tagAnalWill You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 04

Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 04


The remainder of our first week passed all too quickly with daily visits to the doctor to monitor the egg harvesting process followed by an excursion to some place New York was famous for. We even stopped off at Tiffany's one day where Anne decided to get another little thank you gift for Sandy. A $6,500 18 karat gold bracelet about an inch and a half wide that looked like little leaves on vines. She told them they were to deliver it by special carrier to our house and had me send Sandy a text to tell her to be sure she was home the next afternoon to sign for it. I wished I could be there to see the look on her face when she opened the box. I hoped these little extravagant gifts helped to compensate her for her sacrifice.

On Friday night we did something I had never done before. We went to the ballet. I felt like a count in Anna Karenina. Anne, of course, had contacts and got us seats 107 and 108 in row B of the orchestra level. I was beginning to see the advantages of having a lot of money. At the same time I knew that deep down inside of me I would have been equally content to be sitting next to a river in India watching bodies being cremated. The fact that I could do either of these things without becoming attached to them surprised me.

I put such thoughts out of my mind as I sat there with a beautiful woman in an exquisite dress that made my heart flutter each time I looked at her. I said a little prayer of gratitude that I was fortunate enough to be with her. As my eyes adored her I realized that Anna Karenina was not the correct literary reference. I was Armand Duval and she was Marguerite, my doomed Lady of the Camellias.

During intermission we walked out to the promenade to get a glass of champagne and use the bathroom. While we were standing there drinking our wine Anne noticed someone she knew and when he passed by she spoke to him. "Hello Stan, I haven't seen you in a while." He looked at her and got that look that says you don't recognize somebody but you think you should. Before he could speak she said, "Stan it hasn't been that long since we were in that board meeting for Baldwin Enterprises. Don't tell me you've forgotten me so quickly."

"Anne? Anne Cordet. Of course, it's just that I've never seen you wear anything except business attire before and I couldn't place you for a moment. You look..."

I watched as he tried to find an adjective that wouldn't completely reveal all the wicked thoughts that were suddenly buzzing around in his brain. Trying to come up with the right description and ogle her body at the same time were proving to be a challenge to his mind. I could see him change what he wanted to say when he remembered that his wife was standing next to him looking at him the same way I was and waiting to hear what he was going to say next.

I could also see her wondering how her husband even knew, much less didn't recognize, a beautiful woman like Anne who was dressed and made up to look as close to a two thousand dollar a night call girl as you could be and still attend a ballet. Her dress was a shimmering metallic gold floor length gown that was cut down the middle almost to her navel and revealed half of each breast with the nipples making very noticeable bumps in the clingy material just an inch away from being exposed.

"... Very elegant this evening." Stan finally completed his sentence. He left it at that so as not to betray what he was really thinking but his eyes said it for him. He finally remembered to introduce his wife who smiled one of those fake smiles that masked a host of unkind feelings like jealousy, envy, contempt and disdain. Anne introduced me as a former colleague that was helping her with a new project.

Just to make her squirm a little Anne said, "So nice to meet you Ellen. Despite his faulty memory your husband and I have met on numerous occasions for various purposes over the years but he's right about not having seen me dressed before... in evening clothes that is." The look on Ellen's face convinced Stan that this was not a conversation he wanted to continue so he made an excuse that they needed to meet up with another couple and they left.

When they had gone I said, "I'm glad to see the bitch hasn't entirely disappeared from your personality."

"You know as well as I that I was only teasing her. The look she gave me deserved a response in kind and I thought I showed an uncharacteristic amount of restraint. I could have made her a lot more uncomfortable but I just don't seem to have it in me anymore."

"I commend your forbearance and admire your newfound sensitivity but I agree, the arrogant snob did deserve more than what you said to her since she so obviously had a stick up her tight ass. Happily, we don't have to suffer fools like that anymore."

We hung around in the promenade until the chime rang for the ballet to resume. I had a lot of fun watching the looks Anne got from both men and women as they passed by. She really was a spectacular sight standing there shimmering in gold by the light of the fixtures on the railings of the five rings and the indirect lighting from the gold ceiling. She pretended not to notice the stares but I leaned over and kissed her on the side of her neck and whispered, "Yes my darling, you really are that gorgeous." The look she gave me told me she knew I wasn't just flattering her and that she appreciated my finding one more way to tell her how much I loved her. We headed back to our seats and sent a text to Melissa when the show was almost over so she would have the car ready to pick us up when we left the building.

