Wife Fucks a Strange Man


So there we were, Brandie was sucking my cock and getting fucked from behind by this guy we didn't even know his name, in the movie theater of an adult bookstore. My wife's own moans, gasps, and groans of sexual pleasure mixing with the ones coming from the movie on the giant TV screen in front us. The whole scene was so erotic, my sexual excitement was really building. I knew I was breathing harder, and I could feel myself on the very edge of cumming constantly, but I didn't want to, not yet.

Trying to take my mind off the feelings in my own cock, I asked the guy fucking my wife, if she felt good.

He told me, "Oh yeah, man! She has got some great pussy! This feels fantastic!"

I love it when I'm sharing my wife and the other man is vocal enough to talk to me and say complimentary things about my wife while he's actually doing her. It is a matter of pride for me because I know how good she is and how good it feels to be balls deep in her cunt, or have her sucking your cock! My wife is, without a doubt, the best piece of ass I've ever had, and I like to share that feeling so that other men know it too. Brandie seems to enjoy hearing me and the other guy talking about her too, (although she has never admitted it), because as we have these little conversations about her and how good she is, she always seems to moan a little more, squirm a little more, her cunt muscles involuntarily twitch a little more, and she sucks a little harder.

With the eroticism of this whole scene, and Brandie's extra efforts on my cock, I almost lost control and shot my wad into her mouth. But, I fought off the urge! So, I pushed Brandie up off my cock. She stood there, bent over, with one knee on the bench, her right hand on the bench behind me, her other on the bench between my knees, and moaned with enjoyment as the guy fucked her. I sat there for several minutes, gently stroking my cock, playing with her tits which were swaying underneath her as he was rocking her back and forth, and watching my wife getting fucked. Her eyes were closed and the looks of pure, unadulterated sexual pleasure on my wife's face were just absolutely beautiful!

The position Brandie was in, was hard on her legs, so she stood up, forcing the guy to pull out and back off for a second. Then she leaned over the bench in front of us, spread her legs, and offered herself to him again. The guy got behind her and slid into her again. I sat on the bench, right next to him, gently stroking my cock, and watched as he fucked my wife. I could plainly see his cock sliding in and out of my slut, wife's cunt, and even in the dim light of the theater, I could see the shimmer of her pussy juices on his cock. I could see my wife's juices making her cunt and ass wet, all around her pussy. I could see the froth building up around his cock. I could easily smell the scent of my wife's juices filling the air. Our friend leaned over on Brandie, reached around, under my wife, and grabbed both of her tits in his hands as he continued to fuck her.

Brandie's legs were still hurting her, so she stood up again, forcing the guy to pull out and stop fucking her momentarily, again. I got up and told her to lie down on the bench so he could fuck her the "traditional" way. I grabbed her coat, which was hanging over the back of the bench, quickly rolled it up and put it under her head as she lay down on the bench. Brandie was on her back now, with her left foot up on the back of our bench and her right foot up on the back of the bench in front of us. Watching my wife lay down and spread her legs, opening herself up and offering herself to another man, especially a man we didn't even know his name, was such a sluttish, nasty, erotic thing for her to do, that it made my cock twitch and jump as it stood hard in front of me. The stranger climbed onto the bench, between my wife's legs, and again, slid his hard cock right into her. Her pussy was so sloppy wet, that he didn't need to wiggle his cock head between her pussy lips, or even guide it with his hand. He just leaned forward, his cock easily slipped into her, and all the way up her cunt in one quick easy motion. I saw my wife gasp and moan with pleasure as it did. He really went at it then, fucking Brandie hard and fast. His ball sack started making an unmistakable slapping sound each time he drove in and his balls slapped my wife's ass.

I told him, "Do her good man! Fuck her hard! Fuck her like the slut she is. She likes it!"

He said, "I like it too. This slut has some great cunt!"

