tagLoving WivesWife Tammy Ch. 05

Wife Tammy Ch. 05


It had been just a few days and she could think of nothing else but her need for Jimmy and how completely and utterly she had changed. She knew that what she was feeling was totally wrong but she also knew that she could not deny him anything he asked of her. Over the weekend she did her normal family chores and spent some time tending to her small flower garden while her husband watched baseball in the house. Her mind was never far from her sexual needs and her obsession. She couldn't get him out of her head.

On Sunday afternoon, Jimmy stopped by to get his weekly instructions from her husband and Tammy opened the door and almost fainted when she saw him. Her thoughts were so conflicted. She thought he was there for her, to take her and use her and she was afraid because her husband was in the next room watching the game. And yet, she wanted him so badly as he stood in front of her in his jeans and t-shirt.

"Hi, Miss Tammy, I came to see your husband about my plan for the lawn for this week," he said as he smiled down at her. His hand reached out and touched her shorts at the waist, grabbing her hip and pulling her a bit closer to him. He dropped a hand to her denim covered pussy and began to rub.

"I'm sure you probably forgot that I come here every Thursday to mow the lawn, didn't you," he taunted her as her pussy got wet instantly and she involuntarily humped it against his probing hand.

"Yes, maybe I did. Oh, God, Jimmy, no not here, please" she panted as he began to rub her nipple with the other hand through her tight tank top.

"Tell me, Miss Tammy, are you a slut," he taunted her as her nipple hardened and stood out like a rubber pencil eraser.

"Oh, please, not here, please. Oh please, you know I'm a slut Jimmy but please not with my husband in the next room and the front door wide opened," she begged.

"Just checking," he said as he dropped his hands and walked past her to the study where her husband was watching the game.

"Jimmy, glad you could come over. I was hoping you'd drop by. Want to watch the game awhile," Tammy heard as she slowly closed the front door and went to the powder room to pull herself together and gain some control.

"I would love to, thanks Mr. H," he said as he sat on the couch and relaxed into the cushions.

"Hey Tammy," her husband called to her, "get Jimmy a Coke," he yelled as the trembling woman exited the bathroom.

"Sure, I'll bring it right in," she replied as she went and got the cold can and brought it to him. His eyes were all over her body as he took the Coke. Tammy was wet just from the brief contact at the door and his young eyes on her made her even hotter. The boy's eyes devouring her as she approached and her body was shaking as she handed it to him. She wondered if her husband heard the change in her voice as she asked him if he needed another cold beer. Fortunately he was too engrossed in the game to notice.

Tammy went to the kitchen and sat down at the table and exhaled deeply as she was grateful that her condition and Jimmy's initial actions were not noticed. She sat there and sipped a cold iced tea and recovered her stability even as she thought about how much she craved having this teenager's cock inside her. She knew that she could not deny him anything and she also knew that she was risking so much with her reckless behavior. She cold hear them talking in the next room but couldn't make out what was being said. Why did this young man taunt her like this? Why did she permit it? Why had she completely lost control of her body and its reactions to this boy? But her nipples were painfully hard and her pussy was still dripping wet and he wasn't even in the same room with her.

"Hey, Miss Tammy," she jumped as Jimmy's words came from just behind her chair. "On Thursday, Mr. H wants me to help you with your flower beds in the back. He wants you to show me what you need to have done with them," he said.

Then a hand was on her right shoulder and then moved down inside her top and onto her breast. His hand was inside her bra and his fingers were pulling and pinching her hard nipple.

"Let's step outside so you can show me what you need," he smirked as he pulled his hand back and headed for the rear door.

Jimmy opened the back door and was walking outside as the shaken woman rose from her chair and followed him out the door. He walked all the way to the rear of the property to the shed. The small flower garden was beside it. He stood on the edge of the garden and waited for her to come up beside him.

"So tell me what you need me to do, Miss Tammy," he said looking straight ahead and not at her.

"Well, I could use the beds turned over and fertilized and some more annuals planted in the back," she answered as she looked at his profile and his big frame.

"No, you dirty slut, I said tell me what YOU need," he snarled at her in a voice that demanded an answer from the sex hungry young mother.

"Oh God, Jimmy, please. Don't make me do anything here with my husband just inside the house," she begged him.

"I asked you what you needed," his voice a harsh hiss as he slowly looked down at her.

