tagBDSMWife Stripped While Husband Watches

Wife Stripped While Husband Watches


Wife stripped naked and forced to have sex, while husband watches.


"Are they gone?"

"Yeah, Molly, I just showed them out to their car."

"Oh, my God, Roger, I'm shaking, I'm so wet. I thought I was going to cum, when you pulled me over your knee, pulled up my dress, pulled down my panty and spanked me in front of them."

"It was my pleasure," he said with a lusty laugh.

She looked up at him with lust.

"Fuck me, Roger. Fuck me good. I need to cum."

"Right here? Right now? I'm not even hard, Molly. I think I had a little too much to drink and that head butt you surprised me with gave me a headache."

"Oh, poor, baby. I'm sorry," she said rubbing the bump on his forehead, "but they bought that, didn't they?"

"They sure did," he said laughing. "They were crazy with lust for you. You put on quite the show."

"How can you not be hard with all that you just saw?" She reached out her hand and fondled his cock through his bathing suit. "Don't you want to fuck me, Roger," she said teasing his cock with her fingertips. "Oops, someone is getting excited," she said.

"I'm excited thinking about the pillow talk later, Molly."

"Pillow talk? Fuck that! Why talk about it, when you can have the real thing," she said lifting up her dress and removing her panties.

With one tug, she pulled down his bathing suit to expose my cock. Then, she wrapped her fingers around him and stroked him, before she leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

"Good golly Molly."

"I hate it when you say that, Roger Dodger," she said removing his cock from her mouth to scold him.

"Sorry. Okay, we're even," he said with a laugh.

"I need to make you hard, really hard. I'm still so very horny, after our sexy scenario."

"I can't believe you're still horny after both Bob and Jack fucked you and then you blew the both of them."

"What can I say? I'm an insatiable slut for your cock, Roger."

With her head moving back and forth, as if keeping the beat to the AC/DC hard rock band, Molly started sucking him like a thousand dollar call girl.

"Holy, shit. Take it easy. You've given me a lot of blowjobs, but never one like this. Oh, my God, suck my cock, Molly, suck it."

"Yeah, well, don't get too comfortable and put a hand in back of my head," she said removing his cock from her mouth to speak, "because I need you to fuck me with this steel rod, Roger."

And he did and they did. He mounted her right there on the chaise lounge and fucked her hard in the backyard. Once they were both sexually satisfy, they went inside to have their pillow talk about the sexy events of the evening. Yet, let's start from the beginning.

Let me go on record to say that I, Roger, love the summertime. The summer is my favorite season. The summertime is when my second wife, Molly, and I do all of our sexy summer loving, teasing, and role and game playing. Barbeques and pool parties with friends and family in the backyard drinking alcohol and being naughty with up skirts, down blouses, and touchy feely in the pool, I live in wait for the good weather. The summertime is when my wife and I can play out our sexual fantasies without anyone suspecting us being the naughty, sexually depraved perverts that we are.

Before we upgraded to more daring sexuality that borders on swinging, our favorite things to do were minor then, in comparison to what they are now. Immature and amateurish child's play to us now, oops and accidental nudity were our norm. Playing around in the pool and in and out of the hot tub, with their horny hands hidden by the water, our friends and neighbors took liberties by touching my wife's hot body. While she felt a few cocks herself, I had a bit of fun with the neighborly and overly friendly wives. With the alcohol freely flowing, we've had a lot of sexy, hot summertime fun.

If the oops, accidental nudity, and touchy feely wasn't enough, the pillow talk, with us verbalizing our secret fantasies has inflamed our sex life to boiling. Asking her if she'd do this friend or that friend, while she confessed to me which one of her friends would do me, was always our favorite bedtime topic.

"So, tell me Molly, if you could, without their wives knowing, of course, who would you have sex with Jim or Gary?"

"Gary, he's hot, but I'd really love to do Paul."

"Paul? Really? Why him?"

"He's sexy. I like his hairy hands, deep voice, and his bald head," she said with a laugh.

"Who would you want to see me with?"

"Oh, that's easy. I can see you with Julie."

"I'd do Julie, if I could. She's hot, but she's so young."

With our sexy antics in mind, the passionate sex we had later was outrageously exciting, even more than when we were newlyweds and on our Honeymoon.