We made out in the back seat of the car on the way home like a couple of teenagers. We had both become addicted to each other's touch. Her fabulous perfumes and the sexy lingerie she wore when we went out were driving me crazy with lust. Any reservations she may have once had about sex in the car were long gone. She lay back in the seat propped up against the door. Her hands quickly freed her gorgeous breasts from the shiny material that had struggled all night to keep them confined and pulled her dress up then spread her legs. She looked at me with fire and desire in her sparkling eyes and said, "Take my panties off."

"Oh my beautiful beloved, nothing on this earth could give me more pleasure than to comply with that request. It is my greatest joy and the highest honor you could bestow upon me to be allowed to remove this intimate barrier and once again behold the garden of earthly delights that resides between your beautiful legs. Thank you my love for the privilege of being with you and loving you with all my heart." Despite the fact that this sounded like something out of a schmaltzy Hallmark anniversary card, I had never said anything I meant more.

I kneeled on the floor and ran my hands slowly up her stocking clad legs until I reached the almost invisible waistband of her tiny thong. Before pulling the little wisp of diaphanous white lace down her hips I placed my hands on the top of her thighs and used my thumbs to rub her prominent clitoris under the silky material.

Her head tilted back and she let out a low passionate moan. I massaged her love button and slid my thumbs down her lips to rub the hollow at the edge of her pussy. Her hips pressed against my hands. My fingers crept back up to the waistband and snuck under it. I pulled it down slowly and bent over to inhale the delicious fragrance of what I was revealing. "God Carl I love the way you do that. It gives me shivers. You're like a little boy unwrapping the best Christmas present he ever received."

I couldn't have said that better myself. "That's exactly how I feel. You've no idea how much you excite my senses as all these impressions of you flood my brain. The way you look and smell; the warmth and silky texture of your skin; the contrast of your pubic hair against your white flesh; your proud pouting clitoris aching for my touch. I've never been so aroused in my life." I finished removing the delicate garment and held it to my nose. "I'm going to have these preserved so years from now I can inhale this indescribable fragrance and be transported back here to this moment."

I heard Melissa's voice from the front seat, "Jesus Carl, I can keep my eyes on the road but listening to you two is making me wet. I'm going to have to put my i-pod on or start playing with myself."

"Deal with it Melissa. Carl is playing me like a violin and he better get his mouth on me soon or I'm going to explode."

I didn't need that invitation repeated. I put my hands under her ass and pulled her hips up to meet my hungry mouth and began to lick her slit with long laps of my tongue. She gasped and moaned louder as I sucked and lapped up the juices that began to flow from her. Her fingers moved to her clit as I concentrated on her vagina. Her hips were pressing against my mouth and her ass felt warm against the palms of my hands. She had hardly rubbed her swollen pink nub more that a few seconds when her head rolled back and she took in a sharp deep breath as her legs began to tremble.

"Oh yesss baby yessss suck my pussy. Ohhhh. Ohhhh. God yessss...You're making me..."

She never finished that sentence, at least not with intelligible words. Some sort of musical sound somewhere between a groan and a sigh came out of her as her legs spread further apart and almost went limp. Her pussy seemed to soften and open as if she were in the beginning stage of labor. Her delicious juice flooded into me and I almost came with her.

"Oh Carl, Carl my wonderful magical lover, you just keep pushing my orgasms higher and higher. If I keep cumming like this I'm going to break something. I felt that one all the way to the top of my head. I love you so much. Melissa, how close are we to home?"

"Too close for what you're thinking. You two need to get a room. If Carl starts fucking you now you're going to spend the night in the garage. That's if I don't wreck the car listening to you."

"You're no fun anymore Melissa."

"Sorry but someone has to be the adult when we're driving in New York City traffic."

"Would it be alright if he keeps licking me?"

"If you can keep the volume down on the moaning."

