tagFetishWill Work for Panties Ch. 01

Will Work for Panties Ch. 01

byVincent E©

Life is too short to go through it stupid and careless. I guess that you can be either one thing or the other and you will not inflict too much damage on yourself, but the combination of the two can prove tragic. For instance, if you are going to raid your aunt’s underwear hamper on a holiday visit – stupid – you should not leave the door to the bathroom unlocked – careless. Well, I learned first hand just how bad the combination of stupid and careless could be. Fortunately for me the end results were not hideous.

I’ve had a panty fetish ever since my balls dropped. I don’t know why, but I get turned on by the sight, and the thought for that matter, of women’s underwear. Bras and garters are great, but the sight of panties is what really gets my blood flowing. Just the sight of panties, they don’t need to be filled. I collected the newspaper circulars when I was really young and kept the pictures of the women’s underwear. It was better that a girlie magazine, those women were often naked.

Like most panty fetishists I started raiding my mother’s panty drawer, but her underwear was always so boring that I never got a real thrill. I could sneak a peek at a cousin’s underwear drawer from time to time, but those panties were always too youthful. It was women’s, not girls’ panties that excite me. So, I stuck to collecting pictures for years and years hoping one day to have a pair of panties of my very own.

This is where the combination of stupid and careless comes into the picture. My Aunt Sherrie is a very attractive woman. She is actually my uncle Donald’s wife, and she is the youngest aunt that I have. Naturally that makes her the coolest aunt that a young man could have. The family got into the habit of spending holidays at their house in the suburbs, and from time to time when I went to the bathroom I would sneak a peek at the contents of the hamper. I would often see a pair of her womanly undies and get a rush of blood to my head; you can guess which one.

I came upon a scheme for larceny. I screwed up the nerve one holiday to make a grab at the first pair of her knickers that I could find the next time we went over to their house. To make a long story short, there I was hovering over the hamper with three pairs of panties in my hands when the door opened and Aunt Sherrie stepped into the bathroom. She hadn’t planned on finding anyone in there; it was just my dumb luck that I left the door open.

“What are you doing?” She asked with a look of shock on her face.

I just froze in place. I didn’t wet myself, but that could be because I had just taken a tinkle before I jumped into the hamper.

“Give me those,” she said as she ripped the panties from my hands. “Get out of here you little pervert.”

I slinked past her and escaped from the room. I spent the rest of the holiday visit avoiding her, and when we did occasionally cross paths I sensed that she was burning a hole into me with her eyes. I had been caught red handed with a pair of black nylon lace trimmed panties in my hands, and I had never been more embarrassed about anything in my whole life. If she ever told anyone I would have to leave the family once and for all. How would people react to an 18-year old college man raiding his auntie’s panties?

“I should have just bought some,” I thought to myself for the rest of the day. That would have been less embarrassing than getting caught and having the specter of the whole family knowing hanging over my head for the rest of Christmas.

The following week life got more interesting for me. Each time that I considered the fact that I got caught it dawned on me that no one else had said a word to me. I guessed that Aunt Sherrie had let the matter go and had spared me any further embarrassment by keeping the episode a secret. I knew she was cool. But I received a phone call from her late in the week that changed everything for me.

“Vincent, it’s your Aunt Sherrie.”

“Ahh, um, yeah. What’s up?” I stammered out the response. It was the first time she spoke to me since she caught me red-handed and red-faced.

“I think that we need to talk about a few things. Your uncle is out with the kids. Come on over now,” she replied.

“Well, I don’t think that I can just now.” I would have said anything to avoid a face-to-face confrontation with her. I was scared.

“Vincent, I’m not asking you to come over, I’m telling you to come over. Now get over here in the next 15-minutes or else.” Click. She hung up the phone.

“Well,” I said to myself out loud, “it has been a good life, even if it was a short one.”

I drove my broken-down Buick over, but not as fast as I could. I stopped at every yellow light, didn’t take any right turns until the light changed to green, and stopped for pedestrians who looked like they were thinking of crossing the street. When I finally arrived at her house Aunt Sherrie was waiting for me at the door. I walked up the steps and she opened the door for me and said to come in and sit down. Oddly, she didn’t seem mad. In fact she seemed really cool.

