tagFetishWill Work for Panties Ch. 04

Will Work for Panties Ch. 04

byVincent E©

I sat on the sofa in my Aunt Sherrie's living room between her and her sister Patti. Each of the women cuddled close to my body and took turns kissing me lightly on the cheeks, arousing me, exciting me. Patti unbuttoned my shirt while Aunt Sherrie slipped it down past my shoulders and let it rest behind my back at my elbows. I leaned back on the sofa and was trapped at the elbows, my arms almost immobile.

The two women touched me, caressed me, probing my chest and shoulders and arms with their fingers, feeling my muscles. They took gentle kisses of my body – my chest, my shoulders, my abdomen - and smiled at me, enticing me with their seductive glances, making my heart pound faster. Their hands were warm, and they ran their fingers through the hair on my chest.

Aunt Sherrie was wearing a short red skirt and white blouse unbuttoned to her cleavage; a pair of red pumps finished off her outfit. She rose from her seat on the sofa and stood in front of me and turned her back to me bending over at the waist. She reached under her skirt, and without showing me anything but her legs, removed a pair of dark lavender elastic string bikinis.

Returning to her seat next to me on the sofa she shifted her body to face me crossing her legs, highlighting the sexy outline of her calf. Aunt Sherrie placed my left hand between her thighs and trapped it between the warm flesh of her long, sexy legs. She silently rubbed her panties across my chest and neck, caressing me through the soft silky lavender fabric. She continued to kiss my body, and my breathing quickened.

As my aunt stroked me with her panties, Patti rose from her seat. Patti is very curvy with full hips and an ample bosom. She was wearing a flattering blue dress that was cut low in the front and had a slit that ran up the side. She also bent over to pull off a pair of dark blue French cut panties, and as she did she flashed me a peek of her white garters that connected to the nude stockings that she wore with her black high heels.

Patti sat next to me again and stroked her panties across my abdomen and up to my nipples, then on to my neck and face. Patti took my right hand in her left and held it close to her bosom easing my nervousness, but not my arousal. Our fingers intertwined, and she kissed me on the lips and caressed my cheek with her panties never saying a word.

My penis was rock hard all through their attentions to my body. I felt tightness in my jeans as my hardened cock was struggling to spring free from the awkward angle in which it was bent, but I was helpless to do anything. My face was warm - hot actually - from my rising temperature. The unfamiliar sensation of two beautiful women sensually working me over was intense enough to make my hard cock throb powerfully.

Aunt Sherrie had now turned her attention entirely to my chest. She probed at my sensitive nipples with her fingernails through the fabric of her panties and increased my excitement. Sherrie began sucking at my left nipple. She grabbed a fistful of my chest hair and pulled at it. I broke away from Patti's kiss to exclaim, to moan actually, but she continued pulling. I didn't really want her to stop.

After my cry of pleasurable pain, Patti returned to my lips. Patti softly locked her mouth around my lower lip and carefully sucked on it. Her mouth was warm and moist, and she lingered on my lip as she kissed me deeply. She rubbed her blue panties across my neck and down to my chest. She too pulled at my chest hair and pinched a nipple. I moaned into her lips.

Aunt Sherrie shifted her legs and rubbed my hand between them. I tightened my grip on her thigh as she did this, as I wanted to feel her warm, soft skin. I tried to slide my hand upwards towards her pussy, but she stopped me by squeezing her legs together.

"No," she whispered softly in my ear. They were in control, not me.

My hand, trapped between her thighs, felt her warmth. Her thigh muscles were firm, and her skin was smooth, freshly shaved. Every nerve ending in my hand seemed to stretch itself in order to enjoy the full experience of her soft, warm flesh.

Sherrie nibbled on my earlobe and used both of her hands to play with my nipples. With her panties in one hand she gently caressed my right nipple with her fingernail, but with her other hand she aggressively pinched my left nipple. I moaned again into Patti's mouth.

My erection was harder now. My cock strained in its position and pressed out against my trousers. However, I felt something pressing back. Something was pushing down on my cock creating more of the unbearable pressure I was experiencing. Patti had my face locked into her panty-clad hand, so I could not move to look down. Sherrie had both of my nipples under control and chewed and licked at my earlobe.

