tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWife Turns a Trick

Wife Turns a Trick


Having been married for quite a few years and with adult children around the house it's fair to say that our sex life had got a little monotonous. It should be said though that it was now a case of quality rather than quantity nevertheless a little more, a little more often would not go amiss!

In adding a little spice around the bedroom one of the things I liked to enjoy was hearing from my wife Julie what her fantasies were. We didn't chat about them over a cup of tea and she only told me them when making love but I really enjoyed hearing them nonetheless. I remember it once being said that the mind was the sexiest organ a person had and I have to agree – what goes on in the mind is often far sexier than reality. Hence my enjoyment in Julies fantasies. I only wished that sometimes she'd let her inhibitions go and act like she fantasised!

Anyway occasionally I would attempt to introduce situations might allow us some opportunity to have a little extra fun and booking into a hotel now and then gave us these chances. I had found that doing so sometimes seemed to release her from her inhibitions and I had my fingers crossed for something along those lines this time. The hotel chosen was a very expensive one it has to be said, costing well over £150 per night but we could afford it and maybe splashing out like this was necessary! It was certainly plush and exuded quality.

We arrived Saturday lunch time and after checking in there was a positive response from Julie which lifted my hopes for later that day. To help her mood even more I agreed to go shopping with her in the city centre which was a short drive away and I even thought she purchased some hold-up stockings which I hoped meant she had packed some lingerie for the weekend.

We got back to the hotel about 7pm and put the shopping bags away. Julie insisted she shower first which it turned out allowed her to dress by the time I'd showered and shaved etc. Of course that also meant that I didn't get chance to see what she'd put on under the figure hugging black wrap round dress that I loved her to wear. It had quite a plunging neck line but best of all it was split up to the thigh when she walked. I was able to see she had black hose on her legs but were they stockings or not? The whole outfit was finished off with some black high heel court shoes which shaped her legs beautifully and she has great legs. She did something different with her makeup and the result was amazing – she looked incredible and was I thrilled to see her like that!

Dinner hadn't been booked but the concierge had earlier said that it wasn't a problem as the hotel was quiet ahead of some delegates arriving on Sunday for a Conference which began Monday morning although apparently some were arriving Saturday. Making sure I had my wallet before heading downstairs my final act was to open a bottle of champagne which we shared. This was another one of my tactics as I knew it went straight to her head and a couple of glasses inside her might help "loosen" her up. Having drunk the bottle (well she had mainly) we were heading for the door when my mobile phone rang. Without thinking I answered it much to Julies annoyance and things weren't helped when it turned out to be a call from work What I hoped to be a 2 minute call turned out to be a much longer one and when I turned round I realised Julie had gone down to the restaurant ahead of me.

30 minutes later I sheepishly headed downstairs realising that the atmosphere was totally ruined. I went to the restaurant but she was nowhere to be seen and apparently had not even gone there asking for a table. Where was she? I went into the reception area to see if she was sat there but no, she wasn't to be seen. That only left the bar so I made my way there. What awaited me gave me the shock of my life! AND it obviously registered on my face as the barman said

"Good looker isn't she?"

There was Julie sat on a high bar stool with a drink in one hand and her skirt falling open to reveal a wonderful view of her crossed legs revealing a tantalising glimpse of stocking top! But it was the fact that she wasn't alone that caused my stomach to do somersaults! Sat on a stool next to her in a dinner suit was a guy who was probably in his late 30's or early 40's and who was gazing longingly at her. She was laughing at whatever he was saying to her and appeared not to care who was watching or about what people might think.

"Who is she?" I said.

"Don't know" replied the barman "But it's obvious what she's doing?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's so obvious surely? Looks like a call girl to me and that guy's well known here for paying for beautiful female company"

"A call girl?" I stammered "You mean a hooker?"

"Sure, as you'd know if you'd seen her earlier." the barman responded. "Anyway what are you drinking sir?" he asked.

"Give me a gin and tonic and make it a double – not much tonic" I said.