We sat in the living room and she opened up the conversation by getting right to the point.

“Why were you going through my panties?”

I was aghast. I didn’t know how to reply, so I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Come on, that isn’t good enough. I want an answer.” She still did not seem angry. “Why were you going through my panties?”

“I don’t know.” I have always marveled at how we use this answer to avoid saying what is really on our minds. Children use it at an early age, and continue using it right into adulthood. I did know why I was in her panties, but I didn’t want to say why. It was as if talking about it was worse than getting caught.

“I think you do know, and I want an answer. Were you going through my panties because they excite you?”

“Yes,” I answered in a meekish manner.

“Was it because you like to look at panties?”

“I guess so.”

“Was it because you wanted to take them?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I wasn’t even looking at her. Instead I was looking at my shoes.

Aunt Sherrie moved from her seat and sat of the sofa next to me. She raised my head to look me in the eyes. This was the moment that I was most frightened.

“Did you want to use them to play with yourself?” she asked. That was the most embarrassing question. The answer was yes, but I didn’t want to admit it.

“I don’t know.” There was that handy answer again.

“I think it was. Now be honest. Did you want to take my panties to masturbate?”

“Yes. I did,” I said as I looked away in shame. I could feel my cheeks heat up from an embarrassing flush.

“Vincent, it is okay. I’m not mad, and I don’t want to embarrass you. I’m just glad that you are willing to talk to me about it.”

I was amazed. I shot a look at her in surprise, and she just smiled at me with a reassuring grin. I didn’t sense it until just now, but she had been holding my hand since she had come to sit next to me. She squeezed my hand and I squeezed back.

“Thank-you,” I said. I was extremely grateful to say the least.

“Look,” she continued, “if you want to talk about this I will listen. You have a panty fetish. There is nothing wrong with that. And I know that you may be embarrassed by it. However, if you want someone to be listen while you get things off your chest, I am here for you.”

I knew she was cool.

We spoke briefly - pardon the pun – about the episode in the bathroom. I admitted to her that I had intended to steal her panties from the hamper and take them home where I would use them to jerk-off. She patted me on the hand and told me that she was just surprised to walk into her bathroom and find me raiding the hamper so carelessly: “Why didn’t you lock the door?” She admitted that she was in fact flattered that I wanted her panties.

“I’m glad that you think they’re sexy,” she said.

All during the conversation my cock was rock hard, and I could hardly move from my seat when she told me that I had to go before her family came home.

As I left the house she asked me a question.

“Vincent, would you be willing to help with some work around the house. We are going to be doing some redecorating over the rest of the winter and we could use your help. I’ll make sure you get compensated properly”

“Sure,” I offered quickly, “I’d be glad to help.” I wanted to stay on her good side. After all, my sexy aunt had caught me with my hands in the cookie jar and was offering to keep my secret. I guess I’d do anything for her.

* * *

The Saturday that she asked me to come over and help paint the living room and dining room was about a week later. The job required two coats of eggshell colored paint in each room and meticulous work around the wood trim. My uncle and I had painted the room and completed the job from preparation to clean up in a few hours. He wasn’t sure he liked the color of the paint, but Sherrie loved it.

After we finished cleaning ourselves we ate a lunch that Aunt Sherrie had prepared for us. When we finished I said that I had to leave. My uncle had gone to see a neighbor while I said goodbye to my aunt.

“Thank-you very much for all your help today, Vincent.”

“Well, It wasn’t that much work. If you need anything else, just give me a call,” I replied.

“I will. Oh, by the way, I have something for you.”

I was halfway back in the door as she handed me a small paper bag. I looked inside and found a small gift-wrapped package.

“Open it when you get home,” she said.

