tagLoving WivesWife Submits to a Stranger

Wife Submits to a Stranger


Before I start I want to thank "jdrew2001" for the use of his wife Ann, and his help in editing my story about using his wife.


Hello everyone. I'm Mark and this is my little story about how I met a slut wife named Ann.

First some background on me, I'm single and thirty years old and travel a lot in my job. It's funny how traveling over 200 day a year for work can mess with your chances of having a normal social life. Since some bean counter at HQ figured out it would be cheaper for the company to send me from place to place rather than having IT people employed locally at our branch offices, that is my life. I'm not even a highly paid admin, they get to do their job via remote access from HQ, and I'm just a tech. In another brilliant cost cutting scheme they decided that I should drive from place to place (so no airport bars) and stay at a local motel. At least I get to have the 'luxury' room at the local motel. All in all this really cramps my style so every now and then I use some coupons and other credit card bonuses to get a cheap stay in some nicer hotels. It is on one such occasion that I met Ann.

When I stay at the nicer hotels I usually spend most of my free time in the bar to enjoy the flow of people and maybe meet some ladies. Let me tell you it is hard, it's mostly men that end up at these places, and the few ladies that do show up either are either "challenged" in the looks department or they are real cougars, forty-five to fifty-five, out to get what they want and how they want it. I ended up with ones like that on a few occasions, being thirty and in decent shape I get a head start on most the others, but once you get up to the room you are basically a dildo with a pulse for however long they take to get off before you are sent on your way. That is so not my style, I like to take my time, and actually enjoy foreplay, since I can take her close to orgasm over and over again by fingering and licking her pussy and playing small mind games with them. In the end I have a woman who is begging me, no pleading with me, to fuck her any way I like, just as long as they can cum, allowing me to act out all kinds of kinks.

But back to Ann, she was different. I saw her walk in to the bar, or sneak in would be a more fitting description. Unlike the cougars that act like they own the place, Ann quietly found a spot by the bar without any of the other guys noticing at first. From what I managed to see before she sat down she looked to be about thirty-five years old, 5'2" with a nice slim waist and brown hair. However sneaky she was coming in to the bar, a nice piece of ass like her doesn't stay unnoticed, and soon one guy after another went over to her with their pickup lines and normal "hey, wanna fuck" attitude, and one by one they went away. I stayed in my seat and nursed my drink and continued to observe her for about another forty-five minutes. I saw her nervously scanning the room again and this time our eyes met. I kept my eyes locked on her, and she looked like a deer caught in the headlights for a moment before she broke off and looked down at her drink.

Deciding it was time to make a move I made my way over to a seat a few stools down from where she was sitting, not paying any attention to her as I sat down and ordered a new drink. My tactic worked, because soon after she leaned over towards me and asked how I liked the hotel. Ice broken we started "talking," about not much. Just the standard what brings you here, nice rooms, stay here often questions that don't require much of an answer. When she at last finished her drink I ordered her a new one from the bartender, and as she swung around on her stool to face me I saw my opportunity and moved over next to her.

We continued to converse and did the standard schtick with names, places and world events. That's how I found out that her name was Ann, and that she was happily married for almost 25 years. That fact brought my age estimate up from thirty-five to early forties, as one never asks a lady her age. Since she had her rings on and talked about her marriage I figured my night was over, at least as far as bedding her was concerned. From experience, I knew that the cougars might be married but you never heard about it.

What still had me wondering is why she was so shy coming in to the bar and boy did I hit pay-dirt when she let it slip that her husband wanted her to do it, that he wanted her to fuck other guys. Gently digging deeper, helped by another serving of drinks, I got the scoop that her hubby had been cajoling her for a while to get it on with other guys!! Having a 2+2 equal 4 moment I deduced that Ann still was on the fence about this, but I also felt that she wanted to be pushed in to this. I asked her if I could borrow her phone to send a message, as mine was up in my room (a lie of course). I started to type my message.

