tagLoving WivesWife's Surprise

Wife's Surprise


I watched my wife in the mirror of our bathroom, knowing this was going to be a very special day for her. She spent an unusual amount of time in the shower and was taking great care getting ready for work this morning. I watched as she picked out a black lace half-cup bra. I had bought this for her never thinking she would wear it to work. The cups held the bottom of her breasts perfectly leaving the rest completely bare, her nipples upturned and erect.

She then picked out the matching, sheer black thong that I bought for her. She pulled the thong up her long legs and I watched the back tiny sting disappear into the deep crack of her perfect ass. She reached for her bottle of perfume and I watched as she pulled the top front of her thong from her lower belly and sprayed one burst onto what I knew was her cleanly shaven pussy. Then it dawned on me. Her company was holding their annual meetings, which she is heavily involved in and all the heads of divisions across the country were in town for the meetings. She had shared stories of the past parties that went on during the national meetings and the wild times she had.

I lingered in the bathroom, my cock growing harder than ever, watching my wife prepare for what I could only imagine. She picked out a blouse, a silky, spaghetti strap maroon chemise. You could see her bare, hard nipples that were being caressed by the silk material, keeping them erect. She picked out a short black skirt that came to mid thigh along with knee high black leather boots. She looked absolutely beautiful, not slutty but rather stunningly sexual.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my waist, my cock still semi hard. She looked at my cock showing underneath the towel, then at me and smiled. I smiled back. No words needed to be spoken.

The drive to her office was almost in silence, very few words spoken, I knew both our minds and hearts were racing. Once we reached her office building and she was getting ready to get out of our car, she leaned over to kiss me. This morning's kiss was much deeper than usual and our lips lingered on each others. She took my hand and guided it to her bare right thigh. My hand slid up until my fingers brushed her thong, which was already drenched with her juices. My fingers slid underneath as I gathered her cream on my fingertips, bringing them to my lips. We shared her taste.

Once our kiss was broken, she reached into her purse and pulled out a hotel room key, which she placed in my shirt pocket along with a note. My cock grew as I watched her pull down the visor and apply a fresh coat of lipstick to her lips. As she was checking herself out in the mirror she calmly said, I'll email you shortly, Ok?" I nodded as I watched her get out of our car. She leaned in to kiss me again and when she did, the top of her blouse opened. You could see her bare breasts perfectly. She kissed me then turned and walked into her building. I watched her walk away, my cock throbbing, my mind raced with thoughts.

As I pulled away, my heart was pounding. What was she up to? My cock throbbed as thoughts flew. We had an open relationship but all the times that she had been with other men, was after a night of partying, ending up in a hot tub or in a hotel room. Never had anything happened during the day or by her making plans. I pulled the room key and note from my shirt pocket. The note simply read "you need to leave work at noon. The room number is 926." The hotel was directly up the street from her office building where the meetings were being held and the attendees stayed. I raced to my office.

I opened up my email and there was the email from my wife. I was trembling as I opened it. She wrote "The refrigerator in our room is stocked so help yourself. See you around 12:30. I love you!"

I immediately sent my boss an email letting him know that I had to leave for a doctor's appointment and that I would not be returning to the office. My head was spinning all morning and time seemed to crawl. At 11:50 I left and was walking in the hotel room at 12:15.

The room was gorgeous, a suite with a separate sitting area. The bedroom was separated from the sitting area by French doors. There was a round table with 2 chairs, a small couch and a beautiful large wooden desk. The bed looked to be a California King and was absolutely huge. I opened up the refrigerator to find an assortment of beer, wine and a bottle of champagne. I smiled to myself knowing what the effect of champagne has on my wife. She gets extremely horny after just a few glasses. I opened a beer and sat at the table. I chugged the beer and got up to get another. The clock showed 12:28 and I sat back down at the table.

Slightly after 12:30 I heard voices in the hallway. My heart beat so fast and soon the door was being opened and in walked my wife with three men I had never seen before. The men were all very well dressed in suits, all taller than me and very attractive.

My wife came up and leaned over giving me a very deep kiss. She smiled and introduced me to Paul, Mark and Jeff. Paul and Jeff were both about 6' and looked very much in shape. Mark was black, easily 6'4" who looked like a model. When Mark shook my hand, I couldn't believe how small mine was compared to his.

My wife sat in the middle of the couch with Mark and Jeff on her left and right. Paul went to the refrigerator and pulled out a round of beers along with the bottle of champagne and a glass for my wife. After a few beers, small talk and a few glasses of champagne, the room grew quiet. My wife got up and went into a closet and pulled a bag out and walked over to me. Paul came over with her. She told me to put my hands behind my back, which I did. Paul took 3 pieces of rope from the bag and proceeded to tie my hands behind my back. I looked at my wife for an answer but all she could do was smile at me. My ankles were then secured to the legs of the chair and I was wheeled to the center of the room. My wife sat back down between Mark and Jeff.

