tagFetishWife in Control Ch. 08

Wife in Control Ch. 08


This is the eighth and final chapter of my wife's fulfillment of the punishment poem offering humiliating punishments to atone for my inability to control my orgasm. Please read the earlier chapters for the full poem and the humiliations I have been forced to endure because of my failure. I adore and cherish my beautiful wife. She not only tells me how much she loves me but also lets me know how much she loves me by showing me. She shows her love by indulging my need for rules and discipline. She understands that a sissy needs control and must pay for messy failures. As with the previous chapters, my wife told me to let the readers know she welcomes your feedback and any suggestions you may have of further cruelties and humiliations I should suffer under her control. We have received several very creative suggestions via private email feedback. My wife says please keep them coming. She thanks you for your input, and I am both fearful of and excited by your creativity.

Maybe you just need to get straight down to it,
right to the real culprit and punish my clit.
Strapped tightly to the spreader bar.
Black stockinged high heeled legs stretched apart very far,
you torture my parts while I beg you to stop.

I arrived home the night after my evening of impaling thinking I might have the night off. My wife was leading a workshop for leaders in the community all afternoon and going out for drinks with some of her girlfriends afterward. I assumed I would be left alone to quiver with acute orgasm withdrawal. The feeling was like the DT's that alcoholics get. My wife's scrumptiously cruel sexual torture and denial had me on an erotic edge that made it difficult for me to think straight, let alone function or sleep.

As I reached our bedroom, I noticed a note on the bed. My quiet evening was not to be. The note said, "My dear sissy, tonight you will be put to the test so you better look your girly best."

The note instructed me to shower, shave, and dress in the clothes she laid out for me. On the bed, I found a black satin corset, black stockings, and black satin ankle strap platform pumps with feminine black bows on each toe. Although nervous about the evening ahead, the beautiful, sexy clothes made my stomach flutter with girly excitement. She added I should complete my look with black satin string bikini panties, worn on the outside of my garters so they could be easily removed for full access.

Titillated by the luscious lingerie she had selected, I picked up the heavy black satin corset from the bed, slid my arms through the straps and fastened the hook and eye closures all the way up the front tightly cinching my waist into a more feminine form. The stockings she had selected were black with alternating sheer and opaque half-inch wide vertical stripes from the toes up to the tops where the garters hooked. I rolled each of the stockings up with my fingers, carefully inserted my pointed toes into the toe caps, and pulled each stocking up my smoothly shaved leg and high up my thigh. Like a neat and proper girl, I carefully straightened the stockings so the stripes were straight and clipped each of the four garters to the stockings. The stockings caressed my legs with their silkiness as they pulled on the garters when I walked.

I picked up the satin panties she had selected for me, noticing the substantial weight of the black shiny fabric. I slowly pulled them up my stocking covered legs and over the garter clips, being careful not to dislodge the clips from the stockings. Pulling the panties up to my waist, I adjusted them so the heavy satin fabric cupped my cock and swollen balls tightly. My feet slid easily into the satin front of the ankle strap bow pumps. I fastened the ankle straps, and stood on the 5 inch heels to admire my sexy ensemble in the mirror. Only a fellow sissy sufferer could truly appreciate the naughty thrill in the pit of my stomach as I basked in the femininity of the beautiful lingerie, stockings, and heels. The black lingerie and satin stilettos made me feel so sleekly sexy that I almost forgot the impending punishment. I felt like a slutty, naughty girl preparing to be fucked senseless by my boyfriend.

Snapping out of the trance of exquisite feminization, I realized I had to move on with my next tasks. My wife's note commanded me to pull the locked storage chest containing all of our toys and bondage gear out of the closet, unlock it, and wait on her to arrive home. Heightened to a sharp edge by her denial and my exquisitely feminine dress, my thoughts raced with sexual imagery as I complied with her commands and waited on her return. After the longest thirty minutes in my life, I heard the front door open announcing her arrival.