"Hello husband, I'm here at the bar with your lovely wife and she tells me you want her to fuck around with other men. I don't want to get in the middle of some marriage dispute or help her cheat on you, so you really are OK with me taking your wife up to my room and fucking her all night? Cheers Mark."

I gave the phone back and watched as she read the message and saw her eyes light up as she read it a second time. I then told her to send the message to her husband, which she did, almost acting like she was in a trance. We started talking about regular stuff like nothing had happened between us and kept at it for several minutes until her phone beeped. Ann glanced at the phone and did not answer it but gave it straight to me.

"Hello Mark, Ann is not kidding. If she picked you she is yours for the night to use as you like, but keep a condom on as long as you fuck her, and don't leave any permanent marks. Keep in mind this is her first act as a slut so you might have to push her."

Handing the phone back to Ann I watched as she squirmed in her seat reading the message from her husband over and over again. Taking the lead I stood up and held out my hand to Ann. She took hold and I quickly guided her to the elevators. While we waited for one to arrive, I leaned in to give Ann a kiss on the lips. At first she seemed shocked but soon our tongues were running around wild. We didn't stop kissing when the elevator arrived and we just walked as one inside. When I saw we were alone I pushed Ann against one of the side walls as I sent the elevator towards my floor.

Without breaking the kiss (and so giving her a chance to talk) I used my left hand to secure Ann by grabbing her by the hair. My right hand made its way down to the hem of her tight fitting business skirt. I pulled the skirt up until it rode up around her hips, showing to the world her thigh high black stockings and matching garter. A quick grab on her lush ass confirmed that she was wearing a thong. Just as I placed my hand on the damp material covering her pussy the elevator stopped at my floor and the doors opened.

We are still alone, but as Ann makes a move to pull down her skirt I stop her and tell her to leave it as is. Ann looks at me, questioning my order, but someplace inside she decides to obey and leave her ass exposed as she walks in front of me to my room. I use the time to really look over her body, she can't be more than 110-120 pounds, a tiny little thing but her thin waist makes her ass stand out as it sways gently from side to side as she walks.

Once inside the room I sit down on the bed and tell Ann to remove her business clothes. Standing in front of me she methodically starts to unbutton her blouse, slips it off and folds it neatly before laying it down. I get such a massive hard-on watching this married pussy I'm about to fuck stand there and remove her clothes as though she was at the doctor's office. When she gets down to just the thigh highs, garter and panties I tell her to stop, because I'm going to remove the panties myself.

Getting on my knees in front of Ann, my face level with her pussy, I slowly start peeling her thong down. Looking up at Ann I see that she is looking away, trying to imagine away what is happening, but I instruct her to look at me and what I am doing. Meeting her eyes I continue removing her panties, exposing a full bush of hair. I can smell her juices as I place my nose in her bush and let one finger trace its way down her opening. I feel her inner lips give way as my finger finds it mark and I push it in to her moist pussy. Ann takes a deep breath as I let another finger grace her clit.

I keep on fingering her, letting my tongue sample her sweet juices as I run it over her clit. I feel Ann starting to shake in her knees so I pull out my finger and get up off the floor. Standing up all 6'2" of me looms in front of her as I start to unbutton my pants. Ann gets the point at once and drops to her knees while helping unbutton my trousers and pulling down my boxers. My eight and a half inch cock leaps out when it passes the elastic of the boxers hitting Ann on the chin. Instantly she opens her mouth and captures the head of my cock with her lips. I feel her tongue explore the underside of my foreskin while her lips wrapped around the head of my cock.