"I'll see what I can do about that but Carl can be very stimulating. Are you ready to keep going my love?"

I let my tongue answer for me as I swiped it up her slit and started flicking it on her clit.


This time I concentrated on her swollen pink nub and inserted two fingers in her wet pussy and started rubbing her g-spot. She pushed her hips toward me to encourage me to keep doing it. She started moaning again and I heard Melissa say, "OK I can see you're not going to give me any peace."

The next thing I heard was a song playing loud enough to drown out the sounds of our lovemaking. It was Jennifer Rush singing about 'The Power of Love'. I hadn't heard this song in years but it was so appropriate for us. I'm not sure Anne had ever listened to it but she stopped moaning and I could tell she was paying attention to the words. She wasn't completely distracted from what I was doing to her because before the song ended she had another orgasm. At least Melissa didn't have to listen to her cumming again.

We just had time to straighten ourselves up before we pulled into the garage. Melissa opened the door for us and as we got out I said, "That was an excellent choice of music Melissa. Where did you develop a taste for songs from the eighties?"

"My mom played songs like that while I was growing up. I still listen to a lot of them. This one came to mind when I saw Anne's face the day after you first came here. You really put stars in her eyes."

"I think I've managed to get a few in my eyes as well."

We headed upstairs to get undressed and have a soak in the bath before getting into bed. When we did we immediately wrapped our arms around each other. We couldn't seem to get enough of our skin contacting because our awareness of the other had increased to the point where every part of her that touched me sent messages to my brain and induced new sensations of joy. Our kisses lasted longer and were softer and much more tender. No matter which of her orifices my cock penetrated, the movements were slower, gentler and deeply intimate.

"Roll over on your back so I can get between your legs and give you a special treat like you gave me in the car." I turned onto my back and she slid down until her head was next to my hip. "Now spread your legs." When I did she crawled between them. "I'm going to suck your balls and rub that lovely cock with my hand until you're nice and hard." I felt her hand encircle my shaft and then her lips touched my sac. She softly licked my right ball then gently enclosed it in her mouth.

"That feels indescribably wonderful. You can do that as long as you want." I lay my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes so I could enjoy the sensations of her soft wet tongue on my testicle. She did this so lovingly that it sent waves of pleasure all though my body. After a few minutes she switched to the other side and continued her tender massage of my scrotum. When she had my balls wet with her saliva and my cock as hard as steel she crawled up and straddled me with her pussy directly above my erection. She guided the head of my cock to her entrance and eased it into her then pressed her hips down and began to slide my entire length into her.

When she had completely engulfed me she held still and said, "My love, I can no longer tell where I end and you begin. Nothing has ever felt so good as having you inside me. Warm flushes are flowing through me and making me weak. I love you so much I don't even know how to tell you anymore." She lowered herself down and laid on top of me.

"Feel my breasts on your chest, my heartbeat and the rising and falling as we breathe. Put your arms around me and hold me and never stop loving me." As I wrapped my arms around her she placed her lips on mine and softly kissed me. My hands moved to her warm soft ass. Her knees were bent and her shins were lying on either side of my hips. I pushed up on her ass to raise her off my cock a little then pulled her back down.

"Yes my sweet, I'll fuck you. I don't ever want to stop fucking you. Hold my ass while I slide up and down on your wonderful cock." She started moving her hips up and down in a gentle rhythm. "I'm going to fuck you until I cum all over that beautiful hard cock of yours."

Her mouth returned to mine and kissed me so tenderly that I was unable to tell which felt better, the lips of her mouth on mine or the lips of her pussy on my cock. Both sensations together were making me feel lightheaded. Her warm breasts on my chest only added to the sensory overload I was experiencing.

I had always heard people say that money can't buy you happiness but I realized suddenly that it could buy you the time to enjoy happiness. Not having to worry about going to work or cleaning or cooking was the ultimate luxury. The freedom to indulge in lovemaking all day long was exhilarating. Unfortunately, money could not extend the short allotment of time we had left but I would make the most of every moment.

