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Wife Gets a Pimp


This is a story that relates early on into my wife fucking other guys. I remember is as if it was just last month even thou it was over twenty years ago.

It had been about two months now, since my wife started fucking my poker buddies on a weekly basis. Those that did not make it to poker night or would like another round with her would also come by during the week or on the weekend for a private session. They would afterward, leave a prearranged cash amount or as I like to call it, a "donation".

Usually, four to five of the guys would come by for a private session including my best friend Tony, who was unemployed then for a few months. Because of his financial problems, he never did pay for the fuck sessions with Tracy. We, Tony and I, would have some great 3 some's were as the other guys would fuck Tracy on their own and I would watch at times while they used my wife for their enjoyment.

One day, while talking to Tony, he seemed really down and out. He was telling me that he was going to have to move out of his apartment soon if he didn't come up with his share of the apartment rent money. Tony and his two roommates lived in a very nice five- bedroom apartment. It was located in a nice neighborhood and even had a working fireplace.

I told him that Tracy and I would be coming over soon, in which, I would be bringing dinner and Tracy would be his stress relief as well as desert for the two of us.

About one hour later, Tracy arrived home, and I asked her if she was in the fucking mode?

Her question to me was, "Why? What do you have in mind"?

I told her that Tony was very depressed and that we were going over to help cheer him up. I also said that we were going to pickup some food for the three of us and that she was going to be dessert for the two of us afterward.

A short time later with Chinese food in hand, we headed on over to Tony's place for our "eat and fuck", session.

This was the first time that Tracy was fucking outside of our home. The guys including Tony always came to our home to fuck. On the way over, Tracy was teasing me the hole time while driving. She was wearing a skirt, which she hiked up above her waist so that she could easily play with her pussy. She would moan and groan as she fingered and rubbed that sweet pussy of hers knowing that I would be looking and listening. She loved driving me nuts.

She would also say things like, "Honey you don't mind if your wife gets some big black cock do you?" Or, "Honey. I love the way your buddy Tony fucks my pussy and ass with that big black cock of his! Man he really fills up my pussy when he cums in it!"

Let's just say, I had a very hard time keeping my eyes on the road and my hands off of her tits while driving.

As soon as we walked into Tony's apartment, Tony's eye's just lite up like a Christmas tree.

Inside his apartment, Tracy just continued teasing the two of us as she did while I was driving.

As Tracy walked up to Tony to greet him, Tracy grabbed both sides of his head with her hands, pulled his head down, and mashed his face into her huge tits and then rubbed her tits several times back and forth across his face.

She then said. "Hi Tony! These two girls are happy to see you, and I know that your big black cock has also." Referring to her huge tits.

Once Tony was able to come up for air, he and I just laughed while agreeing that she certainly had a big set of girls that could drown any man if not careful.

As we got our plates and glasses to sit in the living room, Tracy never stopped teasing the two of us. Every time that she would bend over, she would first lift her skirt up to her waist showing us a complete view of her ass and pussy, using the excuse that her skirt was just too tight and not to mind her knotty rear end.

I turned to Tony and stated, "It looks like she is up for a good fuck session. Would you not agree?"

Tracy just had a huge knotty smile on her face.

Once we sat down, my slutty wife again did not let up on the two of us.

She said that she did not want to mess up her blouse, so she just took it off and her bra as well. All that she had on at this point were her shoes and her skirt lifted up to her waist. She just sat there across and in front from the two of us as if nothing was wrong with her tits and pussy in full view. She would drip the sauce and anything else on her tits and then very teasingly lick her tits clean. Neither one of us could take our eyes off of her and eat. I was just thinking, I hope that Tony really pounds the shit out of her because if he doesn't, I surely will.

She would smile at the two of us saying, "See what I mean about the mess that I would have made if I had my blouse still on! I have always had a problem eating because of these huge tits of mine. They have been nothing but a back ache also."

