tagSci-Fi & FantasyWill You Come With Me, Please?

Will You Come With Me, Please?


So many times it came to a bad end. Her choice of partner was poor. Either they were "married" or "didn't want to rush things" or more often than not they simply couldn't perform. Of course they always claimed it had never happened before, that they must have drunk too much, or they must be tired. It didn't fool her. She knew she wasn't the best looking woman in town. She had watched as all the beautiful, pretty and sexy ones left the party. It was the same as always, she got left for the desperate or the drunk. Tonight was different.

Every woman turned to watch as the man crossed the dance floor. His movements were graceful and flowing, he seemed to move like a tiger. His body appeared to be well muscled, although his expensive clothing hid it well. She thought all her wishes had come true in one man. He stopped by the bar to order a drink and survey the room. He gave the impression he was searching for someone. When his eyes met hers he stopped. She was transfixed by his stare, it seemed to be melting her insides. She was so mesmerised she didn't notice that he had crossed the room.

"Greetings, my name is Victor." His voice broke the spell.

"Oh!," she gasped, "you made me jump." 'Great start,' she thought, 'state the obvious.' Then aloud "mine is Lorna." She held out her hand, expecting him to shake it, but instead he kissed it. Lorna felt a tingle run up her arm. She had always wanted to meet someone with old fashioned manners.

"Will you come with me please, I want to be alone with you?" Victors voice had a faint accent that she couldn't quite place.

"OK, where shall we go?" This was not like her at all. Her sister would kill her if she found out. Leaving a club with a perfect stranger was a dangerous thing to do, but she felt unusually safe with her new suitor. Victor led her from the club to a waiting limo and helped her into the rear compartment. He sat beside her as the car began to move, his hand holding hers tight all the while. It seemed only a few minutes passed when the car stopped and the door opened to let them out. Lorna was not ready for what she beheld. The car had stopped inside a large hanger, the majority of which was taken up with quietly humming machinery. A thin mist hung over the floor. The most amazing part was a large bed standing not ten feet away. She looked round to see Victor still stood next to her his hand still gripping hers.

"I have brought you here to mate with you." He explained. "I am from far away and this is my home while I study your culture." The words seemed so obvious, the idea so sensible that Lorna just nodded her head.

"I am honoured" she said at last, "how shall we begin?"

Without another word, Victor led her to the bed. He let go of her hand and immediately held her face as he kissed it. She felt his tongue as it pushed at her lips, opening them wide she pushed hers to meet it. His breath was sweet. She must have fainted because the next thing she felt was his hands on her thighs. Looking down, it dawned on her that her clothes were missing and she was lying in the bed. Her next thought was lost as he licked her pussy. She had never been given oral sex before and his fast licking movements soon had her panting.

"Oh my God, don't ever stop doing that!" She screamed as he began to suck on her clitoris. Lorna had long ago discovered the power of clitoral stimulation, but only through masturbation, this was a whole new sensation. Her clitoris had swelled from the attention it received, and she knew she was about to come.


Her hips thrashed wildly, her back arched and bent, and her legs trapped his head to her groin. Never had she had such a mind blowing orgasm. When she finally settled down and released his head she saw that his face was covered with her pussy juice, it ran from his chin onto his chest, which she suddenly noticed was naked also. Lorna sat up to get a better look at this marvellous alien. He seemed to know what she was thinking and stood up in front of her. She looked at him with wonder, his hairy muscular body was very sexy. Her eyes stopped at his groin. Between his legs was a massive set of balls. They hung in the scrotum like a pair of golf balls. Above them, rising well up his six pack, was the biggest penis she had ever seen. It was huge, bigger than any of those in her brothers videos. Only in her dreams had she imagined one this big. Lorna wanted badly to touch it, to stroke the shaft. Victor smiled. Needing no further encouragement, Lorna grabbed hold. Her fingers could not fully encircle the organ, and it was longer than both her hands atop one another. The tip was slowly leaking a clear fluid, which she used to coat the entire length. The precum allowed Lorna to rub her hands up and down the huge cock, watching in fascination as the foreskin moved up and down. After a while she let go with one hand and started to fondle his scrotum. She took each testicle in her hand, feeling the hardness of them, and the tube coming from the top carrying his seed. Without thinking she began to kiss the tip of the cock, licking the shaft and balls. Victor reached down and lifted her head, he kissed her again. Her vision swirled and suddenly she was on her back, Victor above her. His gaze held hers as he pushed his erection into her groin. Slowly the head entered her pussy, their combined lubrication easing the way. Lorna's legs were as far apart as they would go and she was very wet from her earlier orgasm, but still it was painful.

"It's too big," she groaned, "it won't fit." She was almost in tears, not from the pain, but from the disappointment. Finally she had met the lover of her dreams, and now he couldn't fit his marvellous manhood into her inadequate, vagina.

"Do not worry darling, I will adjust." Victors words soothed her at once.

Although she could not see it happen, Lorna felt his penis narrow till it slid into her body. It was definitely not wide as before but now filled her completely. Her inner muscles could feel every vein and bump of him as he began to slide in and out. At first he seemed to be holding back some of the length, but soon his scrotum was banging against her ass with every thrust as if he had gotten shorter as well as narrower.

"Oh yes, that is wonderful. You must have read my mind."

Victor just smiled as he speeded up his rhythm. Every stroke was pushing his cock against her clitoris, and it wasn't long before Lorna felt her orgasm building. Her breathing became panting and her eyes opened wide.


For the second time that night she had a mind blowing climax. Every muscle in her body tightened and relaxed, her pussy clamped the invading penis, her juices squirting out onto the sheets. Victor kept up his rhythm, his body holding hers to the bed. Her orgasm seemed to go on for ever, his continued pumping keeping her on the cusp. The fire in her loins spread throughout her body, she began to shake and fainted from the pleasure. Victor smiled once more.

It was the sudden eruption of his ejaculation that brought her round. She felt the force of the blast as it filled her insides. None of her previous partners had sprayed so much as Victor did. As he withdrew the stream continued to flow, not in spurts as normal but more like a hose. She sat up to see better, the stream had covered her belly and thighs, and he seemed to be trying to completely coat her in the hot sticky liquid. Her sex addled brain liked the idea so she began to scoop the pooling seed over her shoulders. She looked up in time to see his penis point at her face. The spray quickly covered her hair and eyes and she opened her mouth. He fed the tip between her waiting lips. The stuff tasted good and Lorna swallowed as much as she could.

It was soon too late, she found herself unable to breathe. The creamy ejaculate filled her throat and flowed out of her nose. Within a minute of encountering air the substance hardened, forming a shell around the body. The entity called Victor ceased his spray and looked at the new specimen he had captured. It would be transported back to his home planet with the others on the next evening.

The end.

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