We were breathing in rhythm to the pace of her stroking as her hips raised and lowered. The gentle slapping of her ass and upper thighs against me felt incredible. My hands were tingling from the touch of her warm ass on my palms. Love seemed to be directing her every movement as though she didn't even have to think about what she was doing. She had surrendered so completely to loving me that she had become an instrument being played by a force coming from deep inside both of us. Not a shred of doubt or resistance existed in her to whatever her body wanted to do.

She didn't stop kissing me to make a sound as her orgasm began. Her soft moans of joy reverberated inside my mouth and all through my head as her vagina began to pulsate around my cock. Her eyes were closed but the lids were soft and relaxed. Her breathing deepened as her body tensed slightly from the intensity of her climax. Joy radiated from her like a warm glow. Finally her head slid slowly down to rest on my shoulder, her lips still kissing my neck, my hard dick still enclosed in her cunt. I had been too lost in the love and the sensations to even think about cumming myself. I didn't really need to; she had shared hers with me.

We lay there for a couple of minutes then I rolled her over on her side and slid my cock out of her. She protested my removing it but I assured her it would return soon to her wet cocoon. I told her to lie on her stomach and as she turned I placed a pillow under her hips to elevate them. I crawled behind her and straddled her legs then slid the head of my cock up and down her wet slit. She raised her hips up to let me know she wanted me back inside her and I complied with her silent request. I slid in easily and leaned forward to lie on her back and slid my hands under her chest to cup her breasts.

This was becoming one of my favorite positions for fucking her. Her warm soft ass felt so good on my lower stomach and my cock could get deep inside her. She sensed what I was thinking and reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks apart to allow me even better access to her slippery channel. I fucked her with long strokes using a steady even pace. My body became the instrument now as I allowed it to run on autopilot while I just enjoyed the ride. My face was snuggled into her hair and I inhaled the intoxicating fragrance of it as I breathed. I slowly immersed myself back into the love that was flowing between us.

There was no need to talk. We were communicating on a different level now. Words would have been an interruption to what was transpiring between us. I must have fucked her like this for twenty minutes or more until finally I felt the beginnings of my orgasm as if off in the distance somewhere. I moved a little more quickly as it built up slowly. I wasn't trying to have it; I was waiting for it to have me.

The moment of inevitability seemed to last longer as I felt the familiar sensations begin. The first ejaculation seemed to last longer too as my hot cum gushed out the tip of my cock with unusual force, which did not diminish as more spurts followed in a protracted succession. Anne never made a sound as each big glob jetted into her already soaked vagina. She gently squeezed me to encourage more of my creamy barrages each time one spewed into her. I had no idea I could cum that much. Anne was trembling beneath me as her vaginal contractions turned into an orgasm that spread through her body.

I was surprised that an orgasm of that magnitude didn't drain me and deplete my energy to the point of collapse but it actually invigorated me. I rolled us over on our sides while keeping my still hard cock buried in her and pulled her close to me. I kissed her neck and behind her ear. I reached for her hand and pulled it down to her pussy. "Use you fingers to rub you clit." As she complied with my direction I placed my hand over hers to feel how she liked to touch herself.

A few minutes later I heard her breathing change as once again her sexual arousal began to increase. I could feel the hot fluid of our combined cum oozing out of her at the base of my cock. I began to fuck her again with short slow strokes.

"Ooooohhhhh Yesssss Carrrlll, keep loving me. Keep filling me with your love and your cum. Give me more. I want it all, as much as you can give me. I don't ever want to stop feeling like this. I'm so lost in love and sex I don't know or care where I am as long as you're with me. Oh God Carl this is so wonderful."

Our fingers deftly manipulated her sensitive clitoris until her quickened breathing announced the imminent arrival of yet another climax. "Ohhhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhhhh Carl I'm going to cum again! I...I...AIIIIEEEEEmmm cummmmming! Her entire body jerked as her orgasm crashed into her causing her knees to draw up with each spasm. After the fourth one I was really shocked to find myself cumming again with her. I don't know where it was coming from but more hot volleys of my semen shot into her throbbing vagina. As soon as she felt the first spurt her cunt squeezed me tightly and expelled its gooey contents all over my crotch even as my cock continued to squirt more into her. My climax seemed to recharge hers and she continued to jerk rhythmically for another minute.

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