tagFirst TimeWild Child Ch. 03

Wild Child Ch. 03


As we came into town, we passed the Sonic Drive-in. Rita looked out the side window and said, "Can we eat there, instead of having pizza. A hamburger sounds better to me and we can eat in the truck."

I turned down the next side street and made the block coming back to the drive-in. I parked toward the back of the place and in an area where there were no other cars. I placed our order over the speaker and then relaxed.

Rita sat as she had been, with her back against the truck door and her feet up on the seat. As I looked at her, a slow grin came to her face and she slowly pulled the hem of the tee shirt up along her shins. When it was about half way to her knees, she moved her knees apart. Her sex was once again peeking at me, but this time, with me not having to watch the road, I had a clear view and a chance to really look at her. I gave her a leering grin, which made her giggle.

She slowly moved her feet father apart as she said softly, "This is fun and very exciting."

"Yes it is," I said, also in a soft voice. "Just remember that you can't do this with just anyone. Make it something special and make sure who you do it to or for, is just as special."

Her grin changed to a smile and she nodded. "I understand completely Uncle Rick. I really am a good girl and I may act a little boy crazy at times, but I'm in no hurry to get anywhere near serious. I'm very curious about sex and all that goes with it, but I won't die if I don't find out right away. Well, at least I don't think I will anyway."

I smiled at her and said, "Good for you, I knew you had good sense under there somewhere." I glanced at the rearview mirror and grinned before I said, "Now, get decent, here comes our food."

Rita's head flashed around to the back window and she said, "Oh shit," as she quickly lowered her legs and pulled the shirt over her knees. "That's my girlfriend; I forgot she was going to work here but I thought it was next week, after school was out."

I chuckled and said, "Well, so much for her hot date tonight."

Rita laughed and said, "Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. Boy, I bet she's pissed. I think tonight was supposed to be her big night. Her and her boyfriend have been talking about marriage for the last couple of months, right after school is out, if you believe him. I don't but I can't tell her anything."

A cute little blonde's head appeared at my window and she told me how much the order was as she hung a tray on the window. I handed her a ten and a couple of extra ones and told her to keep the change. She said, "Thanks." And then turned away, headed back to the main building.

Rita watched her through the back glass. "I guess she didn't see me," she said after a moment, a little sound of disappointment in her voice.

"She doesn't know my truck, so why would you expect her to be looking for you," I said as I handed her, her hamburger.

Rita giggled and said, "Oh yeah." As I pulled out the cup holder and placed her coke there. "I was at least hoping that being here with you would make her curious or maybe even a little jealous. She has this big fantasy about an older man that is worse than mine."

She took a bite of her hamburger and quietly chewed for a while. Before the next bite she said, "I wonder what she would think, if she knew I was naked under this tee shirt and that I had just been flashing my pussy at you before she got here."

I decided that the question really didn't need an answer that she was just talking to herself and teasing me with it. We ate in silence for a while and then she said, "That look on my face and mom's were pretty close to the same, intensity wise that is." I thought about where her line of reasoning was going and stayed silent.

I had finished my hamburger and she still had a bite or two left, when she asked abruptly, "What do you think of my girlfriend?"

"She's a nice looking girl." I replied, glad that she had changed the line of her thinking.

"If she were willing, would you go down on her, you know, have oral sex with her?" She asked.

"What!" I said sharply and then I busted out laughing.

She looked at me funny for a moment as I continued to laugh. When she frowned, I waved at her and tried to control myself. After a moment, I asked, "You're kidding right? What would a cute young girl like her or you for that matter, see in an old man like me? I might be alright to flirt with or to tease but sex of any type is out of the question. First of all, both of you are way too young and well, I'm way too old."

Rita's frown slowly changed to a smile as she took the last bite of her Hamburger. She took a slow sip of her drink and then rolled up the trash and put it into the bag the burgers had come in. Sliding across the seat until she was right next to me, her smile became a grin, and then she leaned across, between me and the steering wheel, to place the bag on the tray at the window. As she straightened up, she kissed me on the cheek and then on the lips very softly.