After about ten minutes of this, I turned to Tony, saw the tent he was pitching, as well as my own, and said, " Tony, why don't just fuck the teasing slut first, and then we can eat in peace afterward!!"

His answer to my question was to place his plate on the table and just pounce on my wife.

I also put my plate down knowing that I was going to get a great live sex show.

As Tony guided Tracy onto the floor and her back, Tony just unbuttoned his pants and zipper so that his cock popped out, lowered himself in between her spread legs, and rammed his entire cock into her cunt in one thrust. Both Tony and Tracy let out a long moan as he held his cock balls deep in her cunt. It was almost as if he had blown a load of cum into her pussy already. There was no foreplay, not that either one of them needed any, just pure raw animal lust between the two. Tracy had been playing with her pussy for over an hour or more by now, and Tony had not been laid in about a week and thinking of nothing but fucking Tracy for several hours now also.

On his second stroke, Tony had no mercy on her. He just started ramming the shit out of her pussy from the start. Both had their eyes closed and moaned on each thrust. As he pounded her, I also got to watch her huge tits bouncing up and down like crazy. I love watching her tits bounce as I or anyone else fucks her. I was so horny and the action was so hot, that I thought I was going to cum in my pants for Christ sake!!!!

Soon into the fucking, Tony's nasty side came out as always. He would start saying things like, "You nasty bitch! You love getting fucked hard don't you bitch? Man your pussy is so tight and hot!!! Dame it! I love that white pussy of yours more and more each time I fuck it!!!"

I just sat back and on my hands just to keep from touching my own cock and popping my load, and told Tony to, "fuck that horny bitch. Fuck her good and hard buddy!!!!"

We all knew that he was not going to last long from all the teasing and from the rate that he was pounding her cunt. Within 2 minutes he announced that he was coming in her pussy.

Tracy just grabbed each of his ass cheeks and told him to go ahead and fill her pussy full of cum.

Tony did just that. I could not believe it myself as he would arch his back so that he could bury is cock as deep as possible into her pussy and moan out loud as his whole body would twitch shooting jet after jet of cum into her. At this point he had her legs up over his head, so I could get a clear view of her outstretched pussy with his cock buried like never before. As I looked, I could soon see cum oozing out the sides and from around Tony's cock. He was truly dumping a massive load of cum into my slutty wife.

When Tony was finished dumping his load into my wife, both of them looked over at me with big smiles on each of their faces. Tony was sweating from his workout and dripping onto Tracy. Tracy stated that he really came in what felt like buckets into her pussy.

Tony stated, "Man that was the greatest fuck of my life! Thanks buddy I really needed to get laid and that there is no better pussy then Tracy's!!!"

I stated smiled proudly of a wife and agreed with him.

He then turned to Tracy and said, "baby every time that I fuck you, I seem to dump a bigger and bigger load of cum into that pussy of yours because you just hotter and better fuck. You are and will always be the best fuck of my life!!!!"

Tony then turned to me, "Hey buddy, are you going to have a turn with the slut now?"

I asked, "WHY?"

Tony's response was, "If not, I am still hard and feel like fucking her again!"

I could see why due to the fact that since he came in her hole, he had been constantly stroking his cock in and out of Tracy the whole time.

Both Tracy and I smiled at Tony with me telling him, "Go ahead buddy, she's all yours! I brought her over for your enjoyment!"

This time Tony just continued his slow rhythmic pumping, just enjoying the feeling as he would saw his cock in and out of her pussy.

After a minute or so, I started laughing saying that he was the first black guy with a white cock. His cock was almost totally white cover by his load of cum that he dumped into her hole from the previous fucking. Even his pubes were matted with cum.

I stated to Tony, "man that sure was one huge load of cum that you dumped in the bitch's pussy! It's a good thing that I didn't have a turn because it would surely be one sloppy pussy!"

Tony replied back, "It sure is sloppy, but still one hell of a tight cunt!"

TRACY SAID, "Thanks! At least you can appreciate my pussy, and pull your cock out so that I can suck it clean!!"

