tagIncest/TabooWild Wet Mobike Ride

Wild Wet Mobike Ride


I am from Mumbai, 36 yrs old. It was one of those rainy days, the sky was dark and was about to rain. And I was giving my sister-in-law (‘SIL’)a lift back home on my Yamaha RX-100 (a 20 min ride from my place). My SIL is dusky and really beautiful – 32 yrs, 5’5”, big breasts, and a fairly good ass and looks very beautiful in a saree (which she always wore low, and her blouse would show a cleavage), this always turned me on. I always fantasized making love to her and masturbated many times thinking of her.

She was not used to bike rides so she sat carefully holding the carrier (without holding me), after about 2 min of riding we came over a pot-hole (common on Mumbai roads). I tried to avoid it but could not, my SIL nearly lost her balance but she somehow caught me tightly and we missed an accident. I stopped my bike, we both were shaken, I explained to my SIL to please hold me, in case we come across some other pot-holes.

I started my bike, my SIL sat with her hands around my waist, and she was trying to avoid her big breasts touching my back, after 3-4 emergency brakes she, was close to me and her breast was touching my back (that felt really great), those soft sexy mounds pressing against my back. And guess what, it started raining heavily suddenly. We both were wet in a few seconds. I asked my SIL should we stop and take some shelter from the rain, she said it was no use as we were already wet and told me to go on. We got drenched from head to toe in a matter of minutes.

Anyhow, we reached her place (it was still raining). When she got down from the bike and stood beside me in her wet see through saree which was sticking to her blouse and showing those beautiful mounds (that gave me an instant hard-on), she looked like a sexy actress in the hindi movies about to do a wet rainy song. And she said come over and dry yourself, and her husband (my wife’s brother) was not at home.

We climbed the staircase. I was behind her, she was moving her hips in a sexy fashion, I could almost see black panties. We reached the third floor (I had a great time watching her from behind). She opened the door and invited me in. We were in only the two of us, in really wet clothes (now what) I thought to myself, I wish I could take her right now but – control yourself.

She said lets go to the bedroom (with a smile on her face), I followed her to the bedroom. She took out a T-shirt and a short pant from the cupboard. She was standing in front of me waiting me to undress. I took off my wet shirt and was about to take out my pants when she gave me the same towel which she used to dry off her hair. I dried myself, and covered myself with the towel and took my pants and undies off, I was fully nude just for the towel – she was watching me all the time without taking her eyes off me I noticed – I knew this turned her on, and she was hot by now. When suddenly, she herself started to undress in front of me, she took of her saree saying we two had a good time getting wet in the rain, I could see those two beautiful mounds uncovered for the first time, she was in her blouse and petticoat – NO CONTROL, I though to myself now or never. I walked close to her, and looked into her beautiful eyes and slowly gave her a kiss on her lips after 3 sec. she started to respond with her arms around me – I did not waste time now. I made her sit on the bed and slowly removed her blouse – WOW I envied my brother-in-law. We both were nude in a matter of seconds and kissing and hugging each other. I told her I have been wanting to make love to her ever since she got married, she said likewise (which really surprised me). She then told me she always thought about me when she had sex with her husband.

This turned me on and I took her in my arms and started kissing her. No words were needed as she started kissing back and our tongues entwined with each other with our saliva intermingling and my lips were chewed frantically by her. I moved my mouth to her left nipple and started sucking it gently at first and then with increasing passion started sucking and biting both nipples violently.

"Aah! gently darling!" she exclaimed. We have plenty of time so don't be greedy. You can suck and milk my breasts to your heart's content but gently darling otherwise your teeth will tear my nipples." I then moved my mouth to her navel kissing her way down further. Then I parted her slit with my nose and inhaled the smell of her wet vagina. The musky odour seemed to drive me mad as my tongue started assaulting her cunt and at the same time I inserted a finger deep into her cunt and started moving it around. She was getting so excited that she started thrashing about. "Please make love to me now," she begged.

I moved my big throbbing organ to the mouth of her wet cunt. She lifted her legs to receive me and with a brutal thrust I drove my cock deep inside her. "Oooh!", she gasped while my organ entered her completely. I locked my lips on hers as I started my thrusts slowly at first and then harder. She moved in rhythm to my actions while I again assaulted her already sore nipples with my tongue and teeth making her squeal with pleasure. As my thrusts became more and more violent she started gasping and moaning at the fury of my assault and even the bed started shaking and swaying due to the violence of our lovemaking. It seemed to go on and finally I could feel her intense orgasm coming.

"I am coming darling. Please come inside me now! Now! Now!!" she pleaded in a scream, while she pressed me as tight as possible, squeezing her cunt muscles. I plunged as deep as possible into her cunt and started ejaculating while I climaxed. It was the most intense orgasm that I had ever had. She kept me inside for a long time and finally I rolled off.

"That was really good," she said kissing me on my lips.

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