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Wife Gives In


Where to begin?

I guess I should start by saying that I am guilty. Guilty of being one of the many, many husbands who has such an all-consuming fantasy of wanting to watch his wife fuck another man. My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and I have had this fantasy since the night before our wedding.

I didn't know at the time of course. We married very young, she was 19 and I was 21. We married in Vegas and had a small ceremony and reception. The total guest list included both of our respective parents, her maid of honor, her aunt and uncle and their two kids, a few of her girlfriends and two of my friends.

Other than the start to a wonderful life, the events of the wedding, before and after or irrelevant other than to say the skinny little blonde I married back then has turned into an incredibly hot babe and a short conversation that took place between her an I back then sparked this lust that I have had since then. That night, we were talking about last flings and I jokingly stated that since I had both friends there, her last fling should be a threesome, to which she surprisingly agreed to, yet amounted to nothing.

Fast forward years later, and I have become obsessed with wanting to make this happen and sadly not knowing how to make it happen or with whom it should happen with. I have had all these scenarios go through my mind how it would all play out and in the end we would be happy and more in love than ever; however, how logical is that thinking? What would be the reality to those scenarios? Worries of disease if it is a stranger, worries of jealousy if it would be with a friend... all boring details, but the reality of my particular case.

My wife is in her late 30's now and an absolute knockout. She is 5'7", 125 lbs, 34D store bought tits and a tight little ass. Her hair flows down halfway down her back and has the bluest of eyes. She is a gym rat and runs 5+ miles 4-6 days a week at least. I am 6', dark brown hair, blue eyes, 195lbs and while I work out, it's not as much as my wife.

In the last year, I have been a little more suggestive with comments about not only how hot she is, but the heads she turns. Her sex drive is through the roof and I do my best trying to keep up with her. She's been a little more forthcoming with flirtatious advances she gets at the gym and out in town when running errands and I am always encouraging her to follow through with those flirtations.

In all of my suggestive comments, she would always write them off as me teasing her and that I was never really serious because I would not be able to handle the reality. As much as I wanted to believe the contrary, there was an element that she just may be right.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I joined another couple (friends of ours) to a weekend getaway of golf, dinner and relaxation in Sedona, AZ.

We arrived in Sedona Friday night, got checked in and decided to hit a local bar and grill for dinner and drinks. After more than our fair share of drinks, we closed out the tab and we all stumbled back to the hotel. Once back in the hotel, we didn't want to call it a night, so we grabbed a couple bottles of wine and headed down to the Jacuzzi. We all stripped down to our underwear and jumped in.

The other couple are great friends of ours and are in great shape. He is 6'2", with a lean, athletic build and all the wives swoon over him. His wife is drop dead gorgeous... also a blonde, but much shorter than my wife; she's about 5'2" and maybe 105lbs -- 110lbs at the most and an incredible 34D rack that fits her frame like white on rice.

As the wine flowed, it contributed to our inebriated state. We were all flirtatious and our comments were a tad bit more than suggestive. We splashed around and hands made their way around to those body parts we would never dare touch sober and the feeling of ecstasy was running rampant. My wife poured the last little bit of wine and decided to run back up to our room to grab another bottle. Jason, my friend, got out and headed to the restroom in the opposite direction of the elevator, leaving his wife and I in the hot tub. She immediately climbed up on my lap and was somewhat dancing in my lap, grinding her pussy into my pulsating cock. She steadied herself by putting her hands on my shoulder and I instinctively reached up and caressed her tits over her bra. She smirked at me and unhooked the clip on the front of her bra and let it fall to each side of her tits. What an incredible sight it was indeed. I continued to feel her up, lowered my head and took a nipple into my mouth, which she gasped the second I did. She pushed my head and hands away and guided my hand down to her pussy, I pulled her panties to the side and easily slipped a finger in her. She reached down, pulled my cock through the opening in my boxers and ran it along her slit, then stuffed it back into my boxers and got off of me. She said that her husband is on the verge of passing out and that she would sneak out and meet up with me after we all went to bed. She reached over and said she wanted my cock in her, but didn't feel that her husband and my wife would feel the same way. I of course agreed as I was so fucking horny!

