tagMatureWife's First BBC

Wife's First BBC


I stood behind her; one hand explored her large breasts and pinched the hard nipples while the other slipped easily in and out of her wet pussy and onto her clit. My wife had always looked good in heels and the stilettos she wore made her just a little taller than me. My fingers traced along her black stocking tops, along the garter straps, back across the little mound of silky, blonde hair and back into her pussy. She had just turned sixty but still had a body to be envied. She stared intently and sighed quietly.

He was sitting back on the couch; naked as the day he was born some twenty-seven years ago, stroking his huge, black cock as he leered at my wife. She had fantasized about being with a young black man with a big cock for several years and I had finally persuaded her to do it.

"You want him, don't you?" I breathed into her ear as I rubbed her clit.

"Oh, yes, look how big, thick and hard it is," she whispered.

"I've told him to do whatever he wants with you so I hope you're ready."

"I'm ready...I'm so horny," she gasped as she turned her head and we kissed.

"Come and take her, she wants to get fucked" I said and he rose from the couch, his big cock swayed as he approached us and he took her by the hand and led her back to the couch where they sat. She sat slightly turned towards him in a rather demure pose, legs closed with her hands resting on her knees. I picked up my video camera and began shooting, first focussing of her lovely breasts and erect nipples then a picture of both of them as his hands moved onto her tits. He mauled and squeezed them then easily parted her legs. He looked at her pussy and she looked down also as he caressed her thighs with one hand and brought her hand onto his hard cock with the other. She needed no further encouragement and they kissed. Her hand worked lovingly over his cock from the bulbous, glistening head, down the thick shaft and over his balls. Her legs were spread wide now and he worked his fingers in and out of her. My camera recorded it all; her delicate hand teasing the head of his huge cock and jerking the thick shaft that her hand wouldn't fit around, the juice on his fingers as they excited her vagina, the moans and sighs from her open mouth and the slightly glazed eyes. It was easy to see she was very sexually aroused and ready for his cock.

He pushed her back into the couch and spread her legs wide. I filmed her exposed this way then took close-ups of her parted pussy lips, swollen clit and his fingers and tongue at work. My wife squirmed and squealed as his tongue found all the right spots and she squirted through her first orgasm of the night.

He stood and she leaned forward, caressing his cock and balls before taking him into her mouth. She was immediately filled and her cheeks bulged as he fed more dick into her. He told her to put her hands down then held the back of her head with both hands and force-fed his huge cock down her throat. It was very exciting to see her used roughly this way and my wife never objected. She choked and spluttered, saliva ran down her chin and onto her tits. She played furiously with her pussy and let out little cries whenever the cock in her mouth allowed.

After several minutes he backed off and my wife lay back, staring at his incredibly hard cock dripping with saliva, twitching as blood engorged his bulging veins. The head of his cock was so swollen I thought her would have difficultly forcing it into my wife but I wanted to film him trying. She spread her pussy lips wide apart in a lewd invitation for him to take her. He positioned himself over her and I recorded as he lowered himself towards her gaping, wet hole. When the tip of his huge cock gently rubbed against her clit she sucked in her breath sharply in anticipation and murmured, "Yes, yes." After a few more rubs his knob nudged slowly into her anxious vagina. I was surprised that it went in so easily; I zoomed in and saw the huge head spread her pussy lips open and disappear. He forced it deeper and deeper as she sighed over and over, "Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh." The must have been at least eight inches of black cock in my wife when he withdrew a little and began pumping. He had her legs over his arms and he forced them back, spreading her open even wider. I filmed her pussy juice collecting around her labia and on his cock as he drove in and out with authority. Almost all of the foot-long dick went inside her now with each downward thrust. My wife was beside herself, yelping, moaning and clutching at the couch and his back. She had never been fucked so roughly before and she was certainly enjoying it. Suddenly he pulled out and rammed his cock into her mouth and down her throat, fucking it with great force. From my position on the floor I got great footage of her swollen, used pussy and his cock driving into her.

"Take the slut upstairs and give her some more," I heard myself saying in excitement.

He stepped back from the couch and, grabbing her hair, pulled my still-gasping wife onto the floor.

