tagIncest/TabooWife’s Fantasies

Wife’s Fantasies


Natalie my wife of just over two years now has at least to me some strange Fantasies. She likes to tie my hands and legs to the bed posts and put a mask over my eyes and have wild sex with me like I'm a prisoner in a dungeon. I have to admit it has become very sexy even for me.

My wife's mother, Sandra, and her share the same birthday. Her mother a widow of ten years now looks more like an older sister than a soon to be 42 year old woman. She is hot! When she comes to visit if I'm not careful either watching or thinking about her I will get a hard-on.

Since their birthdays were on the same day my wife had invited her mother over to celebrate together. She also asked me to pretend I was very sleepy around 9:00 PM that way I could get in bed, naked of course and tie my legs to the bed posts so she could get the birthday present she wanted.

Sandra my mother-in-law seemed a little nervous all through dinner. When I'd gone into the kitchen earlier that evening I heard my wife saying to her mother.

"Remember mother you promised to do it for me." Natalie said to her mother.

"I will keep my promise to you." Sandra said to her.

They both shut up very quickly when they saw me. Both also showed from their faces they were embarrassed too. So I didn't ask any questions.

By 8:45 PM I was getting excited about the birthday present my wife wanted so I pretended to start yawning.

"Oh I'm so sorry about that I guess I'm more tired than I thought." I lied.'

"You do look tired dear. Maybe you should go to bed. He does look tired doesn't he mother?" My wife said.

"Yes, he does." My mother-in-law said looking even more nervous than early this evening.

I got in bed naked as requested and tied my legs to the bed posts. About two minutes later my wife came in the room and tied my hands and put the mask over my eyes.

"I'm going to talk to my mother for a few minutes before she leaves then I'll be right here for my present." She said with a little giggle.

After about 25 minutes she came back.

"I hope you're ready for a real horny woman because you're going to need all your strength tonight!" She said as she approached the bed.

She started to suck my cock. After two times of a deep throat suck she stop and she repositioned herself. Again starting to deep throat me, I could tell she was in a hurry to get to the fucking part. She soon positioned herself and slowly lowered herself on my cock. She felt tighter than normal I guessed she was pretty horny. She was riding my cock faster and faster and I could tell from the trembling of her pussy around my cock she would have an orgasm very soon. As her muffled scream of her orgasm came I also came deep inside of her. A minute later she repositioned herself over my mouth.

"Now you've made a big mess of my pussy so you'll have to clean it up." She said as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I started to lick her pussy lips and her clit.

"Fuck my pussy with your tongue." She said in a whisper.

I did so and I could feel her pussy vibrating with pleasure. It was like she hadn't had sex in years instead of just last night. She was making my cock grow harder than even before.

"Tongue fuck me deeper, lick my clit, faster, please do it faster." She said.

And I did this now.

"Oh God I'm going to cum, God I'm going to cum again!" She was screaming.

She was stroking my cock with her hand by that time. Wait she couldn't reach my cock facing the way she was! At that moment a mouth started sucking my cock! That person quickly changed position lowering their pussy on my cock and pumping it in and out very fast. My mask was pulled off my face and I was looking up at Sandra, my mother-in-law just as she started to cum in my mouth. She also pulled the slip knots holding my hands so they were free now. I immediately placed them on her hips and pulled her deeper into my mouth as she came hard. Followed by me filling my wife's pussy with my second load of cum for that night.

My wife laid down between my legs and Sandra turned around and started the lick Natalie's cum soaked pussy and from the way Sandra was trying to put my cock back into her pussy I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to fuck her some more. So I got behind her and did so. We all came together and collapsed on the bed. We would go to sleep my wife on one side of me and my mother-in-law on the other side and I could hear Sandra half asleep quietly saying 'Thank you, thank you' in my ear.

A week later Sandra, my mother-in-law, moved in with us. Not in our spare bedroom but in our bedroom, in our bed. A month later Sandra told us she was pregnant. This I think made my wife a little jealous so for the next month she went crazy with our sex time and a month later she too could say she was also pregnant.

Five months later Natalie's sister, Veronica came for a visit so she could find a place to stay as she wanted to get away from her ex-husband who she divorced over a year ago. She too was a knock-out and she was also pregnant a month later and we than had two king sized bed in 'our' bedroom. Two years all three were again pregnant and the spare bedroom was the nursery for 'our' children. My wife and sister-in-law would have one more of my children later, my mother-in-law by then was no longer able to become pregnant.

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