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Ms. Wife2hotblk and I are just two of Literotica's 1.1 million or so worldwide members who write stories consisting mainly of porn. However that is just about the only thing we have in common. She is a middle-aged woman who lives in the UK; I am an old man who is a left coaster in America. Although I don't know Ms. Wife, I have traded a few e-mails with her and find her to be a pleasant affable person.

All that aside the biggest difference between us is the way we write. I write from the groin meaning, if it gives me an erection I'm happy with my product. Ms. Wife2hotblk also writes stories that turn me on however she writes from the heart. The people who enjoy my work usually have the same weird kink as I but once they get off, they stop reading. Ms. Wife not only writes erotica that is a turn on to me and I'm sure many others, she spins a tale that makes it also interesting to read. I may stop in the middle of her story to masturbate but once done I go back to the tale to see how it turns out.

Some might compare our styles to restaurants, my work often is akin to what you get at the local greasy spoon. You may get something good to eat but don't be surprised if you don't. Ms. Wife is like a fine restaurant, if she is not happy with her product, she reworks it sometimes even starting over until she is satisfied with what she has prepared. As a basically lazy person if I can't quite get what I want from a paragraph after a few tries I usually just give up and serve up what I have. Sometimes it is fair and other times it is almost unreadable. It is so frustrating to have a phrase turning in your head and yet it won't come out on paper. Where I try and try again only to end up settling for something I didn't want, Ms. Wife would only put out good prose.

I always check for Wife2hotblk's name in the 'new' section of the Literotica website, eagerly clicking on her new submission. I can always count on a good story and usually a teasing arousal to go along with it. With the hundreds of new entries every day, I sometimes miss hers. If she goes too long between stories and I find myself jonesing for a new Wife2hotblk fix I go to her index and search for one I may have missed. As I was doing this very thing the other day, I came across a item she submitted last year entitled, 'Why I Love Black Men' and I clicked on this story thinking it might be similar to one I wrote about being addicted to black cock. Instead, it turned out to be an autobiographical piece about her marriage to a man who happens to be black.

Her story from the heart and told with love, touched me. I know I am a pervert and when I think of interracial stories, it is always with the same plot line that comes to mind. The black men are not husbands and fathers who care for their loved ones; they are cocksmen with giant appendages who swagger in bars and on dance floors. The white women are not wives (at least not to black men) but servants to the black man's bravado. Her tale is that of a real relationship, flesh and blood, love and hate not some psychobabble from a cuckold wannabe. You can feel the affection she has for her husband by her words as she lovingly caresses her phrases before putting pen to paper, or should I say keystroke to screen. All this, while still giving erections to men around the world.

I guess it comes down to why you write. As for me, I kept reading stories that didn't reach that dark niche I have for a libido and after saying I could do better than that I tried. I know I have a narrow audience for my work in fact sometimes I think it may only be me. It is not rocket science or literature for that matter. If it turns you on, that's a good think if not you can read someone else. As for Ms. Wife2hotblk, she writes for her own enjoyment but also she is thinking of her reader. She writes what is hot for her but also for her fans as well.

With all the artists we have at Literotica I am sure there are many that write as well as or even better than Wife2hotblk but I know there are none that work harder or put more of their soul into their art.

A salute to you Wife2hotblk and to what you give to us. We can only hope someday to achieve something close to what you have, both on paper and in real life.

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