As he and I had this short conversation, my wife heard me, and my words, (along with his cock stroking in and out of her), this all made her make louder and approving sounding moans and gasps. He picked up the pace, fucking my wife hard and fast. She arched her back lifting him up with her, and letting out a near scream, (I was surprised that no one outside the theater heard her, but then if they had, they might have thought it was from the movie), she had a tremendous orgasm and I saw her squirt some juices all over the bench under her ass in front of his knees! He stroked her hard a couple of more times, then driving hard into my wife, he held it there and shot his load of cum up her cunt! One of the things I love most about sharing my wife with other men for sex is that moment when they fill her with their load of cum. I know how good that feels, to be emptying your balls into my wife's cunt, and it gives me a sort of pride to know that they are feeling that very thing, at that moment, and that they too, now know how good, fucking her is!

When he was done, I watched as the guy laid there for a few moments between my wife's legs, with his softening cock still shoved up her cunt. He bent down, kissed her gently on the mouth and thanked her, telling her she had been great. Then he got up and I could see cum run out of Brandie's crack and onto the bench.

As the stranger stood up, pulled his pants up and zipped up, he looked at me and said, "Thanks, man! She was a GREAT fuck!"

I said, "You're welcome. I know! She does have a fantastic cunt and she knows how to use it! This is the best piece of ass I've ever had."

"She's damn sure good." he said. "That REALLY is some fantastic pussy she's got! I don't believe I've ever fucked a woman with as much control over her cunt muscles as she has. I felt like I had my cock in someone's hand full of hot butter, it was so tight."

All the time he and I are having this short conversation, my wife was lying there, on her back, on the bench, with her legs wide open, cum oozing out of her pussy, and trying to regain her normal breathing and composure. Then my wife sat up on the bench. As she did, I saw more globs of the stranger's cum squirt out of her pussy, onto the bench.

As I stood up, I told him, "You didn't get a chance to experience her mouth, but I can tell you she sucks cock better than ANY, (and I emphasized 'any'), woman I've ever had my cock in their mouth."

He said, "I'll bet so."

I told him, "Watch this."

I grabbed the back of my wife's head with my left hand and shoved my hard cock into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her hair, (she loves to have a man grab and gently pull her hair while she is sucking his cock), and I forcefully fucked my wife's mouth with my cock like she was some slut to be used, which at this moment, she was! She greedily and dutifully, lapped and sucked at my cock. Her hands went to my ass and balls and she gently massaged them as my cock slipped in and out of her mouth. After all of the action I had been watching for the last 30 minutes or so, this wasn't going to take long. My wife sucked my cock as I fucked her mouth for just a couple of minutes as our friend stood and watched. I was about to explode, so using my handful of my wife's hair, I jerked her head back, pulling my cock out of her mouth, grabbed my cock in my right hand and for his benefit, shot a huge load of cum onto Brandie's tits above the neckline of her nightie. The cum ran into her cleavage and some of it onto her nightie.

The guy waited to see all of this, then while I was squeezing the last few drops onto my wife's tongue, he vanished out the door before we could even thank him for the fun, get his name, or anything. My wife gave me a few more loving laps and sucks on my softening cock, then I let go of her hair, stuffed my cock back in my pants and zipped back up, refastening my pants and belt.

Then my wife put her coat on, and with my cum still shimmering on her tits, soaking into her nightie and running down her cleavage, a strange man's cum running down the inside of her legs and onto her stockings, her hair not so neatly fashioned as when we came in, we walked out and went back up stairs into the brightly lit store. As we walked through the store, I wondered if anyone could smell that my wife was freshly fucked and dripping with cum between her legs and on her tits. Brandie had her hands in her coat pockets and held her coat open so that anyone looking, could see the cum on her chest and her wet thighs and stocking tops. A couple of male customers, and at least one woman, who appeared to be with her husband, got a good look at my wife's cum soaked, well used, appearance, as we walked through the store, towards the front door. The "slut" just LOVES to show off!

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