My wife was sat on a stool not 10 feet away totally ignoring me and focusing all her attention on this stranger. By now she was touching him occasionally brushing her hand on his thigh or stroking his upper arm. What was I to do? I was totally bewildered knowing that if I did I would cause a major scene and we wouldn't be staying for the rest of the night that was for sure.

Whilst I was thinking about my next move I realised the two of them had changed their seats at the bar for a cosy alcove. However I noticed that there was an empty bench seat beyond a low glass screen at the side of the alcove and I moved there where I could hear their conversation.

"So then sexy, are you alone then?" he was asking.

"My husbands around somewhere", she replied "But fuck him, he's that busy with his phone calls." She paused briefly and then added "No that's not nice of me, he's really worked hard for our family but he's always wanting more for us and he doesn't need to do so much."

"Oh I see," said the guy, then with a little laugh in his voice, "Well what can I say – you said fuck him. Well thanks for the invite but it's you I'd like to fuck!"

She laughed out loud in response saying in an apparent attempt to distance herself from him, (and to my relief) adding "You couldn't afford me anyway!" Little did she know what she had just said though I don't think it had anything to do with her call girl fantasy.

"Oh, I think I could." he said.

"Why how much have you got?" she asked.

"How much would 2 or 3 hours fucking you cost?" asked the guy.

"Oh hundreds," Julie responded in a light hearted way.

"How many hundreds?" he persisted.

"Think you can afford 3 hundred?" she cautiously asked.

"That's a small fortune." the guy said with a small degree of shock, "You think you're worth it?"

"Of course," she said somewhat smugly, "But never mind I know it's a whole lot of money. You'll just have to wonder what it might be like."

"Just a moment please dear ok?" he said and called the barman across. He whispered in the barman's ears and Julie was asking what he had said. But before he had chance to reply another member of staff approached the booth and handed over a thick envelope.

"What's that?" she asked taking another sip from yet another gin and tonic.

He handed it to her and said, "Open it."

She did but on doing so let out an audible gasp "How much is there in there?" she questioned.

"3 hundred pounds", he responded.

"Where did that come from?" she questioned. Her voice not quite as sure as it had been earlier.

"I use this place a lot and I deposit money with them for safe keeping. I like having cash available for those special purchases. Much better than credit cards etc. Now do you feel like proving you're actually worth it then?" he replied.

She hesitated and went very quiet, I was stunned and had a huge knot developing in my stomach.

"How long for?" she asked. I couldn't believe it, she was thinking about going for it!

"Well it's almost 9pm now, how about until midnight?" he said with Julie increasingly hesitating.

She picked up her glass and drank the contents in one go, leaving the envelope on the table. She got up and started to walk away from the table. Whilst I would be the first to admit I was fascinated in some way about her behaviour I was somewhat relieved that she was walking away from him.

"Where are you going?" he called to her.

"My room and you'd better hurry hadn't you? Oh and don't forget the envelope!" she said.

He was on his feet in no time and joined her; however she said she needed to use the bathroom on the way so he waited outside for her. Not knowing what else to do I took this opportunity to make my way ahead of them and dashed for the elevator getting to the room first. I thought about putting the deadlock on but my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to hide in the wardrobe, in which I placed a small stool which had been provided in front of a dresser in the room. I waited with my heart pounding madly away so much I could almost hear it.

A couple of minutes passed and I was beginning to think maybe they'd gone to his room when I heard to door being opened. In they walked, Julie leading the way with the envelope in her hands. She came to the wardrobe the door being slightly ajar and I was afraid that I'd be found. How on earth would I explain being hidden in the wardrobe? He'd think I was in on this wouldn't he? And what would Julie think?

She placed the cash in the safe provided and then stood up and turned around to face him. She walked directly over to him and stood right in front of him. Julie then took hold of his belt and began to unfasten it. Once it was undone she knelt down and pulled down his zip. His trousers fell to the floor and she pulled down his underpants revealing an uncut prick which was getting harder by the second. She took hold of it with her right hand and started to masturbate it making it rock hard. She pulled the foreskin back revealing the swollen purple head which she fed straight into her mouth. I'd never seen her so unreserved and wanton and she began to fuck his prick back and forth with her mouth. He was groaning quite audibly and was holding her head with his hands whilst she sucked him, her lipstick smearing up and down the length of his cock.

