tagSci-Fi & FantasyWild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday

byJake Marlow©

© 2004 JW Omnimedia. All Rights Reserved.

In a dark corner of the basement, Cady sat on her boyfriend's lap sucking on his tongue while he struggled with getting her wide belt unfastened. She could have helped him, but anything that slowed him down was a good thing. They weren't the only ones in that position. Her friend Darby was just at the other end of the couch with her boyfriend and Darby's top was unbuttoned enough for him to get his hand inside it. There were about twenty-five people in all in the basement and kissing and other sounds of passion could just be heard over the music that came from the far side of the basement where the lights were still on. The people that had come singly and hadn't managed to hook up were down at that end, bullshitting and passing one of the bottles that had been smuggled into the party.

Darrin finally succeeded in getting her belt open and she sucked in her flat tummy so he wouldn't have such a hard time with the button on her pants. They were pretty tight and he wouldn't be getting into them without some help. Cady's heart was hammering and she knew if the lights were on her pale, freckled skin would be deeply flushed. Her breasts were tingling and her nipples throbbingly hard after Darrin had just spent a long time touching her there. After dating for over a year he knew how to get her off if he took his time, but when he was too fired up he was just clumsy and sometimes too rough. Fortunately tonight wasn't one of those nights. Cady tilted her head back and he nibbled on that special spot near her ear that made her crazy. When Darrin touched her through her little pink panties he could feel just how crazy he was making her. She jumped when he accidentally brushed her clit, he wasn't too good at finding it consistently, and moaned into his ear. He rubbed her pussy and Cady spread her legs open wider to make it easier for him. She could feel his hard-on pushing into her as she ground her soft, round ass against him.

"Let's sneak into the laundry room," Darrin suggested when he had her panting.

"N...no Darrin, let's s..s..stay here," she stammered, clinging tightly to him while he rubbed her. She knew why he wanted to be alone and wasn't going for it. Even if she was going to fuck him, it wasn't going to be in a cold laundry room six feet away from all their friends.

He pushed through the leg slit of her panties and buried a finger inside her. Cady gasped and jerked upright. He slowly fingered her and she dug her nails into his shoulders while she tried to stay quiet. She didn't want to draw too much attention. "Come on, Cady. I know you want to. I can feel it."

"No, come on, you promised not to be a pain about this." Cady was frustrated. She hated it when he begged and a big part of her did want to sneak off with him. He found her clit again and rubbed it with his thumb while he fingered her. Come on, now she thought, I'm trying to be good here! "D..d..darrin," she moaned.

"Baby, it's gonna hurt if we don't do it."

Cady gritted her teeth and mumbled, "Fine." His hand felt so good, she felt like she was on the edge of...something. But she moved off Darrin's lap and sat beside him, positioning so she blocked the view of the rest of the room. "Come on, baby, take it out."

Darrin didn't move until he realized this was all he was going to get and then quick got his baggy jeans open. Cady peeled back his boxers and a thick shaft sprang out at her. If she'd ever been with another guy she'd have known that he was a good bit thicker than average, but she just knew she was happy with what he had. His cock was hot to the touch and she wrapped her fingers around it, giving it a good tug. Lindsey looked over her shoulder, and happy that no one was paying attention to them, quickly leaned over his lap and took him in her mouth.

"Oh, baby," Darrin gasped. But he wasn't as lucky as he thought. Cady only sucked him when she was in the mood, which was not often. She just sucked him for a second to get his cock nice and wet and then she returned to jerking him off. She quickly moved her hand up and down his shaft and he laid his head against the back of the couch, closing his eyes. Cady wondered if every guy was just worried about getting off himself. According to Darby, who'd been with more guys than her, they were. She also reached down and massaged his balls. Cady knew what to do to get Darrin off in a hurry and she really didn't want anyone catching her giving him a hand job.

"Cady Foster, where the hell are you?" Her mother angrily shouted from the top of the stairs. Suddenly the entire basement was bathed in light and most of the entangled couples pulled away from each other, trying to get their clothes back in order.

