tagLoving WivesWife Requests Another Photo Shoot

Wife Requests Another Photo Shoot


This is Part 2 of "Photoshoot with Loving Wife."


About two weeks after the realization of my fantasy, photographing my beautiful little wife with a huge cock in her mouth, we were laying in bed together. We were naked, and she was giving *me* an incredible blowjob. She lifts her mouth off me, and, still stroking, asks me if I'd like to set up another photo shoot.

I smile and say sure, I'll get the camera now. (We do tons of photos of the two of us.)

"No, I mean like last time."

Oh. Last time. Last time, when it started off as a semi-innocent photoshoot, and it ended up with a blowjob. It ended up with another man filling my wife's mouth with cum. That last time.

I'm not sure if I'm jealous or turned on. My wife is asking to suck another dick again.

My head can't figure things out, but my dick just gets harder. Lana notices and smiles, as she straddles me, pointing my rock-hard, perfectly average penis toward her bare, soaking vagina. She lowers herself onto me, telling me how she wants to get some more photos for our collection. I don't even last a minute before I'm releasing inside her. She fakes a sad face and climbs off, quickly reaching for her yellow Rabbit-style vibrator.

Years ago I might've been insecure with the fact that it dwarfed my modest cock, but no more. I have what I have, and that's that. Lana is an amazing woman, and I love her dearly. I want to give her every pleasure possible. And, let's face it - 4 natural births had been amazingly kind to her body (she *still* has an amazingly flat stomach) - but it wasn't as kind to her pussy.

I would never dream of leaving her over something so trivial, but I'm being honest here. She isn't tight anymore, and that's a fact. She hasn't orgasmed during regular sex in years. When I'm done, I finish her off with a plus-size vibrator. It works, she's happy, and I'm happy.

That said, I quickly bring her to her own orgasm with her favorite toy, and we drift off to sleep.

The very next day, Lana tells me that Cliff will be over around 3 o'clock. I stifle a protest, as my jealousy flares, but my cock is rock-hard again. I couldn't be more conflicted.

Anyway, it's about 2:30, and Lana is showering. The camera is all set up downstairs. I have her clothes picked out and laying on the bed. I decided to step it up a little to make the photos more dramatic. I picked out a silky white side-tie G-string along with a very sheer, very short, black robe.

Satisfied everything is in place, i strip and hop in the shower against Lana's protests. I start telling her how beautiful she is, and how much I love her, as I run my hands all over her body. She's moaning softly, and I tell her how I can't wait to see her lips wrapped around a big cock again.

With that, I reach down to spread her legs, push her down a bit, and press my raging hard-on between her sopping lips. I slide in easily, and fuck her furiously. The dirty talk has me hot, and I don't last long. Before I know it, I'm pumping my seed into her, and she sighs ever so slightly. I can tell she wanted more. Too bad, though, because there's a knock at the door.

"Here, you finish cleaning up, and I'll get that." I say.

I hastily dry off and dress, leaving Lana to finish up. I open the door and greet Cliff awkwardly.

"Come on in and make yourself comfortable. Lana is getting dressed. She'll be down in a minute." I then repeat the rules from last time - photos only. No touching. No sex.

Cliff heads to the living room, and wastes no time getting rid of his clothes. He takes a seat on the couch, bare naked, his massive cock hanging limply between his legs.

Minutes later, Lana comes down the stairs, beet red. She looks absolutely amazing. All 4'9" of her. Her blonde hair is still damp, but my eyes, and Cliff's, are drawn to her tiny breasts, clearly visible through the robe. It doesn't even fully cover her G-string.

She makes her way to me, kisses me on the cheek, and then over to Cliff. He reaches up and unties her robe, not speaking a word. He lets the tie fall to the side, and Lana slips it off her shoulders, fully revealing her naked breasts to this man. He grasps her slightly and spins her around, getting an eye-ful of her tight, somewhat plump, adorable little ass.

Done with the eye-candy, I tell Lana it's time to begin. She drops to her knees, grasps Cliff's massive manhood, and wraps her lips around it. I begin snapping as she delivers an expert blowjob. Within minutes he's fully hard, 8 and a half fat inches.