I heard the sound of her high heels as she walked up the stairs. She entered the room looking strikingly beautiful in a very short blue knit sweater dress, black ribbed opaque tights, and my favorite shoes, a pair of black, almond toed oxford booties with ribbon laces and 5 inch stiletto heels. These booties are amazingly sexy. Even though she had been standing on her feet all afternoon leading the workshop and then had been out for drinks with friends, she still looked fresh and beautiful, if a bit loosely relaxed from the drinks.

"I see you found my instructions my panty slut," she purred as she put her purse down by a chair and turned to face me. "I have been thinking of the last punishment in your poem all day surrounded by women in beautiful outfits and sexy shoes that you would die to wear. If only they knew what a sissy panty slut you really are beneath your conservative business suits."

She inspected my outfit, running her hands over my corseted torso and down my legs, carefully avoiding my pantied cock, which twitched helplessly, starving for her touch.

Turning to the toy chest, she removed leather wrist and ankle cuffs from the chest. She then fastened the straps of the wide leather cuffs around my wrists and ankles pulling the straps tight before buckling them securely. She slid my panties down my leg, releasing my swollen cock to helplessly bob in the air, before she turned to the next step of my bondage.

She went to her closet and emerged with a long, heavy, wooden spreader bar made from a long 1 inch dowel with metal eye bolts screwed into each end and two more eye bolts evenly spaced on the side of the dowels with another in the middle. I felt a stirring of dread, since she chose the bar we had never used because it was too long. She clipped the end of the spreader bar to the metal ring on one of the ankle cuffs. She then moved the other end of the spreader bar to my other ankle. She stretched my legs uncomfortably wide and clipped the other ankle cuff to the spreader bar locking my legs painfully apart. I felt like I was going to be split in two as I struggled to become accustomed to my stocking covered legs being stretched that far apart. She told me to lift my feet and legs up and grab the spreader bar with my hands. I complained that I could not handle the spreader bar in that position, but she told me that I would pay for each complaint with more pain. Chastened, I lifted my legs up and grabbed the spreader bar with my hands as instructed. She clipped the wrist cuffs to the eye bolts on each side of the middle of the bar so that I was now locked with my wrists secured to the spreader bar and my ankles locked at each end.

Next, she took the black nylon rope, tied it to the ring at the center of the spreader bar, and then looped it around the cross post at the head of our four poster bed. She pulled on the rope, pulling the bar and my legs back over my head and lifting my ass off of the bed so my body was resting on the small of my back. She tied the rope to the bed post and stepped back to admire her work. I was thoroughly trussed, stretched obscenely wide, and completely exposed. My cock, balls, and ass were subject to her deliciously cruel whims. The scene was undeniably erotic, and my helplessness only served to further increase the sexual tension that infused my entire being.

She reached forward and grabbed my balls, pulling and crushing them painfully in her hand. "Looks like I have you by the proverbial balls, not that you really need them you little pansy."

She turned and left the room. I heard her heels on the wooden stairs as she descended and later ascended the stairs and entered our room. She reached forward to my ass. I could not see her hand, but felt the cool wetness of lube on my ass preparing me for an invasion of some type. After far too short of a warm up, she held up a large granite butt plug, much too large for my unprepared ass. She placed the tip of the plug on my exposed asshole shocking me because the plug was freezing cold. It now became clear that she had removed the plug from the freezer downstairs. Before I had time to adjust to the cold, she shoved the frozen plug into my tight asshole. I yelled from the pain of my asshole being suddenly stretched and the extreme cold as my sphincter ring closed tightly around the base of the hard stone plug. I was suspended helplessly and unable to escape the unyielding cold of the heavy plug in my ass.

"Shut up you little panty slut, we can't have the neighbors hearing your screams, and believe me, there will be many more screams as you pay for your dribbling failure," she warned. "We better cover your eyes so you do not scream like a girl before I even touch you."

After pausing briefly to survey the situation, she removed her leather booties, lifted up her dress, and pulled off her panties and tights. She separated the black bikini panties from her tights and brought the panties around to the side of the bed. She slipped the silky fabric of the panties over my head and positioned the crotch over my mouth so my eyes were covered by the seat of the black panties and the crotch covered my nose and mouth. The crotch was thickly coated with her pussy butter and felt warm and slippery on my lips and nose. "I have been creaming in my panties all day thinking about what I am going to do to you tonight. Your first job is to suck my panties clean."