"You, Jimmy, I need you."

"You need me to do what, you fucking whore?"

"Anything you want, Jimmy. I need you to use me any way you want," she confessed. She was filled with both fear and excitement and was soaking her panties once again.

"Get in the shed, you cunt," he commanded and Tammy moved directly inside the door, then into the center of the small enclosure.

"Take your clothes off and bend over the work bench," he told her as he dropped his shorts and boxers to the floor. Tammy's clothing quickly hung from the handle of the push mower as she leaned forward and presented her wide opened body to him.

"Now ask me," he said. Tammy knew what he want her to say and at this moment she knew there was no way to stop this and the sexual excitement mixed with the danger of discovery was driving her crazy with need.

"Please fuck me, Jimmy. I need you to fuck your slut. I need your hard cock inside me. Please Jimmy, fuck me," she begged as the teen moved forward and placed the head of his cock at the opening of her wet cunt. Without waiting, she moved her body back and drove his big cock deep inside her. Reaching forward and grabbing her hair in his fist, Jimmy began to hammer her with his cock.

"Oh, yes, Jimmy, like that. Please fuck me hard baby," she moaned as her body was already close to climax just from feeling his fullness inside her. Tammy was grinding her cunt onto him with every brutal thrust until she finally exploded in a shattering orgasm as her body convulsed and spasmed on his pounding teenage cock.

"Oh, fuck, yes," she whined as the powerful orgasm slammed into her senses and turned her into a mindless fuck toy. It had come so fast and with such ferocity that she was overwhelmed by it. As he kept up his pace the orgasm would subside a bit and then crash into her again. One orgasm after the next took hold of sexy married body until Jimmy finally exploded and began pumping his cum deep into her opened womb. Her pussy was milking him as his cum continued and then began to flow down her long, tanned, bare legs. When he was finally done, he pulled her by her hair and up off the bench. Turning her around he pressed his mouth to hers and they kissed hard and passionately as she pressed her body to him. Pulling his face away, he looked in her eyes and pressed his hand on the top of her head, forcing her to slowly squat down in front of him. She immediately took his wet cock into her mouth.

"That's it, cock whore, clean me up," Jimmy said as she slowly licked and sucked him until he was totally clean. She stood up again and he took her nipples in his fingers and pinched them. Tammy's mouth opened slightly and she moaned as he did this to her. All she could think of were her sexual needs and she wanted more in spite of the recent series of hard orgasms she just experienced. Jimmy could see her need as he took her hard nipples and pulled them out from her body.

"Oh, yes baby, hurt my tits. Hurt your slut, Jimmy," she gasped as the pain mingled with pleasure. Her body was soon climbing toward another climax.

"Finger your cunt, Miss Tammy. Show me what a good whore you are. Cum for me you cheating slut wife," he told her as her hand began to finger her wet cunt and tease her clit and bring her closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Jimmy mauled her tits and nipples as her hands flew over her exposed cunt and brought her to the next orgasm.

"Oh, fuck," she cried out, "I'm cumming, Oh God, Jimmy I'm cumming," she gasped as her hand strummed her clit as the feelings engulfed her again. Her hips were pumping at her hand while she whimpered in front of her teen tormentor. Her eyes were locked on his as she came again and then seemed to sag, reaching back onto the high bench for support. Jimmy released her nipples and smiled at her as she was leaning there in her state of sexual exhaustion. He began to dress and then he leaned closer to her.

"On Thursday I want to show you off to a friend of mine. Be dressed in something very hot Miss Tammy so he can see what a sexy bitch I own. You will do it for me won't you?" he taunted her.

"Yes, Jimmy," she said through her full pouty lips. Her naked body was in front of him and completely at his disposal. A soft glow of perspiration making her look even sexier in the soft shadows of the tool shed.

"Good," he said as he turned and left the shed and then she heard the fence door open and close and knew he was gone. She dressed quickly and went into the house and to her bedroom. She shut the door and went in to run a bath. Next Thursday was going to be another full afternoon for her and she wanted whatever Jimmy had in store for her. Her body trembled at the thought but it was a sign of her arousal and not her fear.

Finishing her bath, Tammy put on a summer dress with slip-on heels, put on some makeup and was brushing her hair when she heard her husband call up to her. She put the brush down and went downstairs to see what he wanted. As she entered the living room he was still sitting in the same chair with another ball game on the TV.