"You're not old, Uncle Rick. You're a very good looking older guy, kind, gentle, and knowing. Sexy too. Just the things you know are enough to get me antsy and squirmy. I probably can't imagine all the neat and sensuous things you could do to me and I have a pretty active imagination."

I shook my head but I chuckled and said, "I've never been buttered up with a shovel before."

Rita laughed and kissed me on the cheek as she cuddled up against my side. After a moment of me hugging her gently, she sighed and said, "Seriously, Uncle Rick. I am going to learn somewhere, from someone; I just hope he's all the things that you are. Kind, gentle, knowledgeable enough to carry it off without hurting me, mentally or physically."

I was wondering what I was going to say to that, when the blonde headed girl appeared at the window again to get the tray. I hadn't seen her approaching.

"Hey, Mary," I heard Rita say.

Mary started for a second and then moved forward more, to look around me. Seeing Rita, her eyes got big and then they flicked back to me for a second. I could see all sorts of things running around wild behind her eyes.

Her eyes jumped back to Rita and she said, "Hey, Rita."

"You know my Uncle Rick, don't you?" Rita asked her.

Mary looked at me for a second and then recognition set in. "Oh, yeah, hey, Uncle Rick. How have you been?"

"Fine Mary, it's been a long time since I last saw you. Are you graduating this year too?" I asked making conversation to get her mind off of Rita snuggled up to me and my arm around her.

"I sure am. Then I'm getting married and getting out of this one horse town. I want to see what the big city has to offer me," she answered with a big grin.

"Isn't being married, going to cramp your style and limit what you can do? Then what happens if you get pregnant and he decides he doesn't want to be married anymore? It happens a lot that way, you know." I asked.

She looked at me for a moment and then glanced at Rita. "Hey, don't look at me," Rita said. "All I told him was that you were planning a big date for tonight and that you were probably going to sleep with your boyfriend. That you two had been talking marriage for a couple of months now. You know I don't like the guy. You can do better."

Mary frowned and looked back at me. I shrugged and said, "I'm sorry, I should have kept my opinions to myself. I don't know you or him, so...." I let the sentence trail off.

She took a deep breath and let it out slow. She looked at Rita and shrugged. "Your Uncle is probably right. I've had a lot of time to think tonight." She paused and looked back at the office. "Look, can I come by so we can talk tomorrow?" She asked Rita.

"Sure girlfriend, anytime, anyplace, you know that." Rita replied and leaned across me again to squeeze her friend's hand.

Mary's eyes ran over the front of Rita's tee shirt for a second and then she glanced up at me with a grin. Looking back at Rita she asked, "Didn't you forget something? Like maybe your bra?"

Rita giggled and nodded, "My panties to, I'm naked under this tee shirt." Mary's eyes got very big and her mouth opened slightly. "You keep your mouth shut, you hear. You go blabbing, and me and Uncle Rick are dead. You know my mom."

Mary glanced up at me and then back at Rita, as a big grin spread over her face. "You go girlfriend, I want to hear all about it tomorrow."

"I'll show you the pictures," Rita said and laughed. Mary's eyes got big again and her mouth dropped completely open this time. "Ok, you get back to work and I'll see you tomorrow."

"But, but..." Mary muttered and then she looked toward the office and whispered, "Oh, shit." Then she grabbed up the tray and head that way.

I looked over at Rita with a frown, but I didn't say anything. She looked up at me and smiled. "It'll be alright, you'll see, Uncle Rick. I think we did a good thing for Mary tonight. I think your questions mirrored her own too close and made her see some things she need to see."

"I'm not worried about that. I'm worried about you telling her you were here with me nude. Damn girl, you'll get us killed yet."

Rita laughed and then hugged me as she said, "Mary will keep her mouth shut, I know too much about her and she'd end up dead too. Like, she's the one that streaked the boy's gym class last year on roller skates. She had on a mask and the skates, and that's all. She can't talk; I'm the only one who knows about that. I helped her hide afterwards, until she got dressed and rid of the skates."

I chuckled as the vision of that floated behind my eyes. I started the truck and slowly backed up. Rita was still cuddled up to me, so I went out the back way. I stayed on the back streets until I came to a small county road going north.


