tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWild Night Ch. 03

Wild Night Ch. 03


Last time, we saw Patrick and Neve having fun in a parking lot. They got back to the club and Patrick found his friend Sam. Patrick introduced Sam to Neve and they were both introduced to Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt, under aliases. Shortly after introductions Neve left and Lacey decided to take them all to her place.

Lacey pealed out of the parking lot in her white Cadillac Escalade and sped through town. She pulled the vehicle into the driveway for her house in no time. She parked and ran into the house. Jennifer, in the passenger seat, ran into the house too, actually she made it to the door before Lacey. The guys, who were in the back seat, looked at each other questioningly, shrugged, and then got out, and, about a minute after the ladies, walked in the house. The ladies already had drinks and the music playing as they walked in.

"Welcome to my home," cried Lacey, handing Sam a drink and pulling him into the room to the left of the foyer. Jennifer came up to Patrick with a coy smile and a drink for him. They followed Lacey and Sam into the living room to find Lacey trying to teach Sam a dance. Sam was inebriated and didn't mind making a fool of himself. Besides he got to touch one of the hottest young actresses in Hollywood. He was grinning like a fool.

Patrick was looking around to get a feel of who Lacey really was. He figured the house had to be at least five thousand square feet on the first floor; the second floor was the same. The living room was very spacious and all the furniture in it was white. The couch and recliners that created the talking circle at the far end of the room were upholstered in white leather. The tables at the ends of the couch and under the wall mounted 60 inch plasma flat screen TV were topped with a white stone, possibly marble. Half the floor-space in the room was open and that was where Lacey and Sam were. Patrick smiled goofily and followed Jennifer, who had a hold of his hand, to the seating area.

When he got there he just had to look at the two pieces of art hanging on the wall over the couch. Both were of a young lady in the nude. Both had her facing away from the viewer, displaying her firm rear end and well toned back. One was close to a three-quarters view showing the swell of the left breast of the model, plus the model was using her left arm to pull her shoulder length brown hair to the left away from her neck. At the base of her neck was a small tattoo, too small to tell. The other had her arms up, pulling her short brown hair up revealing the same tattoo on the nape of her neck. The models were not the same woman and the mark was not the artist's mark. He found that at the bottom right corner of both paintings.

Strategically placed all over the room, and probably the entire house mused Patrick, were speakers pounding the music at them. Jennifer pulled him down onto the couch. They sat close to each other, drank and watched Sam make a fool of himself for a while. They even got up and danced for one song then sat and watched. He really liked women who didn't feel that they needed to fill a silence with stupid talking. Once Lacey and Sam decided to sit, the music was turned down. They started to converse as a group.

Sam took the recliner on Jennifer's side of the couch and Lacey took the one opposite. "This is a great place," Sam said after catching his breath. "Thank you for the dance."

"Thank you twice. I like the way this house feels. It just flows so well. Don't ya think so, Love?" said Lacey with a grin.

"I just love the way your house flows, Lace. The energy in the air is just what I needed after the long day I had on that damned set. I wish Neve could have come over, but you know how it is working up there," said Jennifer. Everyone knew she was referring to the area around Lancaster, California. "So, Patrick, I think we all would love to here how you and Neve came to know each other," she said turning to him. "It's not like her to just pick up some nobody. No offense."

"None taken. In some ways this whole wild night seems like a dream. I'll give you an overview of the evening so far, but only after I get my drink refilled," responded Patrick, raising his glass. He moved to get up to go to the kitchen. Jennifer stopped him with a hand on a leg and Lacey took the glass. That touch caused a slight stirring in his pants; something he thought he wouldn't feel again for a week, the way Neve worked him.

"I could use a refill, too," Sam piped up as Lacey passed him, she took his glass too and disappeared through the doorway to the foyer. "Pat, buddy, I hope you don't become a pussy in telling this story. You seem to like playing the gentleman, when you know that everyone wants to hear everything," he said and moved his elbow like he was ribbing Patrick. Jennifer smiled and shifted next to Patrick.