"What do you want, honey," she said as she entered the room.

"I need another beer, Tam," he said as he looked over and saw how nice she looked in the short dress with her hair and makeup done.

"I had to come down here just to get you a beer," she asked, standing there with her hands on her hips.

"Yea, I need another beer," he said as his eyes liked the way she looked.

Instead of fighting with him, she went into the kitchen and got his beer and brought it back to him.

"Is that all," she said sarcastically as he took the beer and put in on the table beside his chair.

"No," he said grabbing her wrist and pulling her onto his lap.

"Stop," she protested as he grabbed one breast with his left hand and ran his other one up her skirt to her thin thong.

"The kids aren't around and I need some of my wife's special talents," he said pushing her off his lap and onto the floor between his legs.

"This isn't a good idea, honey, I just took a bath," she complained as he pulled her face closer to his bulging crotch.

"I need you to suck my cock. Take it out and get it in your mouth," he demanded as she reached up into his pants and resigned herself to the fact that she had to take care of him. She began to pump his cock with her hand and then leaned forward to take him inside her red lipstick lips. Tammy loved to suck cock and she had always been very eager to have him in her hungry mouth.

"That's it baby, suck it good. God, I love the way you suck my cock," he told her and Tammy loved it when he spoke to her like that. She loved the way Jimmy talked to her and now her husband was dominating her and she was getting wet all over again.

"I love your cock in my mouth, honey," she told him before going down on him almost to the very base. Her head was now bouncing up and down on him as she devoured him. Then, she felt his hand take hold of her hair and he pulled her off his throbbing dick. She looked up at him to see what had happened.

"Stand up and take the dress off," he ordered, "I want you naked right now." Reluctantly letting lose of his cock, she rose and stood right between his spread legs as she dropped the dress down her hips and stood in front of him wearing just a lace bra and thong.

"Naked, you fucking tramp," he said as she unhooked the bra and then threw it beside her dress on the couch. She was incredibly turned on by his aggressiveness as she bent forward and slid the thong down to her ankles and kicked it to the side.

"Show me your ass," he told her and watched her slowly turn to face away from him. His hands were immediately on her well formed ass and she bent forward a bit to give him better access to him.

"I think my tramp wife has been a very naughty girl," he said to her and Tammy immediately stiffened. Did he know about Jimmy and the activities that went on earlier today or when he was away from home? She didn't know what he meant until she suddenly felt his full big hand forcefully slap her ass. One hand then reached between her legs to stroke her wet cunt while he reared back and delivered another hard slap to her exposed ass. He was working his fingers into her very lubricated cunt as he hit her again.

"You like that don't you, Tammy," he asked her as he slapped her again.

"Oh, yes honey, I am so hot. I love what you're doing to me," she moaned back at him.

"Sit on my cock and fuck me, you dirty cunt," he said with one final hard slap. He took her hips in his hand and pulled her down onto his hard cock, watching it forcefully slip into her wetness. In a semi-squat position facing away from him, she began to move her ass up and down on his cock.

"Oh, baby, I love your big cock inside me," she told him as she continued to pump her hips on him. She knew that she was fast approaching another orgasm and wondered if all the hot sex she had been having was conditioning her to cum fast. She needed more sex than ever and loved the way her husband was making her perform for him.

"You want my cum, tramp? Is that what my slut wife needs in her cunt," he asked as she drove harder and harder onto him.

"Yes, baby, give your dirty tramp wife your hot cum. Oh, God, I'm cumming on your cock," she screamed as the climax delivered a hot blow to her senses as she squealed and kept hammering his cock until he too joined her in orgasm.

"Yes Tam, like that, I'm cumming," he groaned as he moved to meet her urgent ass. They moved together like this for some time before she slowed her motion and then just sat down onto him and bent forward to rest from the hard orgasm.

"Stand up and turn around, baby," he told her and she slowly lifted herself up and suddenly felt a flood of cum run out of her. Turning around she looked down at him.

"On your knees, tramp," he demanded, " and suck my cock clean.

