tagLoving WivesWife J With Her Boss

Wife J With Her Boss


My wife is a senior manager at a company while I only work in a factory. I've discovered J prostituted herself to her boss several times for promotion. The pain almost destroys me but.... I feel secretly aroused. She's a GORGEOUS little sexpot of a long haired brunette who was once a model, and now in her thirties, I never thought it would happen to me. She's 5 foot 1, slim, sexy with dark eyes like pools and little dimples when she smiles. She's a flirt, yes, but I never thought she would go so far as to do it with someone.

I'm not a submissive person at all really, but it has done something to my feelings and I think I understand the feelings willing cuckolds get when it happens now.

Her boss was constantly emailing her a few years back mostly about work, just before her promotion to manageress. Always on the cellphone to her too, and she certainly was dedicated to her job. But I got concerned at her tone of voice in one conversation I overheard... Flirtatious... And he was at this time coming to our home sometimes after hours to go through work details with her.

Often when I would be out, as I worked evenings then. Well, one night I came home early. He boss had just left, and she had just her nightgown on. There was an empty condom pack on the lounge floor, and a used condom in the shower. I said nothing about it and pretended not to notice but I felt sick. I jerked off about it a lot. Especially since I found out he was having her in the arsehole too. Made me feel worse but more excited.

I came home early another day, and I could hear voices. I hid in the hallway, and secretly watched through the crack in the half open door. J was, oh goodness, she was naked on all fours on the lounge floor, groaning loudly. Her boss knelt behind her with his big dick inserted into my wife's pussy. The new area manager was there too, with his cock in her mouth, his fingers yanking on her firm tits. Her boss's finger was poking into her brown arsehole, going in and out, and she was liking it.

I was shaking with shock but I became very aroused and I had to wank into one of her slippers she'd left in the hall. I love her cute little feet with toe rings and ankle bands. Her boss spanked her bottom hard, and she yelped and giggled as he then shoved his penis right up her arse. I felt sick seeing it just push deep in. She denies being into anal, but she seemed to want him to do it. I am so ashamed to have wanked myself in silence as he fucking bummed my wife, deep and lustily. She roared out in joy as he cum up her bum and she fucked her pelvis back and forth, encouraging him. The other guy took his place, enjoying my wife's shit hole very dirtily too, and her boss made her lick his ass. He bossed her about and verbally humiliated her as she did it, and she clutched her cunt and appeared to climax as she was boned up the brown hole again. The second guy shot his seed on her bare bum, grunting and rubbing his bell end up and down her arse crack and wiping it in her pubes.

I've never forgotten, and what I saw is in my mind whenever we have sex now. Our sex life improved as it made me so horny, but I've never told anyone, her included. We have a child now and I do wonder if it is mine or not, but I'll keep that quiet too, as I don't think she'd want me to know how she was royally had by her boss and the manager. The agreement between us is that if something like that does happen and one of us has a fling, it won't be unnecessarily discussed and we carry on as normal.

I still wank off about it to this day, and I get aroused whenever she flirts or has advances made to her by others, which happens fairly often as she is a little sexpot. I'm secretly hoping she'll let me in her bum one day. I don't know whether she would have sex with other people to give us both pleasure, but I might somehow broach the subject carefully sometime. I guess I do secretly want it, and I do have fantasies of her with other women too, like a lot of men do about their partners.

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