There was about another hour or so of daylight left as we left town behind us. Rita wiggled around and pulled the tee shirt up around her waist and raised her feet up onto the seat to curl them up next to her bare butt. Suddenly, she leaned forward to turn on the radio. My arm had been around her shoulders, just as suddenly, I found my hand on her firm, warm, bare ass.

I quickly moved it, but she turned and grinned at me. "You can leave it there if you want to," she whispered. "It felt wonderful."

I put my arm up on the top of the seat and grinned back at her. "Yeah, it felt wonderful all right. A little too wonderful and it was an accident. We'll leave it at that and my arm where it is now," I said with a smile.

She smiled and turned back to the radio. "I hope there are a few more accidents. The thought that there might be, has me all tingly in a certain spot," she whispered. I didn't tell her about the throbbing hard-on in my shorts, hidden by my tee shirt. I didn't dare.

She found a station she liked and I turned off onto a small dirt road, running out through the woods. I had worked in this area for five years and I knew the back roads very well. Rita looked around and then grinned as she slipped the tee shirt off over her head. She laid it on the seat next to her and then stretched her hands over her head, pressing her palms against the roof of the truck. Her breasts would move ever so much as she rolled her shoulders, her nipples getting harder and harder as she displayed herself for me and anyone else that might accidentally see her.

My hand moved almost of its own accord, ending up on her back at her shoulder blades, and slowly ran downward along the center of her spine. She gasped softly and arched her back farther and farther as the hand went lower. I paused at her tailbone and then started the return caress back to her shoulder blades. As I held my hand still, she whimpered and lowered her hands to her breasts, softly caressing each one, before she pinched and rolled her nipples. This brought a soft moan to her throat. I returned my hand to the seat back.

She pulled on her nipples for a second and then sighed as she released them. She sat there on the edge of the seat and looked straight ahead for a moment before she turned her head and smiled at me.

"Now, who's teasing who?" She asked as a little shiver ran throughout her body.

I smiled back and winked at her. "Tease? Who me? I'd never do anything like that," I said as I drove along slowly.

She giggled, looked back forward, and said, "Yeah right, I forgot, you're an old man that no girl could possible want to have anything to do with."

My hand moved to the seat and two fingers just barely brushed her skin as they climbed her spine from her ass to her neck. She gasped again and arched her back. My hand moved over and slowly caressed her side from just under her arm to her hip. She shivered and took a quivering ragged breath.

"Are you about to come?" I asked in a soft voice.

She nodded quickly, so I returned my hand to the seat back. She sat there with that slight shiver for a few seconds and then she took a deep breath and let it out raggedly. A moment later, she sighed and leaned back against the seat.

"Under control again?" I asked in the same soft voice.

She nodded slightly and then grinned. "Mostly," she whispered.

I chuckled and caressed her hair softly. "Okay little one, I'll let you relax and enjoy your nude ride."

We rode a while and then she asked, "If your touching my back and side turned me on so much, I wonder what would happen if you.... You know, touched me other places."

I chuckled and replied, "You would come suddenly and sharply, and that would be it. A sudden release and nothing more. The excitement would die slowly after that, most likely. This way, you build up and then coast down, to build up again. Kind of like a roller coaster. Remember last night when you were keeping yourself from coming by sheer will. Remember the intensity of that first touch when we got home?"

She nodded and then gasped lightly. "Oh, yes."

I grinned at her and she grinned back.


I came to a crossroads and took a left, and then turned right through an old gate into a narrow track going out through the woods. Rita took a couple of sharp breaths as we hit a hole and kept on going for another twenty yards. There was an opening in the trees to the left and I pulled into it, stopped, and turned the truck off.

Rita sat up on the edge of the seat and looked around. "Where are we?" She asked.

"We are in the National Forest about a half mile from the lake. Do you still want me to take some more pictures of you?" When she grinned and nodded, I said, "We can take a walk down toward the lake and I can take pictures as we go. You might even get the chance to go skinny dipping."

She grinned and moved over to kiss my lips gently. "Will you get naked with me, please?" She asked softly.

"We'll see," I said in the same kind of soft voice.