I felt my belt being unfastened, and then my pants. Someone was slowly unzipping my jeans and reaching inside for my cock. I felt warm fingers tiptoe their way into my pants and pull out my hard penis; it brought relief in that it removed my cock from an awkward position, but fear as well since I did not know who was stripping me bare. Now the warm hands were pulling my jeans down over my hips and then my legs. Now they were brought to my knees and then to my ankles. The warm hands caressed my thighs up to my groin and grabbed my cock firmly.

Patti pulled back from my lips just long enough to allow me to see her sister Bambi silently squeezing and pumping my engorged tool. I struggled for air among the women: erotic claustrophobia. Bambi took command of my cock, kneeling on the floor between my legs, and pumped me mercilessly. Flogging my penis with her right hand, she pulled on my testicles with her left hand. I squirmed in place and groaned. I squeezed Aunt Sherrie's leg with one hand and Patti's hand with the other.

Bambi wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and sucked on it once very hard.

"Ahrgh," I moaned. I could not speak.

Bambi let go of my groin and stood in front of me as her sisters had. She was wearing a short black leather dress. It was shorter and tighter than either Sherrie's or Patti's, and it wrapped around her neck, exposing her bare shoulders. Bambi wore black fishnet stockings running down her legs to a pair of black pumps; the stockings ran up to her thigh just above the line of her skirt, and they stayed up without garters. She stood in front of me and removed her black satin thong.

Patti pulled my face back to hers to resume kissing me. She covered my face with her panties as she tilted me towards her, and I could smell the scent of her body on the fabric of her garment. She continued kissing me with long, succulent osculation.

Sherrie was now sucking on my left nipple and rubbing her finger through her panties across my right nipple. My palpitations increased, and breathing was harder than ever.

Bambi tied the string of her thong around the base of my cock and under my testicles. Bambi loves cocks, and she trussed mine up and pulled slightly enough to be gentle yet hard enough to pull my organ up and display it.

"Pretty," she cooed. She wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and sucked and licked me while using her thong as a leash. She pulled the thong, and I raised my hips, but Aunt Sherrie pushed me back down and pinched my nipple hard through her panties.

Patti gave me few moments to break free and breath. After a quick breath of air she locked her lips into mine, and she held my face in her hand holding me in place again. I could feel the sensuous softness of her blue panties against my cheek, and again I could smell her body on them. Again she kissed me. She led with her tongue this time and probed my mouth. I responded by probing back into hers and our tongues glided together. I grasped her hand harder. Patti is my favorite.

Aunt Sherrie has long, sexy legs. She grinded my hand between her thighs. She rolled my nipple between her teeth and gently bit down for the first time.

My heart raced faster than ever. Sweat beaded up on my forehead and dripped down my brow and into my eyes.

Bambi continued sucking and licking my penis. She pulled up on the thong and jerked my cock into her mouth, deeper. Bambi bobbed her head up and down with a quickening pace making rude sucking noises, and I knew that in a few moments this sensual torture would result in my climax.

Aunt Sherrie was now more aggressive with my nipple in her teeth, and she continued to pinch me through her panties. She sucked on my tit faster and harder making her own sloppy sounds, and a trickle of saliva slid past her lips and down from my chest. I could feel the saliva drip down my abdomen and down my side.

Bambi was also dripping saliva from her mouth; it rolled down my cock and over my testicles. Bambi raised the pace of the blowjob that she was giving me and pulled harder on the leash her thong made around my sex. I could feel my cock straining like never before.

Patti continued to kiss me and probe my mouth with her tongue. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear the thump-thump-thump in my ears; it began to drown out the sounds of Aunt Sherrie's sucking sounds. Breathing was almost impossible. Sweat rolled down my body. My nipple and cock were covered in saliva. Panties – soft, silky, feminine panties – were caressing my face and chest. Bambi pulled the groin of her thong over the head of my cock covering it and wrapped her mouth around me. Aunt Sherrie bit my nipple harder than before while simultaneously pinching my other nipple with her fingernails through her panties. I had lost all control.

"Grahhhh!" I exploded. I could feel a powerful burst of come surging through my cock and out to freedom. I lunged forth and gasped for air.

Then everything went black. I mean everything; I had virtually lost all senses. I gasped for air, but I could no longer feel the women's bodies. No Bambi sucking my cock. No Aunt Sherrie biting my nipple. No Patti kissing me. Nothing. Blackness. Emptiness.