"Cady!" Mrs. Foster yelled again as she charged down the steps. A teenaged boy was standing by the table that held the snacks and soda, trying to hide a pint bottle of Southern Comfort behind his back, but he wasn't quick enough. She snatched the bottle from the boy's hand, saying, "Yeah, I thought so. Where are you Cady?" When she turned she found her daughter desperately trying to refasten her tight pants while Darrin sat beside her looking shell-shocked. Mrs. Foster patiently waited for her daughter to recover her dignity.

Once covered, Cady charged at her mother. "Mom, what are you doing down here? You promised to leave us alone!" She knew something had to have gone wrong and knew that offense was the best defense.

"And when I said you could have an eighteenth birthday party here you promised there would be no funny business, but I just found a boy puking his guts up in the backyard."

Shit, Cady thought. "I don't know anything about that. He must have snuck his own bottle."

"Maybe you should keep your pants on and keep an eye on your friends."

"Mom!" She instantly turned a darker shade of red than her tight, crimson polo shirt. "How could you?"

Mrs. Foster turned on Cady's friends. "Okay, if any of you has anything on you I want it on the table now and don't think you're getting out of this basement without being searched. If anyone is obviously drunk I'm calling your parents."

Another boy placed a mostly empty pint of Jack Daniels on the table while a girl pulled a large bottle of Smirnoff from her cavernous purse. An empty bottle of peach schnapps was added to the haul and the kids lined up, nervously shifting from foot to foot. Three girls and two boys were deemed to drunk to make it home on their own and Mrs. Foster made them sit down while she called their parents to pick them up. The rest she sent on their way, warning they were lucky to get off so easily this time. She also escorted Darrin to the door, warning him that she didn't want to see him around her daughter again. While Cady sat downstairs with her friends she was too mortified to say anything other than a muted, "I'm sorry."

Her mother made her sit with her friends as their parents picked them up, one by one. When everyone was finally gone, Mrs. Foster made Cady sit and wait for her at the kitchen table. Mrs. Foster made herself a cup of tea and then sat quietly across the table from her daughter.

When Cady couldn't take the silence any longer, she blurted out, "Well?"

"Well, what? What do you have to say for yourself?"

"How could you humiliate me like that in front of my friends?"

"They were drinking, Cady. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you think that's all right?"

"You could have been cool about it."

"I also could have been sued by their parents if I didn't do anything. And what if one of your friends left here drunk and got in a crash?"

"They're too smart for that."

"I thought you were too smart to let this go on while I was right upstairs. I can't believe you can yell at me after what happened!"

"Nothing happened!" Cady yelled. "It was just a normal party, nothing bad was going on, no one was going to get hurt. If you had just told me about Jared I would have done something. I just wanted to make me look like a loser in front of my friends."

"That was just an added perk," Mrs. Foster cracked.

"Bitch!" Cady yelled.

"How dare you!" Without thinking she reached across the table and smacked her daughter.

Tears welled up in Cady's eyes, but she kept them from falling by sheer willpower. "You just want to ruin my life. You can't tell me you never did anything wrong when you were a teenager."

For a second Tess Foster thought about all the trouble she'd gotten into when she was Cady's age and then she said, "This isn't about me, young lady. And I am not trying to ruin your life."

Shep, Cady's nine-year-old brother appeared in the doorway, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, I'm just talking to your sister. Go back to bed, honey."

Shep gave his mother a look that said, yeah right, and then turned around and went back to his room.

"Okay, Cady, you're grounded for a month. You go to school, you can do your extracurriculars, but then it's straight home. I'm going to call you at four o'clock every day and you'd better answer the phone."

"Mom! It's the end of the year. All the good parties are happening now. What about the prom?" Cady was distraught.

"I think you've done enough partying. And if you straighten out and fly right you can still go to the prom, but not with Darrin."

"He's my boyfriend, Mom! I love him!"

"I don't care. Who knows what you two are doing. You may already be fucking him for all I know, but it stops now. You're to stay away from that boy."

"You can't do this. I'm a grown up now!"

"Maybe you should behave like one then. You may be eighteen, but you live in my house and you're still in high school and you're still my daughter, so I set the rules."

"You're so unfair."

"I'm sorry you feel that way."