He walked her on her hands and knees down the hall to the stairs. I thought how lovely her ass and pussy looked and I filmed from behind. He took her halfway up the stairs to a small landing and sat down on the edge, pulling her head down to suck his cock once more. The view of her from below was exquisite then I moved up a little to film her working on his cock. I went back down the stairs and continued filming. He lifted her head off his cock and she stood up then bent right over and back onto his huge cock. I got her legs, ass, pussy and mouth all in the frame and it looked so horny. I thought they would move into the bedroom but she climbed on top him on the landing and I filmed her being fucked from below. From this angle the size of his cock was clear as he pummelled my wife's pussy and spanked her ass. They rolled over and he slammed into her from on top then he took her from behind as she cried and held on the stair rails. He fucked her harder and harder and exploded, I was filming close in and captured sperm spilling from her pussy. His cock was still semi-hard and looked massive when he pulled out and I focused on it, covered with cum and pussy juice and my wife's gaping cum-drenched cunt just an inch or two away. He took hold of his dick and rammed it back into her and gave it to her hard for several more minutes. When he finally backed off my wife remained on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air, panting and still holding on to the rails. I panned from her hands to her face that looked somewhat dazed but completely satisfied to her bullet-hard nipples then on to her ass and pussy that was still spread wide, the clitoris fully erect with cum dripping from it onto the landing. A black hand came into view and three fingers fucked my wife until she collapsed exhausted and thoroughly fucked onto the landing.

It was still only 6:30 and while they showered I prepared something to eat. Dinner was finished in an hour and my wife went upstairs to change for round two. We went up after she called down to say she was ready. I left the camera downstairs. I wanted to join him with my wife. She was standing in the far corner of the bedroom dressed in red; a waist cincher that pushed her big tits forward, thong, fishnet stockings and stilettos. She sashayed around the bed displaying herself to us, she was very horny and her every move showed it. She came up to us and we grabbed her roughly, squeezing and spanking her ass, mauling her tits and kissing her. Her hands were busy on our cocks when I pushed her down to her knees. Our erections were soon released and she masturbated us rapidly before her mouth was stretched to its limit accommodating two hard dicks. My cock is bigger than average but looking at the black cock beside mine it appeared small. We showed her no mercy, pumping forcefully in and out, holding her head as we did so caused much choking but we kept it up. I had never used my wife this way and it was really horny to see her cheeks bulge and saliva on our cocks and dripping from her chin.

I lifted her up and bent her over the bed. I spread the cheeks of her ass and pulled the thong to one side exposing her pussy. Three black fingers explored her as I held her pussy open then he knelt down and ate her out. We changed places and I fingered and tasted her. I stood and rammed my cock into her and while I fucked her he played with her asshole. Changing again, I spread her cheeks and pussy wide open and watched as the huge black knob and shaft disappeared in my wife's very wet and eager hole. He drilled deeper into her with each stroke and she took it all. His balls slapped against her and I watched the thick cock pull her pussy lips back and forth as he pumped. She cried out and moaned continuously, "Do it, fuck me, yes that's it, yes, ooh yes."

We lifted her onto the bed with her head hanging back over the edge and my cock filled her mouth. I held her ankles high and wide and watch the black man punish her cunt again with his massive tool. After a while I climbed onto the bed and mauled her tits and teased her clit as the big cock continued to pound her.

I lay on my back and my wife got on top and began sucking my. I had never seen her pussy so wet, so spread or so aroused. My tongue flicked her clit then ran along the engorged lips and into her vagina. I spread her pussy and watched the big black cock ease in and begin a steady, rhythmic motion. Being so close to her pussy as it was fucked was very exciting and I stared intently at the big cock driving in and out covered in cunt juice. My wife was having multiple orgasms and had to stop sucking me to cry out through them.

She was on the bed on her hands and knees now, we took turns eating and fingering her pussy and spanking her ass while stroking our cocks. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," my wife moaned and her request was quickly answered as she received a cunt full of black dick. He was fucking her really hard and deep as I knelt in front of her and put my hard cock in her mouth. After several minutes she gasped, "Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes, oooooh." At that point my black partner grunted and shot a second load of cum deep inside her. He continued to fuck her, his cock in her pussy making squelching noises for several more minutes before he withdrew and I took his place. Her pussy was well lubricated with his semen and her juices and I fucked her hard and fast as she licked his cock clean. I soon filled her cock with my own cum and she finished by cleaning both our cocks with her tongue and mouth.

This first experience with a third person was most rewarding for all of us and I knew it wouldn't be long before I watched another man or men fucking my wife. Who wouldn't want to fuck a lovely mature, horny woman with a firm body, big tits and a willing mouth and pussy?

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