Ann kept on using her tongue play with the head of my cock while she grabbed the base with her hand and jacked me off. I could feel my own orgasm building and knew I wanted my first load to shoot in her mouth. I placed one hand on the back of her head to make sure she did not back off and I felt stream after stream of cum shoot out, coating the inside of her mouth. Pulling my cock from her mouth I see her look up at me, open her mouth to show me my load before she swallowed it all.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. I told her to lie down on her back with her legs spread so as to give me a clear view of her pussy. I tell her to open herself up, but when she does nothing I give her a quick slap over her pussy, and like magic she takes her hands and start to pull apart her pussy lips. I give her a hand by grabbing on to her inner pussy lips and placing her fingers on them so that she really opens up herself. This time I plunge two fingers in to the knuckle in one push, making Ann gasp for air. With the two fingers rummaging around inside her and my thumb playing with her clit I start talking to her, asking how she feels displaying her married pussy to a stranger. Or what kind of slut would swallow sperm from some guy she met in a bar and how she likes being my whore for the night. None of her answers really match the questions, she just blurts out that she is a slut and that she will do anything I want as long as I just please let her cum. I feel her pussy tighten for each question so I know she is hearing them and liking it.

Again I feel Ann starting to shake, so I remove my fingers, holding them up to Ann's mouth so that she can taste herself. Sucking her juice of my fingers like it was water after a day in the desert I ask her what she is willing to do to get her orgasm. Again she says anything I want.

I don't answer her but I start to put on my condom and then I hand over her mobile phone. It's already ringing when I hand it to her and when I hear her husband answer I plunge my cock all the way in to her wet pussy, making Ann moan loudly on the phone. She then has to explain she is OK, just surprised, and then tell her husband how a stranger is pushing his fat dick in and out of her slut pussy. I talk loudly so that her husband will hear me, "Ann promised me her ass, is that OK with you?"

At once Ann starts to protest because apparently she's only had medium size toys in her ass and that was a while ago. She says that can't take all of my cock up her ass without prep work.

It seems the husband and I agree that I should fuck her ass because he said to go ahead. In a flash I'm out of her pussy and my cock is pressing hard against her tight back door. The condom together with all the pussy juice makes penetrating an easy job, but does not help her pain level. Ann starts a mix of whimpers and pain screams as my cock makes it way to the depths of her ass. I love the tight fit around my cock but have to cut short her screaming by placing two fingers in her mouth almost making her gag.

I pick up the phone and say, "Slut, say goodnight to hubby, time for him to hang up so that I can focus on your asshole." I remove my hand so that she can speak and Ann manages only a few words with a broken voice, "hunny," "stop," and "please stop" before I hang up and resume fucking her ass as hard as I can. I also start fingering her clit, building her fast towards an orgasm. This time I don't stop, I let her orgasm take control, feeling the pressure on my cock increase as her ass contracts, all the time fucking her ass and fingering her clit.

She goes on for over a minute before I feel my second orgasm coming closer. I pull my cock out of her ass, peel off the condom and aim my cock at her face. Jet after jet of sperm covers her face and hair. Lying beside her spent I hear a new message on her phone.

Looking at it I see, "Thanks for the help Mark, sounded like she was getting it good. When you are done with her, use the mobile to snap a few pictures."

Following the instructions I take a few pictures of her gaping asshole, her swollen pussy lips and her cum covered face as she lays there catching her breath, still coming down from her orgasm. I send the pictures off the husband (and a copy to myself of course) before I use the time to send her address information over to my own phone.

When I hear Ann starting to move around on the bed I walk back and stand beside the bed looking at her lying there naked but for the stockings and garter. She is running a finger over her pussy lips and feeling around her abused asshole all the time looking up at me and licking her lips. She thanks me for the fuck and said it was nice meeting me as though she was about to leave.

I look down at her without saying anything, just keeping my eyes locked on her until she asks me, "What?"

I tell her, "Bitch, what the fuck makes you think the night is over, I'm just getting started with you."

She then starts telling me how sensitive her pussy gets after she cums and that she can't take any more tonight, but I'm already moving closer to grab hold of her. I position her so that she is on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. As she opens her mouth to protest I feed my semi hard cock into her mouth and at once the slut in her takes over and she starts to suck my hardening cock.

Unlike earlier in the evening when she just sucked the head of my cock I'm now fucking her face, pulling my cock almost all the way out before I push it back in as far as I can go before she starts to gag. Having cum twice already I'm in no rush to blow my load and I keep on face fucking her for a few minutes, letting her get my cock covered in spit. Using one hand to hold her head and the other to hold her phone I start to record a video clip.

