tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Says Go Show It off Pt. 01

Wife Says Go Show It off Pt. 01


"Come on, you know you don't have to do it if you don't want to, just come along to keep me company," I said.

"I've told you I'm just not comfortable; you may think that place sounds like a great time but I'm just too shy, even if I'm covered up seeing all those other people is more than I'm up for" my wife told me.

This spring was pretty much the same discussion we'd had for a few years. My wife Heather just couldn't be talked into a day trip to the clothing-optional, adults only campground that was about an hour away from our house. I'd been dying to give it a try, and was even willing to let her keep her clothes on the whole day if she'd just go along with making the trip and letting me get naked. Neither of us had ever gone to any kind of nudist location, but I'd had fantasies about it forever. We had a great life, a great marriage, but I wanted a bit of excitement and it had been a long time, since before we had been married or dating, that anybody other than her had seen me naked.

"OK," I said, "you know I'll respect your feelings but you can't blame a guy for trying!"

"I don't blame you for trying", she told me, "so why don't you go up there for a day?"

I wasn't entirely sure I'd heard her correctly, or if she had said what she really meant to say.

"Why don't I go up there for a day? You mean make a trip by myself?"

"Sure," she said, "You've been asking me to go for like three years and I'm just not going to go for it so take a day, go try it out, and see if you really like it."

I absolutely couldn't believe what I was hearing. My beautiful, amazing wife was actually inviting me to go take off my clothes at a place that I'd get to see nude women.

"I'm honestly really surprised to hear this," I told her, "but if you're really OK with it I'm going to go on the first warm day I can get away. It really doesn't bother you that people are going to see me naked without you along with me?"

"I'm not concerned about you being looked at," she said, "or about you looking because I know I can trust you not to do any touching. To be perfectly honest I think it'll embarrass you enough to convince you to give up on this and stop asking, but either way it's something you really want to experience so I'm OK to let you give it a try."

A few days later the weather was warm and sunny and I had a chance to get away from work to go on my adventure. It had to be a weekday as the resort was couples only on the weekends, but I was more than excited to have the experience. A phone call to get details had only done more to excite me about the experience as I discovered that the whole property was clothing optional and, being lifestyle friendly, there were no rules against men having erections, which was something about traditional nudist resorts that had always seemed a bit strange to me.

That morning my wife was heading out to work and had greatly enjoyed the few days she'd been able to tease me about my upcoming exposure. Just before she left she gave me our usual kiss goodbye to start the day but then, in a very different start to our day, put her hands on the sweatpants I had slept in and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles.

"You're going to be late to work if we do this," I said.

"We're not doing that," she said with a silly grin on her face. "I just wanted to be the first one to have a look today. After all, who knows how many women are going to see your penis between now and when I get home."

With a smile and a wink my encouraging, teasing wife turned and left while I was standing in our kitchen naked from the waist down and wondering exactly that, how many women were going to see me naked today?

I changed into shorts and a t-shirt before leaving and took the hour drive to the resort. It seemed that every mile made me more and more nervous and when I saw the exit sign off the interstate it was enough to nearly make me chicken out and change my mind. I of course couldn't do that as I had been asking for this chance for so long that I just couldn't give up and prove her right that I didn't really want to go showing myself off. I had to go through with this, and once I got there I had to get naked.

The resort was about 5 miles off the interstate, and every stop sign seemed to be a test of my willpower to make the correct turn and keep getting closer to my adventure. I finally turned off the road to a gravel trail that led back to the resort and when I passed the sign warning that from that point on I might encounter nude sunbathers I knew I was at the right place. The little gravel road led straight to the main lodge, where I knew I needed to check in, so I parked and headed into the office, still clothed and somewhat excited by the prospect of getting a look at the lady I had talked to on the phone working naked.

Walking into the office I was a bit disappointed to find out that the staff wore clothes while they were on duty. The two women in the office, both in their 40s and reasonably attractive if a bit more curvy than what would be considered perfect, were in staff t-shirts and shorts, which was a real shame as both had nice sized breasts and curvy hips that promised great butts to show off. But, I was there, I had to check in, and I was sure there would be nudity in other places.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Chris, I called a few days ago about a day visit."

"Oh hi," said the taller of the two ladies, "I'm Jess and I remember talking to you on the phone. This is your first time at a clothing optional place, right?"

For some reason the question made me blush as it reminded me that I really was going to take my clothes off in the next few minutes, but I managed to say, "Yeah, that's me. I guess once I get checked in I'll find out if I'm really up to do this."

"Don't let it worry you too much," she said, "everybody's nervous on a first time but you'll love it once you do it. Just fill out the form and we can run your card for the day fee and then give you a tour of the place to get started."

I managed to keep my shaky hand enough under control to fill out the guest form and tried to ignore the little hint of a laugh from Jess when she took my credit card that was bouncing a bit in my fingers from my nerves. "OK," she said as she handed my card back, "you're set up for the day and I'll give you a tour so you can see where everything is."

What happened next was one of those times when you see and hear yourself do something as if you're not really the one who's doing it. "Can I take the tour naked?" I asked her.