Well when I got home I went to my bedroom, casually opened the package and found a three pack of women’s panties inside. My cock sprang to an instant erection. Here I was standing in my room with my very own panties provided to me by my loving aunt. It was more than I could handle. I shook nervously as I opened the package and pulled out three pairs of cotton/spandex blend, white panties. One pair was had little roses on them, the second pair had tiny rainbows, and the third pair had hearts.

“Man is she ever cool,” I thought out loud.

I didn’t waste anytime dropping my pants, wrapping the heart panties around my unit, and stroking until I felt a surge of come rushing to freedom. It all happened so quickly that I wasn’t even sure of what was going on around me. My mother was knocking on the door asking me how everything went at her brother’s house, and there I am inches away on the other side of the door looking for something to use to clean up the mess.

Sherrie didn’t call again for a few weeks; it was late winter when she did. I had been enjoying the panties that she had given me and did my best to keep them clean after I soiled them; I actually felt a little guilty about not thanking her, so when I talked to her on the phone I didn’t know what to say.

Actually she called because they were going to be laying down some carpeting that weekend, and she wanted me to come over to help move the furniture around and lend a had putting down the carpet.

“Sure, it’s no problem,” I said.

“Great. Then we’ll be expecting you early. Goodbye.” She hung up before I could say anything else; the kids were screaming in the background and she had more important things to do than converse with her panty loving nephew at the moment.

That weekend we moved three rooms of furniture and laid down the carpeting in the living room, dining room, and den. The job took most of the day between my uncle, his brother-in-law Brian, and myself. By late in the day we had all the carpeting placed down on top of new padding and each room back to normal.

Once we finished Brian excused himself to get back home to his wife. My uncle went to prepare for dinner – he was taking the family out. Sherrie once again saw me to the door and said goodbye to me. My heart pounded violently as she handed me another package similar to the one from earlier in the winter.

“I hope you are still accepting the same payment,” she said coyly.

“Um, well…” I couldn’t reply to her. I was just too excited.

“Did you enjoy your last compensation?”

“Well, yeah. I did. Thank-you very much, auntie.”

“Well, your welcome, nephew. No get on home.”

I took just enough care to get home without running off the road. I was so excited about opening this package that I raced to my room, locked the door, and tore into the package my aunt had given me.

I was not disappointed. Inside the gift wrapped package was another three pairs of women’s panties. These were different than the last ones, they were all nylon bikinis; very sexy garments compared to the earlier panties. One pair was pure white, the second pair was a nude color, and the third pair was black.

I wrapped the black panties around my cock as soon as I could get my pants down to my knees and began jerking furiously. I didn’t want to soil these panties with my semen, so when I sensed that I was going to come I pulled them away from my cock and came while standing over a wastebasket. I spent the rest of the weekend enjoying these new undies; making myself come so many times I thought I would go dry.

Again, several weeks passed before I heard from Aunt Sherrie. It was now early spring, and she called to see if I would help with some carpentry. They were building a deck outside the house and she wanted to know if I was willing to lend a hand.

“Sure, anything for my favorite aunt,” I said with a big cheesy grin over the phone.

“Wonderful. By the way, how have you been enjoying your payment?” she asked.

“I, well, thank-you. I have been enjoying them,” I answered her.

“I’ll bet they’re all stained and everything.” I was taken back by that comment.

“What?” I said meekishly.

“Come on. I know what you have been doing. Remember Vincent, you can tell me anything.”

I confessed that I used them to jerk off as soon as I got home each time. She seemed gratified by that.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re having fun.” She smiled at me “We’ll expect you this weekend then.”

“Sure,” I replied, “I’ll be over at the same time.”

“I’ll see you then. Will the same payment do?” she asked.

“Well, I guess we have established a price,” I said jokingly.

“Excellent. Then we’ll be expecting you.”

Well, it was a beautiful spring day, and an unseasonably warm one at that. Once again I assisted my uncle and his brother-in-law Brian with the construction of the deck. Most of the boards were pre-cut requiring little more than nailing them in place. The only hard work was setting the concrete blocks for support posts that held up the whole endeavor.