Panic seized my mind. My eyes were wide open, but there was nothing but black space in front of me; perhaps I was blinded with hysteria. I flailed my arms in front of me, reaching for the women, but I could make no contact. I panicked, and I struggled for air.

I was hot and sweaty. I felt as if I were no longer sitting on the sofa. Instead, I felt as if I were floating. I felt horizontal. Another rush of panic gripped me.

Did I lose my mind? Am I blind? Why can't I breathe? Where are they? Why can't I feel them? The thoughts raced through my mind in a split second. I had so much fear and so few answers. I could feel a puddle in my lap.

In desperation I jolted my body one final time and gasped for one desperate breath of air.

"Arhhhhh," I breathed at last.

I clutched down and grabbed something beneath me; it was some type of cloth. I turned to the right and saw black. I turned to the left and saw a small light. It was numbers, blue numbers.


5:09. What? I'm, I'm…

Home. I'm home, in bed. My eyes adjusted to the light from my clock and I could make out some of the shapes in my bedroom. I sat up and felt a warm puddle shift in my lap. I reached over to the lamp next to my bed and turned it on. The quick flash of the light hurt my eyes at first, but the panic subsided and I could breathe at last.


"Vincent, are you okay in there? Is everything alright?" my mother asked through the door.

"Yes," I paused. Was everything all right?

"What's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"


"Yeah, something like that. I'm okay. You can go back to bed."

"Okay. As long as you're alright." She left. I could hear her walk away.

I looked down and saw a puddle of semen covering my abdomen and leg. The pink tap pants that I had worn to bed were soiled with my fluid. I jumped up and yanked them off. They were the precious tap pants that Patti had given me.

"Fuck it," I said under my breath, "I fucking ruined them. Fucking wet dream."

* * *

"It isn't funny," I complained.

"I think it's adorable."

"There isn't anything adorable about it. I couldn't even breathe; I thought that I'd suffocate. I ruined a beautiful pair of panties that I really liked. Besides that I woke up my mother and could've been caught wearing a pair of pink panties to bed. What if she had walked into the room and seen me dressed in Patti's pink tap pants?"

"Well then, someone else would be in on your secret." My Aunt Sherrie just could not help teasing me. She wore a big smile across her face all during my story of that morning.

"Great, I confide an embarrassing moment with you and this is what I get," I said half sarcastically. I could never really be mad at Aunt Sherrie.

"Has that ever happened to you before?" she asked.

"Not since I was in high school. I was a freshman. Back then I had no idea what the fuck happened."

"Watch your language," she reprimanded me.

"Sorry," I sulked like a puppy that had just been swatted with a newspaper.

"So just look at it this way, you saved yourself the time of having to masturbate when you woke up."

"Gee, you always find the silver lining," I smirked at her. It was true though. That nocturnal burst saved me the hassle of having to jerk-off. "Too bad I ruined the panties, though. I hold the three of you responsible."

"It sounds to me like we really got under your skin. I for one am flattered."

I finished off the glass of soda in front of me. I sat in Sherrie's kitchen having finished insulating a space in the attic with that pink insulation with a famous cartoon character on the package. Now their house would be nice and tight for the rest of the winter.

"Did you call Gail?" she asked.

"I called her the night Brian gave me her number. I asked her out and she said yes, but we weren't able to get together last week, so we have a date for tomorrow."

"Where are you taking her?"

"Well, we decided to go ice skating at that outdoor rink downtown in the afternoon. Since it is kind of a blind date I thought that she'd be more comfortable with a daytime date."

"That's thoughtful."

"Besides, there's this really good pizza place across from the rink. They make a deep dish crust, and I thought we could go there afterwards."

I hesitated to ask the next question, but I knew I could ask Aunt Sherrie anything.

"Am I good looking?"

"Yes," she answered, "Yes you are. Why?"

"Well, I'm just worried what she might think of me. I never thought that girls were very attracted to me."

"You're very handsome, Vincent. You don't have anything to worry about in the looks department. It runs in your family. There's a lot of your uncle in you." Aunt Sherrie walked behind my chair and wrapped her arms around me to give me a reassuring hug.

"Yeah," I said when she let go. "Besides, I've got a good bulge," I said humorously.

"You can say that again."

"Wow, such candor," I said.

"We've covered this before. You're handsome and you have a nice bulge. Gail will be swept off her feet."

