tagLoving WivesWifes 1st Massage W/ Happy Ending

Wifes 1st Massage W/ Happy Ending


Wife's first massage with a happy ending!

We had been married for fifteen years and I can not remember a week going by where we did not make love. We have had a pretty good sex life but my experiences before we had met had been quite adventure some. After high school I had joined the Service and had many sexual adventures from FMF's to all out gang bangs.

For Donna things were different although I am her 2nd husband she had only been with a hand full of men before me . The good catholic girl type, well I had always thought she had not experienced much as far as great sexual adventures.

See almost all of her sexual experiences were when she was in a relationship, and I did not want her to be with out, without anything I love my wife more then anything and giving her the world is my life.

All women want to love just one man but when they are hot, no matter how good you are their desires are to have as much cock as they can get. I find women to be so tough on each other mentally most are afraid to express their true fantasies of having more then one man at once not wanting to be labeled a whore or slut.

Many time we had talked about our fantasies, hers were always much more conservative in nature. Deep down I always believed she was afraid to say what she really wanted. I remember very well all the girls my buddies and I had gang banged and how much fun we all had especially the girl who received a pounding from the 5 to 8 guys I was with.

I spent many nights telling Donna how much I believed she would enjoy such an adventure. But for years all I would get in return was "why are we married if we are going to be with other people". This drove me nuts and I wanted to show how much she would enjoy this type of fun.

Many times she would just get angry and say I just wanted to screw another women and that was all I had in mind. I did have some thoughts at times of that, but my main thought was always to see her get gang banged. After many nights and many fantasy discussions I got her to agree to let me set up a full body massage.

After about two weeks on the net asking hundreds of questions, and searching through many yahoo groups. I had many responses but now I had to screen out the freaks. This wasn't about any old honey this was to be with my wife. After many hours and conversations I had found the gentlemen I was looking for. His name is Kris, he is a LMT and thought how sweet after seeing a photo of this pretty good looking black man, my mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts. Now to just get my wife to pick the day she would get her massage.

The day arrived and I had made a reservation for a room at a hotel located between where we lived and where Kris was. I than called Kris and confirmed our meeting for 5pm. Donna and I would arrive at 3 pm the earliest time to check in. Once there I had made her favorite drink Jack and Coke. After a couple of drinks she showered and then laid down on the bed. There she was totally naked and after over15 years she still turns me on. Donna is 5'7", 145lbs and stacks a set of 38D's.

Donna was laying on the bed twirling her nipples when she looked up at me and told me to get out her razor and shaving cream and then told me to shave her pussy.

You got it, I went to town on that pussy. After cleaning up I spread her legs and dove down on her, licking and sucking her clit until she was about to cum and then I stopped. I thought she wanted to kill me, but I wanted her hot and wet for when Kris arrived.

Shortly after I got her another drink, there was a knock on the door Donna got up and wrapped herself in a towel and I answered the door. It was Kris with his massage table.

After a quick introduction I poured Kris a drink while he set up his table right by the window. I loved it the drapes we open all the way and the window was one big window with a low sill. Kris had placed the table with just enough room between the table and window for him to stand.

We were on the second floor and located near the center of the parking lot, it would be easy for any one in the parking lot to see all the action. Kris had a friend Antuan who had rode with him but stayed in the car and as Kris confirmed we were for real he called Antuan saying everything was cool, at that point I realized Kris's friend would be able to watch everything for the parking lot. My excitement was growing fast.

Kris asked Donna if she was ready she said yes and after some small talk Donna got up and then laid on the table on her back with the towel still on her.

I took a front row seat on the edge of the bed with a pretty good semi in my pants. Fifteen years of fantasy was about to come too. Kris had put on some soft music and had warmed his hands with some oil. He started at her head slowly working her temples and then her face. Her neck and shoulders were next then her arms, hands and fingers, I sat and watched as another man was touching my wife and a black man at that.

I was half in a daze as I sat there rubbing my cock thru my pants. Kris then skipped down to her feet and started with her toes, then her feet, then her legs and as her worked his way up slowly he called me over as I had planned with him on the phone earlier that week.

He poured some oil in my hands and then we each started back on her legs, she now had four hands massaging her legs, we continued for several minutes working all the way up to the very tops of her thighs. I could see my wife's breathing start to change.

Soon Kris asked Donna if she could roll over on lay on her stomach. Donna rolled over and Kris helped her keep covered with the towel. Kris then started back at her head and neck and I made Kris another drink which he drank all at once and went back to work on my wife with out missing a beat.

When Kris started on her hand I jumped in and worked on the other. As we moved up her arms and on to her back I pulled the towel down to the top of her ass exposing it slightly. Kris looked at me and just smiled from ear to ear.

We worked her from the back of her shoulders down to the top of her ass, and then moved to her feet. As we did each foot we slowly moved up to her thighs. I folded the towel up on her ass so now the bottom of her ass cheeks could be seen. Kris was smiling again and he then was slowly lifting my wife's legs to spread them apart, we now could see her pussy.

We continued to work her legs from her feet to high in her thighs just short of her very warm lips. We could see her juices flowing, that shine that goes with the wetness of a women ready for love. I took the towel off my wife and for the first time she was completely naked, and was loving it, Kris and I worked her thighs and now her ass. As I worked her thighs up high, Kris massaged her ass and then I started to finger her pussy, first one finger then two, Kris was smiling and before I knew it he had his face buried in her ass.

Donna's hips came off table as she tried to meet my fingers in her pussy and Kris was jetting his tongue as he rimmed her asshole. We were driving her crazy her juices were pouring out her pussy like someone had turned on a garden hose.

She had said in the past I was the only man to have ever given her multiply orgasms. But I had never seen her pussy this wet I knew we would soon have her cumming as her hips were pumping like a bronco at rodeo. This went on for sometime, before she rolled over.

I then moved up to kiss her. She kissed me with such passion as Kris started to finger her pussy with one hand and rub her tits with the other. My wife now was undoing my pants and proceeded to release my cock from its captivity.

Then I heard Kris moan so I looked up and seen that Donna had pulled out Kris's cock too and was now stroking the both of us. Kris took a second to pour some oil on his cock while Donna stoked his cock and mine too.

I started to finger her pussy again while sucking on her tits. Kris had some oil on his hand and reached between her legs past my hand and started to finger her ass, again her hips started to buck up and down. With Kris drilling his finger in her ass I now had three fingers in her pussy and was sucking her tits while she was stoking us both as she screamed in orgasm

I did not know Kris had lost it and was cumming on her right tit as I was sucking on the left tit. When Kris was done blowing his load on her right tit and neck she moved my head to her right tit without me knowing Kris had just covered her tit and neck with a massive load.

I had now just got my first taste of cum and she was not letting me stop. As she pressed on my head to keep it on her tit like a guy pushing his girls head down on his cock to swallow his load. I was now receiving instead of giving a load.

Kris step back to watch us and when my wife's tit was cleaned up she told me to get on top and fuck her hard and that I did. I jammed my cock in my wife with such force I was pushing her off the table.

We stop just briefly to jump on the bed and continue to fuck as Kris stood and watched us. what a hot women she is when she gets going! Donna started to cum again as I released one huge load in her pussy, I could feel the strong contracts of her inside squeezing my hard throbbing cock. As I fell on top of my wife we kissed with passion. Kris came over and kissed Donna too.

Then Kris packed his stuff as Donna and I lay together on the bed. We told Kris we would be talking to him soon but that's a another chapter in this true story. After Kris left we talked about what had happen and made love one more time before we headed back home.


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