They sat in silence again until Cady asked, "Are we done here?"

Mrs. Foster was waiting for an apology, but realized she wasn't going to get one. "I guess so."

"I'm going to my cell then." Cady stormed out of the room

She wanted to call out, I love you to her daughter's retreating back, but couldn't do it and felt tears welling in her own eyes.


Tess snuggled harder against Sam and sighed, having just finished filling him in on Friday night's events. It was Monday evening and Cady still hadn't spoken a word to her except to answer the phone in the afternoon.

"I'm sorry all that happened, honey, but maybe you could ease up on her just a little bit." Sam said, squeezing his fiancé.

"Weren't you listening? She let alcohol into the house. It scares me to think of what could have happened."

"But nothing did happen and kids drink sometimes. You just have to trust that you've raised them well and hope for the best."

"Spoken like someone who's never had children."

"Listen, I'm sure you were no angel when you were Cady's age and you've turned out great."

"I knew how to raise hell, God knows what would have happened if my parents knew half of what I did, but I always knew which side of the line to stay on. Ever since Cady's dad left there's been this undercurrent of anger to her. Sometimes I think she just does things out of spite."

"I know she resents me being in your life and that can't make things any easier. I'm sorry about that."

"You don't have to apologize. I love you and Cady has to accept that. Whether you were here or not, her father's not coming back."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence. I just meant that she's really not so bad and I know you can be hard on her. She's got decent grades, she doesn't get into too much trouble and she can be very sweet when she feels like it. She's just a typical teenager."

"I know. It's just she gets that attitude and I can't help myself. I feel like I have to out-bitch her. And I really don't trust that Darrin. I know he's going to get her in trouble."

"I don't think Cady would let him. She's a good kid."

"Her pants were undone. And so were his."

Sam kissed the top of her head. "Honey, come on, they're teenagers. Don't you remember how horny you were back then? Were you still a virgin at eighteen? Not to say Cady's not."

Lots of memories of sweaty teenaged boys and backseat gropes flooded Tess's mind. Sometimes she was a very bad girl when she was her daughter's age. "Maybe I wasn't," she said with a wry smile. She turned her head and began kissing Sam's neck. She rubbed his chest, but his hand was slowly drifting downward. "But it's nothing compared to how horny I am now. There's definitely something the whole midlife sexual peak for women." She straddled one of Sam's thighs and kissed his lips.

"Then I guess it's lucky for me that I have you now." He pushed the top of her sweater set off and onto the floor. Tess's nipples were swollen and poking through her soft pink sweater before Sam even touched her breasts, but once he did they grew even harder and Tess moaned loudly. She was tall and slender and B-cups looked just right on her. He pinched both her nipples as he captured her breasts and she squirmed and pushed into his thigh as she unbuttoned his shirt and ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Sam was a ruggedly handsome man in his late forties, still in great shape, with ice blue eyes and razor cut light brown hair just starting to turn a distinguished gray. Tess had been attracted to him from the first.

Tess tossed Sam's shirt away and then her sweater and bra joined the growing pile on clothes on his living room floor. She ground her pussy hard into his leg while he went from one breast to the other, sucking and nibbling. Sam took his time and knew exactly how to touch and tease her. Tess had her hand in his lap and was rubbing the lump in his khakis while it grew. Any thoughts of the trouble with her daughter were pushed from her mind. Tess was only thinking about making love to her fiancé now.

Slipping out of his lap and onto her knees, Tess removed Sam's khakis and caressed his shaft with both hands while staring up at him. He was only about average in size, but Tess had never needed a huge cock to get off. She was perfectly happy with what Sam was packing. Never breaking away from his eyes, Tess lowered her lips to his cock and then let her tongue snake out and tease the head. He moaned her name and gripped the couch cushions while she licked up and down his shaft with fluttering strokes. She even gave his balls a lick before taking him deep in her mouth. Although she didn't do it much with her ex-husband, over the last few years Tess had really learned to enjoy giving head. She loved the feeling of power, how a man just fell apart when getting a good blow job, and she liked giving her lover such pure pleasure. It helped that Sam was a very giving lover himself. She bobbed up and down on his shaft, gaining speed as she went while Sam shook and moaned and stroked her short blonde hair. Tess had once been a redhead like her daughter, but over the years her colored faded and now she kept her hair in a light blonde bob.