Perhaps, it's because we are an older couple and just don't care what others think, so long as it doesn't ruin our reputations. Perhaps, it's a hormonal change. Perhaps, because it's the second marriage for both of us and now that our children from previous marriages are grown, we don't have to worry about taking care of others, just us. To be honest, we've never had as much erotic fun being so sexually wicked as we do now.

Because of our solid reputations, we're able to get away with more when exposing ourselves, especially her, to our unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors. Only, after years of oops and accidental nudity, taking it to the next level, now we have the real need for something more deeply sexually satisfying, if you know what I mean. Seriously, how many times can Molly lose her bra and flash her tits without people suspecting that she's doing it on purpose?

"Oops, don't look. I lost my top," said Molly putting down a tray of drinks to retrieve her popped off top. As if horny teenagers, every man and some of the women turned to stare at Molly's exposed tits.

How many times can she flash her panties?

"Molly, every time you sat in that short skirt you flashed Derek and John your panties."

"I did? Oh, my," she said with a sexy laugh. "Were they looking?"

"Looking? You bet they were. Only, leering is more the word. If you parted your legs, Derek would have dived between them and licked your pussy through your panty."

"Oh, Roger, you're making me wet."

"It didn't matter if your knees were cemented together with glue, they could still see your white panty over your thighs."

"Well, that was our plan, wasn't it?" Molly laughed her sexy laugh.

After a while, plain old fashioned flashing becomes old hat. We needed to build up the ante to stoke the flames of passion to a higher heat. The only way we could do that is with sexual acts, but we couldn't be fucking our friends and neighbors and still maintain our reputations in this small town.

I'm a dentist and she's a psychologist. Respected in the community, we have a reputation to uphold. Besides, what will our neighbors, friends and family think, learning that we're both just a couple of sexually depraved perverts? Eventually, after we retire, we'd like to move to a warmer climate, where we can have some sexy, summer fun all year round, a place where no one knows who we are. Hawaii or Bali would be perfect, maybe even the Florida Keyes. In the meantime, we're stuck here in our bedroom community trying to invent new sexy scenarios to play our sexy games on new and unsuspecting victims without having anyone realize they are just pawns in our sexy games.

I love my wife and she loves me but, after being married long enough that we're bored having the same old sex, we both have sexual needs that can't be satisfied within our marriage. Since this is our second marriages, we know the pitfalls that can befall a couple, especially with regard to sex and intimacy, and especially the lack thereof. With a renewed libido, now is the time for us to experience our sexual fantasies and to spice up our sex life.

"What's your fantasy, Roger?"

"My fantasy?" I looked at Molly and smiled a dirty smile. "I'd love to watch two guys strip you naked and tie you to the bed, while I sit in the corner sipping a drink and watching them have their lusty way with your hot, sexy body. I can only imagine the pillow talk we'd have later. I can only imagine the hot sex we'd have later from the pillow talk of our sexual antics."

"I can do that, lover, except for being tied to the bed. I'd be terribly claustrophobic," said Molly.

Only, I knew my fantasy wouldn't work anyway. It would ruin our reputations. With me watching and doing nothing to help my wife save her innocence, the perpetrators would know that it was all prearranged and we can't have that.

Still my fantasy endures. It was exciting to imagine Molly blindfolded and feigning to fight them off, while she pretends not to know that I'm in the room watching. Overwhelming her, the scoundrels are too strong for her to resist them and they strip her naked, before tying her to the bed and spanking her.

That fantasy of her being powerless and so helpless to stop the attack makes my cock hard just to imagine two guys spanking her and disciplining her in a sexy way, before and after stripping her naked. I'd love to see them punish her, not hurt her, of course, when she resists and reward her when she does exactly what she's told to do. I'd love to watch her forced to blow one guy, while the other does her doggie style or watch one guy eat her pussy, while she's forced to blow the other sexual assaulter.

Even though she knows I'm there, of course, having them blindfold her, so that she pretends she doesn't know I'm in the room watching is my best fantasy and our best bet to preserve our reputations. For her sexual assaulters not to realize the entire thing is prearranged, I'd have to hide somewhere or watch via a hidden camera from another room, perhaps, to make the fantasy work. Yet, without me there to protect her, what if something went wrong? What if the men really hurt Molly? Our pristine reputations cannot afford to have people talking about our sexual peccadilloes and outrageous sexual fantasies later. Should something bad happen and the police intervene, we cannot afford a scandal.

