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Wife of the Party


After my wife Ann included Brittany, her sister, in on our marital fun one amazing night last year, there were several times when I wondered if maybe I had dreamed the whole thing. Since the threesome transpired, next to nothing was said about it even to this day. Neither girl showed any evident regret for the experience, but everything carried on like nothing had ever happened or like including your sibling in sex with your spouse was an ordinary thing.

However, it was only a matter of time before that naughty side of my wife came out again. I didn't know that fact at the time, but my sister-in-law surely did. After all, Brittany didn't seem all that surprised by Ann's proposition for the threesome we all enjoyed, and it turns out that Brittany was rather amused by seeing that side of Ann come to life. I have to say, I certainly liked it and wouldn't mind to see more of it.

Ann, of course, was a very attractive girl by anyone's standards, and I don't say that just because she is my wife. Even in her mid-30s now, she keeps a good 5'6"ish frame with all the right parts, including a nice rack and a great ass. Her dark brown hair, brown eyes and tan Italian skin are enough to catch anyone's attention, and most people know nothing of her wild sex drive, an big added bonus for me as her husband. Her sister is no slouch either. Shorter and younger, Brittany boasts an ass and boobs that are right there with Ann's, and her lighter tan and brighter brown hair made for a very attractive woman.

At the turn of spring this year, as winter refused to subside, another unexpected event occurred. It started when Brittany invited Ann and me to a party with some of Brittany's coworkers and their friends one Friday night. My wife and I didn't know anyone at this thing beside Brittany, and we were clueless as to why my sister-in-law insisted that we be there. What Brittany knew better than I was that, under the right circumstances, just a little push could bring out Ann's old wild side, which I was still just getting to know. The threesome had only served to remind Brittany of how Ann's sexuality could be awoken, and, like I already said, Ann's sister apparently derived great enjoyment from witnessing that awakening.

Of course, everything going on in my sister-in-law's head was unknown to me going into this party, and Ann didn't suspect anything either. We wondered why on earth this meaningless party was worth finding a babysitter and staying out well past the time new parents normally turn in. Had it not been for Brittany's incessant insistence, we would have made a hard pass. Well, not to get ahead of myself, but I had my sister-in-law to thank for the next wild step my marriage was going to take.

When we arrived to the party a little after 8 that night, we confirmed we knew absolutely no one there expect Brittany. Even her husband wasn't there, though it wasn't that usual for him to be working up to or even past 8 pm. Brittany introduced us to a bunch of different people, some seeming more interested in meeting us than others, and then we grazed on some snacks. The whole thing was pretty uninspiring, even considering we knew no one there.

People began to filter out noticeably by 10:30. We wanted to be two of those people, but Brittany didn't want to leave, and she was our ride. She kept parking us by the food and drinks in an effort to keep us occupied.

By 11:30, Ann and I were very tired and quite annoyed. It was way too late for us to be out at this stage in our lives, and Brittany was being obnoxious. Only a handful of people were left, mostly guys, and they were all chatting, playing pool or just doing their own thing. I finally begged Brittany to take us home, to which she replied, "Just a few more minutes. Something's about to happen."

Just before midnight, a young couple left for the night, leaving the three of us with about just six men and two other girls. One of the guys, whom we had met at the beginning of the party, said to Brittany something like, "Is that all of them?"

Brittany answered, "Yes!" Right away, the guy went over to the stereo and cranked some upbeat club music and pointed to Brittany.

"Take it away!" he said. Without a word, Brittany moved to the center of the room and began to dance while the others around her began to move to the beat as well. I, still tired and annoyed, was now confused. I couldn't help but notice, though, how sexily my sister-in-law grooved to this song, causing my mind to flash back to that one time I saw her naked.

Another guy called out, "What about your sister?" Everyone looked at Ann.