Tess busied herself sucking on Sam until her pulled her head away and she let go of his cock with a pop. She didn't mind if he came in her mouth, but they both knew he was only good for once a night and he wanted more than just her mouth. She stood up, but instead of letting her rejoin him on the couch, Sam made Tess stand in front of him and while he kissed her thighs. Her whole body tingled in anticipation as he moved closer and closer to his goal, while Tess parted her legs to help him get there. He massaged her lips with all eight fingertips and spread her sticky lips apart before dipping his tongue like a ravenous hummingbird. She cried out loudly and her knees nearly buckled, but in her desire to keep Sam's mouth in place she found the strength to stay standing and was rewarded by wave after wave of pleasure launched by Sam's talented tongue. He grabbed her ass and locked his sucking mouth against her pussy while his tongue lashed at her clit. Tess gripped his head tightly and threw her head back with a keening cry.

With shudders still racking her body, Tess allowed herself to be pulled back to the couch. Sam tried to push her onto her back, but she wouldn't have that. She liked it best when she could control the movement. Instead, Tess straddled him as she did before, except this time she grasped his cock and put it inside her. Wetly, she impaled herself on his rigid staff and worked her muscles around him. Tess loved the way he looked like he was going to pass out when she grasped him with her pussy. She gyrated her hips and worked her muscles until Sam couldn't stand sitting there anymore and he grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her up and down on his cock. Tess put her hands on his shoulders and took back control, but didn't slow down. In fact, she picked up the pace, slamming her pussy down on Sam over and over, pushing her clit into him every time. Soon they were both moaning and gasping and after just a few minutes of frenzied coupling Sam grabbed her ass hard enough to leave handprints in those white globes and shot his load inside her. Tess was right there with him, cumming just as she felt Sam lose it inside her. She clung to him, kissing him.

"I love you, honey. That was great." Tess sighed.

"You're always amazing, Tess. I love you too."

They lounged naked on the couch for another hour or so, in which time Sam brought Tess off again using his fingers before she announced it was getting late and she had to get home. Cady was watching her little brother, but still, Tess didn't like to be out too late. When Tess was reassembled into the form of a responsible mother, Sam walked her to the door.

"Thanks for a great night," Tess said.

"No, thank you. And don't worry about things with Cady. I'm telling you she's a good girl, she's just mad right now. I'm sure when she has a chance to cool down everything is going to be fine. You'll see."

"I hope you're right. Goodnight."


Sam, it turned out, was anything but right. Cady remained chilly to her mother for the next week. She only spoke to her when forced to and even then she acted like it was a struggle to choke out more than a single syllable. Cady was a cool customer, but it was driving her mom mad. When she couldn't take it any longer she ordered her daughter out to dinner so they could try and straighten things out. In a conciliatory move, Tess took her to her favorite Chinese restaurant, but when they sat Cady stared across the table at her mother stone-faced.

"So are you never going to speak to me again?" Tess asked.

Cady shrugged.

"You can't even say yes or no to that?"

"Yes, mother, I will speak to you if you want me to. I don't want to get into any more trouble and be punished further."

"Cady, it's not like I punished you for no reason. You let your friends bring alcohol into our house. Something really bad could have happened."


"Don't whatever me young lady. We need to straighten this out. We can't live like strangers in the same house."

"I'll be away at school in the fall and you won't have to worry about that."

"This has got to be about more than just your party. Come on and talk to me, honey. I want to work this out."

"You want to talk, fine. I'm pissed that you humiliated me in front of my friends. You treated me like I was twelve-years-old. I understand why you were upset, but you made me look like a total dweeb. But what I hate is how you treated Darrin. Mom, I love him and you told him to stay away from me. You forbid me to see him."

"Cady, that boy is trouble. I've thought so from the first time I met him."

"You never even gave him a chance."

"I was your age once, too and I know a boy like that looks at a pretty young girl like you and only thinks about one thing. He sees you as a nice chest in a tight shirt and everything else is out the window."

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