In a loud voice I say that she better relax now because I'm going to get a deep throat blow job today and if not her pussy is going to hurt like hell in the morning. Filming as I push my cock to the back of her throat, I feel her starting to gag, but I keep the pressure up and soon I can feel her throat around the head of my dick. I drive it home with one more hard thrust.

Looking down on her I can see my cock head make its way down her throat. Feeling my balls touch her nose I keep my cock buried deep as Ann starts to wave around her arms trying desperately to push me out. Her attempts to scream only feel that much better around my cock.

Deciding after a few seconds that she had enough I pull out. Ann slips off of the bed gasping for air. I point the phone at her, still recording, and ask her to tell her husband how much she liked having a cock forced down her throat. Like the slut she is Ann looks right at the camera, her face now covered with a mix of my cum and her own saliva, and between deep breaths tells how she wants more cock forced down her throat. I stop the recording and send Ann to the bathroom to get a shower while I hook her phone up to one of my laptops, saving the video and sending some thumbnails from it to her husband.

When Ann comes back in the room after her shower I tell her to get down on all four on the bed and like the good slut she is trying to be she at once jumps on the bed. She positions her ass straight toward me and wiggles it back and forth begging me to come fuck her. Slowly I walk over by the bed and slip two fingers in to her wet pussy and asking her about the comment she made earlier regarding a sensitive pussy. She proceeds to talk about how she does not care, the pain is far less than the pleasure and how she needs my cock back inside her as she swings her head around to look at me.

Having already put on a rubber I lineup my cock with her pussy and push it all the way in and start fucking her from behind as hard and fast as I can. She is grunting at me to give her all I got, she wants it, she needs it and a whole lot of other stuff. Thinking back a few hours I'm surprised how this married cunt transformed from a shy housewife down in the bar to the absolute slut I'm now fucking for dear life. I'm pulled back to the present by the noise she is now making, no longer forming actual words she is screaming out gibberish.

Fearing she will make too much noise and disturb the other guests I push her down on her stomach and bury her face in one of the pillows with one hand, reducing her screams to muffled grunts. I pick up the tempo knowing she is close to orgasm and also that I can't limit her breathing for long. I pull out of her pussy and quickly guide my cock up to her ass and sink it in to the hilt and then using my hand on her clit to finger her hard as I start plowing in and out of her ass.

Not long afterward I blow my load and feel the condom filing. At the same time Ann starts to shake all over and I feel her ass squeezing my dick. I feel my fingers become drenched by her pussy juice as she squirts. Letting go of her head I make sure she is breathing OK before I start taking more pictures of her. Again her gaping ass and swollen red pussy get priority, but also a few full body pictures at she lays there passed out.

I use the time to order up some drinks and snacks from room-service. The poor nerd delivering it would have lost his contacts if he had any (typical geek glasses) the way his eyes shot open at seeing Ann lying naked on the bed with clear signs of her ass being fucked and a large wet spot on the bed. I excuse the "mess" and inform the guy that the slut passed out on me, and that had to talk with her husband about that so I didn't have time clean up.

As he start to leave I secretly film him walking past the bed, not taking his eyes of Ann's naked body and I then asked him if he want to feel her up. Looking back at me in total shock he sees me nod my head and carefully he lets a hand graze her ass, squeezing it without any reaction from Ann. I tell him to feel between her legs, to feel how wet the married slut's pussy is. Finally it catches up to him that this is not my wife he is feeling up and he pulls back his wet fingers. I tell him thanks for the help and start towards the door to let him out. Passing Ann's body on the way I give her a hard and loud slap on the ass that seems to finally wake her.

Rousing from her blackout Ann is clearly disoriented, and I clearly see the shock on her face when she looks at me at first not recognizing who I am or why she is with me naked. I also see the lust return to her eyes when she manages to pull her scrambled brain back together. I then hand her a bottle of water and an energy bar, telling her she will need it.

To be continued..

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