped out of the clothing Sue reached out and stroked my cock.

Her touch felt good on my hot tool. "Your fun comes later," Sue addressed my cock. "But for now we have to keep you under control!" Sue gently pulled on my cock to guide me to the corner of the bed.

"You are going to stand right here so you can see everything that Matt is doing to me. Does that sound good?"

"Oh yeah" I sighed, hardly believing my luck that Sue was willing to have me that close.

"But I want to make sure your hands don't stray -- and that you don't masturbate -- so I am going to tie them to the bedpost. Please pass me the ribbon Matt."

I was a bit shocked that I was going to be tied up and also that Matt clearly knew of the details of Sue's plan. She had clearly planned this out carefully and explained to Matt what was going to happen. Not quite sure how to react I just went along with Sue placing my hands on the bedpost and tying them together with a ribbon that she had brought along.

Giving my erect cock another few strokes, Sue looked me in the eyes and gave me a mischievous grin. "Hey lover boy, I can now control when you cum. I am sure you are going to be begging for it later."

This did add a strange element of thrill in itself. My arousal was heightened as Sue turned to Matt. "Right Matt, you have already made me horny and my husband wants you to see to my sexual needs."

Matt led her to the other side of the bed, where I could see them easily. He stripped off his shirt and tossed in onto the couch, before leaning in to kiss my wife. She responded open mouthed and passionately putting her arms around his neck. As the kiss progressed I saw her run her fingers over his bare chest. He was very trim and lean. Although not of the body builder types he had good muscle definition and no gut. I wondered if Sue had seen this much of him when she made the arrangements with him. I could understand that she might have found some physical appeal if she had seen his torso previously.

Matt broke off the kiss and moved his mouth around to the side of Sue's neck. He trailed his tongue across her sensitive spots and nibbled her earlobe as I watched his hand cupping her breasts again. He gently tugged on her exposed nipple. Sue's head lolled back and her eyes closed as she soaked up the sensual sensations. A soft moan indicated she was getting aroused from Matt's touch. It was very thrilling to see my wife responding with pleasure to the erotic stimulation this man was giving her.

My cock twitched as I saw Matt reach behind Sue and slowly ease Sue's dress zipper down. Sue's earlier comment about me wanting to watch another man unzipping her came back to me. I felt a thrilling tension as I anticipated her dress coming off and seeing her tits completely exposed to this stranger.

Sue's hands dropped off Matt's chest as he moved behind her. With Sue facing me, Matt eased the second dress strap off her shoulder. As it fell around her arms he just let the dress go. It slid to the floor at Sue's feet, leaving her dressed in only her G-string and high heels. She looked unbelievably sexy.

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