She did this to me but very rarely like this and certainly not so deeply. She really was playing the role of whore perfectly. She continued to suck and wank him for what seemed like ages during which he was forever saying things like "Suck it you whore, deeper you bitch, go on suck it, suck my cock." She continued doing as he bid until he announced he was going to come. This only served to encourage her to suck him harder and even more deeply. The tip of his prick must surely be touching the back of her throat! His grunts got louder until he groaned out "I'm coming, I'm coming you slut!" at which he thrust his hips ferociously towards her. He was quite loud when he came but what surprised me most of all was that Julie didn't take his cock out of her mouth as he did but started to swallow his come , something she didn't do for me! However she couldn't manage it all and some of it spilled out onto her cheeks and dribbled down onto her tits.

He collapsed back onto the bed where he lay for a few minutes telling her how wonderful she sucked cock. She had gone to the fridge and removed a bottle of champagne we had placed there earlier. She opened it and asked "Who's worth 5 thousand now then?" The dirty bitch I thought, she really was into this.

"It's not midnight yet is it?" he asked.

"No it's only 10.45 now. Think you can manage to get it up again to get the rest of your purchase?" she responded whilst unfastening the thin belt which held her wrap round dress in place. She opened it to reveal a black Basque laced with red on the edge of the bra cups. This was holding her tits up beautifully and was clipped to a sheer pair of black lace top stockings, finished off with a matching black and red thong which hid her pussy – just! She looked stunning but oh so damned sexy and he told her so.

As she stood there she poured two glasses of champagne and walked across to the bed placing her right leg up on the edge of the mattress, a deliberate act no doubt which looked so sexy. She handed him a glass and asked "You able to manage it again?"

"With the right encouragement, I'm sure I can" he said laughing.

"And that kind of encouragement would be?" she said teasing him, but all the time stroking her pussy underneath her tiny thong. "This work for you?"

"Oh yes." he replied and shuffled up onto his elbows to raise himself up to enjoy the view even better. She just stood there stroking herself with her leg raised still on the edge of the bed. I don't know about him but I was as hard as an iron rod in the wardrobe. Seeing my wife behave like this was proving to be the kind of turn on I could never have imagined.

Eventually she said "I want to lie down while you stand and watch."

She exchanged places with him, lying down in the middle of the four poster bed. She was still wearing her shoes which I loved because they shaped the calves of her leg so perfectly. She has gorgeous legs and I love it when she wears high heels. On doing so she put her glass down and then began to run her hands up and down her body, squeezing her breasts and rubbing her mound over the thin silk thong. She slipped her hand under the material and it was obvious from the look on her face and the moans from her mouth that she was playing with herself. She pulled her thong to one side revealing her splayed pussy lips which were a wonderful deep red colour, her juice oozing from her. The guy was now sat in a chair watching her avidly having undressed himself fully. He was still limp but showing twitches of returning to full hardness.

Julie reached for the champagne bottle and held it above her pussy, slowly tipping it until some of the sparkling fluid poured slowly out onto her cunt. She let out a loud groan, no doubt feeling the effervescence bubbling over her proud clit. She moaned and said "You like the taste of champagne don't you? Have you ever drunk it like this?"

He barely seemed to realise what she had said but quickly came round and then knelt in front of her, a leg spread either side of his head, before he lowered his mouth to her cunt. I know just how much she loves oral sex and she obviously enjoyed this. The guy was really getting into it and seemed to be licking away for all his worth. Judging from the intensity of her moans he had apparently found her clit and responding to her noises concentrated on it. Her moans were really building now and this seemed to act as encouragement to him as his licking and sucking appeared to get more fervent. Her groans grew and grew with each lick until such time as they blended into one long moan as she shook visibly, a sign I recognised all too obviously as she came. The small of her back lifted clear from the bed as she did so before collapsing back exhausted on the bed.

