tagBDSMWife Prostitutes Herself to Husband

Wife Prostitutes Herself to Husband


This is one is about a bit of role-reversal from our previous stories; My wife and I have discovered that we're both switches, and we keep swapping the dominant and submissive roles.


It was a warm evening in Leetown, where my wife and I were spending a quiet weekend. We had just finished a sumptuous dinner at the Quay, and were merrily ambling along the waterfront. As we took in the sights and sounds of the colorful city, my wife pointed out a sexy young woman who was dressed in extremely revealing clothes -- really tiny bright yellow denim shorts that showed off a sizeable portion of her ass crack from behind, and was nicely shaped in a tantalizing v-shape in the front, leaving little doubt as to the treasures contained within. She had paired this with a matching yellow bikini top that left little to the imagination, and barely covered a third of her boobs. She was quite petite, fair-skinned, being of Chinese origin, and she was prancing about the waterfront on a pair of bright yellow wedge-heeled shoes. Her hair was done up in what one might call a 'Cleopatra' style, and she had worn a really dark shade of lipstick that was complemented by a well-applied rouge and mascara.

I was quite surprised by this; we had been married for just about three months then, and my wife was in the middle of what one might call a 'possessive' phase, and the last thing I expected was her pointing out another woman. I looked appreciatively at the girl, and, as she engaged in pouting her lips and rolling her tongue at a couple of other tourists passing by, I could help burst out laughing.

"Babe," I said to my wife, "Do you realize what she is?"

"Seems quite daring, actually!" my wife replied, as she eyed the other woman from head to toe.

"Well, she's a prostitute!!" I burst out, and grinned at my suddenly shocked wife, whose expression had changed to one of surprise.

"Well, I never....," she said, turning slightly pink with embarrassment that she had been pointing out a whore to me. Then, quickly recovering her composure, she said, "Just checking to see what all you know!!!"

I was grinning like a Cheshire cat by then, and said "Babe, don't worry. I'm a one-woman man now!!"

That calmed her a little, but she quickly directed our steps away from the girl, who by now seemed to be discussing her rate with a clearly horny old man with a fat tummy and thinning hair.

As we walked through the town, my wife seemed lost in deep thought. She seemed distracted, and was giving monosyllabic answers to anything I said. Finally, I said "Honey, what's the matter? Even since we saw that chick, you seem to be all lost!!"

"Well....," she said, "I've been thinking...you did like the look of that girl, didn't you?"

Not wanting to put my foot in my mouth, I cagily replied "Well, she was nice, but then you know you're hotter than her!"

"Bullshit! You were staring at her hungrily and if it wasn't for me, I think you'd have been spending the night with her!"

"No way!! I might have stared at her, but that was because you pointed her out! Besides, why would I risk picking up some dreadful disease by doing something stupid...," I replied.

"Did you find her hot or not?" she demanded, "Answer me -- yes or no?"

"Well, yes! But..." I started, trying to wriggle myself out of what seemed to be a tricky situation.

Suddenly, she changed her tone, and cooed "Well, honey, since you like women like that, I've decided to give you a treat today -- you're going to get to spend the night with a prostitute!"

"No! No. A thousand times no....," I stammered, "You know that the only woman I've ever slept with is you and that's the way it's going to be!"

"Silly boy," she smiled, "I know that. The prostitute you're gonna spend the night with is me!!"


"Yeah, you heard me, horny boy! I'm gonna be your 'company' for tonight. What's more, you're gonna pay me whatever the market rate around here is. In advance, of course, just like you once told me how these women work!"

I stared at her, and then, quickly recovering my wits, I decided to up the ante, and said "But look at you! You're not exactly dressed like the hottest piece of ass in town. You surely can't expect the market rate!!"

"That," she grinned, "can be easily fixed. And I know just the place to go, and so do you!!"

Realizing what she had in mind, I quickly hailed a cab, and off we went to a nice little adult store from where we had sourced all our toys and other naughty stuff the last time we were in town. Once we were there, she made me wait outside and quickly ran in. She was out within five minutes, looking quite like the cat that got the cream.

We jumped into another cab, and it seemed like an eternity before we got there, though in reality it must have been barely ten minutes. As we rushed to our room, we seemed to be like a naughty pair that had sneaked away from home without parental permission!

Once in the room, she kicked me out while she got ready. As I paced around the corridor, I couldn't help wondering what kind of outfit she had got for herself. We had already been experimenting with role play, and we had worked our way through police girl, bunny, beach bikini babe, aspiring actress and many more.

"Okay, I'm ready!" she sang out, "Come in!!"

As I entered, I saw my wife perched on the edge of the bed, all dressed as a schoolgirl!! She was wearing a really short red, white and black plaid skirt, which barely covered her tight ass, and a tight white shirt that strained to hold her juicy boobs, capped by a plaid waistcoat that matched the skirt. The top few buttons of the shirt were undone, leaving no doubt whatsoever that there was nothing underneath, except her magnificent pair of boobs. She even had her hair tied back in a ponytail, and had put on a really innocent expression. She had applied rouge to her cheeks, and a bright red lipstick, and looked quite a tart.

"Wanna fuck, mister?" she cooed, pouting her lips like the prostitute we had seen earlier. My dick had already decided the answer, and was already straining and twitching against my underwear.