"And fall flat on her butt on the ice," I said laughing.

"Okay, okay. That's enough comedy for one day." Aunt Sherrie was also laughing. "Isn't it time for you to get going?"

"Well, yeah. I guess so. Tell Uncle Don and the kids I said hello."

Aunt Sherrie saw me to the door and placed a package in my hand.

"Here. Don't forget these. I think you'll like them."

"I've liked everything else so far. Haven't I?"

"These are different. They're imported from Italy."

"Italian panties?"

"That's right."

"Great. I'll probably ruin these with spaghetti sauce." I put the package of panties in my pocket and zipped up my coat. Aunt Sherrie held me by the shoulders before I opened the door. She pulled me close to her, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered in my ear.

"Vincent, you are very handsome. Don't worry. Gail will like you just fine, you and your bulge." With that she scratched my jeans with her fingernails right on my crotch.

I left in a state of amazement.

* * *

Sometimes we are each able to have a life affirming experience, something that makes you want to climb to the tallest steeple and shout for joy, "I'm so glad to be alive!" When that occurs we feel like we can walk on air, or move mountains, or triumph over evil. Such was the result of my first date with Gail.

I met her at a downtown skating rink on a Friday afternoon. It was mid-January, and we were both on break from City College, which was between semesters. At first I thought that the girl in the white angora sweater and jeans was waiting for someone else, until she came up to me.



"Yes, it's nice to meet you," she boomed the biggest smile I had ever seen.

I'd like to say that her smile was her most outstanding feature. If I did I would know that I was a gentleman. The truth of the matter is that she did have a beautiful smile and shimmering baby blue eyes. However, she also had large breasts. They were not freakish, but she had to be a 38 if she were an inch, and guys there's nothing wrong with that.

"Hey, I'm up here," she redirected my eyes northward.

"Ah, yeah. That's a nice sweater you're wearing." Crap. You only get one chance at making a first impression. "It's angora, isn't it? Reminds me of a cat I once owned." Nice recovery.

We skated for over an hour. We played with the little kids who wanted to play tag, and picked them up when they slipped and fell over backwards. We shared a deep-dish pizza at a restaurant nearby, and even went to a movie at a new cinema that recently opened in the area.

When it was all over I took her home, and we made plans to get together the following week before the new semester started. All in all, it was probably the most fun I ever had in one day.

* * *

"Sounds like you two really hit it off," said Aunt Sherrie.

"You can say that again. She's really a lot of fun. I was kind of nervous at first because no sooner had we introduced ourselves than she caught me looking at her breasts."

"Nice move, Romeo," she said sarcastically.

"Yeah, well we all have our moments. But once we started talking and getting to know each other I really felt comfortable around her. She has an easy-going manner about herself that relaxes me. Pretty eyes, too"

"Well, good for you. It sounds like you found something to look at besides her boobs. I told you that you needed to get out and circulate a little."

Aunt Sherrie gave be a gentle little punch in the shoulder, an effeminate version of coach saying, "Go get 'em, boys."

"So, I hope things can work out well between you two. She's a sweet girl."

Aunt Sherrie shifted her position on the sofa a little closer to me. She made me feel very comfortable the whole time I told her everything about my first date with Gail.

"So, tell me," she changed the subject, "did you take the time to check out the panties that I bought you?"

"Actually I didn't. I'm sorry. It's just that I was nervous and excited about my date that I didn't get a chance."

"Well, I'm a little disappointed," she pouted. "I put a lot of thought into buying those. I told you that they are Italian."

"You know something, I think I left them in my car. Why don't I go out and get them."

"Okay," she said. "Go ahead."

I dashed out to the car, not slipping and falling on my ass as I did before, but the bag with the panties was not in the back seat as I had thought. I checked the trunk quickly, and lo and behold there they were tucked into the pocket of the very coat that I had worn while skating with Gail.

I don't fucking believe this.

Back inside the house I sat down next to my aunt and took the panties out of the bag. These were very ornate designs; they looked like something that Michelangelo might design. One pair had an intricate geometric design of gold embossed on black with a small tassel that hung from the front. The second pair was also more like artwork than underwear. It was silver with an embossed design of silver flowers, and it had tassels dangling from either side. The third pair was a burgundy thong with a golden design on both front and back; the design reminded me of a wolf's head for some reason.

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