Still, I get so excited when I imagine her struggling. My cock stiffens when I imagine her screaming. I want to rip her clothes from her sexy body myself, when I imagine her kicking and squirming, while trying to escape her attackers touching her everywhere.

I imagine her trying to defend her honor, as best she can, but without success. I imagine them stripping her naked and slapping her around a little, not too hard, of course, when she resists. Then, after they've had their lustful way with her, after they've satisfied themselves and satisfied her, they make her their bitch. Oh, my God, that's such an exciting thought to think of her being so forced to have sex with such brutes that she becomes their bitch, their sex slave. I can see her now with a dog collar around her pretty neck and being led around to suck their cocks at their command.

Unfortunately, my wife is a bit claustrophobic and can't be restrained in the way that would excite me and make her appear, as if she was the vulnerable victim. Bummer. She's agreeable to having two guys have their way with her and she's agreeable to having me watch them have their way with her. She's even agreeable to having them blindfold her and pretend that I'm not in the room watching, but she's a lady and because she works as a psychologist, she's very concerned for her reputation. She's worked hard to be where she is today in her profession and she doesn't want to jeopardize her license and her career, as a therapist, by being deemed a sexual deviate. What would her sexually addicted patients think of her, if they knew she was just as horny as they were?

For her to maintain her reputation, while satisfying her sexual peccadilloes, she needs to make it appear, as if it wasn't her idea and that she was forced to participate in our little preplanned bondage and discipline sexual assault fantasy. I know it may sound a bit weird but, without a doubt, it would turn her on more, if she pretended she wasn't such a willing partner. She needs to be taken by surprise for our sexy scenario to work. Yet, how do we do that?

How do we satisfy both our sexual needs? How do we satisfy my need for bondage and disciplining her because she's been bad, very bad? How do we satisfy her need to be taken without her sexual assaulters suspecting they are the ones being used in our sexual scenario that has all been prearranged? How do we do all of that while saving and preserving our reputations? In respect of one another, that's the agreement we have, one cannot force the other to do something that doesn't excite both and something that is detrimental to either of our reputations in the community and in our professional lives.

With both of us agreeing beforehand, we must do whatever sexual peccadillo and participate in whatever fantasy, as a couple. Truly, it is quite the dilemma to come up with things that we are both into and that don't damage our status in the community. What to do? What to do? How do we go about this?

It took us a while, but we found something to satisfy both our sexual needs and heighten our sexual pleasure, without causing a rift in our marriage and without ruining our reputations. It was when we were watching those Japanese skirt and top sharking and chikan videos that we came up with an idea. I really like those videos. They're hot. Some of them look staged, but for the most part, I think they're real. Boy, those Japanese are crazy.

It excited me to watch guys running up to unsuspecting women and pulling up their skirts to expose their panties, pulling down their panties to expose their asses and pussies, and pulling down their tops to expose their boobs. Wow. It made my cock hard to think of someone running up to my wife and exposing her in that way. A way for her to maintain her reputation, certainly, someone pulling up her skirt and pulling down her panty and top, making her so exposed, wouldn't be her fault. I'd love to hide somewhere, while videotaping all the action.

As the innocent and shocked flasher trying to pull up her panty, while fluffing down her skirt, or pulling up her top, while preserving her modesty, she'd love playing the willing victim, as the unsuspecting, innocent flasher.

"Oh, Roger, if someone did that to me, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panty, I'd cum right there. I would love for them to pull down my top and expose my tits, especially if there were a lot of men watching the action."

Only, for sure, as they get away with that inappropriate behavior in Japan, guys couldn't get away with doing something like that in this country. They'd be chased, caught, arrested, and thrown in jail, before being sued civilly.

Definitely, a step up from preplanned oops and accidental nudity, sharking my wife and playing chikan were two ways to experience our sexual fantasies, while protecting our reputations. It wouldn't be her fault that some pervert came up behind her and molested her by undressing her. It wouldn't be her fault, if two guys held her, touched her everywhere, and forced themselves on her. Wow. Other than she'd love the experience, there's nothing claustrophobic about pulling up her skirt and panty, and/or pulling down her top.

