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Wife Gets Pregnant


I would like to start off by extending a big thanks to my editor, Misty Morgan. This story would have never been published without her wonderful editorial abilities.

This story is based on the true life of a sailor with some fantasies and fiction inserted in very appropriate places. I will leave it up to you, the reader to separate the fact from the fiction. Your comments are welcome.

Hi, I’m Al. I began to realize my cuckold desires many years ago during the time I was married to my first wife. I will fill you in briefly on the chain of events that took place over the years of the marriage that made me realize my cuckold desires.

I was in the navy and getting ready to go overseas on an extended cruise when I ran into an old friend, Larry. I had not seen Larry since shortly after my son was born three years prior. Accordingly, we had some catching up to do. We were at a bar having a beer and he started asking me about the wife, Ann and the family.

As we were talking, the beers kept coming, the talk got looser; he asked me if Ann or I had heard anything from Jack and his wife since he got transferred to the East Coast three and a half years ago.

I said that I hadn't and didn't think Ann had either. Well, this is where he dropped the big bomb on me. He told me that he and his wife had been corresponding with Jack and his wife after they moved to the East Coast. During this correspondence, he informed Jack that my wife had given birth to a fine looking boy.

This took place about 6 months after Jack had been transferred. Well, at this point, Larry told me. “Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this and maybe we should just forget it.”

I told him. No way! You started it, now finish it.

At this point he made me promise not to shoot the messenger. I laughed and asked. “For what possible reason would I ever want to do that?"

Still, with reluctance, he told me that the next correspondence he received from Jack, after he had informed him of my son's birth, was a special delivery containing a Cuban cigar, with a hand written request to congratulate the real father of my son.

Well, at first, I thought about the probability of a major misunderstanding. Then the anger followed. Needless to say that put an end of the beer-drinking day for us.

Now, I was preparing to go overseas for seven months and had already taken my wife back east to live with her folks while I was on this seven month cruise in the Pacific. Therefore, I could not confront her. I could not look at my three year-old son to see if he looked more like Jack or me.

I did know, however he had red hair; Ann and I both have very dark brown hair. Yes, you guessed it; Jack had red hair. I did not choose to discuss any part of this with Ann either by phone, letter, or any other means of correspondence. I decided that I would have to just bite the bullet had keep it to myself until we were together again.

I would lay awake at night thinking about how this could have happened without me becoming suspicious. After thinking it over, I came to the conclusion that it was quite obvious and I was very naive.

A few months prior to Jack getting transferred, his wife was having some medical problems and had doctor’s appointments almost every week. During the week, while I was at work, Jack would pick my wife up in the morning, prior to his going to work, and take her to his house to baby-sit during the day of his wife's doctor's appointments. He would then bring her back to our house in the evening prior to my arriving home. I knew that he got off work and could have my wife home almost two hours prior to my arrival time.

However, once I got home and noted his car out front. The front door to my house was locked. Using my key, I went in to find Jack coming out of the bathroom or he could have been coming out of the bedroom. As I think back, both he and my wife looked like the cat caught eating the canary.

During this same time frame, when we would all be together, just us two couples, at social functions, it appeared that Jack always paid special attention to Ann. This again was not really noticed or dwelt upon at the time, but I thought about it a lot after Larry had told me about the cigar bit.

As time went on, and the cruise started, I would be out to sea over long periods of time. I would lay in bed at night thinking about Jack fucking my wife. I would also think about Ann being back there in an area where she grew up and maybe running into an old flames and friends.

Over a period of time, I began to realize that the thought of her getting knocked up by Jack was turning me on. I started to think about these types of things on a regular basis and getting a raging hard on in the process.

It didn't take me long to start relieving myself by whacking off thinking of Ann being fucked by Jack or, even more daring, getting fucked by someone at that very time. It got to the point that I almost became obsessed with the thought of her fucking others. I even fantasized about her getting knocked up by someone else while I was over seas and meeting the ship with a swollen tummy. Which would have been very embarrassing and humiliating.

Ann did meet me along with our son, when the ship pulled in. I got orders to shore duty and we bought a new house. Nine months later Ann gave birth to a beautiful dark haired baby girl. During that tour of shore duty we had a fairly normal life. I was probably better in bed than I had ever been because I was always horny thinking about Ann fucking Jack or some other man or men.

That always seemed to be my fantasy during our lovemaking, which was often. I never did get up the nerve to confront her about the possibility of Jack being the father of our first-born. When my tour of shore duty was up, I was transferred overseas. Ann and I became quite active with the other military people and their families.

Due to the fact that the bars closed very early there, it was a very common thing for the married men to have parties at their houses. It was also very common for the single men to visit their married friends with their girlfriend and a bottle. Commonly known as B&B.

One night we were at a party at a local pub with several other couples and single men, some with girlfriends and some not. When it was announced that the pub was closing, one of the sailors hollowed out "Party at Al and Ann's." Well, after an announcement like that, there isn't any backing down now.

We had to rush home and prepare the house for what was soon to come. This was not our first party, but the first one that we were totally unprepared for. The party went well and was enjoyed by all. As I recall, it broke up about the time that the sun started shinning in the back door. Which was not out of the norm.

