tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWife Taken on the Subway

Wife Taken on the Subway


The experience I'm relating to you just happened a few days ago. I have heard about this kind of thing happening but I never imagined I would have any experience with it.

My wife and I were in Boston just the other day. It was during the week smack dab in the middle of a work day between 11 am and noon. We were having a nice leisurely day starting out late to go see a few sites in this very historical city. We had made our way to the "T" heading for State Street. It was very crowded on the line that day. Our timing wasn't to bad as we were able to enter the train. Of course everyone on the train is squished body to body.

My wife and I were chest to chest in the car. It was kind of quaint as we were feeling quite alone crammed in with hundreds of others. That particular car was very loud, I didn't know if it was because of all the people or if it was overdue for maintenance. Anyway I couldn't tell if people were talking or not. My wife and I didn't say anything just cause of the noise level.

At the next stop it didn't seem like anyone got off but more people pushed on. As the crush tightened I had to step to the side to make room. This pushed me away from my wife who wasn't able to move from her spot. Now there were two of three people between myself and my wife. I had to look around the guy in front of me to see her and we give each other a smile.

We road along like that for only a short period when there was a shift in the crowd that wasn't related to the movement of the train. I looked around the guy in front of me, whom had his back to me, to see my wife but her head was down and she was mostly hidden by the guy closest to her. His back was facing me and he was a fairly large guy. The car shifted and I move just enough to the side to get a better view of my wife. I could mostly see her from the shoulders up but I could catch a glimpse of her waist now and then. At this point we were at another stop and this time I don't know if anyone got off or on. I really couldn't see how anyone would be able to enter with this many people crammed in.

I was still watching my wife as she kept her head down. I couldn't see much movement from her. As the train started the crowd lurched with the train and I was shifted from my spot just enough to get a better look at my wife. I could see her face as she looked to be biting her lip. I could also see her arms at her side. I remember the feeling of "What the fuck is going on?" As the train continued to pick up speed my wife lifted her head to the sky. She was defiantly biting her lip and her face was very flush. In her current position I could see that her sundress had been bunched up around her midsection. Now this day was hot and I knew she wasn't wearing much in the way of cloths. I wasn't sure if she was wearing underwear as that is a normal option for her.

As I was watching this scene play out before me I saw a hand reach around my wife and slid up under her dress that was bunched up around her midriff. I could see the hand squeezing my wife's tit. As I strained for a better look I was able to see a hand on her hip. That hand looked to have a firm grip on my wife's hip. It seemed to just hold her in place. As I looked to my wife's face her head appeared to be moving in a slight rhythm back in forth in opposite of the train car's movement. Wholly shit, I think she is getting fucked. Her face was tight and flush as she kept her eyes closed and her chin to the sky. I noticed the hand that had been on her tit had worked her dress higher exposing her tit flesh. I also saw that hand fighting another hand for its position molesting my wife.

Another stop came and people exited the train and not as many boarded. The pressure of the crush lessened but not much. I could not make my way to my wife as there were still many people between our locations. I was able to get a better view of her body as the group around her were able to make more room for themselves. I could see now that she didn't have any panties on as I could see her bare hips with a view just around her front almost to her "v". There was still that gripping hand on her hip which seemed to be pulling her back and forth. I could also see her smooth flat stomach as my gaze followed up her naked body over her ribs to the one naked titty that was being pawed at by a couple of hands. The guy standing in front of her had a perfect position. I could see now that he was very busy running his hands up and down my wife's body. His hand had been one of the hands fighting for access to her tit.

There was a couple of time I witnessed someone getting a good tug on her nipple. Her nipple would be pulled far out away from her body. Her facial expression would change expressing either pain or pleasure I wasn't entirely sure. I knew she liked her nipples tugged on pretty hard sometime. The car then made an unusually hard lurch as it rounded some corner and everyone shifted with it. I was able to squeeze towards her just a bit more and it was at this position I could see her ass cheeks crushed up against the guy behind her. He was a big guy in his late 30s or mid 40s. He was of mixed races which ones I couldn't tell. He looked to be six foot four or five inches tall. His head was above the hand rails. I don't know why I didn't notice his face before. He had a look of pleasure-full concentration on his face. He was also looking down on my wife's face. I could see his hips moving back and forth at a fairly impressive rate. He looked to be slamming his cock in her pretty hard. It was his hand that was on her hip pulling her ass into his crotch.