As a sexy joke, I imagined trying to do that myself. I imagined pulling up my wife's skirt in front of some of my gratefully horny friends. I imagined pulling down her panty to expose her ass and/or her pussy to them. Then, while she was preoccupied with pulling up her panty and fluffing down her skirt, I imagined pulling down her top to expose her tits to them. Yet, how would I do that, while still preserving both of our reputations and without making it appear so preplanned and orchestrated?

I mean, I just couldn't walk up to my wife and sexually assault. I suppose I could pretend that I was drunk, but who wants to go to a dentist who has a drinking problem that manifests in him sexually abusing his wife? I had to think about that and come up with an appropriate scenario. I needed to think of something that made us both appear shocked, innocent, and violated.

Then, when we watched those chikan videos of the women being groped by a half dozen men on buses, trains, and in swimming pools, that's something that got her wet and me horny. She really liked those videos and every time we watched them, we had hot sex, while giving one another even hotter pillow talk about having her dress pulled up and her panties and top pulled down, while the men that surrounded her touched and felt her everywhere.

"I'd love to be surrounded by men touching me, so many men that there'd be too many for me to fight. I'd have to submit to their lust. Then, for them to use a vibrator on me, while I was held up in the air with my legs spread, I'd do anything they'd want me to do, after that. I'd have to surrender my virtue for my safety," she said with a dirty laugh, while fondling my cock in bed. "I'd love for them to grab my hands and make me touch their cocks, before making me give them all hand jobs and blowjobs, before they all fucked me in a forced gangbang," she said.

Be still my heart. My wife wants to be gangbanged. That's fine with me, so long as I can video the whole thing. Suddenly, I had a vision of her being bent over and being fucked doggie style by one man, while she blew a second man. Yet, seriously, how could we do that?

While watching the chikan videos, she loved how the men gradually moved from accidentally bumping the women to groping them through her clothes, before stripping them naked and forcing them to blow and fuck their sexual assailants. It was exciting to watch the women struggle in the beginning, before becoming so submissive and allowing them to have their way with them. Some of them even became active participants in the sexual assault.

"I'd love to watch you being surrounded by men, Molly. It'd be so hot to watch them groping you, before undressing you, and then making you have sex with them."

To be honest, sometimes just the pillow talk was enough to get us excited to have hot sex and to satisfy our libidos, but I knew we were embarking on more sexually unexplored grounds by the constant dialogue we had over her being stripped naked and forced to have sex.

"That was my favorite part. I loved how they forced the women to have sex with them. Wow, that was so hot," she said giving me a sexy look that made me want to make her sexual fantasy come true. "The only part I didn't like is when the men held the women's wrists," she said. "I couldn't do that, Roger," she said. "I'd feel very claustrophobic."

Damn, imagine a psychologist having a phobia. Go figure. You'd think she'd go see somebody about working on that. I'd help her, but I'd have to strip her naked, tie her up, and blindfold her. Okay, maybe that wouldn't be much help to her in her getting over her claustrophobia, but I'd really be happy doing all that.

While making it not appear staged, we needed to think of a way where we could somehow combine the two, stripping her naked and forcing her to have sex to satisfy both of our sexual needs, but how? Only, with her being claustrophobic, that put the kibosh on some of the things we could have tried. Then, I got an idea, when I found this one Japanese video of a woman having her dress pulled all the way up and tied over her head. Now, there's a new sexual wrinkle. I never saw that before, but I liked it.

"That would be okay," she said. "With my dress pulled over my head and my body so vulnerably exposed, even though my arms would be over my head, too, I wouldn't feel as claustrophobic, as I would with my hands tied behind my back or to the bedposts."

In the video, with the woman's arms and dress raised over her head, she looked like a flower, a tulip, or a sexy ballerina. Standing in an alley with her dress pulled up over her face, her sexual assaulters touched her everywhere, where no man, except for her husband, her boyfriend, and/or her father, brother, and uncle, perhaps, should touch her. Then, when they pulled down her panties and pulled up her bra, she was naked. Actually, in one video, they cut them both off, wow. That's something we could do but, seriously, how could we pull that off without it looking staged? I was pretty much okay with anything and since she was the one with the phobias, I left the details up to her.

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