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Wife Loses Bet


My wife and I were out for dinner and disagreed on what the name of the dessert that we were sharing. We decided to do our usual bet which was a full night of sexual favors that the winner wanted. Well luckily I won our bet that night and I began to work on how she was going to please/serve me to pay up.

When I had it all worked out down to the last detail, I told my wife that this Saturday night she would have to pay up. She agreed thinking it might just be the typical variation to our normal sex life, was she in for a surprise.

Saturday was finally upon us and I got home before my wife from work, popped the cork on her favorite wine, pouring a generous amount for her. I then headed upstairs and started pulling out her 6" in heels, stockings and garter belt, I then found her short silky dress that barely covers her ass and is open to where you can see the bottom of her breast yet still barely cover her nipples. I was getting hard just imagining her in this sexy outfit. I intentionally left the bra and panties in her drawer as she would not be allowed to wear them tonight.

She got home and found my note that said have a couple of big sips and join me upstairs. She finally came up with half of the glass already drunk stating that the wine was perfect to start off with for the night. I told her that I had plans for an awesome night to which she started with the usual guessing of my plans. She said I bet I will be on my knees sucking some hard cock as she extended her hand to my bulging pants, and then drew ever close to my ear and finished with, and I bet there will be a hard cock pounding my pussy or ass before midnight, right?

I laughed at my inside joke of knowing how true her words were at that moment, only she thinks it will be just my cock. Bad assumption. I told her to shower and get dressed with only what has been laid out for her, that we have some place to be. My wife looked at me quizzically and I just smiled and said be quick about it.

She came down the stairs looking so fucking hot that I could of came right there with just a few strokes of my hardening cock. She was a cross between sexy MILF and slut wife. She tried to get me to tell her where we were going and I just said I will be the one telling you what and where we go tonight, you just need to obey and that is how you will please me, you are my sexy slave for the night.

I opened her car door just to watch those sexy legs spread enough to clime into the car and getting flashed by that shaven pussy intentionally. She was trying to keep some control by teasing me.

We headed to a local adult store and when I parked, she got this defeated look that her bet was going to be paid in public. I got out and opened her door helping her out as we walked to the front door. I opened that and let her walk in front of me as I checked out her ass, noticing a little more swaying. I guess my wife thought if she was going to go through she might as well play it up.

We walked up to the counter and purchased the tokens to the arcade rooms where you could watch adult videos in booths. I selected one in the middle of the rows and we walked in locking the door. I put the token in the machine and the videos lit up the room. Playing was two girls sucking a monster of a large, thick cock. There was a stool in the room and my wife sat down and unzipped my pants pulling my hard cock out. I told her to suck on it, but to not make me cum as the night was still young.

I watched the video for a while and then started to change the channels while she was still teasing my cock. I found a video of a girl getting fucked by several cocks right after each one filled her pussy with cum. Right then a rather thick semi hard cock appeared in the hole of the wall. I looked at my wife and said it needs your attention. She stroked it and then leaned over and starting blowing the cock the best way she could. I told her to get on her knees like she had projected earlier in the night when she thought it would just be my cock she was blowing.

I then spread her dress cleavage exposing her tits all the while the hardening cock starting hitting the back of her throat, my god he was thick and big. I whispered in her ear to take it all and be the cock whore that I wanted for this night. My wife tried her best and finally swallowed that monster of a cock, bulging her throat out with all of that hard man meat. I bent down and started pinching her nipples really hard as I noticed his balls pull up and I gently pushed her head against the glory hole so that his cock was buried to the hilt as he filled her throat with cum.

He removed his softening cock and my wife sat back on the stool watching the new video of the slut getting her pussy pounded relentlessly with cock and cum.

I said that I was going to go get in the booth next to us and that I wanted to feel her best cock sucking on me. I opened the door and went to open the one next to us only to find that it was occupied and already had two guys waiting to get into that booth as they had heard there was a slut giving great head in there. I smiled knowing that they were praising my wife's' abilities.

I decided to move to the other side of our booth and see if that had a glory hole and it did to which I bent down and could see my wife's sexy pussy up in the air as her head was bobbing on the strangers cock that she thought was mine. I could barely reach my hand and wrist into our booth and was touching her sweet ass which made her jump for just a moment and then it was back for my fondling. I finally got her to move her ass so that I could play with her extremely wet pussy, pushing a finger in and then two as I fucked her while she was blowing some unknown cock. I got her going real good and would just pause long enough to keep her from coming just to tease her. I slipped two fingers in her and using her pussy pulled her back closer to the my hole, which I then shoved my cock through and into her pussy.

Here my wife thought she was sucking my cock and yet somehow she was letting another cock fuck her pussy at the same time, trying to fulfill my request to be a good cock whore for me tonight. I did not know that there was barely enough room for my wife to pull off of my cock to just where the head was still in her pussy and yet the cock from the other hole would be buried as deep as it could be in her throat and then when she slid all the way back down on my cock she would just have the other cock on her lips.

I wish I had a video camera of that, and little did I know that she was blowing her third cock from the other side as the cum was dripping down her chin since she was seamlessly taking cock after cock that was presented. Oh how I love my wife.

to be continued

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