Lacey came back and saw Patrick blushing. She handed the drinks back and sat down, pulling her legs up under her. Patrick took a rather long pull on his drink then launched into his story. He told the tale as has been stated in the Wild Night story line. As he told the story of the night's earlier events Lacey moved to sit on Sam's lap. Sam just sat back and smiled, even when she squirmed during some of the more sexually intense points of the story. Jennifer was laid back on the couch rubbing her right hand up and down Patrick's back, who was leaning forward very engaged in his story. He was also trying to hide the erection that he had given himself. His telling took close to half an hour. When he was finished they gave him a round of applause.

Jennifer stood up and stretched, placing her ass almost in Patrick's face, since he had not yet sat back. She bent over at the waist and said, with a smile through her legs, "You sound like you had a great time. I now understand that look she gave you as she left the club."

"Yeah, the car part was the best," chimed in Lacey. "So you still have no underwear on?"

"You bastard, you fucked Neve Campbell," exclaimed Sam with a wide grin and raised his almost full glass in salute. Then he brought the glass to his lips and downed the whole highball glass of whiskey sour. "Wait 'til the guys hear about this."

"Sam, you can't tell anyone. I made that promise to Neve. That was one of the concessions I had to make on the way back to the club. The other big one was that I needed to make sure I knew what to call her and her friends while in public, like when I introduced you to her, she was Sydney and these two lovelies were Amanda and Gretchen. Ryan and Rayne might hear that I went to the spa from Cindy but that's all.

"Yes, Lacey, Neve put me into the predicament of going commando. It is a little weird, but my friend Ryan has been doing it for years. I think since he met Rayne," said Patrick with a smirk.

"Are you talking about Rayne Crowe? Or is Grant now?" asked Lacey sitting forward on Sam's lap. Her pants were pulling away from her back giving Sam a great view of her black thong. Patrick noticed that sometime since they arrived at her house she had unbuttoned one of the buttons on her top and saw a black lace bra and some nice cleavage. Also during that time the ladies had lost their foot wear, probably right after they entered, he wasn't paying much attention to that.

"Yeah, I know Ryan and Rayne Grant. I've known Ryan for fourteen years. We met when his dad was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base during our seventh grade year," answered Patrick, sitting back to allow a frisky Jennifer to sit in his lap.

"Did Neve ever tell you why you couldn't put a soapy finger inside her?" said Jennifer, wrapping an arm around Patrick's neck, he shook his head. "The cleaning properties in the soap are a little painful inside a woman. That is the only time we are discouraged from sexual acts at Sierra Sands." He gave her a shocked expression. At that she smiled and licked her lips seductively before dropping her mouth to his.

"Patrick, have you ever gone without underwear before?" asked Lacey. This brought Jennifer away from Patrick's face to glare at Lacey. Lacey moved her hands to say, "Calm down".

"Only once, during a party that Ryan and Rayne threw at the beginning of the summer, a couple years ago. That was an interesting party. Sam was there too. Part of the party was a scavenger hunt. I was actually on Cindy's team. I think that Sam was on Sara's. Right Sam?"

They all looked at Sam, who was gently rubbing Lacey's back. "Yep. She was one little hottie, but Rayne is hotter. She's close to the radiance of the two women we are with here." He gave them all his most charming smile.

All Patrick could think was, "Man the more he drinks the better he is. If we had stayed at the club he would have three or four on the hook already, but here he already knows something is going to happen and is just playing for keeps."

"So you've gone without underwear, too?" Lacey asked. At Sam's nod she squirmed in his lap and continued, "What's it feel like?"

"Well, I don't think either of us could help you understand what it feels like going commando for a guy, cause we have a dick and balls, and you don't," said Patrick. While he was talking his right hand was rubbing Jennifer's back and found the zipper to the dress. He teased the zipper and gently pulled it, but not down. Jennifer gave him a coy look. Everyone could feel the sexual tension in the room. "You could always ask Neve or Rayne next time you see either."

"Lace, the best way to enjoy going commando for a woman is to wear a skirt or dress. That way the wind plays over your exposed pussy. It feels great. Also going commando makes it easier to play with yourself or a friend," said Jennifer, just over a whisper. "In fact, I've been going commando since we went to the club."

Lacey was listening to what Patrick said quite literally. She had hopped up from Sam's lap and unbuttoned her pants. With very little work she was standing in front of Sam with just her thong covering her below the waist. When she saw Jennifer kiss Patrick again, she almost leaped back into Sam's lap and smashed her lips to his. Her legs were straddling his.