"How about another shot?" a third guy said as he walked up to us, handing Ann a glass. I looked at my wife, expecting her to refuse, but instead she seemed to lighten up. She grabbed the shot, drank it quickly and waved to me as she joined her sister on the floor, shaking her ass right along. She instantly looked like a goddess.

At that moment, I began to realize what was happening. Over the past few years, I had seen glimpses of how rowdy Ann can get when she's in the right mood, particularly when she's tired, and especially on the rare occasions that she's a little tipsy. This night was one of those moments, and it must have been something her sister had seen before. Now throw in what else I had learned about my wife over the past several months, and I knew I had reason to be excited. While I had mixed feelings about my wife's being the center of attention with all these strange men in the room, it was pretty sexy to see her dancing with her sister like that - and I had no idea how far it was going to go yet.

After just a couple minutes, everyone else had stopped, but Ann kept going to the cheers of the onlookers. Brittany had even backed away, returning only to give Ann one more drink and then head back over to me. Before she said a word, it dawned on me.

"You did this," I said to Brit.

"You're welcome, bro," she said. Of course, she was enjoying it almost as much as I at first, though she wasn't as turned on. In fact, my boner was raging in my pants, and I was so hypnotized by my wife's sexy dancing that I didn't have the presence of mine to try to hide my erection.

Then, as if what I was seeing wasn't shocking enough, Ann, without even any prompting, pulled her shirt up over her head and then threw it aside altogether, revealing her nude-colored, strapless bra underneath. It happened so suddenly that I barely processed that it occurred. I considered literally pinching myself to see if I was dreaming.

What might have surprised me the most was my feelings about the situation. I will admit that I have had some pretty sexy (or maybe "depraved" is the right word) fantasies in the past, but never starring my wife because I love and respect her. Previously, the thought of Ann as the center of attention for other men made me feel sick and jealous. Now that it was actually happening, I felt just the opposite: Ann had never looked hotter, and I was brimming with arousal.

My surprise continued to mount as Ann didn't stop at the shirt. I was speechless while I watched my wife remove her bra as well, exposing her boobs, which were welcomed with a loud cheer from the men in the audience. Part of me would have liked to have had a husband-wife chat about her decision prior to it, but my dick didn't seem to mind.

I didn't even think to look at or talk to Brittany about what was going on. To tell you the truth, I don't even know if she was still next to me at that point. My full attention was magnetized to my wife who was putting on the best strip tease I had ever seen. The fact that I was sharing this experience with a handful of other people made it only hotter for some reason.

Now that I think about it, I imagine the other onlookers must have been observing my reaction. They did know, after all, that I was Ann's husband, and I'm sure the look on my face gave away that I was the most surprised one in the room. I bet the bulge in my pants must have been pretty visible too. While Brittany assured me that everyone there was cool, I can only hope word never gets back to the wrong people!

Anyway, Ann paraded around topless for the remainder of that song while pretty much everyone except me cheered her on. I was silent, not because I disapproved but because I was paralyzed with shock and lust. When the next song started, Ann took it another step, starting with her boots and then her pants. I kept thinking that each article of clothing removed would be the last and that Ann would draw the line there. Certainly my wife wasn't going to strip naked in front of a group of strangers while her husband watched!

My wife then proceeded to strip completely naked in front of a group of strangers while her husband watched. Once the pants were off, Ann's panties followed, leaving my wife entirely exposed. She didn't stop then either. Almost immediately, Ann sat down on the floor, her legs together in front of her, and then she leaned back, lifted her legs in the air and spread them totally apart as if she had done that move a dozen times before. I just about fainted.

The guys - and even a couple girls - cheered Ann on, hooting and hollering as she spread her legs and even gently rubbed her bare, shaven pussy, her wedding band clearing glimmering as she did. At this point, a couple guys stepped forward and took some liberties that I, at last, wasn't completely comfortable with. One of them kneeled down and put one hand on Ann's right shoulder and his other hand on her right breast. Another guy held my wife's left leg in both hands, one of which began to slide up toward her thigh and beyond. I can't lie: it was pretty hot, objectively speaking, but this wasn't just porn. This was still my wife, and no one was going to shamelessly fondle her right in front of me.

