tagLoving WivesWife's First Affair

Wife's First Affair


This is my story on how I first seen my wife fucked another man.

We have been together for 3 years our sex life seemed to be good she has no trouble having an orgasm. She does almost everything sucks but want swallow. No anal but loves to be fingered and licked.

She was a smoker before we meet but has given up for about 5 years.

Has had several loves in her life about 10 but that's a guess, as she has never told me completely about them all.

My wife jenny is about 5'6" tall 38,30,36 not your great model but very lovely to look at.

She works part time and one of her ex's works on Wednesdays.

I first started to wonder about her having an affair as she started to talk about Don ever Thursday mornings over coffee. I work afternoons so she has weeknights to her self.

So I decided to take an afternoon off and see what happens, I left at the usual time my wife was home and kissed me goodbye I drove to the local shopping centre and waited till it was dark then went back to our street. I parked just down from my place under a tree at about 6.pm a car drove into our driveway I didn't know it, then my wife walks out and gets straight in. In the light from the street I see her lean over and kiss the driver. It looked very passionate. I later found out it was her ex Don.

Then they drove off I followed they pulled into another driveway not far from our home I then seen them both go arm in arm into the house, the lights were off until on in what appeared to be the front bedroom came on.

I was able to approach the house without been detected, I walk up the stairs to the veranda and walk as close to the window as I could I was able to hear talking and I was also able to just see through the curtains and I saw my wife hugging and kiss this man.

He then started to undress her slow moving her shoulder strappers down he then was caressing her breast her breathing was getting heavier he then had her whole dress off, he leaned in and started to suck softly on her nipples, her moaning was get louder all the time. She then pushed him away and started to undress him she was soon on her knees and sucking his cock. She suck for sometime the I hear him say he was close to coming this maid her suck harder he grabbed her head in both hands and groaned load as he cum deep in her mouth (she would do this for me), when he finished cumming she stood up and licked her lips and I could see she had swallowed all of it.

He had her lay down on the bed as he started to lick her pussy and had her gripping the sheets in orgasm after orgasm she had a least three when she stop him then they layed there for a while till he got up walk out of the room when he walk back in he was carrying two drinks and some smokes.

Jenny then took a smoke out and lit it, after she finished her smoke she went straight back to sucking don's cock, as soon as it was hard enough she climb onto it an lower her pussy over in it she rode it for some time having more orgasms, don then rolled her over and fucked her solidly for Ten to Fifteen minutes. This time he filled her completely she was moaning loudly all the time.

He then rolled off her and layed beside her catching their breathes. I could see enough to see his cum running out of her pussy, she then did something I have never seen or thought she would do, she push her fingers into her pussy and scooped up his cum and licked it all up.

I had just about had seen enough when suddenly an other car drove down the street and into this driveway. I hide as best I could as man walk up to the door and rang the doorbell.

Don yell out he would be there soon. When he answered the door he said john how are you man, then they walk into the house and straight into the bedroom I look back in to see them both cuddling my jenny, she soon had john's clothes off as well and was sucking him.

His cock was as big if not bigger then dons who's was about 8.5 inches

Don soon got hard and said to jenny did she want to have both of them at once she moaned out load that she did,

Don then told john to lube up and fuck her in the ass, as he wanted her pussy again.

John when in to the bathroom to get the lube jenny then said she has never had her ass fucked and that john was way to big, don just said it's to late to chicken out now, she then climbed on to don as lower her self onto his cock as john walk out all lube up he watch them fuck as he stroked him self,

Jenny then turned her head to john and said fuck my ass you barsted. He moved in and slowly enters her ass. She stop fucking don as john push all the way in she was in ecstasy, don the kissed her deeply and they all started t o fuck her together.

Jenny must been loving it because she was having multiple orgasms. I have never she her in such pleasure.

After about what seemed to be hours but infact it was only 30mintues john unloaded and don did the same. They all layed down and cuddled each other.

Jenny then said she need a shower she went into the bathroom.

John the said to don that's been the best ass he has had don said I told she was hot.

John said can we do her again to night john then got up and walk to the bathroom door and asked jenny was she up for some more tonight, jenny then replied no but defenently again soon.

Jenny come out of the bathroom all washed up with just a towel around her she the lit another smoke and watched as john and don started to get dressed she walk over to john and stopped him from putting his pants on she grabbed his cock and started to wank him as she smoked her cigarette.

He was starting to get hard she dropped to her knees and slowly suck his cock in to her mouth, he started to moan and pump his cock further in to her mouth and grabbed her hair soon he started to come, she swallowed all his load then smiled at both of them stood and walk back to the bathroom.

I then left the veranda and got into my car and drove off, it was almost midnight when I arrived home jenny was sound asleep in bed.

To this day I have not spoken to her about this but when we fuck now I have my memoirs about that night and our sex is more lively she still refuses to swallow my cum or let me fuck her ass but she has allowed me to use a small vibrater on her.

She still does smoke around me either.

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