As time went on, our house started being the favorite "party after the party" spot. It got to the point that we would have company three, four, or more times a week. It was not unusual to have a couple or three of the single sailors knocking on my door around 10:00 p.m. in the evening. Some with their girlfriends and some without, but they all brought their bottle. That was fine, as they always left their bottle and was added to my liquor cabinet.

Sometimes, when we would have company, I would have to go in to duty the next day. During those evenings, I would leave the party and go up stairs to bed. Even though Ann didn't drink, she didn't seem to mind and enjoyed entertaining. On those nights, when I would go to bed early, she would stay until the last guest left, and sometimes clean the place up a bit before going to bed. Or at least that was what I thought.

One night, when I went to bed early, I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and did not hear any party noises at all. Then I noticed right away that Ann was not in bed with me. After laying there for a while with everything quite and Ann still hadn't come to bed I began to wonder why.

I got up, opened the bedroom door, and stood at the top of the stairs. I notice a very dim light down stairs. After standing there for a few minutes, I began to hear grunting, groaning, moaning, and whispering. At this time, all my past thoughts of her fucking someone started flashing through my brain.

I started shaking and at the same time realized that my cock was so hard that the cats couldn't scratch it. My heart was pounding so that I thought the noise it was making was going to disturb them. I finally got up nerve enough to ease down the stairs to the point that I could peak around and see the couch.

As I peeked around, still not really sure just what I would see, all sorts of things was roaming through my mind. I believe that the thought of the possibility of not finding Ann in some kind of sex act was my biggest fear at that moment. As I finally focused on the couch, I most definitely was not disappointed.

Ann was laying on the couch with one leg on the floor and the other on the back of the couch. One of my buddies was in between her legs fucking her to orgasm while I watch. After I got well situated, I could make out some of their whispering. I think I just about shot my wad when she told him to fuck her harder and how much she liked fucking his big cock.

I sat there and watched the rest of their hot fucking without touching my cock, because I knew if I did, it would surely explode. As it turned out, touching was not necessary to create the big explosion. When this guy started pounding her really hard and apparently on the brink of cumming, my wife sensed it and said to him. Cum in my pussy so I can go to bed beside my husband full of your cum.

Well, with that, she started into an earthshaking organism and he started pumping his hot cum into her pussy and without touching myself, I shot a big load in my boxer shorts. After this episode, I became very aware of all the goings on and the possibilities of each and every time that we would have a party large or small.

I even began to go to bed early even when I didn't have to work the next day. Ann became more open, flirting with the guys and enjoying their company. I would watch her with one of about six of my buddies on a regular basis about two or three times a week.

Each and every one was very hot and I would usually have to maintain great discipline to keep from whacking off during my watching. Having the knowledge that she was fucking at least six of my buddies, I began to think about what they were saying behind my back on the base.

As it turned out one of those guys, Ken, worked for me. Well, I cornered him one day and told him that I was very aware of him and others fucking my wife. I also told him that was okay if he would provide me with some information.

He was a little reluctant at first, but after I told him that I could break up the whole “pussy operation” by exposing all of them and have my wife shipped out of that country. At that point he wanted to know exactly what it was that I wanted.

I told Ken that I wanted to know what the talk was among my buddies and how they were able to determine who would fuck her next. Well, over the next couple of months, Ken kept me fully informed of all of the goings on and who would be fucking her next. As a reward to Ken, I started permitting him to sleep over in the guest bedroom, which also had its fringe benefits.

Also during this time frame, I started waking up when Ann would come to bed after a good fucking. This actually started about the third of fourth time that I witnessed her fucking. The first time, as she got into bed, I pretended to wake up and roll over and grab her and feel her very sloppy pussy. First she pushed my hand away, but I immediately put it back and started kissing her, then my lips slipped down to her boobs and then I started kissing down to her tummy, she stopped me and said. “Fuck me, I’m so horny that I can’t stand it.

Well, I did just that but didn't last very long since I was thinking about all that cum from that big cock that had just fucked her. It felt so good and juicy I just simply exploded.

Once I came, I lay there for a couple of minutes and she asked, "Is that all?"

I said, “No,” as I slid down and put my face in her pussy before she could stop me. I ate her mixed cum filled pussy until she started to bucking and spasming and shouting that she was cumming. I do believe that she had a greater orgasm that she did when she was fucking that guy about a half hour prior.

This was the start of a trend. The next time Ann came to bed after a good fucking, I again woke up and placed my hand on her well-fucked pussy; her panties were soaking wet. I immediately went down on her with her panties on and she started getting so hot. She reached down and started pulling her panties down. I again ate her to a massive organism. This became easier and easier when she would bring a fuck load of cum to bed.

After I started getting Ken to give me the whole scoop as to the goings on. He informed me that Ann would tell him when he was fucking her to shoot a big load in her pussy so she could feed it to her husband.

He said. “I told the other guys and they confirmed that she would tell each of them the same. Eventually, it got to the point that she would wake me up when she came to bed and jump on my face rubbing it in until she came to a roaring orgasm.