The four of them stayed like that for a couple minutes allowing their hands to roam over their partner's body. Sam was the first to move it along a bit more. He unbuttoned the last button on her top and removed it from her shoulders. Patrick then with help from Jennifer slid the dress up to her hips, exposing her bare crotch. She kept a tiny landing strip that was poking up from between her closed legs. She got his shirt off as quickly as she could after helping him with the dress.

Lacey had to break the kiss to get Sam's shirt off. While she was not in a lip lock she pulled him up and dropped his pants to expose a pair of heart covered boxers that were tented. She pinched one of his nipples and slid the shorts to the floor. He kicked his clothes to the side and wrapped his arms around Lacey. He put his lips to hers and started to share his tongue while his hands went to unhooking the bra. When it was unhooked he broke the kiss to kiss her shoulders where the straps had been. He slid the bra off and tossed it at the other couple then kissed each nipple. His hand slid down and hooked the thong down. His mouth latched onto her right nipple as she kicked her panties away.

Jennifer and Patrick stayed in the kiss while they stood and his pants were dropped. Patrick worked the dress up to be around her neck before breaking the kiss to take it off. His hands found the globes that most men fantasize about. Her hands undid the bun and her hair fell in a sexy way. She started to dance and he had to pay attention to stay with her.

Sam's fingers found Lacey's crotch and explored. She kept it trimmed but not very neat. During the story Patrick told she had made the decision to do something with it. Her lips were large for someone so small. She started to moan with his exploration and nipple sucking. His mouth moved from one nipple to the other in about ten second intervals.

Jennifer grabbed Patrick's cock and stroked it. He gave a low moan and slid one hand down to her crotch. Her lips were moist and soft, both sets. When his hand touched her pussy, she stopped moving and his mouth found a nipple. He slipped a finger between her lips as he started to suck the nipple. Her hand stroked his cock, knowing that soon it would be between both sets of lips.

Lacey stopped Sam and pushed him back into the chair. She dropped between his feet and started stroking his hard six inch dick. He kept some hair above his dick, but everything else was bare. She pulled his butt to the edge of the seat and sucked one of his hairless nuts into her mouth. This caused him to groan in pleasure and smile broadly.

Both guys couldn't believe their luck. Patrick had fucked Neve Campbell and was now about to fuck Lacey Chabert and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Sam had a very small kernel of jealousy towards Patrick, but not enough to supersede the glee and lust he had at the moment.

Jennifer sat with her ass halfway off the couch. Patrick never lost touch with her nipple or pussy as she did it. After she was down, he kissed down her taught tummy and through her hair to her pussy, where his fingers never left. With his first kiss there, he pushed a finger into her. She started moaning. His tongue traced the lips and licked over her clit. He was only able to do that a few times before she growled, "Stick it in me."

He looked up at her face to see her eyes filled with lust and want of something more. He nipped her pussy then pulled away and stood up on his knees. The couch was the perfect height. He guided his rigid member into her hot box, pushed all the way in then pulled out. Jennifer knew what his problem was. She sat up quickly, pulled a drawer in the nearby table open and pulled out a foil wrapper. He smiled and quickly put it on. Once again he pushed into her. As he bottomed out, she came and he stopped. "I was planning on picking up someone at the club, but if not Lacey would have helped. I've been horny all day from a couple scenes I filmed today. Now fuck me. Use me." He smiled, nodded and started to pound into her.

Lacey had gotten both balls wet and taken Sam's entire length into her mouth for a couple minutes. After hearing Jennifer's confession she stopped and straddled Sam's legs. She placed his cock on her pussy and kissed him. His cock twitched and he rocked his hips a little. That hit her clit and sent a shock through her. He did it again and she lifted up and inserted him into her. They rocked that way for close to a minute, then Sam lifted her off and they stood.

He saw the open drawer of condoms, grabbed one and put it on, then bent Lacey over the chair. He kissed each cheek before sliding his cock back into her pussy. He started pounding her from behind and slid a hand between her legs to play with her clit. She was moaning in about a minute and coming in three. He continued that way through another orgasm for her before pulling his now soaked hand away from her hot pussy. He continued fucking her from behind.

