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Wife with Neighbor's Son


We decided to take a four-day holiday weekend and go to Atlanta to enjoy the nightlife and some of the good restaurants there. We have some ground rules when we go away. One is that Judy is not to pack any underwear and she usually spends a week shopping for outfits that show off her great assets.

We checked into our hotel on Thursday and unpacked. We had a nice two-room suite with a sitting room with a Jacuzzi. Judy took a shower and started to prepare for the evening. When she was done she came out and all I could say was WOW! She had on a micro-mini dress that barely covered her assets. It had tiny straps and plunged deep almost to her navel and was backless. It was white and very tight. She looked gorgeous!

We had dinner at the hotel where she received a lot of attention from our waiter and Judy made sure that he got to see plenty. She attracted a lot of attention as we left the hotel and there was no way for her to get in or out of the car without giving a show. We headed for a new night spot that was recommended to us. When we got there it was already pretty well packed, but we found a small table not far from the dance floor. We ordered drinks and watched the crowd for a bit before we got on the dance floor ourselves. When Judy raised her arms while she was dancing her dress came up to expose the cheeks of her ass and a hint of her shaved mound. When we danced slow and her arms were around my neck I knew that her bare ass was showing.

When we sat back down and ordered more drinks a young man came up to our table and asked if we recognized him. It took a few seconds but, we recognized him as the son of our neighbor. Pete joined the army after college and we hadn't seen him since his graduation. He looked much fuller and more grown up. He said that he was stationed just outside of Atlanta at the Army base. He was in town with a couple of his friends. We invited them to join us and soon Judy was dancing with all three, I could tell that she was really getting turned on by all the attention.

As the evening wore on Pete said that he and his friends had to leave or they'd miss the last train back to the base. I suggested to Pete that he let his buddies go back and he stay with us in our suite. I told him that the sitting room had a sofa bed in it. After some discussion it was agreed and his friends left and we decided to head to someplace else. Since Pete was stationed in the area we asked him where to go. We told him that we wanted to be a little wild. He suggested a club not too far away that was an upscale strip club that catered more towards couples. We were all for it and headed that way.

The club had several runways and we got a table right in front of one of them. We did a lot of drinking and tipping. Judy would reach up to put dollar bills into garter belts and show off her entire ass to everyone behind her. Her dress was so short that she was sitting on her bare ass anyway.

We ordered a lap dance for Pete and this gorgeous naked woman came over and pretty much did everything but have sex with him. It was a very erotic show. We tipped her and Pete said that he wanted to repay the favor and ordered a dance, too; but, for Judy. Judy said that she was game for anything tonight and the dancer turned her attention towards Judy. The woman faced Judy and straddled her legs and pretty much had her naked mound grinding into Judy's. She had her arms in the air and her breasts inches away from Judy's face. Then she brought her arms down and started to caress Judy's breasts and Judy started to grind into the her. The dancer lifted Judy's dress up to her waist, exposing her to everyone, but, Judy was too far into it to care. She pressed her tits into Judy's face and continued to pull her dress up. Judy raised her arms so that the dancer could lift the dress over her head and soon the two of them were naked and putting on a show for everyone around us. And what a show it was!!! The dancer's hand went out of sight between them and soon Judy was humping her hand. I could tell that she was about to cum and I was so turned on by the sight. Judy started to buck the dancer as she came and grabbed her tits and squeezed them, then put her arms around her and pulled her tightly to her. Nobody noticed that the song had long ended when the dancer started to get off of Judy and tilted Judy's head up and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Pete gave her an extra tip as she was walking away. Judy sat there totally naked with her juices puddling on the chair that she was sitting in. She drank her drink down, grabbed her dress and walked naked to the ladies' room.

When she returned she asked if we could head back to the hotel. So we settled our bill and headed back. Judy was quiet as we started out then got very animated about what just happened. It was turning her on to talk about it. By the time we got back to the hotel she had worked herself up to a very aroused point. We went into the suite and Judy said to fix drinks while she took a shower.

