tagLoving WivesWife Gives While Camping

Wife Gives While Camping


Judy and I were going to spend four days at a State Park in Virginia. We tried to set up our campsite so that it was as private as possible and close to the beach. From our tent you could see a good portion of the beach and dunes. It was a great location because we could hear the surf and had the dunes to give us a lot of privacy.

Judy wears very little when we go to the beach. She pretty much lives in her bikini - not much more than three small patches of cloth and a thin string up the back. She likes to wear a white suit that shows off her tan and becomes nearly transparent when wet so, there really wasn't much left to the imagination.

After we got set up we went down to the beach. It was late afternoon and nearly deserted. We swam and found a nice spot on the beach back by the dunes. We laid there until dusk, I was laying next to her rubbing her back. I was pretty much playing with her naked ass and was getting pretty hard myself. It was nearly dark so I climbed up on top of her and she spread her legs, I pushed her suit aside and entered her from the back. It was pretty quick because I was really horny I came almost as soon as we started. I know that Judy didn't get satisfied and was still very horny.

After a bit we walked back to our campsite and found that there was a tent at the site right beside ours. I told Judy that I would work on dinner and she headed to the showers. While cooking I got to meet the guy next to us. Pete was supposed to be there with a girl from the Navy base, but, she ended up working the weekend, so he was there alone. We had a couple of beers while Judy showered. He was sitting at our site when Judy returned wearing another very small swim suit. I introduced her to Pete and she sat cross-legged on a towel across the fire from us. I noticed that Pete couldn't keep his eyes off Judy and I could see why. Her swim suit ran up between the mound between her legs, exposing her swollen and moist lips.

We invited him to have dinner with us and he said that at least he would provide the beers and walked over to his camp to get some out of his cooler. I told Judy that she was putting on quite a show. She sorta grinned and said that it serves us right, that we should be as horny as she felt.

I had shared her with other men and thoroughly enjoyed it; although she was always very reluctant. I got the feeling that maybe this would be another night. Judy adjusted her suit so that it actually showed more. She narrowed the cloth at the top so that they were just as wide as her nipples; actually exposing most of her very lovely breasts. She had no back to her bottoms and she narrowed the piece in the front so that it was nearly completely inside her lips. If she had not been shaved her pubic hair could not have been covered. When Pete got back Judy got up and walked over to him to get a beer. She bent over to reach in his cooler pretty much putting her bare ass in his face. I actually heard the breath suck out of him!

We ate and talked while Judy continued to put on a show for us. Her cunt was so swollen that the cloth from her suit bottoms was nearly out of sight. Pete and I continued to enjoy the show. She made a point of moving around a lot. Getting things for us, picking up things, etc. She was really putting on a show.

We talked about the sunburn Judy got today and Pete said that he had some aloe in his tent and ran over to get it. When he came back he tried to hand it to her and she said she was burned on the back and why didn't he apply the cream. She laid on her towel and untied her suite top and two sides and pulled the strings away. With the thong string pulled from her butt, she was actually laying there naked for him. He applied the cream to her shoulders and back and rubbed it in. She told him that her ass was particularly sore and he applied cream there. He was rubbing her ass and she started to grind. I could tell that Pete was having a problem...his trunks were not big enough to hide his excitement!

He was rubbing her ass and his fingers were exploring. When she opened her legs he took it for an invitation and was actually fingering her in both her ass and her cunt. She pushed hard against the towel and I could tell that she was cumming. She looked over towards me with a really wicked smile. She was loving it-that she was being satisfied and that she was making me happy, too. Pete was kneeling beside her she reached up and could touch is dick as it was sticking out of the bottom of his trunks.

The fire was nearly out and we had the light from our lantern. She asked me to turn it down. I did and she rolled over and laid there totally naked. As she rolled over she bent down and kissed the head of his exposed dick and told Pete that he had better fuck her before he cums off and she misses the fun. Pete looked to me for permission and could tell I was all for it. Judy looked at me also and I knew that she was doing this for both of us. He pulled down his trunks and started by eating her out. She was so turned on that she came almost instantly. I love it when she looks right at me when she is coming. I drives me crazy! He worked his way up her stomach and as he was working on her tits she asked me to get a rubber. I reached into her beach bag and handed her one. Pete pulled up and Judy put the rubber on and told him to fuck her now. He laid back down and entered her easily.

She was so swollen and wet. Judy came at least two times and then Pete stiffened and I knew that he was cumming. He pumped harder and harder. He kept pumping and slowed. He laid on top of her and started to pump slowly again. Judy looked and me and smiled...it was going to happen again! This time it lasted much longer and they were more like animals. They both came again, Judy maybe two or three times. When they were through Pete roller over and sat up. Judy moved her position and laid her head in his bare lap. We sat enjoying the quiet and the darkness. Pete was gently caressing her body and just doing things to make Judy feel good. Some time during the night we decided to call it a night and Pete headed off to his tent; carrying his trunks with him.

Judy and I ran down to the beach naked and took a quick swim. When we got back we took a shower and I got my chance in the tent. We still had three more nights; two of them with Pete. What a great time we had!

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by Anonymous08/30/17

I like the story very much. Gave it a 5-! The SCENARIO is MY CUP OF TEA!

Hi Pete, i wish my wife & i were your neighbors next time we go camping!

Re anon 09/14/16 (respectfully): i totally agree with his comment. Hower your math is wrong: 4.55 is 5- (not 4+).

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by Anonymous07/14/17

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