Mark took my wife's chin in his huge hand and turned her head towards him. Their lips met and I could see my wife's mouth open allowing their tongues to touch. Jeff took his hand and placed it on her thigh and her legs uncrossed and parted slightly. Mark took his hand from her chin and placed it on her other thigh, pulling her legs apart. Jeff slid his hand up her thigh and started rubbing her through the material of her thong. I knew he could feel her hardened clit as a moan escaped her lips. Jeff brought his lips to her neck and whispered, "You are so wet." My wife's legs parted, more, which allowed Mark to slide his hand up to between her legs. I could see his fingers snake inside her thong and I watched as 2 fingers were pushed inside her. She gasped and spread wider draping her legs over Jeff's and Mark's legs completely opening up for them. As Mark started driving his fingers in faster and deeper, Jeff rubbed her clit until I could see her legs start to spasm as her kiss with Mark grew more intense. I watched my wife explode in orgasm in front of me. Paul then walked up in front of my wife and held out his hand for hers. She extended her hand and was pulled up off the couch and into his arms.

I watched my wife turn her head up as Paul lowered his lips to hers. His hand cupped her breast and he pinched her nipple between his fingers. My wife's hand was resting on Paul's chest and moved down across his belly until she was grasping his hard cock through his slacks. Her body slid down his until she was on her knees, undoing his belt, unbuttoning his slacks, pulling down his zipper, and reaching in to free his already hardened cock. As it came into sight I was shocked at the length and girth. Her left hand was wrapped around the base as she moved her lips to its head. Her lips parted and she slowly took Paul's thick cock into her mouth, lowering her lips over his shaft. Paul's hands held the back of my wife's head as her right hand cupped his balls, squeezing, as she worked his cock in and out of her mouth. Before he came, he stood my wife up and they kissed deeply.

The kiss was broken when Paul said, "why don't you show your husband what happened in your office last time I was in town?" With that my wife walked over to the large wooden desk, still fully clothed. Paul walked behind her. Holding her from behind he grasped her wrists and placed her hands on the desk, her ass pushing backwards into his cock. His hands moved up her arms and down her sides until they pushed her chemise up and over her shoulders. He then lifted her skirt, bunching it up around her waist. She looked so hot with her skirt pulled up, her black thong visible standing in her black boots. She reached between her legs, pulled her thong to the side and reached further taking Paul's cock into her hand. She pulled him towards her opening, which he slowly entered. I watched my wife's head go back as Paul pushed into her deeper, holding her hip with one hand while the other twisted her nipple. He pulled out almost all the way and I could see her cream covering his long shaft. He then slammed back into her, which made her collapse on the desk. As he started pumping into her harder and faster, his thrusts were met with her ass pushing back, trying to get as much cock into her as she possibly could. Paul was thrusting faster and faster and her moans got louder and louder until I watched my wife's legs start to shake and spasm but Paul would not let up. He kept pounding into her as my wife cried out that she was cumming. Paul was literally holding her up by her hips as he drove relentlessly into my wife, as her orgasm seemed to just intensify. Finally Paul moaned he was coming and my wife's ass started slamming back against him again until Paul slammed one last time into her, holding her hips tight as he drained his balls into her depths.

Jeff and Mark stood up as Paul pulled his cock out of my wife. They turned my wife around and removed her thong. They then picked her up, Jeff on one side, Mark on the other, my wife's arms draped across their necks. They carried her over to where I was tied to the chair, opened her legs and told me to clean her. They brought her pussy to my open mouth. I licked her swollen, stretched opening like it was the last thing I'd ever taste. It was wonderful. Her cream mixed with so much of Paul's cum was delicious. She pushed the last of his cum out of her and into my mouth. They let her down and she bent down kissing me deeply, moaning into my mouth. She took some of the cum that I was holding from my mouth and pulled hers back, leaving a fine strand between both our lips until it separated. Mark and Jeff then walked her to the bed as Paul wheeled my chair over to the foot of the bed.

Jeff was behind my wife as Mark stood in front of her. Jeff unzipped my wife's skirt, pushed it over her hips and I watched it fall down her legs gathering on the floor. As she stepped out of her skirt, Mark pulled her chemise up over her head. She stood in just her boots and black lace, half-cup bra. Her nipples looked so swollen and hard.

My wife reached up to Mark's tie and untied it pulling it from his shirt collar. She then unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it back over his massive shoulders and down off his arms. She leaned forward taking one of his nipples into her mouth, sucking on it, as her hands removed his belt, undid his pants and lowered his zipper. She then pushed his pants over his hips leaving him in only boxers. Mark quickly kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants as my wife lowered his boxers to reveal a cock so massive I gasped. He was huge with a very thick black steely shaft capped with what was a huge head. His cock looked easily 10" long. My wife sat on the bed and grasped that cock with both hands as her mouth took his head in. I watched in amazement as she worked his head into her mouth. I watched as her lips descended down his shaft, wrapped so tight around his thickness. I knew her tongue was working wonders from the moans that Mark emitted. As my wife moved her mouth back up his shaft, it left his dark cock shining. Jeff then pulled my wife back, laying her down on the bed with her knees bent over the edge.

