tagGay MaleWill Wonders Never Cease

Will Wonders Never Cease


The orgasm began suddenly and reverberated through my entire body. Every inch of my flesh tingled. I felt my sperm coursing though my throbbing cock as it shot into Ray’s mouth. He sucked eagerly, drinking my seed and swallowing every gush of it as it continued to fill his mouth. And then it happened! Ray’s hard cock began to swell in my mouth. The head of his pulsating cock was up against the opening to my throat and it began to shoot streams of his warm cum directly down my throat. Gagging at first, I backed away from the base of his cock and let the remainder of his seed empty into my mouth. Shot after shot of Ray’s cum filled my mouth near to overflowing. I sucked the last drops out of the opening of his throbbing cock and let the warm liquid remain in my mouth to savor the unique taste. Ray and I separated our spent bodies and we lay on our backs as our orgasms began to ease. I continued to hold his cum in my mouth, feeling the tingle of sensations of his seed, loving the taste; loving the feeling. Then, slowly, I let his juice slide down my throat. I rose and began putting on my clothes, still enjoying the taste of warm cum on my tongue.

Ray said, “I hope we can do this again.” I didn’t answer him.

The next day I felt as I usually do after a session with a man, hating myself, embarrassed and guilty. What if my wife, Jane, ever finds out? What if I get a disease? Why do I do this? What is in me that gives me this urge to suck a man’s cock? After I do it I swear that this is the last time. I’ll never do it again. I’ll fight the urge! But, after a few weeks I get that horny feeling and the more I let my mind think about it, about feeling that hard, yet pliable cock, pushing itself into my mouth and tasting the warm skin of it, my resistance falls away. Then I begin to search for another opportunity to fill my need.

It is a puzzle to me because, other than what I have just described, I am straight in every way. I’m married to a sweet, loving wife. We have a wonderful sex life. I have no problem going down on her, fucking her, loving her. She gives me blow jobs and I truly enjoy them. But I need to feel that cock in my mouth and I need to taste that warm cum that I suck out of it.

I sucked my first cock when I was in my early teens. I was camping with a buddy of mine. We started jacking off together. That led to experimenting with our bodies. We had no inhibitions. It was fun, exciting and it got better as we grew older. This kid, Bobby, and I tried about everything with each other. Besides sucking each other we tried anal with each other and it was great. We knew enough to be careful and keep our secret relationship quiet, but we had no guilt feelings about what we were doing. With us there was no kissing or cuddling, it was just sex. It lasted until we both went into the service and went our separate ways.

While in the Navy, I had a few experiences with guys, but then I found out how delicious a pussy was. Once I was turned on to sex with women, I was in heaven. I love how it feels to have my cock deep into a woman’s pussy, the feel of her breasts, and the warmth of her soft body against mine. And though I thoroughly enjoyed a man’s body, especially his cock and balls; I was never into kissing and snuggling with a guy. It was always just sex. I became very good friends with some of the men I had sex with, but I never felt I loved any of them.

My sex with men stopped when I became engaged and then married. For seventeen years my wife and I enjoyed each other in and out of bed. We had three children and were a normal family until, after seventeen years we tired of each other and we divorced.

I dated several women for a few years, never thinking about having sex with men until, one night, while I was having a beer in a local tavern, I had a conversation with a regular whom I knew only casually. He came to the bar on Friday nights. He said it was his night out. We talked about several things and had several beers. Eventually the conversation turned to sex. He told me he envied me being single. As men do, we got into the details about our sex life. I told him that sex with my ex wife had been pleasant, though not very dynamic. He said sex with his wife was getting boring. He complained that his wife would never go down on him, wouldn’t even try it. I asked if he ever had a blow job and he revealed to me that he had been having an affair with another married man until recently. The guy and his family moved away. This awakened me to the fact that I was not the only “straight” guy who enjoyed sex with a man. I confessed to him that I, also, had sexual experiences with men when I was younger. The more we talked, the hornier I became. He, John, shifted on his bar stool and I could see by the bulge in his slacks that he, also, was turned on by our conversation.

When the bar closed I invited him to my apartment. I opened a couple of beers and we talked some more. Eventually we began feeling each other through our clothes. I said, “We both know what we’re here for” and we got undressed. I led him to my bedroom and we climbed on the bed. He put his arms around me and began kissing me. I pushed him away and said, “Sorry, I’m not into that. I just want your cock.” We went into a 69 and began sucking each other’s cock. It was good and we continued for several hours. We both had cum twice in each other’s mouth and that was it. He left and I went to sleep.

The following year I married again. That ended my meetings with men. My wife Jenny and I were very happy. Over the next few years we had two children, a boy and a girl. Jenny was great in bed and there was nothing she wouldn’t try. We experimented with many things to keep our sex life interesting. Jenny was a knockout. She had nice 36c breasts that defied the laws of gravity, velvety smooth skin and a beautiful face that was almost always smiling. After about fifteen years of wonderful sex and fantasizing about the things we haven’t tried yet, we decided to join a swingers group.

It was exciting for both of us. We didn’t swing all that much and we were very careful, but after several times having sex with other couples, Jenny confessed that she never had a climax while being fucked or eaten in all the times we were swinging, except when her and I were having sex together. I asked if she wanted to give it up and she said, “No, it’s exciting and you make me cum several times when we get home and we have sex together. I don’t know why I can’t seem to cum with another guy. Maybe subconsciously I feel that I’m cheating on you even though you are getting laid at the same time. We have a date with Bob and Marie this Friday. Let’s see how that goes.”

