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Wife Teases Too Much


My name is John, I'm 28 years old and married to a gorgeous blonde named Allie. She is several years younger than me, five to be exact. Allie gets looks every where we go, especially if it's out at the lake or to a bar. That probably has something to do with the way she dresses. She has got a D sized chest and a sexy little ass that accentuates the tiny clothing she likes to wear. I have never had a problem with the way she dresses, as a matter of fact it gets me excited watching the guys stare and hit on her.

That leads into my sexual fantasy of watching her with another guy. When she and I started dating we would have conversations about our fantasies and what really made us want to have sex. At first they were simple. I mean, we had sex in public places, I tied her up, and other "normal" fantasies.

Then after a year or so, once we were about to get married, we started talking about wanting to watch each other have sex. Part of it could have been that maybe we just wanted to have sex with other people and thought this would be a way to justify it. We are both attractive people and would have no problem drawing attention from the opposite sex, so its tempting to see some other woman wanting me, and accordingly for her.

That all leads into my story that took place a few years ago before we got married, it started out as just another normal night out going to a club. We lived separately at the time. I lived in a loft downtown above all of the bars and clubs, so the plan was for everyone to meet at my place as always then head to one of the bars. Allie, as I mentioned before liked to dress in as little as possible, came over wearing this small skirt and low cut, skin tight shirt. She looked hot. My friends were not candid in their remarks to her at all. She knew that what she had put on was going to cause several hard dicks.

After a few drinks we went to a few bars and eventually to the club so the girls could dance the rest of the night. The guys all liked this because it gave us time to flirt with other girls, but it also gave the girls time to toy with all the other guys that were out. Allie and the others loved this, and I did to cause that usually meant a hot night of sex after we got home.

I watched Allie on the dance floor, slightly sweaty, nipples poking out, and ass giggling. She really knew how to work what she had. One by one our friends began to leave, and before I knew it they had all left. Allie was still on the dance floor flirting with this guy and I had moved over to the bar to talk to the bartender that I knew.

Several songs had passed and I started to notice Allie was with the same guy. She usually just bounced around getting a drink here and there from the guys she danced with. I kept watching as he had his hands all over her. He was reaching down her top rubbing her bare nipples while grinding all up on her ass. This disturbed me at first, but I just kept watching. He rubbed all over her body and even had her skirt pulled up so that anyone looking would see her sexy ass with a little thong disappearing down her crack.

After a few songs she came back over to the bar and grabbed my dick, and said, It looks like someone is ready to go home." It was throbbing hard at this point. I asked to tab out and as we were waiting on the bartender to bring my check, that guy came over with shots for the both of us. He introduced himself as Brett, and I told him my name but avoiding telling him that Allie was my girlfriend. He then asked, "Are you guys about to leave?" Allie told him that we were and she had fun dancing.

We talked for a few more minutes, then I told him we were going to go back to my place where our friends were and have another drink or two before calling it a night. He decided he would join us seeing as how I just lived a block or so from the club.

When we got back to my place we were shocked to see that nobody stayed. We decided that seeing as how he came upstairs we should have a drink or two with him.

We all sat around talking about different things and eventually the conversation ended up talking about sex. Allie asked him how big his dick was. He said, "About 11-12 inches." Allie and I both said he was full of shit.

Brett then said he would show his dick if Allie pulled out her tits. Allie thought for a moment, then said "Pull it out" as she grabbed in the middle of her top causing both of her tits to pop out. Brett unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock. It was big, but only about 10 inches. Allie asked if it got bigger when it was hard. Brett then started jerking it, trying to get it erect.

Brett was obviously having a trouble due to the alcohol. "Why don't you help him out?" I blurted. Allie then moved over to the chair where he was sitting, bent over and started jerking him off with both hands!

"He can do that himself!" I said, "Maybe you should try something else!?"

Allie then leaned over a little farther and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking it while stroking his cock. She started moaning as he rubbed her pussy up under her skirt. His cock started getting harder as she pumped it in and out of her mouth. It was now every bit of 11 inches.

After a few minutes Brett yelled out, "I'm about to cum, can I cum in your mouth?!?!"

Allie didn't even look up as she said, "mmmmuhhh!" and motioned yes. She nelt on the ground preparing for the hot cum she was about to swallow.

Brett started cumming as Allie was swallowing all of it. Then you could see some forcing out between her lips and his cock as she started chocking. She pulled his cock out of her mouth as a big glob landed on one of her expose tits and the last stream shot up across her face.

Brett sat back in the chair holding that monster cock of his as Allie pulled her shirt off and wiped the cum from her face and chest.

Feeling left out and with a rock hard cock I asked, "What about me?' as I pulled my pants down.

Allie made her way over to me, leaned over the arm of the couch and started sucking my cock. She started ramming it deep into her throat as I was not quite as large as Brett.

I looked back over at Brett as he had already stroked his cock back to its monstrous size. He got out of the chair and moved in behind Allie, pulling her panties down and rubbing her wet pussy.

Allie pulled my cock out of her mouth and moaned, "I want your cock inside of me!"

Brett eased his cock up to her pussy and rammed it deep inside of her. Allie shrieked in pain as Brett started pumping her.

She then pulled my cock out of her mouth and pushed Brett back saying she wanted to taste his cock again. Allie then backed her ass up to me, grabbed my cock and directed it into her pussy. I started pumping her hard as Brett walked up to her face and slapped her face with his cock smearing her juices all over her face. Allie grabbed it and licked all over it before shoving it back in her mouth.

After a few minutes Allie took Brett's cock out of her mouth, spun around facing me, and said, "I want your fat cock in my ass!!

I had fucked my wife in the ass a few times before, but she had never asked for it.

I got up and bent her over the couch, pushing my cock towards her hole. I pushed as she squealed, trying to force it into her ass. Allie then groaned loudly as it slid all the way in. Allie was screaming, "Fuck my ass hard!! Stretch it out so he can shove that monster cock in me!" I pumped it hard as she started screaming, "I'm cummmmminggg!!!"

I pulled out of her ass as she got up and laid back on the coffee table. She spread her legs and said, "Now, shove that huge cock in my ass!!"

Brett said nothing as he leaned over her and rammed his cock up Allie's ass. He pumped her until all 12 inches were up her ass. She moaned loudly while he fucked her over and over.

I was stroking my cock as Allie screamed out, "Fill my ass with your cummmmmm!!!"

With a loud groan, Brett started cumming. I couldn't take it any more and Allie must have known it as she looked at me and said, "I want your cum all over my face!"

That's all it took as I started blasting rope after rope of cum all over her face and hair.

We passed out after that and when we woke up the next morning Brett had already left. We have not seen him since that night. Occasionally I think about that night and what a whore my wife turned into when she had a massive cock in front of her.

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