We finished in the late afternoon. Brian was talking to my aunt, his sister, while my uncle and I put away the tools and picked up scattered lumber. After Brian left we all ate a late lunch. Once again Aunt Sherrie gave me payment as I was on my way home. Once again I got home as quickly as possible to open my compensation.

This time I thought I had hit the jackpot. These three panties were the most exquisite. There were three pairs of satin bikinis with French cut thighs. One pair was a pale green, another was light pink, and the third was white. I got those pink panties wrapped around my penis as fast as possible and stroked and stroked and stroked until I felt a good squirt coming on.

However, this time I stopped short of coming. I grabbed all the other panties that I had from their secret hiding place and pulled out the nude color bikinis. Sitting in a chair with a pair in each hand I slowly jerked my cock and fondled my balls until I felt the onset of another orgasm. Again, I cut this one short and pulled out the rainbow panties and the white ones from my latest payment and continued stroking. This time I had built up a good head of steam and didn’t stop until I saw a line of white fluid spew forth from my cock and spill out onto my leg.

Could life get any better than this?

* * *

In May that year Aunt Sherrie called me and asked if I would be willing to help her sister with a project hat they were doing around their house. Aunt Sherrie’s older sister, Patti, and her husband were planning on installing an underground sprinkler system, and she asked if I was available to help dig the trench around the property where they would lay the pipes. I could never say no to my favorite aunt at this point, besides the prospect of her paying me with another set of panties loomed in the air. I told her that I would be happy to help.

That weekend I went over to her sister Patti’s house and set out to dig the trench. It had to be at least 18-inches deep all the way around a 100-foot circumference. Needless to say it took a long time for Patti’s husband and me to dig. It was a two-day job that we had to do with shovels because they could not fit any heavy equipment past the landscaping without ruining it. When we finally finished late Sunday afternoon I was exhausted.

Patti rewarded us with some lemonade and hot dogs that she had bee grilling on the patio. I cleaned up inside the house and went back out to eat. When dinner was over Patti’s husband went inside to take a shower. I had to go home.

Before I got to my car Patti came over to me and handed me a package. The hairs on the back of my neck began to rise as I accepted the package from her.

“Sherrie told me that this is how you prefer to be paid,” she said to me.

“What?” My hand trembled as I took the package from her. I was like a zombie with my mouth wide open; I could not formulate any words. Even if I could I would not know what to say.

“Sherrie, your aunt. Remember, silly. She told me that you prefer to be paid with panties.”

“I … what? She … no,” was all I could stammer out of my mouth.

“It’s okay, Vincent. I know all about it. She is my sister; we share everything. Don’t be so shocked. I understand your little fetish, and it is fine with me,” she offered in a very understanding way.

“It is?”

“Sure. Besides, I have some experience with this, after all. Drive home safely. And, I hope you enjoy them.” She turned back into the house and closed the door before I could say anything else.

I raced to get back to my house. The thought of someone other that Aunt Sherrie knowing about my fetish, let alone providing me with new panties both disturbed and excited me. On the one had I was scared that someone else knew my secret now. On the other hand the fact that another woman had selected panties just for me was very exciting.

I got home and rushed to take a shower. Afterwards I closed the door to my room to open up the new payment. This may have been the greatest set yet. Patti had given me three pairs of matching satin panties in baby blue, royal, and navy. They had a lace trim around the waistband and lace trim around the legs. I wrapped the royal blue panties around my cock and held the other pairs in my hand to fondle my nuts as I stroked myself into bliss. I spent a half-hour changing back and forth between the different shades of blue and thinking about the scene when Patti, a very attractive woman, handed me the panties with an understanding smile. I kept the though of her smiling at me as I squirt a shot of come onto my chest.

“Great, now I have to take another shower,” I said to myself.

I went to sleep that night with the navy blue panties I got from Patti. It was the first night that I had gone to bed wearing women’s panties. It would not be the last.

The following morning I decided to wear the royal blue panties to classes. I had three morning classes that day, and I would be out by noon. All morning long I struggled to pay attention to what my professors were talking about, but it was hard to concentrate with my cock straining against the satin fabric. I wondered if women always walk around in this state of arousal.

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