Shortly after, her husband returns and says he is ready to call it a night. We head back up to our room. As we walk in, we find my wife passed out face down on the bed. Jason's wife said she wanted one more glass of wine, so Jason laid on the bed next to my wife. His wife laid on the other bed and I joined her as the three of us continued talk. Jason's wife's plan backfired as soon she was out, leaving Jason and I talking. Not long after we also simply passed out.

It was a while later that I was awoken by low moans and slapping sounds, the light in the bathroom was on and the door was cracked open just enough to make out everything in the room. Including my wife riding Jason's cock. It didn't quite hit me at first. My mind was fuzzy, still drunk and not sure if I was really awake, but I was. She had her hands behind her on his thighs and was just grinding her pussy on him with complete disregard for the noise she was making. I laid there as still as I possibly could. Jason was asking her to quiet down, which made her moan that much louder and vulgar. She begged for his cock, she wanted to be fucked hard and he flipped her over and gave her what she wanted. He threw her legs over his shoulders and pounded her pussy. My cock felt as if it was going to completely explode! I lay on my side, wanting to jerk off so bad. What I was watching was better than any scenario I had imagined. Her vulgarity added to what I was watching and never imagined her talking that way.

Suddenly, I felt a hand creeping down my boxers and stroking me off. Jason's wife propped herself up behind be to watch her husband fuck my wife's brains out. She whispered in my ear that she was incredibly horny and surprisingly not the least bit jealous watching her husband fuck another woman like she thought she would be. She said we should make an attempt to slide out of the suite and go to their room. I thought for sure Jason and my wife would notice, but Jason didn't skip a beat ramming his cock into my wife. I was mesmerized and I froze in my tracks. I just stood at the foot of the bed and watched as Jason's ass cheeks tightened with every thrust when suddenly the lights went on. Jason and my wife were startled as was I, when Jason's wife said that we wanted to watch them fuck. Jason started to apologize as my wife looked at me in horror. I looked at them both and agreed, we wanted to watch them fuck and it was hard to make things out in the dark. My wife was in a trance, staring at me. Jason just held her legs in the air with his cock buried balls deep in her. I looked at my wife, then to Jason and back to my wife and I told her that I really wanted this. I pulled my boxers down to show her my throbbing hard cock, to which she smiled, looked up to Jason and said, "fuck me Jason, fuck me hard!"

Jason slowly started pumping his cock in and out of her pussy. I moved around to my wife's stomach area so I could see Jason's cock glide in and out of her pussy. He was slow and deliberate. I was transfixed on the sight of it all. Jason's pubic area was neatly trimmed, which made the view of him sliding into my wife's bald pussy look incredible. He would withdraw his cock up to the underside of his head, then slowly push in and repeat this over and over. My wife ask, "do you like watching your wife taking another man's cock finally?" Jason's wife came over and stood next to me as was just as mesmerized as I was. She quickly dropped to her knees and started to provide some much needed relief to my cock. This must have sent Jason overboard because he pulled his cock out of my wife's little pussy, flipped her over and started to fuck her doggy style.

Within minutes, I was filling Jason's mouth with ropes and ropes of cum. I can't remember the last time I came so hard and shortly after I was on my knees, weak and light headed. Jason flipped my wife back over, threw her legs back over his shoulders and was once again assaulting her pussy like a madman. My wife soon had wave after wave of her orgasm consume her. She physically trembled from cumming so hard and seconds later; Jason is filling her pussy with his spunk. It seemed like he was cumming forever! He dropped her legs and collapsed on top of her.

I don't think my cock ever lost it's erection, Jason's wife walked me to the other bed, laid me down and straddled me. My wife looked up and over at us just as Jason's wife grabbed my cock and guided me into her hot, wet, tight pussy. She brought her tits to my mouth and as I sucked on her nipples, she grinded on my cock and was soon exploding with her own orgasm that drove me over the edge and released what felt like a fire hose of cum deep in her womb. She collapsed on top of me and we soon fell asleep. We were awoken by daylight and the sounds of my wife riding Jason again. We all spent the entire next day naked in our room, fucking and sucking.

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