Mark dropped to his knees as Jeff quickly undressed. Mark spread my wife's legs and moved his mouth to her pussy as Jeff positioned his cock in front of my wife's mouth, which she quickly swallowed. I could hear her muffled moans as Mark worked his tongue on her clit and Jeff pumped his cock in and out of her beautiful mouth. This continued until I watched her belly start to contract. She reached up and put her hands around Jeff's ass pulling his cock deeper into her mouth as her body started convulsing in orgasm. A loud moan came from her but she never released Jeff's cock from her mouth, obviously not wanting to loose such a wonderful feeling. Mark held her hips tightly, not letting her escape from the pleasure his tongue was giving her. As her orgasm subsided, Jeff pulled his cock out of her mouth as Mark climbed onto the bed lying on his back. Mark reached and pulled my wife up over his body. Jeff quickly reached up and pulled her hips back towards him. Her mouth found Marks cock as Jeff pushed his hard cock into her.

Jeff took his time slowly grinding his cock deep into my wife's pussy, as she grinded her ass back against him. Both her hands were stroking the base of Mark's massive cock her mouth took as much of his cock. Mark's strong hands were holding my wife's head in place not letting her move her mouth up his shaft. Jeff's right hand went from her hip to between their bodies, tracing a finger up and down the crack of her ass. Jeff pulled out and lowered his body so his mouth could suck on my wife's dripping pussy. I watched Jeff move his mouth from her pussy to her ass and as his lips touched her ass, she pushed her hips back. This was all Jeff needed as his mouth concentrated on her puckered asshole driving his tongue as deep as he could. I watched my wife's stokes of Mark's huge cock grow faster and when Jeff pulled his mouth away and slipped a finger deep into her ass. My wife's mouth came off Mark's cock and a loud "Yessssssssss" echoed through the room.

Paul, who had been watching all of this climbed up on the bed and moved his hand to my wife's breast. I watched as he pulled her nipples and played with her breasts, as she worked Mark's cock with both of her hands and mouth and Paul licked her pussy as his fingers drove into her ass. She was in complete ecstasy and was on the verge of cumming again when Jeff and Paul got on each side of her and eased her back away from Mark. I knew what was coming. She was going to mount that massive cock.

My wife was picked up, her arms over both Jeff's and Paul's shoulders and placed in a way that she was straddling Marks hips. Mark reached his hand down to the base of his cock and pushed it so it was sticking straight up. Jeff and Paul placed my wife's opening on the tip of Mark's cock and slowly lowered her; impaling her onto the largest cock I've ever seen her take. As she was forced lower, I watched her beautiful pussy stretching around Mark's thick black shaft. Her head swung back with her eyes closed and what escaped her lips was the loudest guttural moan I've ever heard. As her knees finally reached the bed her body feel forward onto Marks chest his hands held her hips firmly. Only half of Mark's cock was inside of my wife when he started raising and lowering her onto his cock. The cream that poured from my wife's stretched pussy covered Mark's cock almost making it look white. It dripped down around his huge balls with every thrust he made into my wife. I watched her take more and more until finally her pussy was stretched around the bottom of his cock. Mark then grabbed both ass checks hard and started thrusting up into my wife as hard as he could. I watched my wife's body raise up into a sitting position, head thrown back, mouth open, as she was speared relentlessly by what was the thickest, longest cock ever inside of her. She brought her hands to her breasts and when she pulled her nipples I watched her body go into complete spasms. Mark did not let up and continued fucking into her with all his might until her body feel forward.

Jeff moved behind my wife with his hard cock in hand as Mark spread her ass checks, opening her to him, his cock still deeply buried in my wife. Jeff spread some of the cream from Marks cock up into her ass pushing two fingers inside her. My wife pushed back moaning as I watched Jeff's fingers disappear. He then pulled out, lined his cock up and as I watched my wife take his cock deep into her ass with Mark still buried in her pussy to the hilt, her body went into spasms again and I came in my pants. My cock would not stop spurting as I watched my wife take two cocks, one in ass and a huge, black cock deep in her pussy.

Mark worked his cock in and out and every time my wife pushed back onto his shaft Jeff thrusted forward in perfect rhythm. This went on for what seemed forever with my wife in constant orgasm until Mark screamed he was coming, which sent Jeff over the edge. My wife let out a loud "Yesssssssssss" as she was filled by both men's cum.

My wife lay collapsed on Mark's chest, whimpering mindlessly as Jeff eased his cock out of her ass, leaving it agape with his cum pouring out onto Mark's balls. Paul came to me and untied my hands and feet. Mark lifted my wife off his cock and turned her on the bed so she was lying on her back. Once I was untied I crawled onto the bed and buried my face into her beautifully stretched pussy, sucking her for all I was worth. I felt globs of Mark's cum fill my mouth. I then moved my body up my wife's and pushed my still hard cock into her as we kissed. As I passed Mark's cum from my mouth to hers I erupted inside of her.

I fell to her side and cradled her in my arms, as Paul, Jeff and Mark dressed. Once dressed, all three came over and kissed my wife, shook my hand and left. My wife, still trembling from the incredible fucking she just experienced, put her head on my chest, whispered "I love you" and quietly fell asleep.

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