Pete took a seat on the sofa and I sat in an easy chair. Pete told me about his life in the Army and a little about Atlanta. When Judy came out she sat on the sofa with Pete; she was wearing a very short terrycloth robe that tied in the front. When she sat down she sat with her legs under her and her robe was opened in the front showing lots of leg and thigh. We started talking about the lap dances and Judy mentioned to Pete that it wasn't the first time that he saw her naked. This caused Pete to become a little uneasy. We recounted the times when Judy was laying out in the yard naked sunning herself by the pool and Pete was watching her from the window of his room. This caused him to blush and he said that if we knew he was watching why didn't we say or do anything. I told him that it turned Judy on to know that he were lusting over her and she enjoyed putting on a show for him. Judy told him that she knew he was doing it all through his college years when he came home. In fact, she told him that she made it a point to be out there naked when he was home and that she would fantasize about him coming through the fence and making love to her by the pool. She told him she even brought herself to orgasm thinking about him making love to her while he watched from his bedroom.

Without saying another word she untied her robe and slipped it off and rolled over and straddled him while he sat on the sofa and told him that now she planned on making those fantasies come true. She started to unbutton his shirt as he looked over towards me and I just nodded at him. He looked back at Judy and put his arms around her and started to caress her ass. She slipped the shirt off and slid down to the floor between his knees and started to unbuckle his belt. When she unzipped his fly and tugged at his briefs he lifted up and she slid both down and up popped a rock hard dick. Judy pulled his pants and shoes off as she knelt between his legs. She took his dick into both of her hands and caressed it then kissed the head. She started to lick it then she took the head into her mouth as she played with his balls. He was pulling her head closer with her hair. She stopped sucking him and said that she needed to have him inside of her right away. She knelt back up and straddled his legs and lowered herself down onto his dick. When she did she looked and me and said thank you. She was fucking him but watching me. I could see the pleasure in her eyes and got so turned on. I could see his shiny wet dick sliding in and out of her as she rode him like a bull. Several times he came completely out as she started to lose control and held his dick inside of her as she started to come. He was coming, too. He just stiffened and pumped and she pushed down hard onto his dick then started to pump furiously as she continued to cum.

When they were done she kissed him passionately and said that she needed to be fucked after tonight's experience, but, expected him to make love to her in the morning. She got up off of him and took my hand and we headed for the bedroom. She turned to Pete and said that he needed to be ready for her in the morning.

I laid in bed while Judy took another shower and came to bed naked and ready to go again. We made love in every position imaginable. When I entered her I could feel all the juices from the evening. She came two more times before we went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning Judy was already up. I walked out into the sitting room and she and Pete were giving each other oral sex. She had his dick in her mouth and his tongue was deep inside of her. When they saw that I was up she slid off of him and pulled him into the bedroom and continued where they left off on the bed. I sat in a side chair and watched as his tongue darted and licked and he sucked her clit. I watched him wet his fingers with her juices and finger fuck her ass. All the while she was deep-throating his stiff member. He started to stiffen and cum and Judy kept on sucking. She didn't lose a drop and just kept on sucking. I slid onto the bed behind her and pushed my dick against her already worked up ass and slowly entered her. She was laying on her side and still sucking Pete and he was still licking her pussy while I was fucking her ass an inch away. Pete was responding to her attention and she told him to fuck her pussy while I was in her ass. So she laid between us while we both fucked her. I came almost immediately, but Pete was going strong now. I could feel his dick rubbing mine as he fucked her from the front. I was playing with her tits while she was kissing him passionately. I stayed inside of her until he came then we both slid out letting juices flow out all over.

After another shower Pete said that he had to leave for the base, but would be off again Saturday night if we wanted to get together. So plans were made to meet...but, that is another story along with our Friday night experiences.

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Every negative post on this story was posted by the same loser. He has multiple aliases and post a ton of anonymous comments on every LW story.

He is a sad pathetic loser and spends hours every day wasting his time trying to convince people that sexy wives having fun with others is wrong. But that's only because he lost his wife to a real manmore...

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I just shot my load.

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