Jennifer came for her second time maybe a minute before Lacey did. She was rocking with every thrust Patrick gave her. They were both amazed at his staying power. As a way to try to get him off faster, she suggested, "Stick that thing in my ass." She suggested it partly because she liked anal and partly because she knew it was tighter.

He nodded and pulled out of her sopping pussy. She shifted on the couch and spread her ass cheeks right there. Her anus was glistening from the juices that had run over it. Gently at first he put his dickhead at the opening and pushed. After his head was in he was able to slide in to the hilt with ease. As he pulled out she squeezed the muscles, not enough to hurt him but enough to make it the tightest fuck he'd ever had. He was only able to stroke into her ass a few times like that before he blew his load, with grunts and loss of strength. She helped him lay on her, his head right on her tits. He looked up at her and smiled, she grinned back.

Sam had taken his soaked fingers and teased Lacey's anus. She came again as he slipped a finger in. Her pussy was starting to feel a little sore from the pounding Sam was giving her. "Please fuck my ass." He complied. He was a little rougher than Patrick as he entered, but was pushed over the edge all the same. He stayed in her as he turned them around and he sat with her truly in his lap.

Patrick pulled out and crawled up by Jennifer. The four of them looked at each other with sated lust for the moment. Lacey pulled herself off Sam's softening cock and sat a little more comfortably in his lap. Jennifer grabbed hers and Patrick's drinks, handed him his, and they downed the last of the liquid.

With a heavy sigh, Jennifer said, "I'll go get us drinks." She grabbed the glasses and wandered off to the kitchen. Patrick stood up, pulled the condom off and tied a knot in the end. Sam repeated the maneuver after helping Lacey to her feet. Lacey took both used condoms and left the room.

"Man, that was awesome. She has one of the tightest pussies I've ever felt," said Sam. "I wonder what will happen next."

"They may want to switch partners. Or we may be driven back to the club. I don't know, but I will enjoy my time here to the fullest," answered Patrick with a grin.

Sam returned it and said, "I'm surprised you're able to get it up after what you said you did with Neve earlier."

"True," Patrick agreed. He leaned back into the couch and raised his arms to put his hands behind his head.

"That's because of that machine Cindy used on you at the end. Something about it causes people to gain a lot more stamina. I don't really know how, but it's always great to get it used on me." Jennifer reentered the room with the drinks in hand and sat down in the chair Lacey had been in earlier, crossing her legs at her ankles.

Lacey entered the room carrying cushions and sheets. She dropped the pile in her arms in the open floor space, gathered up all the clothes, and left the room again. Jennifer smirked and the guys looked at each other, confused. Lacey came in with more cushions and dropped them to, never looking at the group in the sitting area.

She started to arrange the cushions. She never squatted, always bending at the waist and facing away from them. Jennifer got up and went to help. She too stopped looking at the guys and squatting when things needed to be moved.

The guys looked at each other confused but happy. They enjoyed the sight of these two hot brunettes flashing their pussies to them. They both had gotten hard again while they watched the actresses.

Lacey and Jennifer sat on the cushions with their legs closed and looked at the guys. Everyone shared a smile. The guys started to get up to join the ladies, but both women waved them back into their seats.

"We have a proposition for you two," said Lacey. She paused to confirm the guys were listening. "We are looking at buying a couple houses up in the Lancaster area. One that no one knows of."

"OK," said Sam. Patrick nodded.

"There are always movies being filmed up there, as you know. The studios have housing up there, but the paparazzi are always sitting outside those places. Every one of our friends have stated that they don't like that, but the studios can't do anything more than they have. A small group of us, including Neve, have decided to invest in a couple properties in that town and hide it from everybody," said Jennifer.

"Neve helped us in this endeavor tonight, by meeting you Patrick. We, as a group, have our eyes on a few nice big houses up there, but the trouble we were having was how to make the houses look like someone else lived there," said Lacey. She leaned forward a little.

"Patrick, Sam, we would like for you two to make the purchase of two of the houses we've selected. You would live there rent free and be the care takers. The pay would be around a hundred thousand a year with lots of fringe benefits, including this," Jennifer said. As she said 'this', she ran her hands over her body and Lacey's. This caused the guys' dicks to twitch. "We may need you to find a young woman to play along with you two, since there are three guys in this group."

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