I licked her sweet pussy cream from the crotch and then sucked the soaked cotton panel into my mouth pulling the thick juices from the fabric. The warmth of my excitement from the taste and smell of her arousal and her dirty panties nearly overcame the cold sensation of the granite butt plug chilling my very core as my body fought to warm the plug to a tolerable temperature.

"I think you need more coverage," she said as she took the thick ribbed tights and pulled the panty portion over my entire head, further surrounding me with her luscious scent. She then wrapped the legs of the tights around my head once, covering my eyes to the point where no light passed through. She lifted the panty portion of the tights above my mouth. After commanding me to open my mouth, she fed each foot of the tights around the crotch of the panties and into my mouth. The ribbed feet of the tights were very damp. They smelled and tasted salty and musky since her feet had been marinating while tightly laced in the leather booties all day. I could scarcely enjoy the perverse pleasure of this new level of submission, because she then stuffed the remaining material from the legs of the tights into my mouth, filling my mouth beyond capacity with tights before pulling the control top panty portion of the tights over my mouth and chin to secure the tights gag in place.

"Now your payment will begin," she purred as I heard her move away from me. Suddenly, I felt the sharp sting of what seemed like a thin leather belt strike my suspended ass cheeks causing me to flinch against the restraints as my scream was muffled by her tights stuffed in my mouth. Nine more lashes with the belt followed, each harder and more painful than the last. I squirmed against the bindings with each lash trying to escape the real pain as this was no Saturday night role playing spanking. With each lash she taunted me, and it became painfully clear that drinks with the girls had lowered any barriers to her dominant nature.

After a brief pause, the dull burning of my inflamed ass was replaced by the sharp sting of a riding crop coming down on my full, exposed balls. The sting of the crop was followed by the strength draining pain of being hit in the balls. "These are the root of your problem and will be punished first," she said sternly as she slapped the crop down again on my balls, generating another guttural moan of pain from my tights stuffed mouth. She applied the crop eight more times pausing for what seemed like a minute between lashes to maximize the pain, leaving me drained and sweating from the painful racking.

Out of breath from the torture of my balls, I tried to gather myself. The brief break from the crop was followed by a broad swath of pain as she repeatedly brought a leather flogger sharply down against my inner thighs, first the left and then the right. She paused, and I felt her push on the granite plug in my ass just to make sure I knew it was still there, as if I could forget a one pound stone in my ass.

I felt her toying with my cock with what must have been the handle of the crop. Amazingly, my cock was semi hard after the assault, a sad indicator of the length of my denial. I felt the leather loop hanging from the handle of the crop slide over my cock as she slid it to the base. My starved cock reacted by swelling from the attention. She twisted the crop, causing the leather loop to pull tight around the base of my cock like a snare around a snake. With my cock captured in the loop, my wife pulled the crop back toward her, pulling my cock down between my spread legs so that the head pointed toward her.

"Now your clit will pay for your lack of control." With that declaration, she brought the leather flogger down hard against my cock and the leather strips coated the sensitive head and shaft with pain as she held my cock at its most vulnerable angle. I groaned through the tights and my body convulsed against the bindings, unable to escape the painful blows.

"Your inability to control your sissy clit is particularly selfish because it deprives me of the pleasure of riding a stiff cock during your punishment. If your lack of control continues, we will have to make other arrangements for my pleasure."

With that ominous warning, she followed the first blow with another and another, until I had endured 15 lashes with the flogger across my exposed cock, each blow harder than the last. I was a sweaty mess. As I moaned for her to please stop, my cock throbbing with pain, but was amazingly still hard as it absorbed each lash of the flogger.

"Five more clit spankings for depriving me of a stiff cock for almost a month, you sissy bitch," she announced as she switched back to the leather crop and slapped it down hard on my cock and balls five more times. I thrashed against the bindings trying in vain to escape the pain. Finally, she paused again. I was spent; hanging limp on the spreader bar and rope, but my pitifully needy cock was as hard as a rock.