"OK, back off," I said to the guys, walking over to them. Ann didn't seem to mind too terribly much that the guys were touching her, judging by the grin on her face. She did tell me later that she appreciated my standing up for her, though.

The guy on my right released Ann's leg and backed away. "Your wife is pretty awesome," said the other guy, still holding her boob. I think he was stoned.

"Yeah, but she's still my wife," I said, punching him in the arm, though not very hard, just enough to give him the idea to step away. Again, part of me thought it was sexy to see other guys clamoring over her, but I had to draw the line somewhere. In fact, by that moment, I sort of came to my senses and decided to draw the line on the whole thing, suggesting to Ann that it was time to go home. As surprisingly hot as it was to watch my wife strip in front of other people, I wasn't quite ready to stick around and watch her get gangbanged.

Ann and I gathered up her clothes to a rousing applause while the music still played. I think I heard a couple of the guys' complaining about how I had pooped on the party, but I think for the most part they understood they were lucky to have observed as much as they had. Brittany came over, long after I had forgotten she was even there, and took Ann for a quick trip over to the ladies room to help her sister get dressed. I then went out to get the car, a whole mess of different thoughts whirling through my head. Undeniably, the most pronounced was arousal. I had to be honest that I had really enjoyed what had just occurred, even though before this night I never would have imagined being comfortable with Ann's being in a sexual context involving any man other than I in any capacity.

When I got to the parking lot, I remembered Brittany had driven, so now I was waiting alone in the cold. About 20 minutes later, the two girls came out, at which point I explained I forgot whose car we took. On the ride home, Ann fell asleep while Brittany apologized for how things got out of control. I assured her it wasn't that bad and that I actually thought it was a pretty hot show. Not much else was said for the remainder of the drive.

I helped Ann, who was barely awake, into the house. She didn't say a word to me, and I knew it was because she was ashamed. She didn't need to be, but I knew we would have a chance to talk about it later. I got some of her clothes off and assisted her into the bed, and she fell asleep almost instantly.

We did talk the next morning, when Ann gave me a hug and said she was sorry for what she had done. I stopped her immediately, telling her that she didn't need to be sorry because a couple guys had no grasp of boundaries. I then told her how I really enjoyed what she did. "I think it was actually really hot how you did that in front of a group of guys," I remember saying, though it took a lot of nerve. Ann's eyes widened with those words, and we continued to talk as Ann told me just a little more about her past, only continuing the theme of my total shock. The conversation culminated with Ann stripping again, but this time just for me.

As I lay her on her back on our couch and slammed into her missionary style, Ann moaned, "Do you wish those guys were watching you fuck my pussy right now?" For the first time in my marriage, I thought that it might not only be fun to let someone else watch but maybe even join in too. I could hardly believe I had allowed that thought to take root in my mind, but now that it had, it was freeing, in an odd way.

"Mmm, that would be kind of hot," I managed as I thrust in and out of her, my flesh slapping against hers over and over again. I gave full release to the lust and arousal built up since last night, nailing Ann to the couch and entertaining these previously forbidden thoughts until Ann cried out in what sounded like an especially blissful orgasm. I pumped slowly in and out of her for another minute or two for as long as I could before pulling out and cumming hard all over Ann's boobs and stomach.

After some cleanup, we sort of resumed our conversation. Since the threesome with Brittany several months prior, Ann and I had been more honest about our sexual desires, and now the previous night's event led to more of those honest details in this talk. Maybe I will share those details in another story. For now, all I will say is I used to fear the worst about the specifics of my wife's sexual past, but when those facts came to light, they served only to advance my wildest fantasy and even further build up my wife's sexiness in my esteem.

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