tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Masturbates For Hub And Friend

Wife Masturbates For Hub And Friend


My wife and I have a great life. I'll be the first to admit that I'm an incredibly lucky bastard, because I've seen what a marriage can be like. Some of my friends definitely aren't as blessed as I am.

We've been lucky enough to be able to spend some time exploring several fantasies we both have, and if you've read one of our previous stories, you'll already know that she's a bit of an exhibitionist.

Since first starting to model for me, she's also become a little more interested in exposing herself physically to another male, preferably a friend of ours, one we both know and can trust.

On one occasion, my wife was feeling a bit hornier than usual and suggested that we do something different that evening to get her off. I told her I knew of a way to make it really hot, but she'd have to let me take the lead on this one.

Now, we have a rather peculiar arrangement for times like this. We both like it when she exposes herself to other men. The catch is that she doesn't be the one to initiate it, and this is an important part of the fantasy - she doesn't want to be known as a slut wife or hot wife, or whatever other label you care to put on it, so she can't be the one to start anything.

We suspect it's a holdover from her rather strict upbringing. Whatever the reason, it works well for us, because she's an exhibitionist, I love letting other men see her naked, and it suits us both to have her being ever so slightly submissive.

Make no mistake, she's got a mind of her own and boy, can she be stubborn at times. In this situation, however, it seems to suit her for me to take the lead, and she goes along with whatever I say, up to and including me telling her to feel or even suck another guy's cock, in the right situation. Odd? Yes. Hot? Most fucking definately!

On this particular evening, we asked a friend over to watch the game with us. He's one of our closest friends, and we've admitted to him (while pleasantly under the influence) that she's into exhibiting herself under the right circumstances.

I'd also shown him a few of her less risque pictures over the months, mostly shots of her in a rather revealing bikini and one or two of her topless on the beach (those being 'accidental' while I flicked through the store of images on my computer).

Anyhow, he popped over and we started watching the game. Rugby, if you're really interested. By half time, and after a couple of glasses of wine, we saw that our team was hopeless, and there was no chance of a win, let alone a try, so I made a bet that if they did score a try and convert, the lady of the house would strip naked for us. The gods must have heard this, because lo and behold, within the next ten minutes they did just that.

She pretended to be mortified but accepted that a bet was a bet, so came over to where I was sitting and told me that if she was to take anything off, it would have to be me that decided how far she was to go. I didn't hesitate more than a second, then turned her to face our friend while I peeled off her t-shirt.

I swiftly undid her bra and revealed her boobs to him. All through this, she stood there, not moving except to help me take the t-shirt off. I felt her literally shaking with excitement as I exposed her tits to him.

We all stood around like that for a while, him staring at her tits and very erect nipples, her shaking like a leaf, blushing furiously and no doubt wetting her panties with excitement, and me with a raging hardon watching him enjoy her tits.

At this stage, I thought I could get her to take it to the next level, so I leaned over and gently pulled off her shorts and panties. I could see they were both very, very surprised at this, but neither of them complained. She actually helped me when I had some trouble getting the shorts unbuttoned, so I knew she was up for it.

I was hard, he was hard and from the looks of her, she was extremely wet.

The next part of the proceedings involved me asking if we could watch her play with herself.

Asked in a very quiet voice, I have to confess.

We were all surprised when she told us to both sit within arms reach of her as she lay on the couch. She opened her legs to let us look at her pussy, and then, eyes closed, she started playing with herself...

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