All this activity had had the effect however of stirring his loins again and he was now hard again. He climbed on the bed hovering over Julie as he moved his cock closer and closer to her cunt. He lowered his hips towards her and he slipped his cock into her soaking orifice all too easily. It was his turn to moan now as he entered her and she moved slightly under him to ease his access.

Slowly he began to move, back and forth, back and forth as his thrusts towards her womb got deeper and deeper. He continued to fuck her like that for some time, stopping now and then, much to her frustration and presumably to stop himself from coming. However it wasn't that long before he resumed his thrusts and Julie was now starting to come round from her own climax and was responding by timing her own thrusts with his so their hips collided with their forward momentum apparently ensuring he went as deep as possible.

"Am I a whore then?" she cried.

"Oh yes you are," he replied in a deep grunting voice, "You're just a cheap slut who fucks for money!"

"Yes I am aren't I?" she shouted. "Then fuck me like the slut I am. Go on, deeper, harder. You've paid for it haven't you?"

"Oh I'm getting my moneys worth you dirty whore," he growled in reply.

The aroma and atmosphere in the room was incredible and I couldn't believe I was finding her behaviour so arousing. My own cock was now hurting it was so hard and it wouldn't be long before I had to relieve myself!

The sounds coming from the bed added to my arousal. I could hear the squelch of her cunt as his cock pounded into her. I knew how wet she could get and that coupled with the champagne she had poured into herself earlier was contributing to the most disgusting yet horny of noises.

By now his thrusts had become more hurried and he was increasing the tempo of them progressively. He had collapsed forward and was supporting himself on his elbows. The sight of her stocking clad legs tipped with those sexy high heeled shoes spread wide, her head bent backwards and a stranger fucking her ferociously was too much! Any feelings of jealousy I had, had disappeared and were now replaced with the more basic emotion of sexual desire. I could never have anticipated feeling like this.

The guys thrusting was now getting faster and faster, with him pulling his cock back to the tip of her cunt before ramming it back deep into her.

"I'm going to come," he groaned.

This served to encourage her even more. "Faster faster, go on fuck me you bastard. You know you want to come inside me."

All of a sudden her back went straight and his thrust slowed down to a more deliberate but forceful manner. His eyes closed and his head arched backward, as he thrust forward one more time. He was obviously coming and the expression on his face turned from one of intensity to one of ecstasy as he released his load inside my wife. He continued to thrust as he came again but in a more spasmodic way, grunting as he did so. Julie's face was a picture, as a dreamy expression spread across her. She wasn't coming again but it was obvious she was enjoying the warmth sensation as his cream filled her deeply.

Eventually they subsided, with him rolling off her, leaving her lying there looking as sexy as I had ever seen her. Her legs were still spread wide however her pussy was also wide open now, giving a view deep inside her cunt revealing a glimpse of his come which was now slowly oozing out of her. Framed by her stockings the site was incredible. She really did look like a slut but one could hardly call her a cheap one!

As they both recovered the guy noticed the clock at the side of the bed which indicated it was 11.50pm.

"Well It's almost midnight." he spoke. "I think my times up."

"Yes," she replied, her voice barley audible. "Was I worth it then?"

"Every penny my dear." the guy said. "How are you going to explain the money to your husband I wonder though?"

"Let me worry about that," Julie replied. "I'll just have to treat him won't I? I'm sure I'll think of something. Look, I hope you don't mind but I've never done this before and I don't know where he is, you'd better be going, ok?"

"Not a problem dear," said the stranger. "By the way if ever you're in this area again and would like to earn some more money like tonight, then I'm here most weekends ok?"

"Ok," said Julie, "But I'm not from around here. This is the first time here and I'm not sure I'd come back, after all I can't help but wonder what the staff in the bar thought."

"Rest assured, they won't say anything. They value my custom far too much" he said, by now dressing as he talked. I'll leave you in peace and thank you for letting me be your first ever paying customer. It was worth the price for that privilege alone. You really could make a fortune at it you know."

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