"Hundred bucks only," she said, as she winked at me seductively.

I scrambled for my wallet and quickly handed her all the money I had, something around three hundred and threw it at her.

"Here you go, much more than you asked. Now you'll do anything and everything I say!"

She grabbed the cash, and shoved it in between her boobs and winked seductively. "Here's the deal -- you're the school principal, and I'm the naughty schoolgirl who hasn't done her homework, and you've called me into your office to give me what I deserve"

Clearing my throat, I quickly jumped into the role. I sat down on the chair behind the study table, while she moved over to the other side, and was looking appropriately petulant.

"So!!" I growled, "Young lady! I've been getting reports that you have not done your homework for the past one week. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"Sorry sir," she stammered, "I...I just couldn't do it sir, it's my boyfriend sir, he just wants all my time and then I can't do the homework"

"Hmmph! This useless boyfriend of yours -- do I know him?"

"No sir...he's...he's actually from out of town and he's come here for the week"

"Well young lady, there is a time and place for everything. Boyfriends and all can come later. You're in school now, and that means homework. Everything else takes a backseat!!"

"Sorry sir...please just for this week"

"Sorry Schmorry!" I grunted, "You've been a naughty girl, and you know the rules of the school. Bend over and show me that slutty ass of yours"

"Sir, please sir..." she whined, as she bent over the table and I got up from my seat and went and stood behind her. I pulled up her skirt, and saw that she was wearing a sexy black thong inside, that left her rear buns all exposed. My dick seemed ready to explode as I took in the sight of her sexy ass, all ready for a spanking. Without any warning, I brought down my hand on her right butt cheek with a loud whack.

"Sorry sir!" she yelped, "I'll be good from now on....I promise"

Ignoring her pleas, I alternated strokes on both sides of her pretty ass and rained the strokes one after the other. I could tell that she was getting hornier with each stroke, for the air was ripe with her heavenly scent, and the little string between her legs seemed to be on the verge of giving up the battle with her juices!

Slowly, her ass began turning pink, and pretty soon, it was a nice, rosy red. My hands stung, and then I had to stop.

"Sorry sir," she whimpered

"I'm not done with you yet, you naughty girl!" I thundered, "Having a boyfriend at your age!! Why, the next thing you know and you'll come to school all pregnant! I'm sure you've been quite the slut, haven't you?? Letting him fuck you nice and proper?"

She merely nodded, looking crestfallen.

"I can have you dismissed from the school, you know!!"

"Sir, please don't do that!!! My parents will kill me, and they don't even know about my boyfriend sir," she begged

"And why not?? You're a disgrace to the school!! Just why should I not dismiss you here and now?"

"Sir....I'll do anything you say sir," she pleaded.

"Anything?" I demanded, pretending as if I didn't care.

"Anything....anything sir!!" she desperately begged.

"Well," I said, as I reached out and suddenly squeezed her left boob, "I suppose we could work out something here..." She stood in silence as I reached out with both hands and began massaging those beautiful orbs of flesh. I could tell she was as horny as hell, with her nipples having gone hard.

"Proper little horny slut aren't you?" I said, "Seems to me that what you need is a good fucking and not a good spanking!"

"Oh sir...please, sir, I'll be good I promise," she whined again

"On your knees now!" I commanded. She dutifully went down.

I unbuckled my belt, and there was a large wet patch on my underwear from my pre-cum. I quickly released my pole, which by then was standing proud and erect. She grabbed it with both hands and began sucking it as if her life depended on it. As she expertly rolled her tongue over my dick, waves of pleasure were rolling through me, and I let out a low moan.

"That's it, you slutty bitch! You're doing well....am sure you've been giving your worthless boyfriend a good time, haven't you"

She released my dick for a moment, and said "Oh sir, he's not as big as you are!" and then went back to her sucking. As she sucked, I grabbed her hair, and gave her a couple of hard tugs until she yelped and let go of my dick.

I roughly pulled her up, and then shoved her on to the bed. Then I quickly jumped over her and began running my hands all over her in a rough, crude fashion -- squeezing here, slapping there and rubbing her pussy every now and then. She gasped, and tried to wriggle away, but I held her tight and planted two more hard whacks on her derriere.

"Sir please sir..." she moaned

My response to this was to pull off her panties in one go. As she struggled, I roughly pinned her down, and managed to get on top of her

"Naughty bitch!" I scolded, "Don't try and resist. You know the consequences!!"

At this, she meekly nodded, and then spread her legs wide. "Fuck me, sir..."

Needing no second invitation, I plunged my rod deep into her wet, juicy pussy and pounded her like crazy.

"Oh sir...oh sir...fuck me, fuck me, fuck me" she wailed.

At this point, I completely lost control, and began ramming her as hard as I could. I could hear the slap-slap-slap sound as our bodies thudded together, and then, just as I was about run out of breath, I emptied my load into her. I could feel my dick pulsing as my hot cum rushed out into her.

I must have passed out instantly, for the next thing I remembered was waking up next morning, with my beautiful wife all curled up next to me.


Needless to say, the schoolgirl has been naughty many times after that, but those are different stories!!

Like before, would love to hear from you, dear readers. All feedback, both positive and negative, is welcome!

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