Once, when Ken was sleeping over, he went to bed early; at about the same time I did. Later, both Ken and I sneaked down and watch her fuck the last guy to leave the party. When she came to bed, she jumped on my face and I ate her till she came to an orgasm. Then she said, “I’m going to check on the kids.” and didn't come back to bed for a while.

At that time I got up to check on her and she was in the guest room riding Ken's cock to heaven. After he had deposited his sperm in her, she came back to bed and I ate her to another organism.

As time went on, and the parties became a very common thing, my wife became bolder with her open flirting; there was never a dull moment. It seemed that I always had a hard on either watching Ann getting fucked or eating the fuck juice from her well screwed pussy, or fucking her fresh fucked pussy or just simply thinking about any or all of the above.

Once I was still up and about when the party was starting to break up. I went into the kitchen to get some water, only to find Ann backed up to the sink by one of my buddies who was kissing her passionately with her arms tightly around his neck. One of his hands was on her breast and the other up her dress.

They broke the kiss, but nothing else when they saw me. Ann asked me, “Are you still up?”

When I said, “Yes”, she asked, “Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

I simply said. “It must be as things appear to be warming up around here.” Before I could turn away from them they resumed their kissing.

Ken informed me that one of the of the black guys that was stationed with us had gotten word about what was going on and told some of the guys that he wanted some of that white pussy.

I guess they tried to talk him out of it at first, but he threatened to expose them prompting them to discuss the situation with my wife. Well, I guess that Ann was very much against it, but when she realized the consequences she decided to go along with it, but only with certain guidelines and rules. First he would only be able to fuck her after one of the other guys had fucked her and in his presence. He would also be required to be totally protected with a condom. All the time Ken was keeping me informed of the makings of this and all the progress.

I should say that at this point, my favorite porn movies have always been black on white. Therefore, needless to say, I was really looking forward to the night that I would get to see my own wife fucked by a black man.

When that night finally came around, Ken and I hit the sack early not to be around to interfere. Likewise, it appeared that the rest of the regular group decided to call it a night early except for the one regular guy, Chuck and the black guy Claude.

Well, Chuck gave her a good fucking and deposited a good load of cum in her pussy, which got it good and lubricated for what was to come next. During this time, Claude stepped out of his cloths and a very hard 12" cock came into view.

He quickly rolled a rubber on it and was ready as soon as Chuck pulled out his dripping cock. Ann looked at that monster cock and started having second thoughts about being able to take it. Claude promised her that he would go very slow and easy. When Claude started rubbing his massive cock in the lips of her pussy, she was up on her elbows watching. Then he put it to rest at the entrance and started applying some pressure.

About the time she told him that she didn't think she could take it, the head popped in the entrance to her cunt. He held it there for a little, and told her to let him know when she was more relaxed. After a bit, she told him that she thought he could push in a little more, but take it easy. As he slowly pushed it in, and as she started adjusting to that giant cock invading her insides, he started slowly rocking it in and out.

Soon she told him to see if he could push it in all the way. He did so, slowly and kept up the pressure with a little in and out motion, going in a little deeper each time till he had it in all the way. At that point, Ann told him that she felt fuller than she had ever felt in her life and that each time he moved it felt better and better.

Soon Claude was giving Ann a good fucking and she was responding with pleasure. She started saying things like, "Where have you been all my fucking life?" "That feels so good in me; no cock has ever been that deep in me before." She told him that she never wanted him to stop fucking her. She must have had at least four orgasms before Claude finally came in the rubber.

Well, after that fucking, Claude became a regular at our parties. It became very noticeable that when he walked in the door, Ann's eyes lit up. Usually, when he was there, he would be one of the ones that stayed behind and fucked Ann much to her enjoyment and choice. Also, after that first fucking by Claude, Ann did not require him to be protected ever again.

After it was quite apparent that Ann would rather fuck Claude than most of the others, some of them started getting pissed and dropping out of the fuck circle. Ann asked Claude if he would bring a couple of his buddies over, which he did.

The first time he brought two of his black buddies over and Ann saw to it that everyone left the party early except Claude and his two buddies. That night, Ken and I were treated to witnessing Ann getting fucked over and over by those three, black, well hung, studs.

Ann continued to fuck several of my buddies including Ken. I continued to eat her pussy after she had been fucked both by white and black guys. I also enjoyed watching her openly flirting with those black studs in my presence.

There were a number of times that she would be dancing with one of them while I was still at the party and she would press and rub her body against his and open mouth swap tongue kisses him, with me looking. At least once she did this while looking straight at me, knowing that I was looking at her.

On those nights that she knew that I had seen her kissing and fondling those black guys, she would come to bed after fucking one or more of them and jump on my face totally out of control, she was one hot slut.

About a month or so before I was to get transferred, Ann was diagnosed as being pregnant. Well, Ann and I had not been doing much fucking over the last couple of months due to her being so pre-occupied with other cocks. I did surely get plenty of licking on that sloppy well-fucked pussy.

When she announced that she was pregnant, I asked her, how could that be as if I thought she was on the rhythm method. She just giggled and said maybe my spit was fertile. I do know that she was very worried about who the father might be as she had been fucking those black guys almost as much as she had been fucking the white guys.

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