Jenny and I rang the doorbell at their house. Jack and Irene both answered the door with smiles and handshakes. We were ushered into their living room where another couple was sitting, sipping cocktails. They were introduced to us as old friends. Apparently Bob and Marie had swung with them before.

“Jack and Irene dropped in a few minutes ago,” Marie explained.

Jack was tall, with broad shoulders. He was perfectly bald, with no hair on the sides. His wife Irene was very pretty. She had a small build and pert little tits. Her hair was jet black and fell to her shoulders. Jack explained that he and Irene had been friends with Bob and Marie for a few years. He smiled and winked when he added, “Intimate friends.”

“We just dropped in for a drink,” Irene added. “We didn’t intend to stay.”

Marie gave us a knowing grin. I think she invited Jack and Irene to swing with us. I looked at Jenny. She understood and gave me an OK nod.

“The more the merrier,” I said. “Jenny and I are always looking to meet new friends.”

Bob made everyone fresh drinks. His stereo was playing soft love songs and we each started dancing with our own wives. This led to changing partners and then to the bedroom. Bob and Marie had a king size bed.

I leaned over and whispered to Jenny, “How about you pick the guy you want to fuck first and go over and help him undress. Not counting me of course.” Jenny smiled and walked over to Jack and began unbuttoning his shirt. Seeing this, Irene walked over to Bob and began to unbuckle his belt. That, of course, left Marie and me. She came and unzipped my fly, reached her hand in and took hold of my semi-hard cock. In a few moments we were all naked and on the bed. My wife wasted no time. I looked over and saw her take Jack’s stiff cock in her mouth right down to his balls. Marie climbed on top of me and lowered her wet pussy onto my now hard cock.

For the next hour we sucked and fucked, switching partners. At one point Jenny was lying on her back while Irene was licking her sweet pussy. I sucked on my wife’s breasts while she was enjoying Irene’s tongue. Jenny raised her pelvis, trying to get more of Irene’s tongue into her. She began screaming, “Oh, don’t stop now Irene, I’m gonna cum.” And cum she did! Irene had all she could do to hold on while Jenny twisted and turned, enjoying a well deserved orgasm.

When Jenny calmed down and Irene moved her, now soaked, mouth from Jenny’s well satisfied pussy, she moaned, “Oh, Irene you are so good at that. I loved it.”

I looking into my wife’s eyes and said, “Well, you came big that time.”

“How come I can cum when someone is eating me, but not when I being fucked, except with you,” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied, “When you have the best, nothing else compares.” She gave me a punch and laughed.

We were all resting there, talking about how hot everybody is. Jenny and I were cuddling quietly. Then I heard some moaning and said to her, “Someone is active again.” We looked up, and to our surprise, Jack was sucking on Bob’s cock. By the moans and sighs, Bob was enjoying the treatment.

Suddenly Jenny wrapped her long legs around me and I could feel her pussy kissing my leg. She was very wet.

“Oh, honey,” she cried, “that is so hot!” Her eyes stayed glued to the two guys. At that time Jack swung around so that he was on top of Bob. Bob took Jack’s cock into his mouth and sucked. Their wives were sitting against the headboard of the bed, cuddling with each other while watching their husbands sucking each other’s cocks. They were smiling.

”Oh honey,” Jenny screamed again, “I’ve never seen anything that hot. Boy does that turn me on.” With that she began to cum on my leg.

“Ah, I’m cummimg,” she moaned. “Watching those two guys is almost as hot as getting fucked.”

I was amazed at how she was acting. This was really turning her on. “Wow,” I said. “You are really hot on bi guys.”

As she calmed down from her orgasm, she looked at me and asked, “Have you ever done that?”

I didn’t know how to answer that. While I hesitated Jenny smiled and said, “You have, haven’t you. Oh, I’d love to see you do that. It would really get me off.”

This was opening up a whole new thing for me. Should I tell her about my bi sessions with guys? All this time I refrained from getting it on with guys. I was afraid she would find out and be disgusted and leave me. My mind was picturing some weird possibilities.

When we got home that night we took our showers and as we were getting into bed, Jenny said, “I want to hear about the things you’ve done with guys. I want to hear every detail. I’m getting horny again just thinking about it.”

I began to tell her about my episodes with men. She insisted on details so I told her how I felt when I had a nice hard, but pliable cock in my mouth. How I loved the taste of it. I told her what a thrill it gave me when I felt that cock shoot its first stream of cum and it hit the roof of my mouth. I described how the taste of a man’s seed filled my mouth and how it poured down my throat.

She was stoking my cock and getting hotter by the minute. “You like to suck cock just as much as I do,” she said.

“Maybe more,” I said. Then I told her how I felt afterwards. How the guilt feeling would consume me.

“Why,” she asked? “You weren’t cheating on anybody. If you had a session with another guy and came home and told me about it, I would be happy for you. Of course, I’d want to hear all the details.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. My mind was racing just thinking of the possibilities. Jenny had me hard by now and she took my cock into her mouth. She slid it all the way in as far as she could take it. I was in heaven again. When I felt the cum boiling up in my balls I said, “Wait, let me fuck you.”

“My cunt is too sore right now. Get on top of me and let me sit on your face while I suck the cum out of you.”

When Jenny lowered her wet cunt onto my face and, once again, took my throbbing cock into her mouth, she immediately screamed, “I’m cumming honey, oh my heaven, it’s so good.”

This caused me to have my last orgasm of the fantastic night. I blew my last load into Jenny’s mouth while she sucked me dry.

Just before falling asleep, Jenny said, “I want you to set something up with one of the guys you had sex with. I want to be a part of it.” Then she was asleep.

I began thinking, “I wonder if Ray is still around.”

To be continued.

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