tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Shows Off at the Poker Party

Wife Shows Off at the Poker Party


In my continuing quest to show off Sam to as many guys as I could this event was part of what happened several years ago.

I'd talked to her about a couple of different ideas for future showing off , and much to my surprise she wanted to keep this level of sex play within our house and not in public or some other place. This is contrary to how she'd previously felt about being exposed as she wanted it away for our place and life.

Since she feels safer within the confines of our house she seems to be more willing to accommodate my wishes. One of the ideas I'd put forth was to have her as a nude, or topless, waitress for a card game or something at the house. She seemed to think this would be okay, after lots of asking and reassurances from me, so I finally set it up.

I still thought that I would like to see her fuck someone in front of me, but knew that would have to wait until the future. For now take whatever was offered.

Since it takes four men to play cards I invited Terry to also come over and become part of the group. I finally got it set up with everyone and on a Friday night they all showed up. Sam had agreed to be the hostess for the evening with the promise that nothing would happen. She was dressed in a little black lace outfit that was bra and panty, garter belt and stockings.

I think that the guys were hoping that she'd meet them at the door completely nude, but she wasn't ready for that yet. While we sat around the kitchen table playing cards and watching a ball game Sam kept on working at keeping the glasses filled and the food supplied.

After about1/2 hour of this I asked her to come over to fill my glass and when she did I reached up and unhooked her bra. She very submissively let it fall off her arms and onto the floor. Terry just about blew it all then as he picked it up and started to make some wise crack about the A cup size.

Bill reached over and slapped him on the mouth so he quickly shut up. But because of that comment it took Sam another half hour to come back to the table where we were sitting. By then the others were cursing Terry for ruining their evening so he began to ask me, them, and finally Sam for forgiveness for his loud mouth. It seemed to work as she came over to stand along side of me and let me take off more of her clothing.

While she stood beside me I unhooked her garter straps one by one and slide them under her panties before reattaching them. I took as long as I could doing this, and every one seemed to be getting a little tense at this point.

Sam was starting to shake a little bit by now, I couldn't tell if it was from nervousness or excitement, and later I found out neither could she, so I quickly pulled down her panties so she could step out of them. Now her nice white ass and recently trimmed pussy were exposed to three other men and myself. She looked good!

She seemed to get relief from keeping the food and drinks coming, so for the next hour or so just kept the glasses and the snacks full. As she walked around I could see that each of the men took chances to rub up against her by "accident." When she didn't say anything to stop them they got a little bolder and after awhile began to actually rub her ass and fondle her tits a little bit while she served them.

I didn't say anything either as I wanted to see how far she would let it go, and soon found out, as Bill tried to reach between her legs and touch her pussy she slapped his face very much like he had slapped Terry a couple hours earlier.

At that point the evening seemed to have ended so I told Sam thanks for being such a lovely naked hostess, which was echoed by the others. Jimmy started to whine about wanting more time but Sam and I ignored him and she went upstairs to the bedroom.

Everyone left within a few minutes, and by the time I got to bed Sam had already gotten in bed and had shut off the light.

It took some coaxing but she eventually began to talk about the events of the night. I had to ask lots of questions to find out what she really thought, and not just the "I really only do this because you make me" responses.

She finally indicated that she didn't mind that they were touching her, and that it even felt "pretty good" to have two different hands reaching out to touch her ass and tits at he same time. With that I was content and rolled over to go to sleep with dream of what would happen next time.

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