"You are such a selfish sissy for depriving me of the pleasure of rubbing my clit against you until I come time after time," she chastised me again. "You deserve more pussy spankings, but I have to come."

I had a flash of hope that she might once again envelope my cock with the silky walls of her pussy. How I longed for her buttery softness around me. I felt her place something under my raised ass and pull it around each of my legs, buckling the straps around my legs. She unclipped my arms from the spreader bar and tied them to the posts at the head of the bed, and allowed my legs to fall to the bed still attached and spread wide by the spreader bar. She pulled the object around my waist and buckled it in front of me. My hopes were dashed when I realized by experienced it was one of her dildo harnesses. She tightened the straps around my legs and waist. I was still blindfolded and gagged with her tights and panties and wasn't entirely sure what was happening. I felt her fasten a dildo of some type to the front of the harness resting it on my pubic bone above my hard cock. I moaned in frustration at the realization that she was going to take her pleasure on the dildo and not my starving cock.

She laughed, "Oh you silly girl, you didn't think you were going to get to put your sissy dick inside of me, did you? That may never happen again if you don't learn to control yourself."

Her taunting only served to intensify my desperation as she prepared to mount the dildo. My last hope was that my rock hard cock would enjoy the delicious touch of her ass as she rode the dildo in front of it. My hard cock did not escape her notice, however. "Hoping for a little collateral rubbing?" she teased. "We can't have that."

I felt her move off of the bed and return. I felt the cruel sensation of her place one of her leather booties over my cock, pushing the head of my cock up into the toe of the bootie. She stuffed my balls into the heel of the bootie and tied the ribbon laces around the base of my cock and balls to secure the bootie tightly in place. The weight of the high heeled bootie pulled my hard cock down between my legs, and the leather encasing my cock ensured I would feel no stimulation from her ass as she rode the dildo. The sad irony was the booties that excited me the most when she wore them were being used to deny me even the slightest stimulation from her touch.

She reached up behind my head and pulled the tights and panties off of my head, uncovering my eyes, but leaving my mouth stuffed with the feet and legs of the tights. "I want you to watch every minute of my pleasure so you will know what you are missing because of your failure to control your dribbling dick."

She climbed up, straddled my body, and slowly lowered her pussy over the huge dildo, pausing to accommodate its girth as her glistening pussy lips stretched over the head. She gasped as she slid down to the base. She looked into my eyes with lust, spread her legs so her pussy lips flattened wide over the base of the dildo, and began to rock back and forth, pressing her clit into the black leather harness covering my pubic bone. Quickly, she developed a rhythm, and her breathing became labored as she rode the dildo and exploded with her first orgasm. While she took her pleasure, my hard cock bobbed helplessly in the leather confines of the bootie,

Resting in the glory of her first orgasm, she leaned forward against my corseted body and whispered in my ear, "That felt amazing, maybe I can do without your sissy cock after all. Maybe we need to leave your pantied cock alone and let you please me with only your mouth and fingers," she purred. "By the way, I can feel the toe of the bootie hitting my asshole as I ride you. It feels wonderful. Does it bother you that your helpless cock is separated from pleasure by only a few millimeters of leather?"

Rested, she resumed her pursuit of her next orgasm, this time leaning slightly forward and rubbing her clit against my body while the dildo stretched her pussy. Meanwhile, her rocking caused the granite butt plug to fuck my ass in and out as the motion pushed the base against the bed.

As she continued to work her hips back and forth in pursuit of the next climax, she arched her back and pulled her ass cheeks apart to allow the toe of the bootie to rub her rear. All I could do was watch, warmed by her pleasure, but tortured by the absence of stimulation. She rode the dildo to two more orgasms. Exhausted, she collapsed on my chest.

After what seemed like and eternity listening to her breathing in my ear as she recovered, she whispered in my ear, "Your punishment is complete, but we have to begin your rehabilitation.

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