Jess and her co-worker both broke out in big smiles and Jess said, "Sure, I guess you're really ready to jump in with both feet! Just toss your clothes in the car and come back to the office and we'll get started."

At that moment I realized that I'd just committed myself to walking stark naked into an office in front of two fully dressed women, and that one of those fully dressed women was going to spend an extended time with me walking me around the resort and likely meeting other people. My mouth had gotten away from me and gotten me into something that I didn't see a way out of, as chickening out would probably be funnier to them than seeing me naked. They did work somewhere that was full of naked people every day, they probably didn't care if I was naked or not, or so I told myself.

The walk to the car seemed like a long one, and unlocking it I pulled a towel out of the backseat and prepared to leave my clothes there. I pulled my shirt off, which felt fine. I undid my shorts, dropped them, stepped out of them, and put them in the car, leaving me standing there in just my boxers. At this point my heart rate seemed dangerously high and the churning of my stomach was almost unbearable, but I took a breath and pulled off my underwear and was suddenly standing there in a parking lot totally naked. I tossed my boxers in the car, shut the door, picked up my towel, and started the walk back to the office where I knew those two nice ladies were going to see me naked.

The walk back to the office seemed even longer than the one to the car, and while I was very aware of the warm sun on my skin that never got direct sunlight I was even more aware of my penis bouncing with every step, knowing that it would be bouncing and wiggling throughout the tour I was about to take, somehow making me feel that much more exposed.

Turning the corner into the office I got the biggest shock of the day as there were not two, but three fully dressed women now sitting there. The third was a pretty young redhead, thin, small breasted, with curly hair a bit past her shoulders, and when she saw me her eyes immediately dropped to look at my privates and her face flushed almost as red as her hair.

"Oh," said Jess, "I forgot to mention that we have Scarlett here today. She's a college student interning with our bookkeeping service and is taking care of some paperwork for them. It's her first time here and I think you're the first nude visitor she's seen. Don't worry Scarlett, Chris is a first-timer here too!"

I smiled, nodded, and said hello, having no idea of exactly what the right protocol was for standing naked in front of a cute college girl who hadn't come to work that day expecting to see a naked man walking through her office. I was glad at that point that I was active and kept in shape, and while I wasn't going to be on the cover of Men's Health any time soon I was reasonably lean and well muscled, with a flat stomach that seemed to always be just shy of getting to that six-pack definition that everybody wanted. I then noticed that I must have been in good enough shape to attract attention as I clearly saw Scarlett having a reaction to my exposure, with her hard nipples very visibly sticking up under her shirt.

Almost immediately I saw her eyes go wide and her mouth drop open and I looked down to see my penis rising to point straight at her, then keep going until it was sticking straight up and pointing towards the ceiling. Yes, standing stark naked in front of three fully dressed women I had just gotten an erection while they watched. I started stammering trying to say something intelligible, but thankfully Jess stepped in to save me.

"Why don't we get this tour started," she said. "I'm sure Chris is ready to take a look around."

With that she came around the desk and I followed her out the door, grateful to be able to turn around and just bare my rear end to the college girl rather than stand there any more with erection sticking up and demanding everybody's attention.

"I'm sorry about, well..." I started with Jess.

"Don't worry about it," she said, "it isn't unusual for newbies and as a lifestyle resort we see folks in your state walking around sometimes." She giggled her way through the last comment saying, "It was a bit of a shock for Scarlett though".

Being a weekday the resort wasn't very busy and early in the day the clubhouse, the first part of our tour, was empty. I had soon relaxed and was back to a normal state, which was surprising as I was walking around nude with my fully clothed tour guide, but I felt like maybe I was getting used to the experience. Finishing up at the clubhouse we walked out to the pool where there were a couple of ladies sunbathing and a couple at the other end of the pool deck. The couple was completely naked while the pair of ladies were topless with bikini bottoms on.

One of the topless ladies said hello to Jess and asked if she was showing a newbie around.

"I sure am," Jess said, "this is Chris and it's his first time here and his first time going nude!"

"He's already naked to take the tour?" she asked. "You're a brave one - good for you!"

"Well," I said, "I'm enjoying it but it was a bit of a rough start."

"When he came back to the office without his clothes our bookkeeping intern had come in," Jess said. "Standing naked in front of that cute little college girl got him a bit excited so she really got a show."

That got all three of the women laughing, and I couldn't help but notice the bare breasts jiggling a bit as they laughed at my predicament, but I focused on trying to keep myself under control rather than have a repeat performance of what had happened in the office. The lady who had been talking to us, maybe late 30s with an average build and medium breasts, then announced that it was already getting warm and she was going to take a dip to cool off.

With that she stood up, dropped her bikini bottoms to reveal that she was fully waxed, and turned to step down into the pool showing off a somewhat chubby but still very nice rear. At that point I started getting a bit stirred up, and the next thing I knew I heard her say from the pool, "I thought that would get us a repeat of your office experience!"

With that her friend looked over and Jess looked down and I found myself naked, hard, and being looked over by three women again, although at least I was getting a nice view of some naked ladies this time. I was beginning to realize that it would be a day of more exposure than I had counted on, but so far this trip had been the best thing I'd ever done for myself...

...to be continued...

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