On Thursday, Tammy bathed and dressed in an almost transparent black tube top that could not hide her prominent nipples and ended just at her naval. She wore no bra over her firm tits and had on a very short white skirt that barely covered her shapely ass. She had put on a very tiny and thin black silk thong and her open toed white heels were 4 inches high. Her makeup was a bit overdone but she knew he wanted her to look like a slut. Her hair was down and flowing and she wore silver hoop earrings and a choker type necklace in black. The effect was both stunning and erotic as she surveyed herself in the full length mirror in her bedroom. She had oiled her long, shapely legs after her bath and they glowed back at her from the reflection in the mirror. It was mid afternoon and she knew that Jimmy would arrive soon for his weekly lawn chores. Her body was alive with feeling as she anticipated his arrival and could feel the heat and moisture between her long legs. Her lip gloss shined as she looked in the mirror at her slick lips and her long lashes.

Turning slowly so she could see how she looked from all angles in this outfit. She jumped as she suddenly heard the mower start up in the backyard. Tammy went to the bedroom window and saw Jimmy pulling out the mower and wearing just a pair of running shorts with no shirt. But what surprised her more was the tall well built black teen who was working on her flower beds beside her shed. She saw his chiseled body as he worked without a shirt and wondered if Jimmy would send him home before coming into the house or if he had other plans that included this big black teen. He was taller and more muscular than Jimmy and she could already feel her pussy getting wetter as she watched this new young man from the window. Her attention was fixed for some time on the black teen who seemed to be all business as he worked hard on the flower bed. She admired his hard body and evident strength.

Without noticing, she suddenly felt someone in the room and turned to see Jimmy behind her. He was looking her over as he stood there with his shirt off and his body glistening from the warm day.

"So you like watching your young employees hard at work in the garden, don't you," he said with a wry smile on his face.

"I heard you out there and was wondering why you have someone else working with you today, Jimmy," she said as her eyes took in his well developed chest and hard abs.

"I thought I needed some help in the garden today and Trevor said he could use some cash. But maybe I'll just let him have a shot at your sexy ass instead of paying him. Do you want me to let him fuck my married slut, Miss Tammy." He asked as he taunted the beautiful young wife.

"I thought it would be just the two of us today, Jimmy, I didn't expect anyone else," she said as her body trembled from the approaching young man and the fact that he was intending to give her to the big black teen.

Jimmy's hands were on her sensitive breasts and found her hardening nipple under the near transparent blouse. His fingers tightened around the nipples and pinched them causing her to moan from the sensation.

"Plans have a way of changing, and if I want you to take good care of my friend you will do it...won't you slut," he told her as her tits were on fire and her cunt began to flow moist juice from her arousal.

"Yes, you know I will if that's what you want," she moaned as he released her rock hard nipples and began to walk out of the room.

"We'll be in shortly. I like how trashy you look for us today. You look like a real whore Miss Tammy," he said as he disappeared leaving her there panting and needing more attention. Her thong was totally soaked and she thought about taking it off but decided that she wanted him to see her with it on when he returned with the big black boy.

The waiting seemed like an eternity to Tammy as she went downstairs and paced back and forth in the kitchen wondering when the boys would finish the yard. She was on edge because she needed what was about to happen and at the same time her rational mind wondered how she had fallen so far and so fast. Some internal switch was flipped and her life would never be the same. She was cheating on her husband on a regular basis now and had become addicted to the pleasures she found from these young men who used her.

She wondered why Paul, the well built pool repairman, had never returned to her. He was the first one and he had started this chain of events. But even on that very first day, when he took her beside the pool and she had protested and told him not to touch her, she knew there was this demon inside her that had been released. Yes, he had forced her to give herself to him. At first she thought he had raped her, but she knew immediately that he gave her what she craved. No woman has a shattering orgasm when she is raped. She knew she was a slut and also knew how much she needed them to control her and force her. When they called her a slut or a whore or a cunt, she was never offended. These terms described her better than the ones she used to be known by. Words like loving and devoted wife, responsible, doting mother and prominent club women were in the past. Thinking back to the past weekend she remembered how Jimmy had made her strip naked in the backyard shed and then fucked her with her husband just inside the house watching a baseball game. She needed it so badly and was so afraid of being caught that she climaxed incredibly hard with his big cock buried inside her whore's cunt. Later, he husband had used her too. He had spanked her and fucked her and called her names and she loved it. And now she was here in her kitchen waiting for them to come in and use her and she knew there was nothing she would not allow them to do the her.

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