She grinned as she slid across the seat to open the door and get out. "I'll take that as a maybe." she said with a giggle.

I got my camera and a large beach towel from behind the seat. Thinking about her maybe comment, I took off my tennis shoes and tee shirt. I emptied my pockets, except for the truck keys. These I hid behind the left front wheel of the truck.

With Rita's tee shirt and the towel under my arm, I locked the truck and came around to her side. When she saw me, she grinned and winked. "I got part of my maybe."

I grinned and winked back at her. "Be very careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Then you'd have an ugly, naked old man on your hands, so to speak. I don't think you'd ever get over the mental shock of that."

She grinned and cocked her head to one side. "I saw you in your Speedo, remember. We were down on the river for a float trip, a couple of years ago. You looked pretty good to me; you're in as good a shape as my dad or step dad. Better in some ways and they are far younger than you."

"I remember that trip but you sure didn't look like you do now. You were a skinny little girl for the most part, with a little baby fat, here and there," I said with a big grin.

She moved away from me, out into the bright sunlight and then took up a pose, with her hand behind her head, her body slightly angled to the side. I snapped her picture. Then she turned around and placed one hand on her hip and looked back at me over her shoulder. I took the picture as the thought that she really did have an outstanding butt, just like her mom, crossed my mind.

"I'm not sure which makes me drool more, your boobs or your butt," I said with a laugh.

She giggled and bent more at the waist, sticking her ass out prominently. I whistled and took a picture. She grinned and bent even more, placing her hands on one ankle, just above her foot. I moved a little closer and knelt down to take this shot. When I finished I stood up and blew out a big breath.

"That's enough, you're killing an old man." She giggled and stood up. "Come on," I said, "Let's take a walk before I get into trouble."

She laughed as she followed me down a trail into the woods. "What makes you think you'll be any safer in here?" She asked.

I looked at her and frowned, which made her laugh again. "Ok, I'll behave. As much as I can anyway."

"For some reason that's not real reassuring," I said with a grin.

We walked a couple hundred yards and then the woods opened up to large widely spaced oak trees, with long sweeping limbs. Most of the lower limbs came all the way down to the ground. As we passed one, Rita looked over at me with a grin and then ran over to climb up on it. I dropped the towel and her shirt as I scrambled to get pictures. I took a couple more as she walked up along the wide branch.

When she was about ten feet off the ground, she paused and stood on one foot with her arms spread and her other leg as far out to the side as it would go. Then she bent at the waist and brought the raised leg back to stick straight out behind her. I took several pictures as she went through a series of dance and gymnastic poses. I marveled at the limberness and flexibility of her beautiful young body. My mind laughed at the thought that at one time I was that way.

She ran out of poses and walked on to the trunk of the tree. She stepped into the wide fork, squatted down, and looked down at me. "Come on up," she said with a wide grin.

I shook my head and then took her picture before I replied, "No way. My tree climbing days are over. Anyway, if I did, who would be down here to catch you if you fell out of there?"

She laughed and said, "I ain't going to fall, I love climbing trees." She giggled and added, "It's even more fun naked, especially with you down there, watching me and taking pictures."

She dropped one of her hands between her spread thighs and rubbed lightly at her slit, which made her shiver. "I better not do that or I will fall out of this tree."

She looked at her fingertips and then rubbed them together for a second. She bent farther forward and looked down between her thighs and giggled. "I'm so wet that I'm dripping."

Unconsciously, I licked my lips, which made her giggle again.

Suddenly she stood up and quickly walked back down the limb toward me. As she got about even with my shoulders, she turned and squatted down again. Spreading her knees wide apart, she said, "Get a picture of this close up so I can see just how wet I am."

I took a picture from where I was and then moved closer and took another. She was wet alright. I could see the glistening and shine on her inner thighs and the area around her sex had little drops of moisture clinging to the sparse hair there. I licked my lips again, not even realizing that I did it.

Rita giggled and asked, "Want a taste?" She dropped her hand back to her sex and touched a finger to her opening, slipping it inside to the first knuckle. I took a picture as she made a soft grunting groan. When she removed the finger, it was slick and shiny.

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