It was about this time the train came to another stop. There was a major shift in the crowd as the majority of the people were exiting. The tall guy behind my wife leaned in and gave my wife a kiss on the lips as her face was still aimed at the ceiling. I wasn't sure but I think she kissed him back. Then he moved from behind her pushing her out of the way and towards me. I was able to move next to her as the people around me exited. I got a real clear look at her nakedness from both her tits to her shaved pussy. I quickly pulled her sundress back down and looked around. No body that didn't already know she was exposed got privy to what had just been happening.

My wife leaned into me and gave me a look of pleasure-full relief as the train pulled away from that stop. The next stop was ours and we exited the train. I walked her to a grassy spot in that part of downtown and we sat down on a bench. I asked her what had just happened. She gave me a coy look and started to relate her story.

She told me that right after we were separated the train pulled away and she stumbled, as much as one could in such a crowed car and the guy behind her steadied her by grabbing her hips. She said it was this act that started it. With his hands on her hips he noticed she wasn't wearing underwear. She said he moved one hand to her stomach as he moved the other around her body to feel, rub, and squeeze her ass. She couldn't move to free herself because we were all squeezed in so tight. During this getting to know her ass period he had lifted her dress exposing her ass. She said that he had huge hands and that his fingers were also big as she quickly found out. He had slid his hand down the crack of her ass and then began rubbing her pussy. My wife said that he knew his way around a woman's body as he was touching her clit just right. He quickly managed to slip one of those large fingers into her pussy. Then she said he was able to push another one in. She said she was quite full at that point. According to my wife he worked his fingers in and out of her for only a few seconds before she felt the head of his huge cock being rubbed against her pussy lips.

According to my wife he rubbed the head of that monster cock on her pussy only a couple of time before he expertly aimed his cock right at her pussy entrance. She said he didn't waste any time forcing his way into her opening. She said it hurt because he was so big. She had apparently been significantly stimulated by the situation but his cock was just plain huge. My wife said she had not felt anything like that before. He had anchored her to the ground by grabbing hold of her hips. There was no place for her to go. She just had to take it. She also said that being forced in that way had turned her on to no end.

With his first jab at her pussy my wife said that he had entered her at least four or five inches. She said that the girth of his penis had to be at least five inches around. It was about this time that I saw her lift her head up and aim her face at the ceiling. With his second jab she said he entered her farther than anything else had ever been. She didn't think she could take anymore. Then he made his third jab and he was in to the hilt. My wife said that his thickness felt great but his length was hard to adjust to. Her stomach was starting to hurt. Then he began to pound her. She said she almost past out. She couldn't believe that she was taking such a big cock so fast and deep in her pussy. She also said she began to cum right away.

My wife had lost track of time. She didn't know how long that big guy fucked her. She said it felt like it lasted forever. I told her what I saw and we synced up the time frame. In the end the entire fuck only lasted a couple of minutes. My wife said she pretty much had an orgasm through the whole thing. I spoke to her about the hands on her tits and how the guy in front of her was feeling her body. She only remembered small bits and piece of that. She did remember that multiple hands were squeezing her tits and that they kept pulling hard on her nipples and that it felt good at the time.

When the train came to its final stop she said that he didn't cum. She just felt his cock pulled from her pussy and then a kiss on her lips. She did admit to kissing him back a little. When I reached between her legs, still sitting at that bench, I slid my hand up her thigh to her pussy. Her pussy was still very wet and when I slid three fingers into her, her pussy was still very stretched and open. She cooed in my ear as I rubbed and stroked her pussy. Then we kissed and agreed to continue with the site seeing tour.

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