Tony smiling said, "Don't worry honey, I plan on dumping another huge load into your pussy, then you can clean both loads off my cock. I the meantime, I like the way your pussy feels wrapped around my cock bitch!!!"

I just could not take it anymore. I got up, dropped my pants, got down beside Tracy's face, and shoved my cock into her mouth.

"Hey buddy, I think she is going to be eating my load of cum first this time!", was all I said as I rapidly face fucked her with my cock while Tony fucked her cum filled cunt.

If you guys enjoy watching a hot porn movie, its nothing like watching and being in one.

I grabbed a big handful of Tracy's hair from the back of her head and like Tony the first time with her pussy, just started face fucking the shit out of her with no mercy at all. I slammed my cock balls deep into her mouth each and every stroke.

I was fucking her face so hard that Tony said, "easy buddy! Your dick is going to come out the back of her head if you keep fucking her mouth that hard!"

I remember telling him, "Whats a good bitch for if she can't take a cock in both holes?"

I don't think that I lasted a whole minute when I started shooting my load of cum straight down my wife's throat. I just rammed my cock all the way into her mouth and started unloading my backed up cum. We could both see her throat moving over and over again as she was swallowing each shot of cum coming out of my cock and balls.

When I thought that I was finished, I pulled my cock out of the hungry bitch's mouth and still shot another stream of cum onto her face getting some into her eye. I was finished and just fell back onto my ass.

Tony had now started to really pick his fucking pace. Two or three minutes later he was squirting another load of cum into her pussy. True to his word, when he was finished dumping his load, he pulled his cock finally out of her pussy, straddled her chest and fed his cock into her mouth for a cleaning and rim job.

Tony even used his cock head to clean the cum, from her eye and feed it into her mouth.

He joked saying that she had missed some of her protein shake.

With his cock cleaned up, Tony got off my wife and sat down beside me on the floor. Tracy in turn just lay there without moving, one eye still closed, and was cupping her pussy with her hands to keep from letting more cum leak from her hole and making an even bigger on the floor.

She then said, "Is anyone going to help me?"

Tony and I just could not stop laughing at the sight of her. She looked like one well used and fucked slut.

Again Tracy said, "come on guys help me out here!"

I can't remember if it was me our Tony, but one of us said, "us guys did help you out by feeding a hungry slut with three loads of cum!"

After laughing for another minute, both Tony and I helped her get up, and then I went out to the car to get what we called her fuck bag. In it, were some wipes, rubbers, various toys, lubes and other things. Just about any things to do with fucking!

When I had gotten back, Tony had a couple of beers opened for us, and my wife was back on the floor with a pillow under her ass so that her pussy was up high as to not let the cum run out of her hole.

I just smiled and thought to myself, "here is my wife with a cunt full of another guys cum, with her legs wide open and on display like a hooker. Her pussy was closed and swollen, with cum all around it and some that have run down the crack of her ass. Man was I getting hot and horny again but also so proud of her. She was truly built to fuck.

I handed Tracy a couple of wipes so that she could clean her face up as Tony came over with the beers and sat down. Once she had cleaned her face and eye up, she also asked Tony where the washroom was. As I helped her up, I handed her the fuck bag and told her that there were some douches in the bag for her to clean that hot little pussy of her's. Tracy then cupped her pussy with a hand and ran off into the washroom to clean up.

Both Tony and I had pulled our pants back on and sat on the couch to enjoy the beers. However, it wasn't long before Tony started getting depressed again about all of the bills that he was behind on, especially his two roommates with the rent money owing. I tried changing the conversation back to fucking Tracy, but did not work out well. I jokingly reminded him that I know what its like since I got Tracy into fucking our buddies to raise some quick cash that we needed to pay our bills in the first place.

Then it hit me.

I stood up in my excitement, turned around to face Tony and said, "buddy I know how to fix all of your problems!"

He instantly cheered up and asked how?

Stay tuned for part two as I let Tony and my wife in on the idea.

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