"Stand up, Lana."

She obeys immediately.

"Turn around, and straddle Cliff."

Her eyes plead with me. I smile and say "Trust me." It's about now that I notice the wet spot on her panties.

She straddles Cliff, and I order her slightly lower. She's hovering with the head of his cock just inches from her.

"Lower. Bring his cock against your G-string. It'll be amazingly hot."

Trembling, she does exactly that.

"Yes, that's it. Grind on it a little bit."

Finally getting into it, Lana starts to grind her silk-clad pussy on the head of Cliff's massive cock. At some point, he wrapped his hands around her waist and started helping, pushing her down.

I look closely at the point of contact, and I watch as Cliff's cockhead pushes my wife's panties inside her, and his cockhead disappears momentarily.

*I do not want this.*

My wife's pussy has only ever felt one cock, and that's mine. Until now, if you count that. I don't know if I do, but my own cock is straining to get out.

"Lana stand up."

She scrambles to her feet, turning red again, realizing what she was doing.

"Are you ready for the really hot photos?"

Yes, she breathes.

"Untie your panties."

She doesn't even hesitate as she unties her panties on each side, and pulls them off. Her hairless pussy glistens with moisture.

"Now, I want you to sit on Cliff's lap, with his cock in front of your pussy. Remember, it's all innocent."

Lana is trembling once again as she gets into position, grasps Cliff's manhood so it doesn't go astray, and lowers herself onto his lap, facing away from him. When she's fully down, her pussy is setting on the lower part of his cock, as it sits in front of her. No doubt he can feel the burning head and wetness, driving him crazy.

Before I can even order her to grind on him, she starts to, rubbing her pussy up and down the lower part of his cock. His hands are quickly all over her, roaming from her sides, to her back, to her neck, to her precious tits.

Snap, snap, snap, goes my camera. I'm pretty sure my cock is going to explode. I should be angry. I should be jealous. I am jealous. I also want more.

Do I want this man to fuck my wife? My previously *virgin* wife? I...


What is wrong with me?

Lana, meanwhile, is moaning wildly as Cliff works his magic on her tits. He's kissing her neck, when suddenly Lana arches her back and cries out as her first orgasm of the day washes over her body.

"OH God oh God oh God" she cries out nonsensically.

Without direction from me, without anything, my faithful, beautiful, perfect wife stands up, grabs hold of Cliff's cock once more, and points it straight up as she lowers herself.

Before I can even register what's happening and scream NO, the head of Cliff's massive cock is already stretching my wife's perfect pussy wide open. She's moaning nonstop as it starts to disappear inside her, stretching her wide.

I'm snapping photos as fast as I can, and quickly this massive cock is buried completely inside my wife.

My. Wife.

His hands are wrapped tight around her waist as he lifts her up and down, and she moans louder and louder, quickly reaching the crescendo of her second orgasm. She goes limp for a moment, while Cliff continues to lift her up and down, quickly approaching his own release.

"MMM Ahh you can't come inside me." she manages to get out.

Cliff, being the good guy that he is, agrees, and moments later, lifts her swiftly off his cock, and places her on the floor, her face next to his cock. He gives it a quick couple strokes and unleashes a flood of semen all of her face.

He came all over my wife's angelic face. She took what she could in her mouth, but it was everywhere. Cheeks, chin, forehead, hair.

Quite satisfied, Cliff dresses while my wife lays there limply.

He thanks us, Lana especially, and as he's leaving he says "Oh, don't forget, Raquel and I are expecting you two lovebirds for dinner tomorrow."

Because that won't be awkward.

As soon as Cliff is out the door, my pants are off, and I stuff my raging hardon into my wife's perfect, stretched-wide pussy. I look at her beautiful, cum-soaked face, and last less than a minute before spraying her insides with cum - the only man to ever do that.

At least I can still say that.

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by kiteares09/07/18

I don't want this

Yes you do or there wouldn't a 2nd part.
Accept you are just the life support machine for Cliff's 2nd cnut and all will be well in the world.

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